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  • The Truth of the Reception of YOKOMITSU Riich by I Sang and That Profound Reason\n―As the image of literary creation at the Northeast Asia in the 1930s  [in Japanese]

    蘭 明

    … The influence which Japan gave to the literature in the Korean Peninsula in the formation process of modern northeast Asian literature, has special significance. …


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  • Media Literacy Project for Inter Local and Alternative Communication(<Special Issue>Media Literacy Education-Perspectives)  [in Japanese]

    CHOI Eunheui , KITAMURA Yorio , SAKATA Kuniko , OGAWA Akiko , MOGI Kazuji

    筆者たちは,異なる地域の参加者間で,異文化理解とメディア・リテラシーを交差させた学習カリキュラム「アジアの不思議:ローカル版」の実践研究を行ってきた。その内容は, (1)各地域の地域文化に関するイメージマップを作成し相互に交換する, (2)各地域で自文化に関するクイズ形式の映像を制作する, (3)地域間で制作した映像を交換し電子メディアを介して交流を行う,という3つの段階からなる。これらの一連のカ …

    Japnese Journal of Educational Media Research 11(2), 73-79, 2005


  • Cultural and Local Representation in Media : Seeking Alternatives through the Video-Exchange Project, "Mysteries in Asia"  [in Japanese]

    CHOI Eunheui

    … We are unconsciously exposed to a multitude of cultural and local media representations that have enormously affected our cognition or image of other cultures, other ethnicities, or merely our perception of the "other." Although such representations are inevitable in the current information society, it is true that distorted or stereotypical representations have often resulted in misunderstandings that sometimes lead to disputes among different cultures and ethnic groups. …

    Hokkaido Tokai University Bulletin. Humanities and social sciences (17), 27-37, 2004

  • Mithras and Melqart-A Comparison  [in Japanese]

    OGAWA Hideo

    … A convincing explanation of the origin of the mysteries of Mithras has posed a challenge that several writers since the days of Franz Cumont have attempted to successfully resolve. …

    Bulletin of the Society for Near Eastern Studies in Japan 33(1), 1-14, 1990


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