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  • Carbon-rich materials with three-dimensional ordering at the angstrom level

    Fa Shixin , Yamamoto Masanori , Nishihara Hirotomo , Sakamoto Ryota , Kamiya Kazuhide , Nishina Yuta , Ogoshi Tomoki

    … Recently, we successfully produced carbon-rich materials that are able to retain their 3D ordering at the angstrom level even after the calcination of organic porous pillar[6]arene supramolecular assemblies and cyclic porphyrin dimer assemblies. …

    Chemical Science 11(23), 5866-5873, 2020-06-01


  • Synthesis of Ordered Carbonaceous Framework with Microporosity from Porphyrin with Ethynyl Groups

    Nishihara Hirotomo , Konaka Hisashi , Inoue Masataka , Tani Fumito , Matsuura Kenta , Ohwada Mao , Yamamoto Masanori , Matsuo Yoshiaki , Maruyama Jun , Hayasaka Yuichiro , Yamaguchi Shingi , Kamiya Kazuhide

    … Though we have discovered the first example of the direct conversion with Ni-cyclic porphyrin dimer bridged by diacetylene moieties, such dimer requires a multi-step synthesis procedure with low yield and the resulting OCFs are not highly porous. … Herein, we report the direct conversion of Ni-porphyrin monomer with ethynyl groups into OCF with developed microporosity. …

    Chemistry Letters 49(6), 619-623, 2020


  • Helically Twisted Benzene-1,3,5-triamine-fused Porphyrin Dimers

    Kato Kenichi , Osuka Atsuhiro

    … <p>Ni<sup>II</sup>-2,18-dibromo-20-chloroporphyrin was fused with <i>N</i><sup>1</sup>,<i>N</i><sup>3</sup>,<i>N</i><sup>5</sup>-triaryl-1,3,5-benzenetriamine via <i>t</i>-BuONa-promoted one-pot reaction to give a helically twisted nitrogen-doped fused porphyrin dimer with high selectivity instead of a trimeric porphyrin. …

    Chemistry Letters 49(5), 517-520, 2020


  • Synthesis of Dihydropyrazine-fused Porphyrin Dimers

    Takiguchi Asahi , Wakita Mana , Hiroto Satoru , Shinokubo Hiroshi

    … <p>We have succeeded in the synthesis of dihydropyrazine-fused porphyrin dimers through oxidation of <i>β</i>-aminoporphyrins. … The structure of the dimer was revealed by X-ray diffraction analysis, showing its saddle like conformation. … The theoretical calculation suggested that the electron-donation from the dihydropyrazine nitrogen atoms to the porphyrin π-plane was weakened due to its distorted conformation.</p> …

    Chemistry Letters 48(4), 371-373, 2019


  • Synthesis of Phosphole-bridged Porphyrin Dimers

    Higashino Tomohiro , Nishimura Issei , Imahori Hiroshi

    … <p>We synthesized phosphole-bridged porphyrin dimers and evaluated their optical and electrochemical properties. … The porphyrin dimers exhibited broadened and red-shifted absorption relative to thienylene- and <i>p</i>-phenylene-bridged reference dimers, suggesting effective π-conjugation between the porphyrins through the phosphole linker. …

    Chemistry Letters 48(3), 257-259, 2019


  • Singly and Doubly Sulfone-Inserted Porphyrin Arch-Tape Dimers

    Fukui Norihito , Osuka Atsuhiro

    … <p>A singly sulfone-inserted porphyrin arch-tape dimer was synthesized from 2-iodoporphyrin <i>via</i> … This new synthetic protocol enabled the synthesis of doubly sulfone-inserted arch-tape dimer as the first example of arch-tape dimer containing two neighboring seven-membered rings. …

    Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 91(7), 1131-1137, 2018


  • Highly planar diarylamine-fused porphyrins and their remarkably stable radical cations

    Fukui Norihito , Cha Wonhee , Shimizu Daiki , Oh Juwon , Furukawa Ko , Yorimitsu Hideki , Kim Dongho , Osuka Atsuhiro

    … Oxidative fusion reactions of meso-phenoxazino Ni(II) porphyrin were found to be temperature dependent, giving rise to either a doubly phenylene-fused product at room temperature or a singly phenoxazine-fused product at 70 °C. … The latter was further oxidized to a doubly phenoxazine-fused Ni(II) porphyrin, which was subsequently converted to the corresponding free base porphyrin and Zn(II) porphyrin. …

    Chemical Science 8(1), 189-199, 2017-08


  • Participation of Hydroxyl Radical in the Formation of Verdoheme-type Compound in the Reaction of a Ferric Porphyrin with Hydrogen Peroxide

    Kitagishi Hiroaki , Sugaya Yosuke , Komazawa Kozue , Tamaki Mariko , Kano Koji

    … <p>A verdoheme-type compound was formed in the reaction of met-hemoCD2, an inclusion complex of 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(4-sulfonatophenyl)porphinatoiron(III) (Fe<sup>III</sup>TPPS) with a per-<i>O</i>-methylated β-cyclodextrin dimer (Py2CD) having an OCH<sub>2</sub>PyCH<sub>2</sub>O (Py: pyridine-3,5-diyl) linker, with hydrogen peroxide (H<sub>2</sub>O<sub>2</sub>) in aqueous solution in the presence of 2-methoxyphenol (guaiacol). …

    Chemistry Letters 46(4), 509-512, 2017


  • Iron(II)porphyrin–Cyclodextrin Supramolecular Complex as a Carbon Monoxide-Depleting Agent in Living Organisms

    Kitagishi Hiroaki , Minegishi Saika

    … The supramolecular complex, hemoCD, that is composed of <i>meso</i>-tetrakis(4-sulfonatophenyl)porphinatoiron(II) and a TMe-β-CD dimer linked by a pyridine linker, captured internal CO from carboxyhemoglobin during its circulation in the blood of animals. …

    Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 65(4), 336-340, 2017


  • Regioselective phenylene-fusion reactions of Ni(II)-porphyrins controlled by an electron-withdrawing: Meso -substituent

    Fukui Norihito , Lee Seung Kyu , Kato Kenichi , Shimizu Daiki , Tanaka Takayuki , Lee Sangsu , Yorimitsu Hideki , Kim Dongho , Osuka Atsuhiro

    … A doubly phenylene-fused meso-chloro porphyrin thus prepared was reductively coupled to give a meso-meso linked dimer, which was further converted to a quadruply phenylene-fused meso-meso, β-β, β-β triply linked Zn(ii)-diporphyrin via inner-metal exchange followed by oxidation with DDQ and Sc(OTf)3. … As compared to the usual meso-meso, β-β, β-β triply linked Zn(ii)-diporphyrin, this π-extended porphyrin dyad exhibits a smaller HOMO-LUMO gap and a larger two-photon absorption cross-section. …

    Chemical Science (7), 4059-4066, 2016-03-01


  • Prolonged Lifetime of Near-IR Emission due to a Reservoir State in a Phenylene-linked Copper(II) Porphyrin–Zinc(II) Porphyrin Dimer

    Asano Motoko S. , Shibuki Masanori , Otsuka Takuhiro

    … <p>A phenylene-linked copper(II) porphyrin–zinc(II) porphyrin dimer exhibits near-IR emission, the lifetime of which is 310 ns at 300 K in toluene. … Based on transient absorption measurements and emission temperature dependence, the observed emission was ascribed to phosphorescence from the trip-doublet state of copper porphyrin, which is thermally activated with an energy gap of 430 cm<sup>−1</sup> …

    Chemistry Letters 45(9), 1114-1116, 2016


  • A Push–Pull Porphyrin Dimer with Multiple Electron-donating Groups for Dye-sensitized Solar Cells: Excellent Light-harvesting in Near-infrared Region

    Higashino Tomohiro , Sugiura Kenichi , Tsuji Yukihiro , Nimura Shimpei , Ito Seigo , Imahori Hiroshi

    … <p>A push–pull porphyrin dimer with multiple electron-donating groups has been synthesized as a sensitizer with an excellent light-harvesting ability in the near-infrared region for dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). …

    Chemistry Letters 45(9), 1126-1128, 2016


  • Stacked Pairing of Anionic Porphyrins on a Tetracationic Macrocyclic Template

    Nishino Toshio , Yamada Yasuyuki , Tanaka Kentaro

    … Single-crystal X-ray structural analyses revealed that [5,10-bis(4-sulfonatophenyl)-15,20-diphenylporphyrinato]nickel(II) (Ni(II)TPPS<sub>2A</sub><sup>2−</sup>) or [5,15-bis(4-sulfonatophenyl)-15,20-diphenylporphyrinato]nickel(II) (Ni(II)TPPS<sub>2O</sub><sup>2−</sup>) formed discrete J-type slipped cofacial dimers, which are structural analogues of a typical natural cofacial porphyrin dimer, on the tetracationic template in the crystals. …

    Chemistry Letters 45(3), 356-358, 2016


  • Peripherally Silylated Porphyrins.

    Kato Kenichi , Fujimoto Keisuke , Yorimitsu Hideki , Osuka Atsuhiro

    … The meso-silyl group caused larger substituent effects to the porphyrin compared with the β-silyl group. … Silylation of β-lithiated porphyrins with 1, 2-dichlorodisilane furnished β-to-β disilane-bridged porphyrin dimers. …

    Chemistry - A European Journal 21(39), 13522-13525, 2015-09-21


  • Singly and doubly β-to-β platinum-bridged porphyrin dimers and their reductive eliminations

    Jiang Hua Wei , Tanaka Takayuki , Osuka Atsuhiro

    … 2-Borylated porphyrins reacted with Pt(cod)Cl2 to give β-to-β platinum-bridged porphyrin dimers, which were converted to β-to-β directly linked porphyrin dimers through triphenylphosphine-mediated reductive elimination. … Similar reactions of 2, 18-diborylated Ni(ii)-porphyrin and Zn(ii)-porphyrin gave the corresponding doubly β-to-β platinum-bridged porphyrin dimers. …

    Chemical Science (6), 6102-6105, 2015-07-30


  • Porphyrinylboranes Synthesized via Porphyrinyllithiums.

    Fujimoto Keisuke , Yorimitsu Hideki , Osuka Atsuhiro

    … Furthermore, the reaction of β-lithiated porphyrin with dichloromesitylborane provided a boron-bridged porphyrin dimer, which exhibited a conjugative interaction between two porphyrin units through the vacant p-orbital on the boron center. …

    Chemistry - A European Journal 21(32), 11311-11314, 2015-07-14


  • Porphyrin-based Coordination Polymer Composed of Layered Pillarless Two-dimensional Networks

    Makiura Rie , Usui Ryo , Pohl Ehmke , Prassides Kosmas

    … Tetratopic ZnTCPP molecules are connected through dimer zinc paddle-wheel secondary building units and form a two-dimensional (2D) network with square grids. …

    Chemistry Letters 43(7), 1161-1163, 2014


  • Fluorescent Dimer and Fiber of <i>meso</i>-Tetrakis{<i>o</i>-(isonicotinoylamino)phenyl}porphyrin Connected by Pd(II) Coordinations

    Kasuya Sakiko , Yamazawa Yukika , Sugimura Natsuhiko , Shibue Toshimichi , Komatsu Teruyuki

    … A pair of <i>meso</i>-tetrakis{α,α,α,α-<i>o</i>-(isonicotinoylamino)phenyl}porphyrins (<b>P1</b>) was coupled by quadruple Pd(II) coordinations, generating a cofacial and fluorescent porphyrin dimer. … Photoinduced electron transfers from the dimer to benzoquinones were investigated. … yielded fluorescent porphyrin fiber with a monomolecular width. …

    Chemistry Letters 43(7), 1008-1010, 2014


  • Interaction of dimeric horse cytochrome c with cyanide ion

    Nugraheni AriDwi , Nagao Satoshi , Yanagisawa Sachiko , Ogura Takashi , Hirota Shun

    … The ν Fe-CN frequency of dimeric cytochrome c was relatively low compared with that of other CN--bound heme proteins, and a relatively strong coupling between the Fe-C-N bending and porphyrin vibrations was observed in the 350-450-cm-1 region. …



  • Intramolecular Oxidative <i>O</i>-Demethylation in a Per-<i>O</i>-methylated β-Cyclodextrin–Iron Porphyrin Inclusion Complex in Aqueous Solution

    Ueda Takunori , Kumeda Saki , Kitagishi Hiroaki , Kano Koji

    … The reaction of a supramolecular heme enzyme model (met-hemoCD2), a 1:1 inclusion complex of 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(4-sulfonatophenyl)porphinatoiron(III) (Fe<sup>III</sup>TPPS) and a per-<i>O</i>-methylated β-cyclodextrin dimer having a OCH<sub>2</sub>PyCH<sub>2</sub>O (Py: pyridin-3,5-diyl) linker (Py2CD), with peroxy acid (<i>m</i>-chloroperbenzoic acid or peracetic acid) caused intramolecular mono- and di-<i>O</i>-demethylations of the OCH<sub>3</sub> …

    Chemistry Letters 42(11), 1366-1368, 2013


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