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  • Service Migration Scheduling with Bandwidth Limitation against Crowd Mobility in Edge Computing Environments

    YAMANAKA Hiroaki , TERANISHI Yuuichi , KAWAI Eiji

    … Due to the mobility of end-user devices, the latency between the servers and the end-user devices can become long and the response time might become unacceptable for an application service. … Service migration following the mass movement of people in the same geographic area and at the same time due to an event (e.g., commuting) generates heavy bandwidth usage in the mobile backhaul network. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E104.B(3), 240-250, 2021


  • Occupant injury of minicar in full frontal rigid barrier impact  [in Japanese]

    ONIMOTO Hiroki , OGA Ryo , SUGIMACHI Toshiyuki , SAKURAI Toshiaki , MAKI Tetsuo

    超小型モビリティの一つであるミニカーの活躍が期待されている。ミニカーは小回りが利き運転しやすいことや駐停車スペースを広く取らないことから、高齢者の移動手段や小口配達用の車両として適していると評価されている。一方で衝突安全性に関しては、法規や自動車アセスメントにおいて安全基準が定められておらず、研究の取り組みが少ないようである。ミニカーは普通乗用車や軽自動車に比べ車両が小型であるため、クラッシャブル …

    Journal of the Japanese Council of Traffic Science 19(2), 42-52, 2020

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  • Households' Evacuation Decisions in Response to the 2011 Flood in Thailand

    Bhula-or Ruttiya , Nakasu Tadashi , Mokkhamakkul Tartat , Anantsuksomsri Sutee , Amornkitvikai Yot , Prathumchai Kullachart , Duangkaew Sutpratana

    … The result of the study confirms that more vulnerable people are less likely to evacuate. … However, they are more likely to evacuate, if at least one of their household members has reduced mobility. … People in flood-prone areas exhibited moral hazards. … Furthermore, people with relatively secured employment statuses are more likely to stay in the flood-prone area, to minimize their losses from the flood. …

    Journal of Disaster Research 15(5), 599-608, 2020


  • Linagliptin protects rat carotid artery from balloon injury and activates the NRF2 antioxidant pathway

    Si Jiyuan , Meng Ranran , Gao Peng , Hui Feifei , Li Yu , Liu Xianhu , Yang Bin

    … ELISA results indicated that linagliptin significantly reduced overproduction of cytokines including tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α), interleukin-1β (IL-1β) and IL-6 post balloon injury. … Results of Western blots and electrophoretic mobility shift assay (EMSA) demonstrated that linagliptin augmented nuclear accumulation of nuclear factor-E2-related factor 2 (NRF2) and its binding ability to target genes in rats with balloon injury. …

    Experimental Animals 68(1), 81-90, 2019

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  • Latent Opportunities for the Use of Two-Rider Bicycles and Associated Challenges by Welfare Service Providers

    Konishi Takuya , Yoshida Nagahiro

    … For persons with reduced mobility (PRM), the two-rider bicycle might be a potential, practical means of transportation, and the development of bicycles that meet these needs is in progress. … A hearing survey was conducted on various type of welfare service providers that operate transportation services for the elderly and people with disabilities. …

    Memoirs of the Faculty of Engineering Osaka City University (59), 27-30, 2018-12

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  • The Relationships between Left-right Balance in Standing Posture, Physical Strength, and The Degree of Locomotion  [in Japanese]

    Shiomitsu Tomoko , Tsuruta Kurumi

    <p>本研究では,重心計測機器の労働者の健康管理や保健指導への活用を目指し,両足立位姿勢での左右バランスと体力,ロコモ度との関連を明らかにすることを目的とした。</p><p>対象は宮崎県内のA社の労働者で,平成26年12月に実施したロコモ検診を受診した者とした。姿勢重心計測機器を用いて,立位姿勢での左右バランスと閉眼片足立ち時間を測定した。ロコモ検診では,問診, …


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  • Honor and Everyday Violence among Migrant Communities in Istanbul  [in Japanese]

    Kaoru Murakami

    <p>名誉(ナームス)に基づく暴力をめぐり、トルコの公論はふたつの批判的議論を提示してきた。ひとつは、国際的な名誉殺人への関心の高まりを背景として名誉殺人を因習殺人と名付けるものである。名誉殺人を東部のクルド系住民の後進性と結びつけるこの言説は、名誉殺人を特定の集団内で不可避的に起きる問題として他者化した。もうひとつは、欧米のフェミニズム理論を背景として、暴力の原因を家父 …

    Japanese Journal of Cultural Anthropology 82(3), 328-345, 2017


  • A Study on Improvement of Visual Field Stability by Using Active Seat Suspension

    MASHINO Masahiro , KATO Hideaki , NARITA Takayoshi

    … These vehicles are reportedly desirable as they provide independence for elderly people who tend to not go out often and may feel isolated. … Despite these advantages, there are many problems to be solved in terms of the safety and comfort of ultra-compact electric vehicles as mobility means for elderly people. …

    Journal of the Japan Society of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics 24(3), 143-148, 2016


  • Loss of occlusal support affects the decline in activities of daily living in elderly people receiving home care

    Genkai Sae , Kikutani Takeshi , Suzuki Ryo , Tamura Fumiyo , Yamashita Yoshihisa , Yoshida Mitsuyoshi

    … Purpose: This study aimed to clarify whether the absence of occlusal support would lead to a decline in the activities of daily living (ADL) in elderly people receiving home care. … Among the ADL subgroups, significantly reduced scores in mobility and toilet use were observed only in the slightly dependent group ( p < …

    Journal of Prosthodontic Research 59(4), 243-248, 2015

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  • 2A1-O05 For the elderly people Smart device linked mobility scooter  [in Japanese]

    NAKAMURA Yoshimasa , TAMATSU Koji , KUBOTA Naoyuki , SAKASHITA Kazuhiro

    … In recent years, going out opportunities for the elderly is reduced, bedridden and homebound and have been a problem. … In this study, we have developed a smart device linked mobility scooter in order to support the day-to-day life of the elderly with a focus on smart device. … Also performs fuzzy control for acceleration and deceleration of the mobility scooter with a simplified fuzzy reasoning, it is possible to suppress the acceleration applied to the elderly during traveling, and improved safety. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2015(0), _2A1-O05_1-_2A1-O05_3, 2015


  • 126 Motion analysis and experiment of a human on a four-wheel stand-up type vehicle  [in Japanese]

    MORITA Yusuke , NAKAGAWA Chihiro , SHINTANI Atsuhiko , ITO Tomohiro

    … In recent years, personal mobility vehicles (PMVs) have attracted huge attentions. … In this study, we aim to develop a four-wheel stand-up type vehicle for people who cannnot walk far distantly because of the pain of foot or waist although they are able to walk for a short distance. … In the numerical simulation, it was found that as the angle of the upper arm is large especially when holding a handle, the motion of the center of gravity was reduced. …

    Dynamics and Design Conference : D & D 2014, "126-1"-"126-12", 2014-08-25

  • Examination of Tsunami Related Reduced Mobility People based on Great East Japan Earthquake and its Reduction Countermeasure : Case Study of Miyazaki City  [in Japanese]

    加知 範康 , 新川 登志朗 , 塚原 健一 [他]

    交通工学研究発表会論文集 34, 133-136, 2014-08

  • 3156 Investigation on the Number of Reduced Mobility People in the Outpatient Department in Hospital  [in Japanese]

    ARAI Yukiko , HASEMI Yuji , TSUCHIYA Shin'ichi , TAKAGI Tetsuya , SAITO Yoko

    Summaries of technical papers of annual meeting (2013), 339-342, 2013-08-30


  • Social Mobility and Resilience : An Historical Perspective on the Future in Arid Regions of Central Eurasia from an Integrated Research Project  [in Japanese]

    窪田 順平

    地球研・イリプロジェクトでは、中央ユーラシア乾燥・半乾燥地域を対象として取り上げ、過去一○○○年間の気候・環境変動を多様な手法で明らかにするとともに、それに対する人間の応答を明らかにすることを試みた。中央ユーラシアの生態環境は、大陸スケールの東西の降水量分布と季節性の違い、南北の気温差に起因する多様性と、わずかな気候のゆらぎで乾燥・半乾燥が入れ替わる変動性とを有する。開放的な地形もあって、遊牧とい …

    史林 96(1), 100-127, 2013-01

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  • <b>Changes and Restructuring of Social Issues of the Urban </b><b>Underclass Area with Increasing Welfare </b><b>Needs in Kotobuki, Yokohama </b>  [in Japanese]

    YAMAMOTO Kahoruko

    … As Yokohama City has implemented welfare services for people since the 1970s, many in Kotobuki have sought assistance. … However, those residents who earn little money and received special, temporary welfare support had their coverage reduced in 2006 and lost it entirely in 2012, causing greater difficulty for the homeless. … With an increasing number of welfare recipients, Kotobuki has become known as "the town of welfare," making it more difficult for its residents to achieve upward social mobility. …

    The Annals of Japan Association for Urban Sociology 2013(31), 95-110, 2013



    FUTOSE Takayoshi , OKAMURA Toshiyuki , NAKAMURA Fumihiko , TANAKA Shinji , WANG Rui

    開発途上国では自家用車が普及しており,自家用車を保有した人は公共交通を利用しなくなる傾向にある.本研究では自家用車を利用する人々の意識を分析し,手段選択に対して意識が及ぼす影響を明らかにする.モータリゼーションと軌道系交通機関の整備とが進行しているメトロマニラにおける,ショッピングモールへの来訪行動を対象としている.<br>モール利用者に対して行った意識調査を通して,特に利用する必要の …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. D3 (Infrastructure Planning and Management) 69(5), I_893-I_902, 2013


  • Institutional-cultural, Network, and Relational Perspectives in Economic Geography(<Special Issue>Rethinking the 'Essence' of Economic Geography)  [in Japanese]

    MIZUNO Masahiko

    本稿は,この20年ほどの経済地理学の動向をもとに,制度・文化的視点とネットワーク的視点を取りあげ検討し,経済地理学の本質について考える材料とすることを目的とする.まず制度・文化的視点について,特に国もしくは地域など領域の形態をとって現れる制度・文化に焦点をあて,その論点を整理した.次に,領域を越える企業や社会的つながりを強調するネットワーク的視点に注目し検討した.そのうえで,それらを包含する近年の …

    Annals of the Association of Economic Geographers 59(4), 454-467, 2013


  • Intergenerational Class Mobility and Japanese Society:Long-term trends and cross-national comparisons

    ISHIDA Hiroshi , MIWA Satoshi

    本稿では,世代間の階層移動を分析対象として,戦後日本にみられる長期的趨勢と国際比較の視点からみた日本社会の位置づけという2つのテーマを分析した.第1のテーマについては,社会の流動化の指標である相対移動率に着目すると,戦後日本の長いスパンを通して階層移動はおおむね安定しており,1995年から2005年にかけて日本社会の流動性が下がり階層の固定化が進展したという近年の「格差拡大論」を支持する結果は得ら …

    Japanese Sociological Review 59(4), 648-662, 2009


  • A Study on Road Blockage and Reduced Mobility People in the High Density of the Residential Area  [in Japanese]

    木村 京一朗 , 秋山 哲男 , 大口 敬 [他] , 小根山 裕之

    1995年に発生した阪神淡路大震災などの都市型地震災害では、主に木造建築物と狭隘な街路で構成される密集住宅地域において、建物倒壊による道路閉塞が発生しやすい。道路閉塞が多発すると、避難所への到達不能や大幅な迂回の発生などから、避難所までの到達の可能性や距離、時間に多大な影響が発生する恐れがある。そこで本研究は、狭い道路幅員や建物の倒壊が原因で起きる道路閉塞に着目し、それを計算によって確率的に求め、 …

    Comprehensive urban studies (85), 85-91, 2005-03

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