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  • Improvement of Promotion and Dissemination model of Competitive Sports for People with Mental Health Issues : Interviews with supporters of mental disabled sport  [in Japanese]

    鎗田 英樹

    千葉作業療法 = The journal of Chiba Association of Occupational Therapists 10(1), 11-22, 2021

  • Disaster evacuation intentions of persons with mental health problems receiving employment support in Japan

    NAKAI Hisao , ITATANI Tomoya , NISHIOKA Yoshie , HAMADA Erina

    … Previous reports suggest that persons with mental health issues may not evacuate during earthquakes, owing to anxieties about living in evacuation centers. … This study aimed to examine the disaster evacuation intentions and related factors of Support Office for Continuous Employment (SOCE)-registered persons with mental health problems living in areas at risk of earthquake damage.</p><p><b>Methods:</b> …

    Health Emergency and Disaster Nursing 8(1), 10-19, 2021


  • SELL and IFI44 as potential biomarkers of Sjögren's syndrome and their correlation with immune cell infiltration

    Xu Hua , Chen Jia , Wang Yang , Wu Yanmei , Liang Yingjie

    … <p>The onset of Sjögren's syndrome (SS) is hidden, early diagnosis is difficult, and the disorder seriously endangers the physical and mental health of affected people. … was associated with M2 macrophages, activated CD4 memory T cells, gamma delta T cells, resting NK cells and plasma cells, while <i>IFI44</i> … was associated with activated mast cells, resting NK cells, resting mast cells and CD8 T cells. …

    Genes & Genetic Systems, 2021


  • The process of notification of characteristics and diagnostic name by mothers to their children with autism spectrum disorder  [in Japanese]

    Kusano Tomomi , Tsushima Hiroe

    <p> 本研究の目的は、知的障害のない自閉スペクトラム症のある子どもへ特性や診断名を告知する過程を母親の体験から明らかにし、看護の示唆を得ることである。自閉スペクトラム症と診断を受けた子どもの母親10名に半構成面接を行い、質的記述的分析を行った。その結果、【特性のある子どもを受容することへの揺らぎ】、【子どもの特性への直面】、【子どもの承認と提案】、【家族や周りへの調整】、【診断名の告 …

    Journal of Japanese Society of Child Health Nursing 30(0), 43-51, 2021


  • Mental Health Care on COVID-19 Pandemic: The Role of Psychiatric Team on Pandemic  [in Japanese]

    Takano Kosuke , Inada Ken , Muraoka Hiroyuki , Inoue Atsuko , Yasuda Taeko , Akaho Rie , Nishimura Katsuji

    … <p>Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has grown to pandemic levels, making a significant impact on people's physical, mental, and social lives. … Along with the direct central nervous system damage caused by the infection, those infected have experienced psychological effects as well, including the stress they experience during treatment, the guilt of infecting others, and the accompanying stigma. …

    Journal of Tokyo Women's Medical University 91(1), 72-80, 2021


  • The effect of labeling of gambling disorder on negative attitudes  [in Japanese]

    Shimizu Yuho , Hashimoto Takaaki , Karasawa Kaori

    … <p>Negative attitudes toward gambling disorder have a lot of undesirable effects on the patients' … mental health and prevent them from fundamental human rights. … Labeling is the process of specifying the name of the illness and understanding the patient in terms of their connection with the illness. …

    Cognitive Studies: Bulletin of the Japanese Cognitive Science Society 28(1), 161-167, 2021


  • Trends in research studies on job retention and job separation in people with mental disorders  [in Japanese]

    野﨑 智仁 , 谷口 敬道

    … Various studies have been conducted to investigate the actual conditions and to verify the interventions that have been made to support the employment of individuals with mental disorders since their job retention and job separation appeared to be problematic. …

    国際医療福祉大学学会誌 26(1), 89-98, 2021


  • COVID-19 preventive behaviours among people with anxiety and depressive symptoms: findings from Japan

    Stickley A. , Matsubayashi T. , Sueki H. , Ueda M.

    … Objectives: The aim of the study was to examine COVID-19 preventive behaviours among individuals with mental health problems. … Information was obtained on 13 COVID-19 preventive behaviours and anxiety and depressive symptoms using the Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7-item scale and Patient Health Questionnaire-9, respectively. …

    Public Health (189), 91-93, 2020-12


  • Supported decision making and expressing intention for people with mental disorders  [in Japanese]

    藤井 千代

    精神科 = Psychiatry 36(5), 431-435, 2020-05

    Ichushi Web 

  • Attentional disengagement biases in social anxiety disorder  [in Japanese]

    河原 剛 , 佐藤 裕 , 境 泉洋

    … Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is a mental disorder characterized by significant fear and anxiety about social situations that may attract attention from others. … Previous studies have suggested that people with SAD have impaired attentional engagement with the threatening stimuli. …

    広島大学心理学研究 (19), 129-137, 2020-03-31

    IR  DOI  Ichushi Web 

  • Theory of Mind processing in autism spectrum disorder : Compensation by executive function, the limitations and the prospect  [in Japanese]

    吉田 翔子 , 横山 佳奈 , 永田 雅子 , YOSHIDA Shoko , YOKOYAMA Kana , NAGATA Masako

    … This paper classifies Theory of Mind into three stages, and describes the possibility that autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can compensate Theory of Mind by executive function. … Theory of Mind is the ability to understand and predict the actions and thoughts of others based on the mental state of others. … As Baron-Cohen (1985) pointed out, "disability of social communication" has been thought as a core symptom of children with ASD. …

    名古屋大学大学院教育発達科学研究科紀要. 心理発達科学 (66), 31-39, 2020-01-31

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  • Deployment of promotion and dissemination model of competitive sports for people with mental health issues : interviews with athletes with mental health issues  [in Japanese]

    鎗田 英樹

    スポーツ精神医学 = Japanese journal of sports psychiatry 17, 21-31, 2020

    Ichushi Web 

  • Certificate of mental disability for preschool children who stutter: A case report  [in Japanese]

    Hosogaya Rika , Omori Fukie , Aoki Minori , Suzuki Masaaki

    <p>2005年に発達障害者支援法が施行され,吃音は精神障害者保健福祉手帳(以下,手帳)を取得する対象となった。従来,吃音者が手帳を申請希望する目的は成人吃音者が福祉的就労のために行うことがほとんどであった。しかし,今後,吃音者は成人だけでなく小児も手帳を取得し,就労目的だけではなく自分の障害を証明し各方面の支援を得やすくするために手帳を活用する可能性がある。症例は4歳男児。通園先の幼 …

    Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology Japan 41(3), 319-325, 2020


  • Understanding of Their Own Character Strengths by Late Adolescents and Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorder  [in Japanese]

    KOCHO Haruki

    <p>本研究の目的は、青年期・成人期ASD者の「強み」(Character Strength: CS)に対する自己理解の特徴を定型発達者との比較から検討することであった。ASD者本人および保護者に質問紙を配布し、10代後半から40代までの31名から回答を得た。定型発達者は167名を最終的に分析の対象とした。CSの相対的順位に着目すると、ASD群では「感謝」「謙虚」「思慮深さ・慎重」とい …

    The Japanese Journal of Special Education 57(4.5), 207-218, 2020

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Current Status and Challenges Regarding Collaboration between Care Mangers and Mental Health and Welfare Service Facilities in Supporting Older People with Mental Disorders:—Based on Analysis of Cases Supported by Care Managers—  [in Japanese]

    Harada Sayo , Nishigaki Satoshi

    <p>高齢精神障害者支援において精神保健医療福祉機関から介護支援専門員への情報提供の内容と連携の現状と課題を明らかにするために,介護支援専門員の支援事例40例を発症期によって2群に分類し,介護支援専門員にとって有効だった情報・連携方法と課題について分析した。若年発症群は介護保険サービスに移行した統合失調症,生活機能低下した双極性障害,身体疾患により介護保険に繋がった25事例で,残存する …


    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • The Cognitive Function of Deception in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Yokota Susumu , Tanaka Mari

    … <p>Successful deception involves understanding and manipulating other people's mental states. … Previous studies have revealed difficulty and developmental delay in the ability to deceive and cognitive dysfunction in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). … However, little is known about the cognitive functions related to deception, especially in children with ASD. …

    Journal of Special Education Research 9(1), 1-9, 2020


  • A Literature Review of Needs Assessment Scales for Mental Health Service Users—Comparison with Camberwell Assessment of Need—  [in Japanese]

    Ohtake Fumi , Nagamine Hitomi , Maruyama Kayo , Sumita Hiroko , Morita Kumiko

    … <p><b>目的:</b>文献レビューにより精神障害をもつ人のニーズアセスメント尺度を比較し,実用性を検討する.</p><p><b>方法:</b>PubMed,CINAHL,医学中央雑誌を用い,"mental disorders""needs assessment""tool"「精神障害」「ニーズアセスメント」をキーワードとして2018年11月までに発表された文献を検索した.</p><p><b>結果:</b>海外文献からニーズアセスメント尺度が9種得られた.そ …

    Journal of Japan Academy of Nursing Science 40(0), 298-304, 2020


  • Experience of Parents with Mental Disorders Raising Children  [in Japanese]

    Iketani Miho , Kageyama Masako

    <p><b>目的:</b>地域で暮らす精神障がい者は今後も増加が見込まれる.本研究は,精神障がいを抱えながら育児を継続している親の経験を明らかにすることを目的とした.</p><p><b>方法:</b>18歳未満の子どもをもつ精神障がい者である母親8人と父親3人にインタビューガイドに基づいた個別の半構成的面接を行い, …

    Journal of Japan Academy of Community Health Nursing 23(3), 13-22, 2020


  • Application of Deep Brain Stimulation for Treatment-resistant Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Current Status and Future Perspectives in Japan

    YAMASUE Hidenori , SUGIYAMA Kenji

    … Additionally, in both Europe and the United States, numerous case reports as well as multicenter randomized controlled trials have examined its use for treatment-refractory mental illnesses such as obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and major depressive disorder. … Furthermore, a systematic review and meta-analysis in 2015 showed that DBS therapy for patients with treatment-resistant OCD had efficacy and was safe. …

    Neurologia medico-chirurgica 60(11), 521-524, 2020

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  • Overwork related disorders among system engineers and programmers in the in formation and communications technology industry  [in Japanese]

    KAN Chiemi , YOSHIKAWA Toru , UMEZAKI Shigeo , SASAKI Takeshi , YAMAUCHI Takashi , TAKAHASHI Masaya

    <p>ITの技術革命によりシステムエンジニア(SEs)やプログラマー(PGs)の労働環境は急速に変化し,彼らの過重労働と健康問題が懸念されている中,IT産業が「過労死等防止のための対策に関する大綱」において過労死等の多発が指摘される5つの業種・職種の1つに挙げられた.本研究では,SEs及びPGsを中心とした情報通信業の過労死等の労災認定事案の実態や特徴を明らかにし,過労死等の予防・対策 …

    Journal of Occupational Safety and Health 13(2), 107-115, 2020

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

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