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  • Measurement error analysis for the PR2/6 soil moisture profile probe on converted paddy soil and proposal on an efficient calibration method  [in Japanese]

    望月 秀俊 , 小原 輝之 , 田中 一彦 , 亀高 巧

    … プロファイル土壌水分計PR2/6 は,対象土壌の破壊を最小限に抑えつつ,100cm 深のうち6 層の平均土壌水分量を測定できるが,土壌毎に校正式を得る必要がある.本稿では, 6 土壌に対する校正作業の結果に基づいて,出力値の誤差を解析し,①各センサーの出力値の時間的バラツキ・位置によるバラツキはともに小さいこと,②各センサーの出力値のバラツキ …

    農研機構研究報告 西日本農業研究センター = Bulletin of the NARO, Agricultural Research for Western Region (19), 45-58, 2019-03-31

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  • Project 2 Project Research on the Elucidation of Generating Mechanism of Damaged Protein Induced by Aging and Irradiation (28P2)

    Fujii N.

    … Fujii (28P2-1) [4]PR2-2 Damage to Biological Molecules Induced by Ionizing Irradiation and Biological Defense Mechanisms against Ionizing Radiation III /T. … Fujii (28P2-2) [5]PR2-3 Separation Condition of the Prion Peptide (106-126) after Treatment of Protein L-Isoaspartyl Methyltransferase (PIMT) /Y. … Fujii (28P2-3) [6]PR2-4 Analysis of Hearing Impairments in Mice Exposed to Environmental Stress /N. …

    KURRI Progress Report 2016(APRIL 2016 - MARCH 2017), 3-10, 2017-07


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