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  • RAPD Analysis of Genotoxic Effects of Nano–Scale SiO_2 and TiO_2 on Broad Bean (Vicia Faba L.)

    GALAL A. Ola , THABET F. Ahmad , TUDA Midori , El–SAMAHY F.M. Magdy

    … Growing use of oxide nanoparticles has driven their access to the natural environment, including biological interactions within the ecosystem, despite a lack of knowledge about their genotoxic potential on exposed plant tissue. … DNA was isolated from leaves for RAPD (Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA) profile analyses. …

    九州大学大学院農学研究院紀要 65(1), 57-63, 2020-02


  • Evaluation of a model using local features and a codebook for wood identification

    Hwang SW , Kobayashi K , Sugiyama J

    … INAFOR EXPO 2019 - International Conference on Forest Products (ICFP) 2019: Adopting the Renewable Bioenergy and Waste Utilization to Support Circular Economy and Sustainable Environment 28 August 2019, Bogor, West Java, IndonesiaWe designed a model for wood identification based on scale-invariant feature transform (SIFT) descriptors and a codebook. …

    IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science (415), 2020-02


  • Quasi-Deterministic Channel Model for Millimeter-Wave Indoor Entrance Hall Access Links

    Yamakawa Satoshi , Kishimoto Satoru , Kim Minseok

    … <p>The IEEE 802.11ay channel models have been developed based on the quasi-deterministic (Q-D) channel modeling that considers environment specific property of millimeter-wave (mm-wave) propagation by representing multi-path channels as superposition of deterministic (called D-ray) and random clusters (called R-ray). …

    IEICE Communications Express, 2020


  • Construction of Geister AI using deep reinforcement learning  [in Japanese]

    木村 勇太 , 伊藤 毅志

    ゲームプログラミングワークショップ2019論文集 (2019), 130-135, 2019-11-01


  • Integral fluctuation relations for entropy production at stopping times

    Izaak Neri , Édgar Roldán , Simone Pigolotti , Frank Jülicher

    … This law bounds the average amount of heat and work a system can extract from its environment when stopped at a random time. … First, we demonstrate that isothermal mesoscopic systems can extract on average heat from their environment when stopped at a cleverly chosen moment and that the second law at stopping times bounds the average extracted heat. …

    Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2019(10), 104006, 2019-10-16


  • On the Performance of DQN in 2D and 3D Game Environments

    原田 智広

    2019年度 情報処理学会関西支部 支部大会 講演論文集 (2019), 2019-09-13


  • Quantum Annealing of Pure and Random Ising Chains Coupled to a Bosonic Environment (Special Topics : Quantum Annealing : Recent Development and Future Perspectives)

    Suzuki Sei , Oshiyama Hiroki , Shibata Naokazu

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 88(6), 061003-1-13, 2019-06


  • The association between temperature variability and cause-specific mortality: Evidence from 47 Japanese prefectures during 1972–2015

    本田 靖 , Chaochen Ma , Jun Yang , Shoji F. Nakayama , Yasushi HONDA

    … Finally, the temporal trend in TV effects was evaluated by a random-effect meta regression model after obtaining the prefecture-year-specific effects.ResultsTV had significant adverse effects on all-cause and cause-specific mortality. …

    Environment International (127), 125-133, 2019-06


  • Improvement of ICM by Simultaneous Learning of Transformed Images in Exploration Problem Using First Person View Images  [in Japanese]

    飯岡 徹人

    … A learning method using ICM is capable of learning policy by using screen images as input states in a sparse reward environment of video games such as Doom. … This paper experimentally compares the learning performance of the proposed methods with that of ICM in the Doom target search environment. … The result of the third experiment showed that the two proposed methods were faster in learning policy than the conventional ICM in a map with random textures for the walls of the rooms. …

    法政大学大学院紀要. 情報科学研究科編 (14), 1-6, 2019-03-31

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    UENO Takahiro , TAKAHASHI Kentaro , SUMIYOSHI Daisuke

    … So we grasped fluctuation of demand as a random variable from analysis and developed a method to reproduce realistic fluctuation of demand using random number.<br> 3rd chapter is the development of the demand estimation method. … And the fluctuation method of the demand incorporates random number simulation and probability distribution to reproduce the actual fluctuation.<br> 4th chapter describes case studies. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (757), 291-301, 2019-03


  • Estimation of driving environment with mental strain using operation information of mobility scooter  [in Japanese]

    KAEDE Kazunori , UTSUGI Masato , WATANUKI Keiichi , MURAMATSU Keiichi

    … In the use environment of a mobility scooter, there may be many obstacles that need to be avoided, such as pedestrians on a narrow sidewalk or cars on the edge of the road. … The purpose of this study is to estimate physical obstacles in the road environment when driving a mobility scooter from operation information and physiological information of the user obtained during driving. …

    The Proceedings of Design & Systems Conference 2019.29(0), 1414, 2019


  • Study of bistable system in random wave environment  [in Japanese]

    LIAN Jie , ZHAO Wei , WU Qiong , WANG Qifeng , ZHAO Xilu

    … <p>In this research, in order to reproduce the probabilistic resonance phenomenon of the bistable nonlinear vibration system in the random wave environment in nature, using the vibration characteristic measurement device of the offshore structure, it is excited by the periodic signal and the random signal, respectively. …

    The Proceedings of The Computational Mechanics Conference 2019.32(0), 160, 2019


  • Actual conditions of dietary behavior among community-dwelling older people in Japan  [in Japanese]

    Yoshida Yuko , Suzukamo Yoshimi , Iwasa Hajime

    <p> 本研究では,地域高齢者を対象とした標本調査を行い,高齢者の食行動の実態把握を行った.</p><p> 60~84歳の地域高齢者829人(男性379人,女性450人)のデータを使用した.食事の準備状況(調理,食材購入,食費管理),共食の状況,食品摂取多様性,食生活満足度等について調査した.分析は,性別・居住形態別(独居,夫婦のみ,家族と同居)に行った.< …

    Japanese Journal of Gerontology 40(4), 384-392, 2019

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Analysis of Vibration Characteristic for Flexible Mono-tread Mobile Track (FMT) Traversing on Rough Terrain:-Vibration of FMT Traversing on Rough Terrain and Influence on SLAM-  [in Japanese]

    Nakagawa Koki , Tateishi Takayuki , Yoshikawa Kazuyuki , Kinugasa Tetsuya , Yoshida Koji , Hayashi Ryota , Okugawa Masayuki , Kurisu Masamitsu , Amano Hisanori

    … <p>The purpose of the research is to analyze vibration characteristic of Flexible Mono-tread mobile Track (FMT) traversing on rough terrain.In this paper,we conduct some experiments with two types of rough terrain, i.e., a crossing pitch environment and a random step environment using the FMT and a differential type tracked vehicle to compare the vibration characteristic.</p> …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2019(0), 2P2-Q02, 2019


  • RRT Path Planning Method with Spatial Recognition of 3D Camera to Manipulator  [in Japanese]

    ITO Akihito , TSUJIUCHI Nobutaka , TOMODA Daiki

    … <p>The problem of the manipulator avoiding interference with obstacles in the work environment and planning a safe route is one of the big problems in robotics automation. … As one of route planning with obstacle avoidance, RRT aims at speeding up the calculation by using random sampling. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2019(0), 2A2-C10, 2019


  • Swarm Robots Using Lévy Flight for Targets Exploration:-Computer Simulation for Performance on Minimum Movement And Distribution of Targets-  [in Japanese]

    KATADA Yoshiaki

    … <p>This study tackles the task for swarm robotics where robots explore the environment to detect many targets. … In our previous results, we confirmed that Lévy flight outperformed the usual random walk for exploration strategy in real robot experiments. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2019(0), 1P2-H06, 2019


  • Analyzing the Relationship between the Cognition Ability of Robotic Swarm and Random Walk Generated by Probability Distribution  [in Japanese]

    UCHIDA Jun , MORIMOTO Daichi , OHKURA Kazuhiro

    … This paper investigated the relationship between the cognition ability of a robotic swarm and the probability distribution of random walk. … The task of the robotic swarm is to achieve consensus on the color that occupies more of the two-colored environment. … The robot performs a random walk to explore the environment and disseminate its opinion. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2019(0), 1P2-H08, 2019


  • Surface Detection and Classification for Point-Footed Bipedal Robotic Locomotion in Unstructured Environments Using Depth Visual Perception

    IRFAN Muhammad , ASANO Fumihiko

    … <p>We utilize the depth visual information to present the surface detection/classification for the stable and energy-efficient locomotion of point-footed bipedal robot under the unstructured environment. … The proposed method segments and classifies the 3D-images using machine-learning tools as random forests (RF), support-vector-machines (SVM) and relevance vector machines (RVM) for pixel-level classification and object-based image analysis (OBIA) to achieve accurate object segmentation. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2019(0), 1A1-O05, 2019



    Mano Akihiro , Katsuyama Jinya , Li Yinsheng

    … For the welds where stress corrosion cracking is not postulated based on their service environment and countermeasures for the degradation mechanism, a set of NDEs is performed in each 10-year interval, and the extent of examination for each interval is specified in the rules. … The second method is the random location sampling method, in which welds for NDEs are selected from those not examined in the last interval. …

    The Proceedings of the International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE) 2019.27(0), 2334, 2019



    Wang Yun , Watanabe Hideo , Chen Dongyue , Kaneda Junya , Shigenaka Naoto

    … In order to elevate the resistance against irradiation-assisted stress corrosion cracking (IASCC) of reactor pressure vessel internals (RINs) in the environment of boiling water reactor (BWR), austenitic stainless steels (SSs) with tantalum (Ta) addition have been examined. … The radiationinduced segregation (RIS) on random GBs in HAZ after the irradiation tests was evaluated by scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) and X-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy (XEDS). …

    The Proceedings of the International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE) 2019.27(0), 1152, 2019


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