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  • Universal Verification Platform and Star Simulator for Fast Star Tracker Design

    Schulz Victor Hugo , Marcelino Gabriel Mariano , Seman Laio Oriel , Barros Jeferson Santos , Kim Sangkyun , Cho Mengu , González Gabriel Villarrubia , Leithardt Valderi Reis Quietinho , Bezerra Eduardo Augusto

    … The aim is to organize the project, speed up the development time by providing a standard verification methodology. … We propose a black-box structure for the verification platform with standard interfaces, and provide examples showing how this approach can be applied to the development of a star tracker for small satellites, targeting a system-on-a-chip design. … Furthermore, the simulator was used to inject specific noise, in order to evaluate the system under some real-world conditions. …

    Sensors 21(3), 907-1-907-23, 2021-01-29


  • 3D-Printed Microfluidic Nanoelectrospray Ionization Source Based on Hydrodynamic Focusing

    ZHAO Yu , JIANG Shichang , BAI Yuna , HUANG Xueying , XIONG Bo

    … nanoflows by imposing 3D hydrodynamic focusing to compensate for the total flow rate, achieving a 7.2% best relative standard deviation in the total ion current (TIC) profiles. … Additionally, it was applied to probe thirteen organic chemicals, insulin, and lysozyme with adequate signal-to-noise ratios and an accuracy of <i>m/z</i> …

    Analytical Sciences 37(6), 897-903, 2021


  • Electromagnetic Susceptibility of Controller for Electrostatic Coating with Safety Functions  [in Japanese]

    MATSUNAGA Takeshi , YOSHIHARA Shunsuke , SUZUKI Yoshiki , YANAGIDA Kenzo , CHOI Kwangseok

    <p>現在,市場で流通している電子機器の多くが,JIS規格やIEC規格で定められた放射イミュニティ試験をクリアしている.しかしながら,IEC規格で定められた10V/m以上の大きさの電界強度をもつような,予想外の強い電磁波に対する放射イミュニティ性能については未だ十分に検討されていない.そこで本研究ではIEC規格で規定されているイミュニティ試験をクリアした静電コントローラを対象に,規格と …

    Journal of Occupational Safety and Health, 2021


  • An Analysis of Local BTI Variation with Ring-Oscillator in Advanced Processes and Its Impact on Logic Circuit and SRAM

    Igarashi Mitsuhiko , Uchida Yuuki , Takazawa Yoshio , Yabuuchi Makoto , Tsukamoto Yasumasa , Shibutani Koji , Kobayashi Kazutoshi

    … The evaluation results based on measuring ROs of a test elementary group (TEG) fabricated in 7 nm Fin Field Effect Transistor (FinFET) process, 16/14 nm generation FinFET processes and a 28 nm planer process show that the standard deviations of Negative BTI (NBTI) <i>V<sub>th</sub></i> …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences, 2021


  • Market Trend in Medical Thermal Printers  [in Japanese]

    TSUBAKI Yoshinori

    … <p>Thermal printers are widely utilized for medical reference hard copy systems because of their advantages, which include compactness, high-quality printing, high speed, high reliability, and low noise. … Especially for diagnostic ultrasound systems and electronic endoscopes, monochrome direct thermal printers and dye sublimation thermal printers are the standard. …

    Journal of Printing Science and Technology 58(2), 69-74, 2021


  • Validation of the testing method for the determination of dibutyltin compounds in food utensils, containers, and packaging products made from polyvinyl chloride using gas chromatograph-mass spectrometry with nitrogen as a carrier gas

    Abe Yutaka , Yamaguchi Miku , Ohno Hiroyuki , Kataoka Yohei , Mutsuga Motoh , Sato Kyoko

    … The retention times, mass spectra, ion intensities, and signal-to-noise-ratios (<i>S/N</i>) of a DBT derivative were compared usingboth helium and N<sub>2</sub> … Thismight be due to the increase in background noise level. …

    Japanese Journal of Food Chemistry and Safety 28(1), 16-22, 2021


  • Robustness of a Combined Modified Dixon and PROPELLER Sequence with Two Interleaved Echoes in Clinical Head and Neck MRI

    Shigenaga Yutaka , Takenaka Daisuke , Hashimoto Tomohisa , Ishida Takayuki

    … To compare the robustness of this combination sequence with that of standard Cartesian mDixon sequence for fat-suppressed T<sub>2</sub>-weighted imaging in clinical head and neck MRI.</p><p>Methods: Fifty patients with head and neck tumors were involved this study. … All patients underwent MRI using both the combination and standard sequences. … 94.0%) of images for the standard and combination sequences, respectively (<i>P</i> …

    Magnetic Resonance in Medical Sciences 20(1), 76-82, 2021


  • Dependence and Its Calculation on Breakdown Potential Gradients of Air Discharge Current Peaks from ESD Generator in Environment with Different Temperature and Humidity  [in Japanese]

    Ishida Takeshi , Tozawa Yukihiro , Fujiwara Osamu

    … Dependence of the current peaks on breakdown potential gradients in addition to spark lengths is shown, and is calculated using a simplified equivalent circuit based on the IEC standard for the ESD generator.</p> …

    IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials 141(3), 204-205, 2021


  • Calculation of Influence on Discharge Current Peaks for Human Air Discharges of Spark Lengths and Breakdown Potential Gradients using Simplified Equivalent Circuit based on IEC Standard  [in Japanese]

    Tozawa Yukihiro , Ishida Takeshi , Fujiwara Osamu

    … The relationship is quantitatively shown by analyzing a simplified equivalent circuit for human air discharge based on the IEC standard.</p> …

    IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials 141(3), 202-203, 2021


  • Electromagnetic susceptibility of earth leakage circuit breakers and a countermeasure  [in Japanese]

    MAKIDA Hidenori , MATSUNAGA Takeshi , YOSHIHARA Shunsuke , CHOI Kwangseok

    <p>近年,スマートフォンに代表される高周波数帯の通信機器の普及が進み,同周波数帯を利用する地上の防衛設備(レーダーなど)も増加傾向にある.このような背景から,現在市場で流通している電気機器が電子ノイズによる予期せぬ不要動作を起こす恐れがある.そこで本研究では,電気という重要なライフラインの安全利用に寄与する国内・外製の10種類の漏電遮断器を対象とした放射イミュニティ試験を3m法電波暗 …

    Journal of Occupational Safety and Health 14(1), 59-64, 2021


  • A SURVEY ON THE ACOUSTIC ENVIRONMENT IN ACADEMIC LIBRARY LEARNING COMMONS:The effects of surrounding acoustic environment on learning and conversation activities  [in Japanese]

    MARUYAMA Naoya , KAWAI Keiji

    … On the other hand, since LC is a space where people are encouraged discussing, acoustic problems may occur such as noise intrusion into other quiet zones or disturbance on concentration of neighboring users in learning due to loud conversation of other groups. … In the acoustic measurement, referring on ISO 3382-3, a standard for open plan offices, we measured sound pressure level distribution and impulse responses in the LC spaces and obtained spatial decay of speech and speech transmission index (STI). …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) 86(780), 141-150, 2021


  • Estimation of Health Risk Posed by Road Traffic Noise in Japan Based on the Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region  [in Japanese]

    TAGUSARI Junta , MATSUI Toshihito

    … <p>Objectives: Traffic noise exposure is associated with adverse health effects such as environmental sleep disorder, ischaemic heart disease (IHD), stroke and diabetes. … The health risks posed by traffic noise were estimated to be quite high in European countries. …

    Nippon Eiseigaku Zasshi (Japanese Journal of Hygiene) 76(0), n/a, 2021



    MIZUNO Takanori , ARITA Takashi , YAMAGIWA Ichiro , OGAWA Takanobu , KUBO Junichiro , FUJINO Yozo

    <p> 超高速列車がトンネルに突入する際に生じる圧縮波はトンネル内を伝播し,出口側坑口だけでなくトンネル途中の枝坑坑口からも微気圧波として放射される.また,枝坑坑口は地表面にあるため,換気によって発生する風切り音対策も考慮しなければならない.そこで,風切り音も低減可能な枝坑での微気圧波低減対策を提案する.風切り音については,枝坑断面の拡幅による風速低減と枝坑換気口による流れの均一化によ …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. A1 (Structural Engineering & Earthquake Engineering (SE/EE)) 77(1), 1-12, 2021


  • A Method for Recognizing Road Surface Condition based on Footsteps and Inertial Data  [in Japanese]

    三嶽 寛人 , 渡邉 拓貴 , 杉本 雅則

    季節や天候によって路面状況が大きく変化する地域では,路面状況が悪いと転倒等の危険が生じる.路面状況を事前に把握できれば,安全なルートと適切な靴を選択することで危険を回避できる.本研究では,乾燥した舗装,水たまり,土,泥等の路面状況に応じて変化する足音と慣性データに着目し,足音と慣性データを用いた路面状況認識手法を提案する.プロトタイプを実装し,8人の被検者に対して,6つの路面状況下で提案手法を評価 …

    情報処理学会論文誌 61(10), 1578-1590, 2020-10-15


  • Verifying Metrological Capability and Improving Metrological Reliability on the Basis of the JIS Z 9090 Standard for Realizing an Unmanned Factory  [in Japanese]

    麹谷 幸久 , 中村 高士 , 畠山 鎮

    品質工学 = Journal of Quality Engineering Forum 28(4), 237-244, 2020-08



    … Through reconstruction of workshop culture, he aims for the growth of craftsmen from being technical to imaginative, and the application of a standard of excellence to the standardization. … Moreover, he is attentive to polluting factors, such as dust and noise, caused by industrial machinery. … The third is the search for a gradual solution, such as the growth of craftsmen and the application of a standard, as aforementioned. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (772), 1313-1323, 2020-06


  • Development of phase-contrast/dark-field microscopy with scanning laser illumination  [in Japanese]

    佐藤 毅 , 白根 智崇 , 和田 祐子 , 今井 洋 , 上村 慎治

    … However, due to high speckle noise coming from complicated reflections on the surfaces of optical lenses and beam stops equipped inside microscope system, laser is almost useless for light sources. … Diatom standard specimens were used for the observation in both the phase contrast image and the dark field microscopy, and we could reduce speckle noise under applicable magnitude. …

    中央大学理工学研究所論文集 (25), 93-103, 2020-03-31

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  • A study on the frequency stability of the standard frequency wave JJY  [in Japanese]

    荒川 貴洸 , 沢井 淳志 , 岩月 駿弥 , 都竹 愛一郎

    映像情報メディア学会技術報告 = ITE technical report 44(7), 5-8, 2020-03

  • Determination of modulation transfer function using a low-contrast phantom in computed tomography with iterative reconstruction  [in Japanese]

    酒井 健一 , 成田 啓廣 , 大久保 真樹

    本研究では,CTにおける逐次近似再構成(iterative reconstruction:IR)画像のMTF測定を目的として,既報のfiltered back projection(FBP)画像におけるMTF測定法をIR画像に適応した.IR画像の空間分解能はコントラストに依存するため,コントラストの低い円柱を含んだファントムを使用した.円柱のCT画像と数値的に生成した被写体関数を逆重畳積分すること …

    新潟大学保健学雑誌 = Journal of health sciences of Niigata University 17(1), 7-15, 2020-03

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  • Schemes for nondestructive quantum gas microscopy of single atoms in an optical lattice

    Okuno Daichi , Amano Yoshiki , Enomoto Katsunari , Takei Nobuyuki , Takahashi Yoshiro

    … We show that photon absorption of a probe beam cannot be ignored even in dispersive detection to obtain a signal-to-noise ratio greater than unity because of the shot noise of the probe beam under a standard measurement condition. … The second is based on the dispersive Faraday effect and squeezed quantum noise and is applicable to an atom with spins in the ground state. …

    New Journal of Physics (22), 2020-01


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