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  • Gratitude among Filipino College Students

    Belinda T. Conde , Gabriel Archemedez Y. Flores

    … As a personal response to a kagandahang loob, the practice of gratitude defines and determines the manner by which the co-participants live and express their personal values. … The nature of gratitude or pasasalamat is then seen within the existential web of associated virtue-expressions. …

    The Gakushuin Journal of International Studies (6), 39-76, 2020-03


  • Buddha-nature and the Tendency of Normalization : Based on the personal experience of fighting against cancer  [in Japanese]

    髙橋 隆雄

    … This paper is based on my personal experiences of fighting against cancer, because referring to such experiences is necessary to consider the relationships between the tendency of normalization and the concept of the buddha-nature. … The tendency of normalization can be a candidate of the buddha-nature, because, according to Buddhism, the buddha-nature helps us to overcome the difficulties and is common to all sentient beings including human beings. …

    先端倫理研究 : 熊本大学倫理学研究室紀要 (14), 30-48, 2020-03


  • Ecotourism in a pristine environment : A case study of South Georgia and Antarctica

    Brian HARRISON

    … In recent years, this area has attracted an ever-increasing number of ecotourists who wish to experience the nature at first hand. … Based on personal experiences and observations, conversations with well-informed experts, and a study of the relevant literature, this paper considers the reasons why people should wish to journey to such a remote location, the specific dangers that this presents to the environment, and the measures adopted to preserve the unique scenery, fauna and flora. …

    総合政策研究 = Japanese journal of policy and culture (28), 1-15, 2020-03


  • The characteristics of important autobiographical memories for Japanese junior high and high school students  [in Japanese]

    KAWASAKI Ayaka , UEHARA Izumi

    … <p>Autobiographical memory refers to the memories of personal events. … Accordingly, a number of questions remain unanswered concerning the existence and nature of gender and developmental differences in the autobiographical memories of Japanese adolescents. …

    The Japanese Journal of Cognitive Psychology 18(1), 25-40, 2020


  • Passing through gaps: A research review on aperture passability studies from 1987 to 2019  [in Japanese]

    Tomono Takayuki , Yamamoto Atsushi , Furuyama Nobuhiro , Mishima Hiroyuki

    … This may be because it is difficult to experimentally control underlying factors such as conversations and/or physical/social interactions between humans, symmetry of an aperture due to different shapes of the human body, anisotropic shape of personal space, eye gaze, and/or eye contact. …

    Cognitive Studies: Bulletin of the Japanese Cognitive Science Society 27(3), 386-399, 2020


  • Personal Hygiene, Dignity, and Economic Diversity among Garbage Workers in an Urban Slum of Indonesia

    SAI Akira , AL FURQAN Radhitiya , USHIJIMA Ken , HAMIDAH Umi , IKEMI Mayu , Widyarani , SINTAWARDANI Neni , YAMAUCHI Taro

    … This study aimed to examine the current state of garbage workers, who engage in unloading and sorting garbage along with a particular focus on exploring personal hygiene, dignity, and socioeconomic diversity. …

    Sanitation Value Chain 4(2), 51-66, 2020


  • An Essay on Methodology for Innovating "JAPAN TAPPI JOURNAL":Part 1 : An Analysis of the Historical Development of the Japan TAPPI and Current Status  [in Japanese]

    Onabe Fumihiko

    … <p>At the beginning of the 2020s, the author was asked by the Editorial Committee of the Japan TAPPI Journal to deliver personal comments and proposals expecting innovative progress of the Journal. … Specific double–sided nature of the Japan TAPPI: Industrial & … From author's personal experiences.</p><p>8. …

    JAPAN TAPPI JOURNAL 74(4), 372-374, 2020


  • The Effect of Differences in Personal Attributes on Residents' Willingness to Pay for the Multifaceted Functions of Green Spaces  [in Japanese]

    UENO Yusuke , HASEGAWA Keiichi

    … As a result, it was shown that the value evaluation for various functions of green space and nature varies depending on the residents. … For example, functions related to health and disaster prevention are highly valued by many inhabitants regardless of age and income, and the value of the environment and nature is highly valued by families raising children. …

    Journal of The Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture 83(5), 591-596, 2020


  • Difficulties faced by public health nurses involved in prevention of child abuse

    Hashimoto Hiroko , Takahashi Kumi

    … Considering the complex nature of child abuse, PHNs are likely to encounter various difficulties and supporting them is necessary. … This study aimed to identify factors influencing the difficulties faced by PHNs in prevention of child abuse, and to understand the relationship between the PHN's personal attributes and the difficulties faced.</p><p>Method:A cross‐sectional survey design was used in which 250 PHNs involved in prevention of child abuse participated. …

    The Journal of Nursing Investigation, 2020


  • A Report on Research Visits to Villages in Central China(1)Hunan Province, October 2018 and October 2019  [in Japanese]

    古泉 達矢 , 張 晶晶 , 胡 平江 , 田中 比呂志 , KOIZUMI Tatsuya , ZHANG Jingjing , HU Pingjiang , TANAKA Hiroshi

    This paper is a report on visits to a number of villages in Hunan Province, the People's Republic ofChina in October 2018 and October 2019. In collaboration with the Institute for China Rural Studies …

    日本海域研究 = Bulletin of the Japan Sea Research Institute, Kanazawa University (51), 57-63, 2020

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  • A Preliminary Study of Organizational Ethics : "Complementary Relationships in Society" and Conceptual Examination of Morality and Ethics  [in Japanese]

    谷口 照三

    … Those values andpositions will take on organizational nature rather than personal nature.Ethical issues pertaining to corporate enterprises, or corporate enterprisesmanaging businesses take on organizational nature in this sense. …

    桃山学院大学キリスト教論集 = The St. Andrew's University journal of Christian studies (55), 21-55, 2020


  • Identification of social relation within pedestrian dyads

    Yucel Zeynep , Zanlungo Francesco , Feliciani Claudio , Gregorj Adrien , Kanda Takayuki

    … For this purpose, we use anonymized trajectory data and derive a set of observables thereof, namely, inter-personal distance, group velocity, velocity difference and height difference. … Subsequently, we use the probability density functions (pdf) of these observables as a tool to understand the nature of the relation between pedestrians. …

    PLOS ONE 14(10), e0223656, 2019-10-17


  • Nurture is above nature: nursery experience determines habitat preference of red sea bream Pagrus major juveniles

    Takahashi Kohji , Masuda Reiji

    … However, fishes can choose habitat based on their personal experience of an environment. …

    Journal of Ethology 37(3), 317-323, 2019-09


  • <サーヴェイ論文>私たちとは何であるか : 動物説と構成主義  [in Japanese]

    横路 佳幸

    … In personal ontology, animalism and constitutionalism are rival answers to the metaphysical question "What are we?" or "What is our nature?" Roughly, animalism says that we are biological animals, while constitutionalism says that we are not identical to animals but are constituted by them. … In section 1, I sketch the historical background to the recent debates on personal ontology and explain some reasons that I deal only with animalism and constitutionalism among others. …

    Contemporary and Applied Philosophy (10), 114-165, 2019-06-10

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  • Business activities of two graduates of Hakuen Shoin -Hoshijima Kinichiro and Nakano Jukichi- in the modern Okayama Prefecture  [in Japanese]

    横山 俊一郎

    … This paper investigates business activities and the underlying consciousness of Hoshijima Kinichiro and Nakano Jukichi, businessmen in the modern-day Okayama Prefecture, to better understand the nature of businessmen who graduated from the Hakuen Shoin Confucian school. … The results reveal that Kinichiro approached how to handle himself through the world of Confucian technical terms, and Jukichi cultivated his practical knowledge in his personal connections with the Shizutani-Kou Confucian school. …

    関西大学東西学術研究所紀要 = Bulletin of the Institute of Oriental and Occidental Studies, Kansai University (52), 249-266, 2019-04


  • The analysis of relationship between the research environment and outcomes of graduate students : From surveys for students' life in 2011 and 2015  [in Japanese]

    久保 京子

    … The former depends on environment rather than the latter;(2) conference presentation overseas and in Japan have different nature. … 2) personal troubles create dissatisfaction with laboratory relationship;(3) degree courses affect satisfaction with laboratory relationship. …

    東京大学大学院教育学研究科紀要 (58), 135-146, 2019-03-29

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  • The Principle of Utility and Human Nature : Criticizing Mill in Terms of Evolutionary Psychology  [in Japanese]

    内藤 淳

    … He argued that people's social nature is the source of the sanction of the principle of utility and the fact that each person desires his or her own happiness is the basis of the goodness of general happiness, which is the object of the principle of utility. … His arguments are concerned with human nature, specifically natural feelings and desires. … However, his observation of human nature has two problems. … It is our nature to treat people unequally. …

    法政大学文学部紀要 = Bulletin of the Faculty of Letters, Hosei University (78), 67-109, 2019-03-18

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  • On the nature of discussion : A Preliminary Study  [in Japanese]

    平野 順也

    … This study examines the nature of discussion to reveal problems within the activity. … Discussions are viewed as strongly subjectivity, disregarding objective information, personal feelings, and emotions. … however, they cannot be personal. …

    文学部論叢 = Kumamoto journal of culture and humanities (110), 75-92, 2019-03


  • University Students' Perceptions of Achievement and Learning Outcomes in a Workshop Style English Language Class  [in Japanese]

    釣井 千恵 , ワーグナー エイドリアン

    … From their responses, it could also be concluded that they felttheir English ability had improved as a result both of the challenging nature ofthe class, which focused on fostering syntactic processing ability, and of thecombination of input and output-based activities. … Furthermore, as they wereactively involved with the production of authentic reading materials, theirsense of personal involvement and awareness of the process of second languageacquisition also increased. …

    人間文化研究 = Journal of humanities research, St. Andrew's University (10), 69-105, 2019-02


  • Recognition of Neonatal Screening in Prefectures and Designated Cities: Introduction of Tandem Mass Spectrometer and Focusing on Expansion of Detected Diseases  [in Japanese]


    … The tandem mass spectrometer technique uses parents' genetic information to clarify the nature of children's diseases. … My results indicate that the locations implementing the new technique did not correspond with those using personal information in neonatal screening as "genetic testing."</p> …

    The Japanese Journal of Health and Medical Sociology 30(1), 76-80, 2019


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