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  • Spontaneous granulocytic leukemia in a NOD/Shi-<i>scid</i> IL-2Rγ<sup>null</sup> mouse

    AKANE Hirotoshi , OKUDA Sumiko , OISHI Yasuaki , ICHIKAWA Atsuko , TABATA Hajime

    … <p>Here, we report a case of spontaneous granulocytic leukemia in a 51-week-old male NOD/Shi-<i>scid</i> … Histologically, the bone marrow of the sternum and femur was highly cellular and almost exclusively filled with neoplastic cells. …

    Journal of Toxicologic Pathology, 2021


  • An active life-style can normalize the mesocortico-limbic system  [in Japanese]

    Senba Emiko , Kami Katsuya

    <p>情動を,行動や自律神経反応に転換する脳メカニズムとして辺縁系が重要な働きを担っているが,慢性痛や慢性ストレスの状態ではこのシステムが機能不全に陥り,様々な精神身体症状を引き起こす.運動によりこれらの症状は改善するが,我々は,そのメカニズムとして脳報酬系が活性化されるとともに,扁桃体基底核内側部の側坐核に投射するglutamateニューロンが活性化されること,扁桃体中心核のGABA …

    The Autonomic Nervous System 58(1), 25-31, 2021


  • Impacts of Cloud Condensation Nuclei on Precipitation:—A Case Study on Kanto-Tohoku Heavy Rainfall Event in September 2015—  [in Japanese]

    TAKAHASHI Rei , KAJINO Mizuo , TSUGUTI Hiroshige , HAYASHI Syugo , HASHIMOTO Akihiro

    … As aerosols increase, precipitation is suppressed and lifetime of cloud is extended (lifetime effect), whereas largely developed clouds are expected to develop more (invigoration). … The objective of the study is to evaluate the impacts of cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) changes on precipitation during the Kanto-Tohoku heavy rainfall by using numerical simulations and idealized sensitivity tests. …

    Earozoru Kenkyu 36(1), 55-64, 2021


  • Smooth Loop-Like Mitochondrial Nucleus in the Primitive Red Alga <i>Cyanidioschyzon merolae</i> Revealed by Drying Treatment

    Kuroiwa Tsuneyoshi , Kuroiwa Haruko , Yagisawa Fumi , Fujiwara Takayuki , Misumi Osami , Nagata Noriko , Imoto Yuuta , Yoshida Yamato , Mogi Yuko , Miyagishima Shin-ya

    … <p>It is thought that mitochondria were generated by the symbiosis of autonomous α-proteobacteria and a eukaryote-like organism derived from an archaeon of the species <i>Sulfolobus</i>. … Soon after the symbiosis, most of the genome of the α-proteobacterium, which was required for autonomy, was lost. … However, a small amount of DNA—the mitochondrial genome (mt-genome, mtDNA)—remained in the symbiotic organelle. …

    CYTOLOGIA 86(1), 89-96, 2021


  • The synthetic peptide SVVYGLR promotes myogenic cell motility <i>via</i> the TGFβ1/Smad signaling pathway and facilitates skeletal myogenic differentiation <i>in vitro </i>

    HAMADA Yoshinosuke , KOGO Mikihiko , TANAKA Susumu , FUJISHITA Yohei , CHO Jung-soo , USUKI Takasuke , YOKOYAMA Yuhki , WU Xin , MORI Seiji , YAMAMOTO Hirofumi

    … <p>In the present study, we investigated the possible involvement of the TGF-β/Smad signaling pathway in the osteopontin-derived SVVYGLR (SV) peptide-mediated migratory activities of myogenic cells and evaluated the facilitative effects of the SV peptide on the differentiation of myogenic cells <i>in vitro</i>. …

    Dental Materials Journal, 2021


  • Expression of tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase and cathepsin K during osteoclast differentiation in developing mouse mandibles

    NAKAMURA Megumi , AOYAMA Naoki , YAMAGUCHI Satoshi , SASANO Yasuyuki

    … <p>The present study was designed to test the hypothesis that osteoclasts appear after or at the same time as the initiation of bone mineralization in developing intramembranous bones. … Von Kossa staining to determine when bone mineralization begins, tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase (TRAP) activity and cathepsin K immunoreactivity to identify the presence of osteoclasts, and their mRNA expression levels to assess osteoclastic differentiation in the embryonic mouse mandible. …

    Biomedical Research 42(1), 13-21, 2021


  • A case of suspected plasmablastic lymphoma of the pericardial fluid  [in Japanese]

    HOSODA Yuta , TANAKA Nozomi , ENDO Kaori , OKADA Mutsuhiro , MORI Masaharu

    <p>背景:形質芽細胞性リンパ腫(plasmablastic lymphoma; PBL)は,HIV感染による免疫不全患者や高齢者に発生する稀な悪性リンパ腫である。今回,我々は心嚢液検体のセルブロック標本による免疫組織化学的検討においてPBLと考えられた症例を経験したので報告する。症例:80歳代,男性。左背部痛により当院救急外来受診。CTにて両側胸水と多量の心嚢液貯留を認めた。エコーガ …

    Japanese Journal of Medical Technology 70(1), 144-149, 2021


  • A biologically constrained spiking neural network model of the primate basal ganglia with overlapping pathways exhibits action selection

    Benoît Girard , Jean Lienard , Carlos Enrique Gutierrez , Bruno Delord , Kenji Doya

    … Action selection has been hypothesized to be a key function of the basal ganglia, yet the nuclei involved, their interactions and the importance of the direct/indirect pathway segregation in such process remain debated. …

    European Journal of Neuroscience, 2020-07-03



    土井 一歩

    … We have been developing a laser spectroscopy technique called OROCHI to study nuclear structure of low production yield unstable nuclei. … Zeeman structure splitting of atoms is measured using laser-radio frequency double resonance method to determine their nuclear spins. … We can also derive nuclear electromagnetic moments from the measurement of hyperfine structure splitting using laser-microwave double resonance method. …

    法政大学大学院紀要. 理工学・工学研究科編 (61), 1-6, 2020-03-24

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  • Evaluation of Fluoro-Jade C Staining: Specificity and Application to Damaged Immature Neuronal Cells in the Normal and Injured Mouse Brain

    Ikenari Takuya , Kurata Hirofumi , Satoh Takemasa , Hata Yoshio , Mori Tetsuji

    … Fluoro-Jade C (FJC) staining is widely used for the specific detection of all degenerating mature neurons, including apoptotic, necrotic, and autophagic cells. … In the present study, we examined the validity of FJC staining for the detection of neuronal cells in adult and embryonic mouse brains under normal and injured conditions. …

    Neuroscience (425), 146-156, 2020-01-15


  • Multiplicity dependence of light (anti-)nuclei production in p–Pb collisions at √sNN=5.02 TeV

    中條 達也 , 三明 康郎 , ALICE Collaboration , Tatsuya CHUJO , Yasuo MIAKE

    … The measurement of the deuteron and anti-deuteron production in the rapidity range −1 <y <0as a function of transverse momentum and event multiplicity in p–Pbcollisions at √sNN= 5.02TeV is presented. … (Anti-)deuterons are identified via their specific energy loss dE/dxand via their time-of-flight. … Their production in p–Pb collisions is compared to pp and Pb–Pb collisions and is discussed within the context of thermal and coalescence models. …

    Physics letters. B (800), 135043, 2020-01


  • Cancer cells found in the cerebrospinal fluid more than 5 years after mastectomy for invasive lobular carcinoma of the breast  [in Japanese]

    ASHIDA Takumi , SAWADA Yoshito , HAMASUNA Yuka , NAKAZONO Yuichi , YOSHIKAWA Yasuji

    … <p>Cytological examination of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in a woman in her 70 s with a clinical diagnosis of right optic perineuritis showed loosely-cohesive clusters of small cells with round nuclei and mildly acidophilic cytoplasm. … The abnormal cells were small in number in the first sample, but gradually increased in number in succeeding specimens. …

    The Journal of the Japanese Society of Clinical Cytology 59(6), 318-319, 2020


  • Seasonal Variations of Atmospheric Aerosol Particles Focused on Cloud Condensation Nuclei and Ice Nucleating Particles from Ground-Based Observations in Tsukuba, Japan

    Orikasa Narihiro , Saito Atsushi , Yamashita Katsuya , Tajiri Takuya , Zaizen Yuji , Kuo Tzu-Hsien , Kuo Wei-Chen , Murakami Masataka

    … <p>Since March 2012, multi-year ground-based observation of atmospheric aerosol particles has been carried out in Tsukuba, Japan to characterize the aerosol particle number concentrations (NCs), air mass origin relevance, and specifically, their cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) and ice nucleating particle (INP) characteristics. …

    SOLA 16(0), 212-219, 2020


  • Effects of Glucocorticoids on Diurnal Variations in Experimental Tooth Movement

    Kusafuka Sae , Kondo Hisataka , Hayashi Kaori , Hamamura Kazunori , Sato Takuma , Miyazawa Ken , Goto Shigemi , Togari Akifumi

    … <p>Diurnal variations in bone remodeling, which are regulated by the central circadian clock in the suprachiasmatic nuclei, have previously been identified. … It has been reported that the extent of experimental tooth movement (ETM) also exhibits diurnal variations, but this has not been thoroughly investigated. … The aim of this study was to examine the role of glucocorticoids in the diurnal variations in the extent of ETM. …

    Journal of Hard Tissue Biology 29(4), 231-238, 2020


  • <i>ONSEN</i> shows different transposition activities in RdDM pathway mutants

    Hayashi Yui , Takehira Kanako , Nozawa Kosuke , Suzuki Takamasa , Masuta Yukari , Kato Atsushi , Ito Hidetaka

    … RNA-directed DNA methylation (RdDM) is a major control mechanism of TE silencing in plants. … We analyzed the transposition activity of a heat-responsive retrotransposon, <i>ONSEN</i>, in <i>Arabidopsis thaliana</i>. … The transposition frequency was higher in the mutants of the upstream processes, but lower in the mutants of the downstream steps, of RdDM. …

    Genes & Genetic Systems 95(4), 183-190, 2020


  • In Situ Measurements of Cloud and Aerosol Microphysical Properties in Summertime Convective Clouds over Eastern United Arab Emirates

    Orikasa Narihiro , Murakami Masataka , Tajiri Takuya , Zaizen Yuji , Shinoda Taro

    … <p>Aircraft observations were conducted over the eastern mountainous areas of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in September 2017 to characterize the microphysical properties of diurnal convective clouds. … Aerosol particle and cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) measurements indicate that the air mass had a continental nature, resulting in high cloud droplet concentrations of 600-800 cm<sup>−3</sup>. …

    SOLA 16(0), 185-191, 2020


  • Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of a Harmonic Structure Designed Fe-0.3 mass%C Steel  [in Japanese]

    Iritani Ryohei , Hori Kenta , Sharma Bhupendra , Kawabata Mie , Dirras Guy , Furuhara Tadashi , Ameyama Kei

    … <p>The microstructure and mechanical properties of harmonic structure designed Fe-0.3mass% carbon steel was investigated. … The compacts of Fe-0.3 mass% carbon steel with conventional Homogeneous structure (Homo), and Harmonic Structure (HS) consisting of fine grains (Shell) and coarse grains (Core) were fabricated by a powder metallurgy method. …

    Tetsu-to-Hagane 106(10), 735-744, 2020


  • Quantitative Analysis of Chromosome Polytenization in Synthetic Autopolyploids of <i>Arabidopsis thaliana</i>

    Kikuchi Suzuka , Iwamoto Akitoshi

    … <p>The analysis of chromosome polytenization in the nuclei of autopolyploids may help to determine how polyploidy affects plant growth. … hybridization (FISH) analysis with a centromeric DNA probe on diploid and synthetic autopolyploid series (tetraploid, hexaploid, and octaploid) of <i>Arabidopsis thaliana</i> …

    CYTOLOGIA 85(3), 189-195, 2020


  • Successful Treatment with Denosumab of a Giant Cell Tumor of Bone in the Iliac Bone of an 84-Year-Old Man

    Yamaga Kensaku , Kuwamoto Satoshi , Mukunoki Daichi , Osaki Mari , Nagashima Hideki

    … <p>We report a case of GCTB in an 84-year-old Japanese man who had a tumor in his left iliac bone and was treated safely with denosumab. … Histologically, the tumor was composed of proliferative oval-shaped mononuclear cells, admixed with large number of osteoclast-like giant cells. …

    Yonago Acta Medica 63(3), 228-233, 2020

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  • Role of skeletal muscle homeostasis of functional food material  [in Japanese]

    Yamazawa Toshiko , Yamada Shizuo

    <p>高齢者の筋力低下の原因には,加齢に伴う筋減弱を特徴とする病態(サルコペニア)や,あるいは神経支配が消失することによる筋萎縮が知られている.しかしこれらの詳細なメカニズムは不明で病態マーカーもなく,病態類似性について解明されていない点が多い.一方で近年,機能性健康食品が注目されてきている.しかしながら,機能性食品素材には,作用機序が解明されていないものが多くある.機能性食品素材のポ …

    Folia Pharmacologica Japonica 155(4), 236-240, 2020

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