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  • Molecular dissection of the actin-binding ability of the fission yeast α-actinin, Ain1, in vitro and in vivo

    Morita Rikuri , Takaine Masak , Numata Osamu , Nakano Kentaro

    … We identified a mutation that presumably loosened the interaction between two calponin-homology domains constituting the single actin-binding domain (ABD) of Ain1, which strengthened the actin-binding activity of Ain1. … We herein propose detailed mechanisms for how each part of the molecule is involved in the proper cellular localization and function of Ain1. …

    The journal of biochemistry 162(2), 93-102, 2017-08

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  • Importin α-importin β complex mediated nuclear translocation of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-5

    Sun Min , Long Juan , Yi Yuxin , Xia Wei

    … Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein (IGFBP)-5 is a secreted protein that binds to IGFs and modulates IGF actions, as well as regulates cell proliferation, migration, and apoptosis independent of IGF. … Proper cellular localization is critical for the effective function of most signaling molecules. …

    Endocrine Journal 64(10), 963-975, 2017


  • Importin α-importin β complex mediated nuclear translocation of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-5

    Sun Min , Long Juan , Yi Yuxin , Xia Wei

    … Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein (IGFBP)-5 is a secreted protein that binds to IGFs and modulates IGF actions, as well as regulates cell proliferation, migration, and apoptosis independent of IGF. … Proper cellular localization is critical for the effective function of most signaling molecules. …

    Endocrine Journal, 2017


  • Analysis of Clinical Efficacy and Adverse Effects of β-Blocking Agents Used Clinically for Chronic Heart Failure

    Takayanagi Risa , Fujito Kaori , Kimura Koji , Yamada Yasuhiko

    … <p>Clinical efficacy and adverse effects of the β-blocking agents, carvedilol, bisoprolol, and metoprolol were analyzed theoretically, and then compared quantitatively, for the purpose of determining their proper use for chronic heart failure. … Initially, we evaluated occupancy binding to the β<sub>1</sub> … Our results are considered useful for selection of a proper β-blocking agent and its administration at a reasonable dose for successful heart failure therapy.</p> …

    Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 40(6), 837-843, 2017


  • DJ-1/PARK7: A New Therapeutic Target for Neurodegenerative Disorders

    Hijioka Masanori , Inden Masatoshi , Yanagisawa Daijiro , Kitamura Yoshihisa

    … Three types of pathogenic mutants of DJ-1 (M26I, D149A and L166P) have been reported to disrupt proper structures and lead to a loss of function. … Furthermore, in studies focused on DJ-1 as the therapeutic target, compounds that have the capacity of binding to DJ-1 at the C106 residue have been reported to exert therapeutic effects on various neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease and ischemic stroke. …

    Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 40(5), 548-552, 2017


  • Quantitative evaluation of shift of slipping plane and counterion binding to lysozyme by electrophoresis method

    Yamaguchi Atsushi , Kobayashi Motoyoshi

    … However, the proper way of analysis for EPM of protein has not yet been fully consolidated. … We presume that these discrepancies are caused by the shift of slipping plane from the surface and/or by binding of counterion to LSZ. …

    Colloid and polymer science 294(6), 1019-1026, 2016-06

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  • イネ耐病性制御因子OsPti1a の 制御機構の解明

    松井 英譲

    … Therefore, OsPdk1-OsOxi1-OsPti1a phosphorylation cascade regulates proper activation of basal resistance in rice. … Especially, N‒terminal amino acid sequences of OsPti1a have a post-translational modification for binding to plasma membrane. …

    岡山大学農学部学術報告 105, 21-27, 2016-02-01


  • Mannose-recognition mutant of the galactose/N-acetylgalactosamine-specific C-type lectin CEL-I engineered by site-directed mutagenesis

    Moriuchi Hiromi , Unno Hideaki , Goda Shuichiro , Tateno Hiroaki , Hirabayashi Jun , Hatakeyama Tomomitsu

    … Its carbohydrate-binding site contains a QPD (Gln-Pro-Asp) motif, which is generally recognized as the galactose specificity-determining motif in the C-type lectins. … In our previous study, replacement of the QPD motif by an EPN (Glu-Pro-Asn) motif led to a weak binding affinity for mannose. … Therefore, we examined the effects of an additional mutation in the carbohydrate-binding site on the specificity of the lectin. …

    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - General Subjects 1850(7), 1457-1465, 2015-07

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  • Smarcal1 promotes double-strand-break repair by nonhomologous end-joining.

    Keka Islam Shamima , Mohiuddin , Maede Yuko , Rahman Md Maminur , Sakuma Tetsushi , Honma Masamitsu , Yamamoto Takashi , Takeda Shunichi , Sasanuma Hiroyuki

    … 2015-06-23.Smarcal1 is a SWI/SNF-family protein with an ATPase domain involved in DNA-annealing activities and a binding site for the RPA single-strand-DNA-binding protein. … Both inactivation of the ATPase domain and deletion of the RPA-binding site cause the same phenotype as does null-mutation of Smarcal1, suggesting that Smarcal1 enhances NHEJ, presumably by interacting with RPA at unwound single-strand sequences and then facilitating annealing at DSB ends. …

    Nucleic acids research, 2015-06-18

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  • A short splicing isoform of afadin suppresses the cortical axon branching in a dominant-negative manner

    Umeda Kentaro , Iwasawa Nariaki , Negishi Manabu , Oinuma Izumi

    … Precise wiring patterns of axons are among the remarkable features of neuronal circuit formation, and establishment of the proper neuronal network requires control of outgrowth, branching, and guidance of axons. … We recently identified afadin, an F-actin-binding protein, as an effector of R-Ras mediating axon branching through F-actin reorganization. …

    Molecular Biology of the Cell 26(10), 1957-1970, 2015-05-15

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  • 鉄,アルミニウム,ランタン化合物と高リン血症治療

    松村 謙二

    … Ferric citrate hydrate, which relies upon the potent phosphate-binding capacity of ferric iron, inhibits P absorption by forming complexes between ferric iron and dietary phosphate in the gut. … therefore, it is expected to have greater efficacy in terms of its phosphate-binding capacity. … FGF-23 is an endocrine hormone that increases urinary phosphate excretion to maintain serum P at the proper level. …

    YAKUGAKU ZASSHI 135(4), 545-549, 2015

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  • 重篤副作用に関する予測ゲノムマーカー

    斎藤 嘉朗 , 児玉 進 , 杉山 永見子 [他] , 中村 亮介

    …   Severe adverse drug reactions are an important issue to be considered during proper drug usage in postmarketing period. … In addition, direct (noncovalent) binding of carbamazepine or an allopurinol metabolite, oxypurinol, to the associated HLA-type proteins was suggested. …

    YAKUGAKU ZASSHI 135(4), 589-595, 2015

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  • 生体内での薬物-受容体結合を基盤とした薬物動態と薬効の統合的解析

    山田 静雄

    … He taught me a variety of valuable skills such as the radioreceptor binding assay, which represented the most advanced technology developed in the US at that time. … After returning home, I engaged in clarifying receptor abnormalities in pathological conditions, as well as in drug action mechanisms, by making the best use of this radioreceptor binding assay. … I worked on evaluating drug-receptor binding <i>in vivo</i> …

    YAKUGAKU ZASSHI 135(1), 137-150, 2015

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  • In Vivo Linking of Membrane Lipids and the Anion Transporter Band 3 with Thiourea-modified Amphiphilic Lipid Probes.

    Moriyama Akihiro , Katagiri Naohiro , Nishimura Shinichi , Takahashi Nobuaki , Kakeya Hideaki

    … Membrane proteins interact with membrane lipids for their structural stability and proper function. … Tagging by the cholesterol probe, but not by the phospholipid probe, was competitive with an anion transporter inhibitor, implying the presence of a specific binding pocket for cholesterol in this ~100 kDa protein. …

    Scientific reports 5, 2015

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  • Plk1 Phosphorylates CLIP-170 and Regulates Its Binding to Microtubules for Chromosome Alignment

    Kakeno Mai , Matsuzawa Kenji , Matsui Toshinori [他] , Akita Hiroki , Sugiyama Ikuko , Ishidate Fumiyoshi , Nakano Atsushi , Takashima Seiji , Goto Hidemasa , Inagaki Masaki , Kaibuchi Kozo , Watanabe Takashi

    … analysis using a purified CLIP-170 N-terminal fragment showed that phosphorylation by Plk1 diminishes CLIP-170 binding to the MT ends and lattice without affecting binding to EB3. … Furthermore, we demonstrate that during mitosis, stable kinetochore/MT attachment and subsequent chromosome alignment require CLIP-170 and a proper phosphorylation/dephosphorylation cycle at Ser312. …

    Cell Structure and Function 39(1), 45-59, 2014

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  • Oral administration of an HSP90 inhibitor, 17-DMAG, intervenes tumor-cell infiltration into multiple organs and improves survival period for ATL model mice

    Ikebe Emi , Kawaguchi Akira , Tezuka K , Taguchi S , Hirose S , Matsumoto Takashi , Mitsui Takahiro , Senba K , Nishizono Akira , Hori Mitsuo , Hasegawa Hiroo , Yamada Y , Ueno T , Tanaka Yuetsu , Sawa H , Hall William W. , Minami Yasufumi , Jeang K. T. , Ogata Masao , Morishita K , Hasegawa Hideki , Fujisawa J , Iha Hidekatsu

    … The antibiotic geldanamycin (GA) inhibits HSP90's ATP binding for its proper interaction with client proteins. …

    Blood Cancer Journal 3(8), e132, 2013-08-16

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  • Functional roles of YPT31 and YPT32 in clotrimazole resistance of Saccharomyces cerevisiae through effects on vacuoles and ATP-binding cassette transporter(s)

    Tsujimoto Yoshiyuki , Takase Daisuke , Okano Hajime [他] , TOMARI Naohiro , WATANABE Kunihiko , MATSUI Hiroshi

    … Pdr5p, an ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter at the plasma membrane, was the most important factor for mediating basal resistance to CTZ, suggesting that Ypt31p and Ypt32p might be involved in the trafficking of Pdr5p to the plasma membrane. … All of the mutant cells except ypt51, msb3 and msb4 were sensitive to CTZ, indicating that vacuoles were involved in CTZ resistance, since vacuole formation requires proper Golgi-trafficking and endocytosis. …

    Journal of bioscience and bioengineering 115(1), 4-11, 2013-01-25

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  • 光操作とライブイメージングによる時空間特異的ノックダウン解析

    松永 幸大

    細胞が分裂する時,ゲノム等分配の役割を果たす染色体は,構造や本数が厳密に制御されている.このメカニズムを解明するために,染色体接着因子であるコヒーシンを制御する因子RBMXタンパク質を同定した.光感受性赤色蛍光タンパク質KillerRedを用いて光分子不活性化解析(Chromophore-assisted light inactivation : CALI)を行い,RBMXタンパク質の細胞周期特異 …

    PLANT MORPHOLOGY 25(1), 51-54, 2013


  • 金属錯体による酸素分子の可逆的結合と活性化の制御に関する研究

    鈴木 正樹

    … Dioxygen binding and activation by non-heme type transition metal complexes are of current interest due to its importance in biological system and industrial processes. … To overcome such difficulties, it is essential to synthesize model complexes which can stabilize active-oxygen species by constructing proper coordination environments around metal centers using the stereoelectronic effect of the supporting ligand. …

    Bulletin of Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry 61(0), 2-16, 2013


  • The C-terminal periplasmic domain of MotB is responsible for load-dependent control of the number of stators of the bacterial flagellar motor

    Castillo David J. , Nakamura Shuichi , Morimoto Yusuke V. , Che Yong-Suk , Kami-ike Nobunori , Kudo Seishi , Minamino Tohru , Namba Keiichi

    … it is thought that about a dozen MotA/B complexes are anchored to the peptidoglycan layer around the motor through the C-terminal peptidoglycan-binding domain of MotB to become active stators as well as proton channels. … MotB consists of 309 residues, forming a single transmembrane helix (30-50), a stalk (51-100) and a C-terminal peptidoglycan-binding domain (101-309). …

    BIOPHYSICS 9(0), 173-181, 2013