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  • Social Safeguards in National and Sub-national REDD+ Initiatives: A comparison based on literature review

    IWANAGA Seiji , YOKOTA Yasuhiro , HYAKUMURA Kimihiko

    … <p>REDD+ is an approach to reduce deforestation and forest degradation, using economic incentives to influence behavior. … The need for safeguards has emerged to avoid the negative social and environmental impacts caused by an overemphasis of such economic incentives. … In this article, we clarified the elements to enhance social safeguards and discussed how those elements are included in each initiative. …

    Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly: JARQ 51(1), 31-43, 2017


  • Comparative Analysis of REDD-plus Environmental Safeguard Standards  [in Japanese]

    Ehara Makoto , Hyakumura Kimihiko , Yokota Yasuhiro

    … In the context of growing concerns about the environmental aspects of REDD+, we conduct a comparative analysis of present REDD+ safeguard initiatives globally for their treatment of biodiversity and ecosystem services. …

    The Japanese Forest Society Congress 124(0), 259, 2013


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