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  • Examination of Training Workshop for Chief Teachers of Early Childhood Education Using "Middle Leader Patterns"  [in Japanese]

    天野 美和子 , 野澤 祥子 , 宮田 まり子 , 秋田 喜代美

    … In this study, we aim to explore the possibility of learning through an interactive workshop for early childhood education and care (ECEC) chief teachers at ECEC centers, using "middle leader patterns," one of pattern languages. … (2) Making themselves conscious of rule of thumb; … (4) Making their acts meaningful; …

    449-465, 2020-03-30

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    SOFUNI Atsushi

    … In recent years, with the development and improvements of the EUS scope and ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, EUS has been used for detection and making a qualitative diagnosis of pancreatic diseases. … It is also reported that analysis of malignant nodule size, nodule / pancreatic parenchymal contrast ratio analysis, and analysis of mural nodule morphology and vascular distribution pattern are useful for the differential diagnosis between malignant or benign intraductal papillary mucosal neoplasms (IPMNs). …



  • The Relationship between Decision Making Ability and Implicit Pattern-Perception in Soccer Players  [in Japanese]

    Murakawa Daisuke , Ikudome Sachi , Takai Yohei , Ogasa Kisho , Mori Shiro , Nakamoto Hiroki

    … This study aimed to clarify contribution of implicit pattern perception to decision-making ability in soccer player. … To this end, we examined whether the accuracy of implicit pattern-perception of soccer-specific scene differ depending on the soccer playerʼs decision-making ability (Experiment 1) and the influence of the implicitly perceived information on decision-making (Experiment 2). …

    Japanese Journal of Sport Psychology, 2020


  • Flow Characteristics of Pulp Suspension in a 90° Bend

    Sumida Masaru , Imamura Kentaro

    … bend, which is used in the production system of an actual paper making machine, e.g., for transporting the pulp suspensions from its stock reservoir to the header. … The flow characteristics of the pulp suspension depend on the flow pattern in the upstream straight tube and are greatly different from those of the single-phase water flow. …

    International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems 13(2), 425-436, 2020


  • Clinical features, practice patterns and outcomes of omphalocele: a descriptive study using a nationwide inpatient database in Japan

    Fujiogi Michimasa , Michihata Nobuaki , Matsui Hiroki , Fushimi Kiyohide , Yasunaga Hideo , Fujishiro Jun

    … Nevertheless, little is known about patient demographics, practice pattern and outcomes.</p><p><b>METHODS</b></p><p>We examined patient demographics, treatment options, and outcomes for patients with omphalocele with and without severe chromosomal abnormalities (trisomy 13 and 18), July 2010–March 2016, using a nationwide database in Japan.</p><p><b>RESULTS</b></p><p>Of 399 patients with omphalocele, 89 had trisomy 13 or 18. …

    Annals of Clinical Epidemiology 2(2), 61-68, 2020



    MISAWA Masashi , KUDO Shin-ei , NAKAMURA Hiroki , ISHIGAKI Tomoyuki , TOYOSHIMA Naoya , KUDO Toyoki

    … After further development for more than 10 years, the endocytoscope (CF-H290ECI) was launched in 2018, making it possible for use in clinical practice. … There are two ways to diagnose colorectal lesions by using an EC: (1) endocytoscopic vascular pattern (EC-V) classification, in which vessel findings are evaluated in combination with findings of narrow band imaging (NBI), and (2) EC classification, which involves evaluation of the form of the glands and nuclei after methylene blue staining. …



  • Combined multiphoton imaging and biaxial tissue extension for quantitative analysis of geometric fiber organization in human reticular dermis

    Ueda Maho , Saito Susumu , Murata Teruasa , Hirano Tomoko , Bise Ryoma , Kabashima Kenji , Suzuki Shigehiko

    … 2019-07-24.I see the pattern under your skin. … Throughout the dermis, collagen fibers straightened with increased inter-fiber spaces, making them more clearly identifiable after extension. …

    Scientific Reports (9), 2019-07-23


  • Reality of dress construction practice from the perspective of ICT utilization : Trial of pattern-making of blouses with the use of e-learning  [in Japanese]

    小川 秀子

    新潟青陵大学短期大学部研究報告 (49), 157-170, 2019-03

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  • Using Learning Analytics to Detect Off-Task Reading Behaviors in Class

    Akçapınar Gökhan , Hasnine Mohammad Nehal , Majumdar Rwitajit , Flanagan Brendan , Ogata Hiroaki

    … The first pattern is, the students who are following the instructor from the beginning until the end of the lecture. … The second pattern is, students who are following the instructor's pattern until the first 17th minute but not during the rest of the lecture. …

    Companion Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK'19), 471-476, 2019-03


  • Artifacts as Agencies : A Case Study of Attires used in the "Donto-Sai (Lunar New Year Festival)"  [in Japanese]

    高橋 嘉代 , Kayo Takahashi

    … The costume and the belongings used at this time were complex and a new behavior pattern was adopted according to confirmation from performers and observers.As for dancers, their costumes become more gorgeous every year. … Resident volunteers in the community are making the tools used at the dance by themselves. …

    桜の聖母短期大学紀要 = Bulletin of Sakura no Seibo Junior College (43), 19-28, 2019-03

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  • Making Research Paper  [in Japanese]

    YAMADA Keiji , NAKAJIMA Yuki , FUKUSHIMA Kazuki , TANAKA Ryutaro , SEKIYA Katsuhiko

    … This paper concerns a photoelastic observation technique to investigate the asymmetry of thermal stress distribution, which provides the isoclinic fringe pattern and the isochromatic fringe pattern around the crack propagating in the laser cleaving process for brittle material substrates. …

    The Proceedings of The Manufacturing & Machine Tool Conference 2019.13(0), B04, 2019


  • Synthesis and Properties of Cresol Novolac Resins Using Monosaccharide:  [in Japanese]

    Hirohito Yamasaki , Tomomi Igita , Takahisa Furumoto , Sadaaki Kuroiwa , Seiichirou takabayashi

    … <p>Cresol formaldehyde novolac resins (Cre/Form) are used as photo-resist materials because they can be applied minutely onto hard silicon wafers, which are used in the process of making integrated semiconductor circuits. … The residual membrane thickness was high (99%) and the resist pattern could be drawn up in 5 μm width clearly.</p> …

    Journal of Networkpolymer,Japan 40(3), 121-130, 2019


  • Synthesis and Properties of Bisphenol C Type Novolac Resin::Development of Photo-resist Material Having Flexibility Noticed with Bisphenol Unit  [in Japanese]

    Hirohito yamasaki , Yudai Fujii , Takahisa Furumoto , Sadaaki kuroiwa , Seiichirou Takabayashi

    … <p>Cresol formaldehyde novolac resins (Cre/Form) are used as photo-resist materials because they can be applied minutely onto hard silicon wafers, which are used in the process of making integrated semiconductor circuits. … The residual membrane thickness of BisC/Glu and BisC/Form novolac resins were high (>90%) and the resist pattern could draw up to 4 μm clearly. …

    Journal of Networkpolymer,Japan 40(2), 70-79, 2019



    HOSHINO Tsuyoshi , YAMADA Tomohito J. , Dzung Nguyen-Le

    … Because the rainfall concentrate in spatio-temporal in all weather pattern, heavy rainfall events under future climate are alarming for making adaptation plan in terms of increase of rainfall amount and concentration.</p> …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. G (Environmental Research) 75(5), I_25-I_31, 2019


  • 3D Shape Prediction of a Paper Model of a Brassiere Cup toward Its Design Support:1st Report: Application to a Two Piece Brassiere Cup  [in Japanese]

    WAKAMATSU Hidefumi , YOSHIDA Kotaro , MORINAGA Eiji , ARAI Eiji , KUBO Takahiro

    … The shapes of patterns are designed by repeatedly making a cup model composed of paper patterns and then checking its 3D shape. … Then, the potential energy of a pattern can be represented as a function of its principal curvature and principal direction. …

    Journal of Textile Engineering 65(3), 35-46, 2019


  • Computed tomographic features for differentiating benign from malignant liver lesions in dogs

    LEELA-ARPORN Rommaneeya , OHTA Hiroshi , SHIMBO Genya , HANAZONO Kiwamu , OSUGA Tatsuyuki , MORISHITA Keitaro , SASAKI Noboru , TAKIGUCHI Mitsuyoshi

    … Two variables, namely, the postcontrast enhancement pattern of the lesion in the delayed phase (heterogeneous; … These findings indicate that features from triple-phase CT can provide information for distinguishing pathological varieties of focal liver lesions and for clinical decision making. …

    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 81(12), 1697-1704, 2019


  • Sensitivity Analysis on Data Array and Model Structure of Convolutional Neural Network for Rainfall Occurrence Prediction  [in Japanese]


    … <p>Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) is one of the popular machine learning techniques to catch pattern or relationship among data. … From many trials, an interesting result was derived that using just a plane of data set as input was not only sufficient but also effective in some cases in making rainfall prediction compared to the conventional shape of data.</p> …

    Proceeding of Annual Conference 32(0), 130, 2019


  • Mixing Behavior of Density Stratification by Gas-liquid Two-phase Jet with Air Lift Pipe  [in Japanese]

    LU Jiarong , KANEKO Akiko , ABE Yutaka

    … We conducted the mixing experiment making density stratification using salt water with and without air lift pipe. … As a result, we discovered a mixing pattern with air lift pipe depending on the volumetric flow ratio. …

    The Proceedings of Conference of Kanto Branch 2019.25(0), 19B01, 2019


  • Pattern Shape Optimization of a Two Piece Brassiere Cup to Improve Its Design Efficiency

    Yoshida Kotaro , Wakamatsu Hidefumi , Morinaga Eiji , Arai Eiji , Tsutsumi Seiichiro , Kubo Takahiro

    … A brassiere cup consists of several patterns and their shapes are designed by repeatedly making a paper cup model and then checking its three-dimensional shape. … If their three-dimensional shapes are determined, the two-dimensional shape of a pattern must be designed so that its edges coincide with individual curves. …

    Transactions of the Institute of Systems, Control and Information Engineers 32(5), 192-202, 2019


  • Center Segregation and Cross-Hatched Surface Pattern of Vertical-Type High-Speed Twin-Roll Cast Al–Si–Mg Alloy Strip Formed by Wide Rolls

    Goda Tomoo , Kumai Shinji

    … The cast strip had a distinct cross-hatched surface pattern on both sides, with matte and glossy regions periodically distributed throughout the surface. … Surface characterization revealed that the difference in appearance making up the pattern was correlated with the difference in surface profile, roughness, and microstructure of the outermost surface. … In addition, the pattern was in harmony with the discontinuous distribution of the center segregation band. …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 60(8), 1643-1650, 2019


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