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  • Evaluation of pinch velocity of high-Z impurity ions based on orbit analysis in tokamak plasma  [in Japanese]

    Fujita Takaaki , 岡本 敦 , Shimizu Yusuke , Matsuura Keisuke , Hayashi Nobuhiko , Hoshino Kazuo , Nakano Tomohide , Honda Mitsuru

    … <p>トカマクプラズマにおけるタングステン等の高Z不純物イオン輸送モデルとして星野らにより提唱されたPHZピンチ、Erピンチモデルを一般化し、任意の径電場における任意のピッチ角を有するイオンの軌道の解析からそれらのピンチ速度を評価するコードを開発した。 …

    Meeting Abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan 71.2(0), 606-606, 2016


  • Particle Pinch Model of Passing/Trapped High-Z Impurity with Centrifugal Force Effect

    SHIMIZU Yusuke , FUJITA Takaaki , OKAMOTO Atsushi , ARIMOTO Hideki , HAYASHI Nobuhiko , HOSHINO Kazuo , NAKANO Tomohide , HONDA Mitsuru

    … <p>The inward pinch model for high-Z impurity ions in a toroidally rotating plasma has been improved to take account of trapped particles and the centrifugal force effect. … It is found that the PHZ pinch is large for the barely trapped particles and the pinch velocity increases with the rotation velocity as in the original model.</p> …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 11(0), 2403082-2403082, 2016


  • Analysis of Tungsten Transport in JT-60U Plasmas

    SHIMIZU Yusuke , FUJITA Takaaki , ARIMOTO Hideki , NAKANO Tomohide , HOSHINO Kazuo , HAYASHI Nobuhiko

    … </i>have proposed two pinch models (i.e., PHZ pinch and Er pinch), which account for the effects of toroidal rotation and the radial electric field, respectively. … Because the assumptions of the Er pinch model are incompatible with the experimental conditions, we study the effect of the PHZ pinch only. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 10(0), 3403062-3403062, 2015


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