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  • Spatiotemporal changes of ocean carbon species in the western North Pacific using parameterization technique

    Watanabe Yutaka W. , Li Bofeng F. , Yamasaki Royce , Yunoki Shun , Imai Keiri , Hosoda Shigeki , Nakano Yoshiyuku

    Journal of oceanography 76(2), 155-167, 2020-04

  • Effects of Ocean Warming and Acidification on Marine Ecosystem and Societies in Japanese Coasts  [in Japanese]

    藤井 賢彦

    水産工学 = Fisheries engineering 56(3), 191-195, 2020-02

  • Climate Change Impacts in the Japan Sea  [in Japanese]

    荒巻 能史

    水産工学 = Fisheries engineering 56(3), 181-184, 2020-02

  • Novel genomic resources for shelled pteropods: a draft genome and target capture probes for Limacina bulimoides, tested for cross-species relevance

    Le Qin Choo , Thijs M. P. Bal , Marvin Choquet , Irina Smolina , Paula Ramos-Silva , Ferdinand Marlétaz , Martina Kopp , Galice Hoarau , Katja T. C. A. Peijnenburg

    … BACKGROUND: Pteropods are planktonic gastropods that are considered as bio-indicators to monitor impacts of ocean acidification on marine ecosystems. …

    BMC Genomics 21(1), 11, 2020-01-03


  • Impacts of Ocean Acidification on Coral Reefs  [in Japanese]

    Kurihara Haruko

    <p>現在人為活動に伴う大気二酸化炭素濃度の増加に伴って海では、温暖化による海水温の上昇と共に、海水のpHが低下する海洋酸性化が急速に進行している。海水のpHが低下すると、海水中の炭酸カルシウム飽和度が低下することから、特にサンゴ礁生態系は酸性化の影響を強く受けることが懸念されている。本総論では、海洋酸性化がサンゴ礁域の生物ならびに生態系に及ぼす影響について要点をまとめ、今後の研究の方 …

    Journal of The Society of Japanese Women Scientists 20(1), 41-50, 2020


  • Neural effects of elevated CO2 in fish may be amplified by a vicious cycle

    Celia Schunter , Timothy Ravasi , Philip L Munday , Göran E Nilsson

    … Based on recent transcriptomics data, we propose that a vicious cycle can be triggered that amplifies the initial disturbance, explaining how small pH regulatory adjustments in response to ocean acidification can lead to major behavioural alterations in fish and other water-breathing animals. …

    Conservation Physiology 7(1), coz100, 2019-12-08


  • Testing the Adaptive Potential of Yellowtail Kingfish to Ocean Warming and Acidification

    Philip L. Munday , Celia Schunter , Bridie J. M. Allan , Simon Nicol , Darren M. Parsons , Stephen M. J. Pether , Stephen Pope , Timothy Ravasi , Alvin N. Setiawan , Neville Smith , Jose A. Domingos

    … Estimating the heritability and genotype by environment (GxE) interactions of performance-related traits (e.g., growth, survival, reproduction) under future ocean conditions is necessary for inferring the adaptive potential of marine species to climate change. … To date, no studies have used quantitative genetics techniques to test the adaptive potential of large pelagic fishes to the combined effects of elevated water temperature and ocean acidification. …

    Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution (7), 253, 2019-07-09


  • Ocean acidification in Tokyo Bay  [in Japanese]

    川合 美千代

    海洋と生物 41(2), 141-146, 2019-04

  • Spatial planning for shellfish aquaculture and seagrasses in US West Coast estuaries : considerations for adapting to an uncertain climate (The 45th Scientific Symposium of the UJNR Aquaculture Panel : Potential of aquaculture to mitigate impacts of environmental change)

    DUMBAULD Brett R. , RUESINK Jennifer L. , WALDBUSSER George G.

    水産研究・教育機構研究報告 = Bulletin of Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency (49), 97-109, 2019-02

  • Coral reef conservation at Republic of Palau under climate change  [in Japanese]

    KURIHARA Haruko , WATANABE Atsushi

    <p>パラオには限られた国土の中に多様なサンゴ礁環境が存在し,世界有数の生物多様性を誇る。これら環境資源を利用した観光産業を基盤として,パラオの社会経済は成り立っている。しかし,気候変動による影響が進行する中,近年の観光客の急増も伴い,ローカルな環境負荷の増大が報告されており,サンゴ礁環境への複合的な影響が懸念されている。今後,生態系を基盤とした持続可能な社会をいかに実現させていくかが …

    Journal of the Japanese Coral Reef Society 21(1), 35-47, 2019


  • Preface to "Geochemistry of the Arctic"  [in Japanese]

    Ooki Atsushi , Kameyama Sohiko

    <p>The Arctic environment is changing substantially and rapidly owing to global warming. Sea ice, ice sheet, glacier, and frozen soil in the Arctic are melting and retreating year by year. The c …

    Chikyukagaku 53(4), 127-131, 2019


  • Arctic Ocean Acidification  [in Japanese]

    Yamamoto-Kawai Michiyo , Zhang Yuanxin

    … <p>Arctic Ocean is considered especially vulnerable to ocean acidification. … Here we summarize current understandings of reasons of the vulnerability, state and future perspective of the ocean acidification in the Arctic Ocean, with an emphasis on regional variability. …

    Chikyukagaku 53(4), 173-182, 2019


  • Response of N2O production by oceanic nitrifying bacteria to acidification  [in Japanese]

    Toyoda Sakae , Matsui Tomoya , Fujiwara Taketomo , Yoshida Naohiro

    <p> 一酸化二窒素(N<sub>2</sub>O)は温室効果およびオゾン層破壊をもたらすため、海洋酸性化に対する硝化によるN<sub>2</sub>O生成の応答を調べることは将来の地球環境を予測するのに不可欠である。本研究では、海洋性硝化細菌の純粋培養実験によりN<sub>2</sub>O生成速度および生成過程の …

    Abstracts of Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan 66(0), 130, 2019


  • Coral biomineralization and carbon cycle  [in Japanese]

    Watanabe Tsuyoshi , Yamazaki Atsuko

    … Coral-algal symbiosis is sensitive to global and regional scale environmental changes and coral skeletons are useful to reconstruct the century scale climatic and environmental changes with high temporal resolution such as global warming, ocean acidification, and ocean pollution. …

    Journal of the Japanese Association for Crystal Growth 46(3), n/a, 2019


  • Real Time, Flexible RF Sputtered ZnO Thin Film CO<sub>2</sub> Sensor

    Shrivastava Anuroop , Mani Ganesh Kumar , Tsuchiya Kazuyoshi

    … Harms to nature include greenhouse effect, ocean acidification, suffocation in humans and animals, disturbances in natural cycles, etc. …

    Proceedings of JSPE Semestrial Meeting 2019S(0), 564-565, 2019


  • Chemical speciation of trace metals in seawater  [in Japanese]

    Hirose Katsumi

    … <p>Chemical speciation studies of trace metals in seawater have been performed for more than five decades because chemical forms of trace metals in seawater are closely related to their concentrations and biogeochemical roles in the ocean. … In the 2000s, ocean biogeochemical modeling including speciation of iron has been developed. … Moreover, ocean acidification due to increasing atmospheric CO<sub>2</sub> …

    Chikyukagaku 53(1), 13-39, 2019


  • Dissolution: The Achilles' Heel of the Triton Shell in an Acidifying Ocean

    ハーベイ ベンジャミン ポール , アゴスティーニ シルバン , 稲葉 一男 , 和田 茂樹 , Paul HARVEY BENJAMIN , Sylvain AGOSTINI , Shigeki WADA , Kazuo INABA , Jason M. Hall-Spencer

    Ocean acidification is expected to negatively impact many calcifying marine organisms by impairing their ability to build their protective shells and skeletons, and by causing dissolution and erosion. … By using computed tomography we show that acidification negatively impacts their thickness, density, and shell structure, causing visible deterioration to the shell surface. …

    Frontiers in Marine Science (5), 371, 2018-10


  • Ocean acidification drives community shifts towards simplified non-calcified habitats in a subtropical−temperate transition zone

    アゴスティーニ シルバン , Harvey Ben P. , Wada Shigeki , Kon Koetsu , Milazzo Marco , Inaba Kazuo , Hall-Spencer Jason M. , Agostini Sylvain , 和田 茂樹 , 今 孝悦 , 稲葉 一男

    … Rising atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide are causing surface seawater pH and carbonate ion concentrations to fall in a process known as ocean acidification. … To assess the likely ecological effects of ocean acidification we compared intertidal and subtidal marine communities at increasing levels of pCO2 at recently discovered volcanic seeps off the Pacific coast of Japan (34° N). …

    Scientific reports (8), 11354, 2018-07


  • Uptake of anthropogenic CO2 in the Southern Ocean  [in Japanese]

    Michiyo Yamamoto-Kawai

    Low Temperature Science (76), 57-70, 2018-03-31


  • Impact of increased seawater <i>p</i>CO<sub>2</sub> on the host and symbiotic algae of juvenile giant clam <i>Tridacna crocea</i>

    KURIHARA Haruko , SHIKOTA Tomoaki

    <p>Increases in atmospheric CO<sub>2</sub> cause decreases in calcium carbonate saturation, which is predicted to affect the calcification process of most marine calcifiers. At the s …

    Galaxea, Journal of Coral Reef Studies 20(1), 19-28, 2018


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