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    KURANAGA Mari , YAMANAKA Toshio , MAEDA Tatsunori , KITAKAZE Haruto

    … This system controls the indoor environment utilizing the radiant effect of textile and the airflow through textile.<br> In order to clarify the actual phenomenon, we conducted several experiments under 6 conditions, changing the supply airflow angle, pre-set temperature of PAC, airflow rate from PAC or heat generation rate. … In this study, the temperature, concentration of carbon dioxide as a tracer gas, and heat transfer rate by radiation were measured. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (757), 255-262, 2019-03


  • STUDY ON PASSIVE SOLAR HOUSE UTILIZING SOLAR CONTROL COMPONENT AND LATENT HEAT STORAGE BUILDING MATERIAL:Examination of PCM heat storage performance by solar radiation distribution considering wavelength characteristics and thermal resistance of finishing material Part 1  [in Japanese]

    CHOI Youngjin , TAKASE Kozo , SERIKAWA Mao , EGUCHI Takeshi , MUKOJIMA Nozomi , SATOH Makoto , MAE Masayuki , INOUE Takashi

    …  Direct gain passive solar heating systems need a balance of three elements: 1) the incorporation of sufficient solar radiation from windows, 2) the storage of heat by an appropriate material, and 3) the reduction of heat loss by insulation. … In recent years, inexpensive and comfortable solar heating using direct gain and heat storage has become more feasible. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (744), 129-138, 2018-02


  • Numerical Analysis of Human Heat Dissipation Characteristics in an Office Space with an Air-conditioning System Using Ceiling Radiant Panels  [in Japanese]

    MORI Takefumi , SHIRAISHI Yasuyuki

    <p>近年、オフィス空間を対象に、天井放射空調システム(以下、天井放射)の採用事例が増加傾向にある。既往研究において、実験及び実測による全身温冷感や局所温冷感の評価を行い、同システムの有効性を示す研究は多数行われている一方で、平均放射温度の低下に伴った設定室温の緩和効果や人体表面の顕熱収支に着目した研究は少ない。そこで本研究では、天井放射を対象として数値人体モデルと CFD の連成解析 …

    Transactions of the Society of Heating,Air-conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan 43(254), 51-57, 2018


  • Evaluation of Accuracy of Interlayer Thermal Resistance and Thermal Diffusivity Measurements under Radiation Heat Loss by Flash Method  [in Japanese]

    Hosono Kazuya , Nishi Tsuyoshi , Ohta Hiromichi

    <p>積層材の層間熱抵抗等をフラッシュ法により解析する手法を検討した.まず試料表裏面から放射損失がある条件で層間熱抵抗を有する積層材の裏面温度式をラプラス空間で導いた.次に層間熱抵抗を有する2層材の層間熱抵抗等をラプラス空間における試料裏面温度式の値と測定される裏面温度データをラプラス変換した値との二乗偏差の最小値から求める方法を開発した.求める物性値(層間熱抵抗,表面層か裏面層どちら …

    Netsu Bussei 32(4), 144-150, 2018


  • Measurement of Heat Quantity in a Small Cusp-Type Direct Energy Converter for Divertor Thermal Load Reduction

    NONDA Yuya , YAMADA Hirotaka , KITAHARA Yuki , ICHIMURA Kazuya , NAKAMOTO Satoshi , TAKENO Hiromasa , MATSUURA Hiroto , NAKASHIMA Yousuke

    … An application of a Cusp-Type Direct Energy Converter (CuspDEC), which is the device for D-<sup>3</sup>He fusion power generation to separate charged particles and convert their energy directly into electricity, was proposed to mitigate the heat flux of the divertor plasma. … On one hand, development of measurement technology of heat quantity was also researched. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 13(0), 3405050-3405050, 2018


  • Thermal Diffusivity Measurement Method of Transparent Material sandwiched between opaque plates by Flash Method  [in Japanese]

    Hosono Kazuya , Nishi Tsuyoshi , Ohta Hiromichi

    <p>吸収係数と試料厚さの積である光学厚さが0.1程度より小さい半透明体の熱伝導は,拡散伝熱と端面間の放射熱伝達に近似できることが確認されている.端面間の放射伝熱が拡散伝熱に比較して無視できる温度域では,通常の拡散伝熱を想定した測定法が適用でき,単層ガラスの熱拡散率が測定されている.無視できない温度域においては端面間放射伝熱による測定誤差が生じるため,両端を不透明化した単層材に対して端 …

    Netsu Bussei 32(2), 80-87, 2018


  • Ligustrazine Enhances the Hypnotic and Analgesic Effect of Ketamine in Mice

    Liu Chuiliang , Li Zhipeng , Huang Zeqi , Zhang Kun , Hu Chuwen , Zuo Zhiyi , Li Yujuan

    … The hypnotic response was determined by assessing loss of the righting reflex (LORR) after ketamine injection. … The analgesia effects (pain threshold) were determined by heat radiation-induced tail-flick latency and evaluated before ligustrazine administration or 5, 15, 30 and 60 min after ketamine administration. …

    Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 41(5), 690-696, 2018


  • Experimental Study on Fire Spread between Polyurethane Foam Blocks Exposed to Radiation Feedback

    SHINTANI Yusuke , NAGAOKA Tsutomu , DEGUCHI Yoshikazu , HARADA Kazunori

    上部に煙層が形成される空間において,直線状に3 個配置したウレタンブロック間の延焼拡大実験を行い,延焼時間,発熱速度,放射熱流束,煙層温度を測定した。天井高さおよびウレタンブロック間の離隔距離をパラメータとし,9 通りの実験を行った。中央のウレタンブロックに点火後,両側のウレタンブロックに延焼した。延焼時間は天井高さが低くなるほど小さくなり,これは天井が低くなるほど点火したウレタンブロックの鉛直面 …

    Bulletin of Japan Association for Fire Science and Engineering 67(1), 9-16, 2017


  • Heat Transfer of Steel in a Slab Tundish with Vacuum Chamber

    Zhou Jian-an , Xie Jian-bo , Wang Bao , Lei Hong , Zhang Hua , Ni Hong-wei

    … <p>For the purpose of reducing the heat loss of steel through the walls of tundish during continuous casting production, a new-type tundish performed by welding radiation-proof steels on its exterior walls was proposed to investigate the effect of the pressure inside a vacuum chamber on the temperature field of steel. …

    ISIJ International 57(6), 1037-1044, 2017


  • A model of a solar cavity receiver with coiled tubes  [in Japanese]

    KANATANI Kentaro , YAMAMOTO Takashi , TAMAURA Yutaka , KIKURA Hiroshige

    … <p>A model of a solar cavity receiver using helically coiled tubes as heat absorber is developed. … Ignoring the convective and conductive heat losses from the cavity, temperature distribution of the coiled tubes and the heat transfer fluid flowing within them in the steady state is calculated. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2017(0), J0540103, 2017


  • Extending the Flamelet Generated Manifold for Soot and NOx Modeling in Diesel Spray Combustion

    Yigit Akargun H. , Akkurt Bersan , G. Deen Niels , Somers L.M.T.

    … Apart from health and environmental issues, soot production also results in an efficiency loss due to the heat loss through radiation and late oxidation of the soot particles. …

    The Proceedings of the International symposium on diagnostics and modeling of combustion in internal combustion engines 2017.9(0), A105, 2017


  • Evaluation of Iron Loss Distribution on Stator Surface of Induction Motors by means of Heat Measurement Method  [in Japanese]

    Sato Takeru , Kinoshita Tsukuru , Shimoji Hiroyasu , Todaka Takashi

    … <p>Purpose of this study is to clarify iron loss distribution on stator core surface of induction motors by using a heat-measurement method with a thermographic camera. … The heat radiation from a coil was corrected to obtain accurate iron loss distributions. … In this paper, how to evaluate iron loss distribution on stator core surface of the induction motors is reported.</p> …

    IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials 137(1), 65-70, 2017


  • Magnetic total field changes and thermal activity around Nakamachineshiri crater, Meakandake  [in Japanese]

    田中 良 , 橋本 武志 , 鈴木 敦生

    … In addition, we assessed the surface heat loss due to discharging fumarolic gas, evaporation and radiation from hot ponds, and geothermal anomalies. … Total amount of the surface heat discharge rate was estimated to be in a range from a few to 10-odd MW. …

    北海道大学地球物理学研究報告 (79), 15-23, 2016-03-19

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  • <b>Pathophysiological Mechanism for the Tokishigyakukagoshuyushokyoto </b><i><b>sho</b></i>:<b>—The Relationship of Painful Groin and a Lump at Hikon (ExB4) the Meridian P</b><b>oint—</b>  [in Japanese]

    TERASAWA Katsutoshi

    <p>腹診における鼠径部の圧痛が当帰四逆加呉茱萸生姜湯証を指示することが知られている。この事実は1963年に大塚敬節により発見されたものである。そして彼はこれを足之厥陰肝経と関連する徴候と考えた。しかしこの徴候が発現する背景はいまだ明らかにされていない。最近,著者はこの鼠径部の徴候が痞根(ExB4)に置針することによって消失することを見いだした。この臨床的事実から,本方証が恒常性維持機 …

    Kampo Medicine 67(4), 331-339, 2016

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Development of the Design Method of Refractive-type Asymmetric Beam Shaping Optical Elements  [in Japanese]

    MORITA Sho , TOKUNAGA Tsuyoshi , KUWANO Ryoichi

    … This beam-shaping technique is useful in pattern marking (e.g., logo marking or character marking), and also in local heat treatment. … A refractive-type shaper is superior to a diffractive-type shaper for these applications because of its lower optical power loss and simple fabrication method, which involves only conventional machining processes such as milling, grinding, and polishing. …

    Journal of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering 82(11), 983-988, 2016


  • Comparison of the accident process, radioactivity release and ground contamination between Chernobyl and Fukushima-1

    Imanaka Tetsuji , Hayashi Gohei , Endo Satoru

    … The Chernobyl accident was a power-surge accident that was caused by a failure of control of a fission chain reaction, which instantaneously destroyed the reactor and building, whereas the Fukushima-1 accident was a loss-of-coolant accident in which the reactor cores of three units were melted by decay heat after losing the electricity supply. …

    Journal of Radiation Research 56(suppl_1), i56-i61, 2015-11-14


  • A Study on Heat Transfer of Paulownia coreana and High–Density Fiberboard via Comparative Analysis

    Kang Seog–Goo , Lee Sol–Ae , Son Dong–Won , Kang Chun–Won , Matsumura Junji

    … The heat transfer and thermal efficiency of Paulownia coreana (low–density wood) and high–density fiber board were measured via a comparative analysis of heat transfer, and the suitability of the wood as a finishing material was evaluated. … A comparative analysis of heat transfer is calculated by verifying the heat transfer and change in temperature of the water bottle both inside and outside of the sample box. …

    九州大学大学院農学研究院紀要 60(1), 191-195, 2015-02-27


  • Effect of Elavated-Pressure and Radiative Heat Loss on Rotating Counterflow Twin Flame  [in Japanese]

    UEMICHI Akane , OSAKI Yasuo , NISHIOKA Makihito

    … We performed numerical simulations with and without radiative heat loss. … The loss was evaluated by using an optically thin model, which does not consider reabsorption of radiative energy. … Without radiation, the leanest extinction limits reached ultralean conditions; … On the other hand, with radiative heat loss, the leanest extinction limits are shifted to richer condition as the pressure becomes higher; …

    Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan 57(179), 60-70, 2015



    TSUCHIHASHI Tsuneto , HARADA Kazunori

    … To investigate the specimen's surface heat balance of the ISO 5660 cone calorimeter (CCM) and ISO 5657 ignitability test apparatus, galvanized thin steel plate (0.27mm) was heated. … The specimen's surface heat balance was estimated by measured surface temperatures. … In all the results, re-radiation by surface dominated the heat loss. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) 80(709), 193-201, 2015


  • G0800204 Study on Heat Transfer Enhancement Method Using Porous Materials : In Case of Inserting with Intermittent  [in Japanese]

    ASARI Yuta , FUNATANI Shumpei , TAKEDA Tetsuaki

    Heat transfer enhancement method using fins is well known and widely used. … It is superior to smooth tube in heat removal. … However, it needs to consider the loss of structural strength on the heat transfer surface by attaching fins. … Therefore, we proposed a heat transfer enhancement method using porous materials, especially in case of inserting with interval. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2015(0), _G0800204--_G0800204-, 2015


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