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  • Observation and Hydrodynamic Simulation of Tidal Current and Seawater Exchange in the Kesennuma Bay, Northeastern Japan  [in Japanese]

    SHIBASAKI Reo , SHINTANI Tetsuya , FUKUSHIMA Keitaro , KOBAYASHI Masayuki , YOKOYAMA Katsuhide

    … in the northern part of the western bay, and the flow was prevailing through the narrow channel called Oshima-Seto to east. …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. B2 (Coastal Engineering) 74(2), I_631-I_636, 2018


  • Characteristics of temperature and current variations in the intermediate-deep layer of Oshima East Channel, Sagami Bay  [in Japanese]

    WANG Qi , KITADE Yujiro , NEMOTO Masao , Qi Wang , Yujiro Kitade , Masao Nemoto , 東京海洋大学大学院海洋科学技術研究科 , 東京海洋大学大学院海洋科学技術研究科 , 東京海洋大学大学院海洋科学技術研究科 , Graduate School of Marine Science and Technology Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology , Graduate School of Marine Science and Technology Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology , Graduate School of Marine Science and Technology Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

    <p>大島東水道における流速変動の特性を調べるため,2007年5月22日から9月11日に布良沖の相模トラフ東斜面と大陸棚上で係留観測を実施した。両地点では3.7日周期を中心とした数日周期帯の流速変動が卓越しており,相模トラフの703 m~1020 m 深の3.7日周期の流速変動は布良の潮位変動とほぼ同位相であった。銚子から御前崎までの潮位記録から,数日周期帯(2日~11日)の潮位変動は …

    Oceanography in Japan 22(1), 1-18, 2013-01-15

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  • Kuroshio front variability due to wind filed fluctuations

    Hinata Hirofumi

    相模湾に設置したHFレーダーの観測結果とPrinceton Ocean Model(POM)を用いた数値実験に基づいて,2000年12月中旬から2001年1月中旬に起きた大島西水道からの間欠的な黒潮系暖水の流入メカニズムについて検討した.その結果,海上風変動による伊豆半島周辺の沿岸湧昇や沿岸沈降が黒潮前線の小規模な離接岸を引き起こし,その結果,暖水流入が間欠的に発生し,湾内循環流が変動していたこと …

    NCTAM papers, National Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Japan 54(0), 4-4, 2005


  • Effects of Wind Field Fluctuations on Kuroshio Warm Water Intrusion into Sagami Bay(Symposium: Ocean Radar Observation in the Coastal Seas)  [in Japanese]

    Hinata Hirofumi , Yanagi Tetsuo , Kawamura Hiroshi

    相模湾に設置したHFレーダーの観測結果とPrinceton Ocean Model(POM)を用いた数値実験に基づいて,2000年12月中旬から2001年1月中旬に起きた大島西水道からの間欠的な黒潮系暖水の流入メカニズムについて検討した.その結果,海上風変動による伊豆半島周辺の沿岸湧昇や沿岸沈降が黒潮前線の小規模な離接岸を引き起こし,その結果,暖水流入が間欠的に発生し,湾内循環流が変動していたこと …

    Bulletin on coastal oceanography 41(2), 83-95, 2004-02

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  • Multi-Channel Seismic Reflection Suevey of the Sagami Bay.  [in Japanese]

    Iwabuchi Yo , Kato Yukihiro , Hamamoto Fumitaka , Kondo Tadashi , Shinbayashi Kazuhiko

    … Hydrographic Department, Maritime Safety Agency carried out multi-channel seismic reflection survey of the Sagami Bay. … 1) The extension of northern slope of Izu-Oshima island subducting beneath the Manazuru knoll which is located on the slope of the Izu peninsula.<br> … 3) A reverse fault is recognized on the shelf slope foot of the Izu peninsula to the east of Hatsushima island.<br> …

    Journal of the Japan Society for Marine Surveys and Technology 3(2), 2_39-2_51, 1991


  • Path and volume transport of the Kuroshio current in Sagami Bay and their relationship to cold water masses near Izu Peninsula.

    Taira Keisuke , Teramoto Toshihiko

    大島西水道から放流した漂流ブイを大島東水道まで追跡して, 相模湾の黒潮の流路を調べた。水深500mの大島西水道は伊豆海嶺を西から東へ通過する黒潮の最北の通路になっており, 係留流速計を展開してその流量を評価した。300m層にドローグをとりつけた漂流ブイは大島をまわって, 大島西水道から大島東水道へ流れ出た。大島の北東部で表層流と下層流の流向が異なることが漂流ブイによって示されたので, 流速計も用い …

    Journal of the Oceanographical Society of Japan 42(3), 212-223, 1986


  • Studies on the culture of the artificial seeds of the ark shell anadara subcrenata (LISCHKE)  [in Japanese]

    日下部 台次郎

    OSHIMA for their kind advice, and to Mr. F. … It communicates with the sea (Miho Bay) by a channel called Nakae-seto which is 200 to 400m in width, 7 km in length and 7m in depth. … The test ropes hung in July and taken up in September indicated that such waters lay south by east of Daikon-jima (bounded by the lines connecting Kame-shima, E-jima, Hanyu and Ronde) and in Yonago Bay, covering an area of I ,500 ha. …

    Journal of the Faculty of Fisheries and Animal Husbandry,Hiroshima University 2(2), ????, 1959-12

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  • On the Observed Oceanographic Structure of the Tsushima Fishing Grounds in Winter and Ecological Relationship Between the Structure and Fishing Conditions

    TSUJITA Tokimi

    … E on the sea area north-west of Amami Oshima in the Eastern Sea, and runs against the Tsushima Islands : from the south-west to the north-east in the waters between Kyushu and Quelpart, and goes through the Straits of Tsushima on to the Japan Sea. … one of these is the eastern channel on the side of Japan, the other the western channel on the side of Korea. …

    Journal of the Oceanographical Society of Japan 10(3), 158-170, 1954


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