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  • Statistical analysis on the areal distribution of annual number of days with glaze  [in Japanese]

    MATSUSHITA Hiroki , GONNOKAMI Yoshihiro

    雨氷発生の気候学的な地域特性を調べるため, 長野県を解析対象地域として, 雨氷発生日の特定を行い, その年平均日数の地域分布を求めた.<BR>雨氷は, 過冷却の雨滴が地物などにあたり氷になる着氷現象の一種で, 上空暖気層 (気温0℃以上) で雪片が融解して雨滴となり, それが地表付近の寒気層で冷されて過冷却の雨滴 (気温0℃以下の降水) となり発生する (melting ice pro …

    Journal of the Japanese Society of Snow and Ice 62(4), 355-365, 2000-07-15

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  • Effect of Water Isolation and Early Finishing on Hardness of Glass Ionomer Cements

    YAO Kazuhiko , CHIEN Mingchun , KOHARA Osamu , CHIKAMORI Makiko , KUSHIDA Kazuo , HIEDA Toyoji

    … Glass ionomer cements have the disadvantage of being vulnerable to moisture. … Three glass ionomer cements were tested in vitro with the goal of protecting these materials from moisture during clinical operations. … To observe the effectiveness of various surface protective measures, we divided each cement sample into six groups, each of which underwent 24-hour surface treatment. …

    Journal of Osaka Dental University 24(2), 141-147, 1990

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  • Japanese Ceramic Art at the Beginning of 1900's  [in Japanese]

    中川 千咲

    … Japanese modern ceramic industry saw a remarkable development from around 1905 in the field of production of ceramic ware for daily use in which modern machines were being employed. … But, from artistic point of view, it was a period of stagnation. … The artistic attitude of ceramic artists then was quite conservative and lack of enthusiasm for opening a new phase of design. …

    美術研究 = The bijutsu kenkiu : the journal of art studies (261), 1-13, 1969-12-15


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