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  • Clinical spectrum and predictors of severe <i>Plasmodium vivax </i>infections at a tertiary care center in North India

    Walia Dinesh , Biswas Ashutosh , Wig Naveet , Arora Umang , Baitha Upendra , Kumar Arvind , Ranjan Piyush , Soneja Manish , Verma Nishant , Khan Maroof Ahmad , Aggarwal Praveen

    … <p>Traditionally attributed only to <i>Plasmodium falciparum</i>, <i>Plasmodium vivax</i> … Patients with acute febrile illness (AFI) aged at least 14 years were included if they were diagnosed with vivax malaria based on rapid kits or peripheral smears. … Forty-two vivax malaria cases, 22 (52%) of whom were severe, were followed till discharge or death. …

    Drug Discoveries & Therapeutics 14(6), 330-335, 2020


  • Validation of Plasmodium vivax centromere and promoter activities using Plasmodium yoelii

    Thawnashom Kittisak , Kaneko Miho , Xangsayarath Phonepadith , Chaiyawong Nattawat , Yahata Kazuhide , Asada Masahito , Adams John H. , Kaneko Osamu

    Plasmodium vivax is the leading cause of malaria outside Africa and represents a significant health and economic burden on affected countries. … vivax eradication is the dormant hypnozoite liver stage that causes relapse infections and the limited antimalarial drugs that clear this stage. … vivax. … vivax centromere sequence (PvCEN) was cloned and episomal centromere based plasmids expressing a GFP marker were constructed. …

    PLOS ONE 14(12), e0226884, 2019-12-20


  • Apicoplast phylogeny reveals the position of Plasmodium vivax basal to the Asian primate malaria parasite clade

    橋本 哲男 , 久米 慶太郎 , Nobuko Arisue , Tetsuo HASHIMOTO , Satoru Kawai , Hajime Honma , Keitaro KUME , Toshihiro Horii

    … The malaria parasite species, Plasmodium vivax infects not only humans, but also African apes. … vivax has evolved from a single ancestor that originated from a parasite of African apes. … vivax (the common ancestor of human and African ape P. … vivax) within the assemblages of Asian primate parasites, its position has not yet been robustly confirmed. …

    Scientific Reports (9), 7274, 2019-05


  • Critical role of Erythrocyte Binding-Like protein of the rodent malaria parasite Plasmodium yoelii to establish an irreversible connection with the erythrocyte during invasion

    Kegawa Yuto , Asada Masahito , Ishizaki Takahiro , Yahata Kazuhide , Kaneko Osamu

    Plasmodium malaria parasites multiply within erythrocytes and possess a repertoire of proteins whose function is to recognize and invade these vertebrate host cells. … One such protein involved in erythrocyte invasion is the micronemal protein, Erythrocyte Binding-Like (EBL), which has been studied as a potential target of vaccine development in Plasmodium vivax (PvDBP) and Plasmodium falciparum (EBA-175). …

    Parasitology International 67(6), 706-714, 2018-12

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  • Sequence diversity and evolution of the apical membrane antigen 1 gene (AMA1) of Plasmodium vivax-related primate malaria (Plasmodium knowlesi, P. cynomolgi and P. inui)

    Putaporntip Chaturong , Kuamsab Napaporn , Pattanawong Urassaya , Jongwutiwes Somchai

    旭硝子財団助成研究成果報告 Reports of research assisted by the Asahi Glass Foundation, 1-15, 2018

  • Glucose-6-Phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency genetic variation in vivax malaria patients from Thai-Myanmar and Thai-Malaysian border

    Suphakhonchuwong Nutnicha , Rattaseree Nammon , Rodjanadarawong Pattranit , Kuesap Jiraporn

    … <p>Plasmodium vivax is the most widespread parasite causing human malaria and the major cause of malaria in most of Asia and Latin America. … Anemia is considered as major important markers of severity during the clinical course of severe Plasmodium vivax malaria. … The hypnozoitocidal and schizonticidal anti-malarial drug for the radical cure of vivax malaria infection is primaquine. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society WCP2018(0), PO2-11-6, 2018


  • A Case of <i>Plasmodium vivax </i>Malaria with an 8-month Incubation Period  [in Japanese]

    AKIYAMA Yutaro , HINATA Yuki , MIKAWA Takahiro , KANO Shigeyuki

    … The laboratory technician checked a blood smear with a microscope and found <i>Plasmodium </i>parasites. … The PCR test revealed that she was infected with <i>Plasmodium vivax (P. … vivax) </i>malaria.</p><p> … vivax </i>malaria, but some cases of <i>P. … vivax </i>malaria show a much longer incubation period up to a maximum of about 12 months. …

    Kansenshogaku Zasshi 92(4), 538-541, 2018

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  • Competency and challenges in malaria microscopy in China

    Yin Jianhai , Yan He , Li Mei , Ruan Yao , Zhang Xueqiang , Wang Liying , Cao Cunli , Xia Zhigui , Zhou Shuisen

    … According to a series of external assessment activities about malaria microscopy, malaria microscopists from both the national and provincial level but not the levels below provincial level performed quite well in <i>Plasmodium spp</i> … vivax</i> …

    BioScience Trends 11(6), 702-705, 2017

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  • Once malaria is eliminated, more attention should be paid to imported malaria: Data from five years of surveillance in the City of Yiwu in eastern China

    Dong Xuanjun , Yang Jie , Lou Lianqin , Zhu Liebo , Feng Xiayan , Yao Linong

    … A total of 161 cases were diagnosed (77.02% due to Plasmodium falciparum, 18.01% due to P. … vivax, 4.35% due to P. …

    BioScience Trends 11(3), 360-362, 2017

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  • Sporogonic Cycles Calculated Using Degree-Days, as a Basis for Comparison of Malaria Parasite Development in Different Eco-Epidemiological Settings in India

    Singh Poonam , Dhiman Ramesh C

    … Using a degree-day model, we estimated the maximum and minimum possible number of days needed to complete a malarial sporogonic cycle (SC), in addition to the possible number of SCs for <i>Plasmodium vivax</i> … and <i>Plasmodium falciparum</i> … vivax</i>). …

    Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases 69(2), 87-90, 2016

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  • Characterization of a recent malaria outbreak in the autonomous indigenous region of Guna Yala, Panama

    Calzada Jose E. , Marquez Ricardo , Rigg Chystrie , Victoria Carlos , De La Cruz Manuel , Chaves Luis Fernando , Caceres Lorenzo

    … Anopheles breeding habitats were also characterized.ResultsDuring the studied period, 6754 blood smears were examined (17.8 % of the total population), and 143 were confirmed as positive for Plasmodium vivax. … vivax, showing an overall pooled prevalence estimate of 0.014.ConclusionsData analysis confirmed that during 2012 a malaria epidemic occurred in Guna Yala. …

    Malaria Journal (14), 459, 2015-11-17


  • 国境型マラリアの村落調査短報  [in Japanese]

    益田 岳

    … This document is an intewiew summary based on malaria research conducted neaby the Indonesia and Malaysia border area located in the inner Borneo Island, where malaria, namely plasmodium vivax has been endemic at least since early 1990 up to 2010. …

    Kyoto Working Papers on Area Studies (132), 1-8, 2015-08


  • Humans frequently exposed to a range of non-human primate malaria parasite species through the bites of Anopheles dirus mosquitoes in South-central Vietnam

    Maeno Yoshimasa , Nguyen Tuyen Quang , Culleton Richard , Kawai Satoru , Masuda Gaku , Nakazawa Shusuke , Marchand Ron P.

    … [Background]Recent studies have described natural human infections of the non-human primate parasitesPlasmodium knowlesi and Plasmodium cynomolgi. … In Southeast Asia, mosquitoes of theAnopheles leucosphyrus group bite both humans and monkeys in the forest and thus offer a possible route for Plasmodium species to bridge the species barrier. … Detection and identification of Plasmodium species in salivary glands were carried out by nested-PCR of the small subunit ribosomal RNA gene. …

    Parasites & Vectors PARV-D-15-00362R1(8), 2015-07-16


  • Epidemiology of forest malaria in Central Vietnam: the hidden parasite reservoir

    Thanh Pham Vinh , Van Hong Nguyen , Van Van Nguyen , Van Malderen Carine , Obsomer Valerie , Rosanas-Urgell Anna , Peeters Grietens Koen , Xa Nguyen Xuan , Bancone Germana , Chowwiwat Nongnud , Duong Tran Thanh , D'Alessandro Umberto , Speybroeck Niko , Erhart Annette

    … Malaria prevalence by microscopy was 7.8% (ranging from 3.9 to 10.9% across villages) mostly Plasmodium falciparum (81.4%) or Plasmodium vivax (17.7%) mono-infections; … vivax mono-infections (43.2%). …

    Malaria Journal (14), 86, 2015-02-19


  • Impact of Artemisinin-Based Combination Therapy on Falciparum Malaria in Urban Kolkata: A Clinic-Based Report

    Saha Pabitra , Ganguly Swagata , Dutta Soma , Kundu Pratip K. , Bera Dilip K. , Basu Nandita , Maji Ardhendu K.

    … But for vivax malaria drug policy remained unchanged i.e., chloroqine and primaquine. … In Kolkata, we observed that <i>Plasmodium vivax</i> … vivax</i> … Artemisinin-derivative combination therapies should be explored in vivax malaria to reduce the overall burden of malaria. …

    Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases 68(4), 321-323, 2015

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  • Spatial clustering and risk factors of malaria infections in Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia

    Sluydts Vincent , Heng Somony , Coosemans Marc , Van Roey Karel , Gryseels Charlotte , Canier Lydie , Kim Saorin , Khim Nimol , Siv Sovannaroth , Mean Vanna , Uk Sambunny , Peeters Grietens Koen , Tho Sochantha , Menard Didier , Durnez Lies

    … In addition, Plasmodium falciparum genetic diversity, population structure and gene flows were studied.Method: In 2012, blood samples from 5793 randomly selected individuals living in 117 villages were collected from Ratanakiri province, Cambodia. … Specific areas with elevated risk of infection were detected for all Plasmodium species. …

    Malaria Journal 13(1), 387, 2014-09-30


  • Congenital Malaria in China

    Tao Zhi-yong , Fang Qiang , Liu Xue , Culleton Richard , Tao Li , Xia Hui , Gao Qi

    … It is recognized as a serious problem in Plasmodium falciparum-endemic sub-Saharan Africa, where recent data suggests that it is more common than previously believed. … vivax-endemic regions, immunity to vivax malaria is low; … thus, there is the likelihood that congenital vivax malaria poses a more significant threat to newborn health. … vivax (92.50%), reflecting the malaria parasite species distribution in China. …

    PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 8(3), e2622, 2014-03-13


  • Performance of Rapid Diagnostic Tests for <i>Plasmodium ovale</i> Malaria in Japanese Travellers

    Tanizaki Ryutaro , Ohmagari Norio , Kato Yasuyuki , Iwagami Moritoshi , Kutsuna Satoshi , Ujiie Mugen , Takeshita Nozomi , Hayakawa Kayoko , Kanagawa Shuzo , Kano Shigeyuki

    … Although the effectiveness of RDTs for malaria has been described in many previous studies, the low performance of RDT particularly for <i>Plasmodium ovale</i> … malaria and <i>Plasmodium vivax</i> … malaria and 17 patients with <i>P. vivax</i> … malaria and <i>P. vivax</i> … malaria and <i>P. vivax</i> …

    Tropical Medicine and Health 42(4), 149-153, 2014

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  • Plasmodium malariae Malaria with more than a 4-month Incubation Period : Difficult to Distinguish from a Relapse of Plasmodium vivax Malaria  [in Japanese]

    HASE Ryota , UWAMINO Yoshifumi , MURANAKA Kiyoharu , TOCHITANI Kentaro , SOGI Misa , KITAZONO Hidetaka , HOSOKAWA Naoto

    … We report herein on a case of <i>Plasmodium malariae</i> … A 35-year-old Japanese man who first presented to our clinic with fever and history of travel to Papua New Guinea was suspected of having <i>Plasmodium vivax</i> … vivax</i> … vivax</i>. … vivax</i> … vivax</i>. … vivax</i>. …

    Kansenshogaku Zasshi 87(4), 446-450, 2013-07-20

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  • Development of Monoclonal Antibodies That Target 1-Cys Peroxiredoxin and Differentiate Plasmodium falciparum from P. vivax and P. knowlesi

    HAKIMI Hassan , NGUYEN Thu-Thuy , SUGANUMA Keisuke , MASUDA SUGANUMA Hirono , ANGELES Jose Ma. M. , INOUE Noboru , KAWAZU Shin-ichiro

    … Differential diagnosis is particularly important in cases of <i>Plasmodium vivax</i>, a species that shares endemicity with <i>P. … vivax</i> … vivax</i> … and could be used in differential diagnosis as well as comparative molecular studies of human <i>Plasmodium</i> …

    Tropical Medicine and Health 41(2), 55-59, 2013-06-01

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