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  • Three Structural Features of Functional Food Components and Herbal Medicine with Amyloid β42 Anti-Aggregation Properties

    Murakami Kazuma , Irie Kazuhiro

    … Aggregation of amyloid β42 (Aβ42) is one of the hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease (AD). … There are numerous naturally occurring products that suppress the aggregation of Aβ42, but the underlying mechanisms remain to be elucidated. …

    Molecules 24(11), 2019-06-05


  • Optical selectivity in pressure-induced oligomerization reaction of alanine: A comparision with solid-phase peptide synthesis  [in Japanese]

    Ishiyama Ryo , Kagi Hiroyuki , Fujimoto Chikako , Mimura Koichi , Morii Hisayuki , Nara Masayuki

    <p>アミノ酸のオリゴマー化は生命の起源に関わる重要な反応の一つである。L体とD体が存在するアミノ酸について、生命がL体のみを選択するようになった化学進化の過程については現在も研究が進められている。我々は氷天体内部での化学進化の可能性を探る目的で、アミノ酸の圧力誘起オリゴマー化を研究している。Fujimoto et al. (2015) によると、25℃、5-11 GPaといった温度圧 …

    Abstracts of Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan 66(0), 142, 2019


  • Optical selectivity in pressure-induced oligomerization reaction of alanine  [in Japanese]

    Ishiyama Ryo , Kagi Hiroyuki , Fujimoto Chikako , Mimura Kouichi , Hisayuki Morii , Masayuki Nara

    <p>必須アミノ酸のうち、グリシンを除いては光学異性体であるL体とD体が存在する。両者は同様の物理的性質を示す一方で、生命ではL体のみが用いられている。最近我々は、氷天体内部での化学進化の可能性を探る目的で、アミノ酸の圧力誘起オリゴマー化を研究しており、25℃、5-11 GPaといった温度圧力条件下でアラニンのオリゴマー化が報告されている。また、室温下ではアミノ酸のラセミ化が進行しにく …

    Abstracts of Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan 65(0), 3, 2018


  • Pressure-induced Freeze Concentration of Alanine Aqueous Solution as a Novel Field of Chemical Reaction

    Takahashi Shuya , Kagi Hiroyuki , Fujimoto Chikako , Shinozaki Ayako , Gotou Hirotada , Nishida Tamihito , Mimura Koichi

    … <p>Oligomerization of alanine was observed by pressurizing its solid-free aqueous solution. … Co-occurring solidifications of alanine and H<sub>2</sub>O as immiscible phases at high pressure were found to be crucial for concentrating the solute, alanine. … The pressure-induced freeze concentration also enhances the pressure-induced oligomerization.</p> …

    Chemistry Letters 46(3), 334-337, 2017


  • A Porphyromonas gingivalis Periplasmic Novel Exopeptidase, Acylpeptidyl Oligopeptidase, Releases N-Acylated Di- and Tripeptides from Oligopeptides

    Nemoto Takayuki K , Ohara-Nemoto Yuko , Bezerra Gustavo Arruda , Shimoyama Yu , Kimura Shigenobu

    … Exopeptidases including dipeptidyl- and tripeptidyl-peptidase are crucial for the growth of Porphyromonas gingivalis, a periodontopathic asaccharolytic bacterium that incorporates amino acids mainly as di- and tri-peptides. … In this study, we identified a novel exopeptidase, designated acylpeptidyl oligopeptidase (AOP), composed of 759 amino acid residues with active Ser615 and encoded by PGN_1349 in P. …

    Journal of Biological Chemistry 291(11), 5913-5925, 2016-03-11


  • Pressure-induced freeze concentration of alanine aqueous solution and the mechanism of dehydration condensation of amino acid  [in Japanese]

    Takahashi Shuya , Kagi Hiroyuki , Fujimoto Chikako , Komatsu Kazuki , Shinozaki Ayako , Mimura Koichi , Nishida Tamihito

    <p>代表的なアミノ酸であるアラニンをその飽和水溶液とともに5 GPa以上に加圧すると、室温条件で脱水縮合反応が起こりオリゴペプチドが生成することが報告された(Fujimoto et al., 2015)。これまで、アミノ酸の脱水縮合反応は水が共存する条件では起こりにくいと考えられていたため、水が共存する条件でのオリゴペプチドの生成は、新たな生体関連物質の生成の場として高圧条件が重要で …

    Abstracts of Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan 63(0), 31, 2016


  • Microspectroscopic analysis of the pressure-induced oligomerization of alanine using compact scanning transmission X-ray microscope (cSTXM)  [in Japanese]

    Takahashi Shuya , Kagi Hiroyuki , Shinozaki Ayako , Suga Hiroki , Sakata Kohei , Takahashi Yoshio , Noguchi Takaaki , Takeichi Yasuo

    <p>近年、室温高圧条件でアミノ酸の一種であるアラニンから、二量体(アラニルアラニン)をはじめとするアラニンの重合体が生成することが報告された。しかしながら、圧力誘起重合反応のメカニズムや生成物の空間分布は明らかになっていない。本研究では、ダイヤモンドアンビルセルを用いて53 GPaまで加圧したアラニンを回収し、小型走査型透過X線顕微鏡(cSTXM)を用いたアラニルアラニンの検出と、そ …

    Abstracts of Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan 63(0), 32, 2016


  • Prebiotic co-oligomerization of amino acids towards the homochiral world  [in Japanese]

    永沢 恵理子 , 三田 肇

    福岡工業大学環境科学研究所所報 9, 11-16, 2015-10

  • A carboxylated Zn-phthalocyanine inhibits fibril formation of Alzheimer's amyloid β peptide

    Tabassum Shatera , Sheikh Abdullah M. , Yano Shozo , Ikeue Takahisa , Handa Makoto , Nagai Atsushi

    … Amyloid β (Aβ), a 39-42 amino acid peptide derived from amyloid precursor protein, is deposited as fibrils in Alzheimer's disease brains, and is considered to play a major role in the pathogenesis of the disease. … We have investigated the effects of a water-soluble Zn-phthalocyanine, ZnPc(COONa)_8, a macrocyclic compound with near-infrared optical properties, on Aβ fibril formation in vitro. …

    The FEBS journal 282(3), 463-476, 2015-02


  • Molecular characterization of a eukaryotic-like phenol hydroxylase from <i>Corynebacterium glutamicum</i>

    Xiao Xiao , Si Meiru , Yang Zhifang , Zhang Yaoling , Guan Jingyuan , Chaudhry Muhammad Tausif , Wang Yao , Shen Xihui

    … This study focuses on the genetic and biochemical characterization of phenol hydroxylase (Phe, NCgl2588) from <i>Corynebacterium glutamicum</i> … that shares 31% identity in amino acids with phenol hydroxylase from yeast <i>Trichosporon cutaneum</i> … Expression of the <i>phe</i> … gene was strongly induced with phenol and also subject to the control of carbon catabolite repression (CCR). …

    The Journal of General and Applied Microbiology 61(4), 99-107, 2015


  • Effects of metal ions and pH on the formation and decomposition rates of di- and tri-peptides in aqueous solution


    … The recent discovery of active deep-sea hydrothermal systems venting high-pH fluids suggests that the prebiotic chemistry of the hydrothermal systems of early Earth may have been more diverse than previously thought. …

    GEOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 48(2), 219-230, 2014


  • Glycine oligomerization up to triglycine by shock experiments simulating comet impacts


    … We conducted shock experiments simulating comet impacts to assess the feasibility of peptide synthesis by such a process. … We used frozen mixture of the amino acid glycine, water ice, and silicate (forsterite) as the starting material and applied impact shocks ranging from 4.8 to 26.3 GPa using a vertical propellant gun under cryogenic conditions (77 K). …

    GEOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 48(1), 51-62, 2014


  • Molecular Cloning, Functional Expression, and Characterization of Isolectin Genes of Hemolytic Lectin CEL-III from the Marine Invertebrate Cucumaria echinata

    SHIMIZU Yoshiki , YAMAZAKI Hiroshi , YOSHIDA Shigeto , YONEKURA Masami , KOUZUMA Yoshiaki

    … Previous research has indictated that CEL-III is composed of several isoforms. … The deduced amino acid sequences suggested they shared 94.0–99.8% identical residues. … Among the amino acid residues involved in carbohydrate binding, the His residue, which contributes to stacking with sugar, in subdomain 1α … rCEL-III-L2 showed higher hemolytic activity than those of the other isolectins. …

    Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry 76(2), 276-282, 2012-02-23

    J-STAGE  References (20)

  • Oligomerization of glycine on montmorillonite and effects of water  [in Japanese]

    Fuchida Shigeshi , Masuda Harue

    Montmorillonite表面におけるグリシン(Gly)の重合化と水の影響について見積もるために,Gly-montmorilloniteを異なる含水量(0~60wt%)で150℃96時間加熱した。無水条件下では,45%のGlyが残存し,DKP(13%)やGly5の生成が確認された。一方,含水率が10~60%の場合,65~90%のGlyが残存し,ペプチドの生成率は含水率の上昇に伴って低下した。水 …

    Abstracts of Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan 59(0), 344, 2012


  • Amphiphilic Brush-Like Copolymers Involving Hydrophobic Amino Acid- and Oligopeptide-Side Chains for Optical Tumor Imaging In Vivo

    Miki Koji , Nakano Katsuya , Matsuoka Hideki , Yeom Chan Joo , Harada Hiroshi , Hiraoka Masahiro , Ohe Kouichi

    … Amphiphilic brush-like copolymers having simple amino acids or oligopeptides and poly(ethylene glycol) as side chains were synthesized via ring-opening metathesis polymerization and further transformations. … All of the synthesized copolymers formed spherical self-assemblies in water and their hydrodynamic diameters were 100–250 nm, as measured by dynamic light scattering. …

    Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 85(12), 1277-1286, 2012


  • Peptides formation for chemical evolution  [in Japanese]

    FUCHIDA Shigeshi

    Oligomerization of amino acids is an essential process in chemical evolution of precursor of life and would have occurred on the primitive earth. … However, the amino acids and peptides are rapidly decomposed under the hydrothermal condition. …

    Chikyukagaku 46(3), 171-180, 2012

    J-STAGE  References (61)

  • Effects of pressure on the oligomerization of valine

    Furukawa Yoshihiro , Otake Tsubasa , Nakazawa Hiromoto , Kakegawa Takeshi

    初期地球におけるアミノ酸の重合反応は、生命誕生に至る重要な一段階と考えられている。これまでの研究の多くは、初期地球のアミノ酸の重合反応は干潟や海底熱水噴出孔付近で起こるという提案に基づき、研究が行われてきた。これらの環境を模擬した実験ではアミノ酸の重合が確認されているが、その重合度は低く、さらに、これらの環境では場合によってアミノ酸の光化学分解または熱分解が卓越することが問題視されている。近年、こ …

    Abstracts of Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan 58(0), 55-55, 2011


  • Oligomerization of amino acid using nano-pulse discharge plasma in supercritical fluid  [in Japanese]

    NAGAFUCHI Koichi , Wahyudiono , WATANABE Hiroshi , KIYAN Tsuyoshi , IHARA Takeshi , KAMEDA Suguru , AKIYAMA Hidenori , SASAKI Mitsuru , GOTO Motonobu

    高圧討論会講演集 51, 112, 2010-10-11

    References (1)

  • The Effect of Amino Acid Substitution on Oligomerization of Octapeptide Repeat Structure in Prion Protein


    Peptide science : proceedings of the ... Japanese Peptide Symposium 2007, 239-242, 2008-03-01

    References (3)

  • Cloning of Alanine Racemase Genes from Pseudomonas fluorescens Strains and Oligomerization States of Gene Products Expressed in Escherichia coli

    JU Jiansong , YOKOIGAWA Kumio , MISONO Haruo , OHNISHI Kouhei

    … On the basis of the subunit structure, alanine racemases are classified into two types, monomeric and homodimeric. … Alanine racemase genes were cloned from two distinct Pseudomonas fluorescens strains, the psychrotrophic TM5-2 strain and the soil-borne LRB3W1 strain, by means of complementing an Escherichia coli alanine racemase-deficient mutant. … The gene for D-amino acid dehydrogenase is located adjacent to the dadX gene in both strains. …

    Journal of bioscience and bioengineering 100(4), 409-417, 2005-10-25

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