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  • Low-Complexity Joint Antenna and User Selection Scheme for the Downlink Multiuser Massive MIMO System with Complexity Reduction Factors

    HTUN Aye Mon , MAW Maung SANN , SASASE Iwao

    … In this paper, we propose a low-complexity joint antenna and user selection scheme with block diagonalization (BD) precoding for MU massive MIMO downlink channel in the time division duplex (TDD) system. … To achieve the reduction in the computation complexity in the antenna and user selection while maintaining the same or higher sum-rate in the system, the proposed scheme relies on three complexity reduction key factors. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E102.B(3), 592-602, 2019


  • Probabilistic Analysis of Differential Fault Attack on MIBS

    GAO Yang , WANG Yong-juan , YUAN Qing-jun , WANG Tao , WANG Xiang-bin

    … On the basis of the statistical regularity of differential distribution of the S-box, we establish a statistical model and then analyze the relationship between the number of faults injections, the probability of attack success, and key recovering bits. … Theoretically, time complexity of recovering the main key reduces to 2<sup>2</sup> … when injecting 3 groups of faults (12 nibbles in total) in 30,31 and 32 rounds, which is the optimal condition. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E102.D(2), 299-306, 2019


  • A Population Protocol for Uniform k-partition under Global Fairness

    Yasumi Hiroto , Kitamura Naoki , Ooshita Fukuhito , Izumi Taisuke , Inoue Michiko

    … In this paper, we consider a uniform k-partition problem in a population protocol model. … Since any protocol for the uniform k-partition problem requires ?(k) states to indicate a group, the space complexity of the proposed protocol is asymptotically optimal. …

    International Journal of Networking and Computing 9(1), 97-110, 2019


  • IT Project Scheduling Based on a Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm  [in Japanese]

    小林 敬明 , 森口 聡子

    … In the model of this study, we show that part of the Pareto front can be obtained as an exact solution with a small computational complexity, and search efficiency can be improved by incorporating them into the initial population. … The project manager can select a schedule suitable for the situation of the project from semi-optimal solutions generated by the proposed software. …

    情報処理学会論文誌数理モデル化と応用(TOM) 11(3), 42-57, 2018-12-20


  • A topology optimisation for periodic composite materials in elastic wave scattering  [in Japanese]


    … First, we explain the model of the periodic composite material. … Our topology optimisation is based on the level set method in which a level set function is spanned by B-spline basis functions to control the complexity of optimal configurations. …

    The Proceedings of Design & Systems Conference 2018.28(0), 2310, 2018


  • Hybrid Method of Metaheuristics with Machine Learning for Optimal Operation of District Energy Systems:Part 2-Comparison of εDE-RJ and Reinforcement Learning for Day-ahead Optimization of Heat Sharing Network System  [in Japanese]

    IKEDA Shintaro , OOKA Ryozo

    <p>従来, エネルギーシステムの運用最適化では, システムを線形化もしくは凸型の二次関数などで簡易的にモデル化し最適解を求めるアプローチが散見された。しかし, 近年あらゆるモデルに適用可能(モデルフリー)な最適化手法が発展し, 高次関数のみならず機械学習など複雑系モデルを組込むことも可能になってきている。著者らはこれまでモデルフリーな手法の一種であるε DE-RJ (Epsilon …

    Transactions of the Society of Heating,Air-conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan 43(254), 23-32, 2018


  • Energy-Efficient Resource Management in Mobile Cloud Computing

    JIN Xiaomin , LIU Yuanan , FAN Wenhao , WU Fan , TANG Bihua

    … We establish a deterministic resource management model by solving a combinatorial optimization problem with constraints. … Based on the deterministic model, we establish a stochastic model that involves a stochastic optimization problem with chance constraints. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E101.B(4), 1010-1020, 2018


  • Optimization of MAC-Layer Sensing Based on Alternating Renewal Theory in Cognitive Radio Networks

    MAO Zhiwei , WANG Xianmin

    … Based on the statistical ARP model, we analyze the CRNs with different SU MAC protocols, taking into consideration the effects of practical issues of imperfect channel sensing and non-negligible channel sensing time. … Based on the analysis results, a constrained optimization problem to find the optimal sensing period is formulated and the feasibility of this problem is studied for systems with different OFF/ON channel state length distributions. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E101.B(3), 865-876, 2018


  • A Cost and Performance Analytical Model for Large-scale On-chip Interconnection Networks  [in Japanese]

    Kurihara Takanori

    … We propose an analytical model for evaluating cost-performance ratioby considering NoC's topology and layout. … The model is parameterized with the node degree, the network diameter or the average number of hops between any two nodes, thetotal number of routers, the router complexity, the number of PEs connected to a router, the connection width betweenrouters, the cost ratios of the router section and the link section, the total number of PEs, and the total length oflinks. …

    法政大学大学院紀要. 情報科学研究科編 = 法政大学大学院紀要. 情報科学研究科編 12, 2017-03-31


  • Perceptual Distributed Compressive Video Sensing via Reweighted Sampling and Rate-Distortion Optimized Measurements Allocation

    XU Jin , ZHANG Yan , FU Zhizhong , ZHOU Ning

    … <p>Distributed compressive video sensing (DCVS) is a new paradigm for low-complexity video compression. … Subsequently, the suppressed CN is utilized to determine the weighting matrix for the reweighted sampling as well as to design a perceptual rate-distortion optimization model to calculate the optimal measurements allocation for each non-key frame. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E100.D(4), 918-922, 2017


  • Progress on Minimum Description Length Principle: From Basis to Advanced Topics  [in Japanese]


    記述長最小原理(MDL原理)はできるだけ短い符号長でデータを符号化することにより,情報源の推定や予測のための最適戦略を与えるものである.それは機械学習やデータマイニングにおけるアルゴリズムの統一的設計指針を導き,知識発見のコア技術として年々その活用は発展している.これまでMDL 原理は定常的な仮定の下で,正則なモデルを選択するためのモデル選択原理として漸近的な形で与えられ,その適用範囲はある意味制 …

    IEICE ESS Fundamentals Review 10(3), 186-194, 2017


  • Topology optimization for coupled thermal and structural problems using multiple materials  [in Japanese]

    KISHIMOTO Naoki , YAMADA Takayuki , IZUI Kazuhiro , NISHIWAKI Shinji

    … To further increase product performances, an optimal design method especially adapted for use with multi-materials is required. … For the topology optimization method, we apply the Multi-Material Level Set (MM-LS) topology description model, which uses a total of <i>n</i> … A reaction-diffusion equation is solved to update the distribution of the level set functions, which enables specification of the degree of geometric complexity of the optimal configuration. …

    The Proceedings of Design & Systems Conference 2016.26(0), 2316, 2016


  • Topology optimization of multi-material structures considering the sensitivity of material transition  [in Japanese]

    KISHIMOTO Naoki , SATO Yuki , NOGUCHI Yuki , YAMADA Takayuki , IZUI Kazuhiro , NISHIWAKI Shinji

    … To facilitate obtaining designs based on the use of multi-materials, a systematic optimal design method especially adapted for use with multi-materials is required. … We apply the Multi-Material Level Set (MM-LS) topology description model, which uses a total number of <i>n</i> … The advantage of the MM-LS model is that clear optimal configurations are obtained and the design sensitivities for multi-material structures can be easily calculated. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2016(0), J0110202, 2016


  • Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation in Sensing-Based Spectrum Sharing for Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks

    HAO Wanming , YANG Shouyi , MUTA Osamu , GACANIN Haris , FURUKAWA Hiroshi

    … Under this model, the optimization problem of maximizing energy efficiency (EE) is formulated over the transmission power and sensing time subject to some practical limitations, such as the individual power constraint for secondary source and relay, the quality of service (QoS) for the secondary system, and effective protection for the PU. … Given the complexity of this problem, two simplified versions (i.e., perfect and imperfect sensing cases) are studied in this paper. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E99.B(8), 1763-1771, 2016


  • Work Instruction Method Based on the Expected Value Minimization of Failure Cause Identification Working Hours  [in Japanese]

    ASAKURA Ryoji , KATSUMATA Daisuke , TAMAKI Kenji

    機器の故障原因の迅速な特定のために,原因特定に要する作業時間の期待値に基づいて作業を指示する方法を提案する.本方法では,故障原因特定のための2種類の作業,すなわち故障原因の候補を絞り込むための診断作業と,真の故障原因を特定するための確認作業をノードとするグラフィカルモデルを用い,グラフィカルモデルを分割した小規模なグループごとに期待値最小となる作業順序を決定する.故障原因を乱数で発生させるモンテカ …

    Journal of Japan Industrial Management Association 67(1), 37-48, 2016


  • Rate-Distortion Optimized Distributed Compressive Video Sensing

    XU Jin , QIAO Yuansong , WEN Quan

    … Distributed compressive video sensing (DCVS) is an emerging low-complexity video coding framework which integrates the merits of distributed video coding (DVC) and compressive sensing (CS). … In this paper, we propose a novel rate-distortion optimized DCVS codec, which takes advantage of a rate-distortion optimization (RDO) model based on the estimated correlation noise (CN) between a non-key frame and its side information (SI) to determine the optimal measurements allocation for the non-key frame. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E99.A(6), 1272-1276, 2016


  • Design for Electromagnetic Device by Multi-objective Optimization using Genetic Programming  [in Japanese]

    Ishikawa Kota , Kitagawa Wataru , Takeshita Takaharu

    … In this method, an analysis model is regarded as a tree structure. … Additionally, authors take into consideration about shape complexity. … Authors reveal the pareto optimal solutions of characteristics for average torque and torque ripple of IPMSM. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Power and Energy 136(3), 228-235, 2016


  • Efficient Motion Vector Re-Estimation Based on a Novel Cost Model for a H.264/AVC Transcoder

    HONG Soongi , CHOE Yoonsik , KIM Yong-Goo

    … In transcoding, it is well known that refinement of the motion vectors is critical to enhance the quality of transcoded video while significantly reducing transcoding complexity. … This paper proposes a novel cost model to estimate the rate-distortion cost of motion vector composition in order to develop a reliable motion vector re-estimation method that has reasonable computation cost. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E99.D(3), 777-780, 2016


  • Partial gathering of mobile agents in asynchronous unidirectional rings

    Shibata Masahiro , Kawai Shinji , Ooshita Fukuhito , Kakugawa Hirotsugu , Masuzawa Toshimitsu

    … The requirement for the partial gathering problem is weaker than that for the (well-investigated) total gathering problem, and thus, we have interests in clarifying the difference on the move complexity between them. … Note that the total gathering problem requires Ω(kn)Ω(kn) total moves, while the partial gathering problem requires Ω(gn)Ω(gn) total moves in each model. …



  • Computational Complexity of Puzzles and Games (Invited Talk)

    Uehara Ryuhei

    … When you consider an algorithm, you assume, say, the standard RAM model, that has "usual" arithmetic operations. … Then you need to consider completely different algorithms, and their computational complexity also changes. … That is, when we discuss computational complexity of a problem, it strongly depends on the set of basic operations you use. …

    Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9135, XXVI, 2015-06

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