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  • Non-human primates as a model for human development.

    NAKAMURA Tomonori , FUJIWARA Kohei , SAITOU Mitinori , TSUKIYAMA Tomoyuki , 築山 智之

    … Human development has been studied for over a century, but the molecular mechanisms underlying human embryogenesis remain largely unknown due to technical difficulties and ethical issues. … Accordingly, mice have been used as a model for mammalian development and studied extensively to infer human biology based on the conservation of fundamental processes between the two species. …

    Stem cell reports 16(5), 1093-1103, 2021-05-11


  • Comparing Happiness Determinants for Urban Residents A Partial Least Squares Regression Model

    Tae-Hyoung Tommy Gim

    Research on happiness determinants began in the 1970s in such fields as psychology and economics. … By controlling for well-researched happiness determinants (i.e., the individual's psychological and economic variables), this study sought to explore how the built environment, especially transportation system variables, affect overall happiness. …

    International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development = International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development 9(2), 24-40, 2021-04-15

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    YOSHIDA Yukino , IKARUGA Shinji , KOBAYASHI Takeshi , SONG Junhwan , SHIRAISHI Rei

    … In addition, the discussion is carried out in each individual municipality and deviates from people's real-life activities that cross city borders.</p><p>Portland, Oregon, well known as among the best places to live in the U.S., has implemented a compact city policy based on the Oregon State Land Use Plan of 1973, aiming at sustainable city development. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (782), 1240-1251, 2021-04



    KANEKO Tatsuki , OKURA Mahito , JINNAI Hiroshi

    … <p>For concrete in structures, moisture curing is important and has the large effect to the hydration of cement and the concrete properties after hardening. … In the almost situations, moisture curing method of the vertical surface of wall and ceiling surface of under the slab are limited to cover with the sheathings. …

    Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (782), 524-532, 2021-04


  • The Belt and Road Initiative and China's New Northeast Asia Strategy  [in Japanese]

    李 成日 , 鐘 飛騰 , Chengri LI , Feiteng ZHONG

    中国の北東アジア戦略は新たな転換を迎えている。第1に、北東アジアの陸上分野における協力を効果的に統合するために、中国・ロシア・モンゴルの協力プラットホームが構築された。第2に、中国は、中日韓協力が北東アジア地域の海上分野における協力を推進するメカニズムであると考えている。第3に、中国は、朝鮮半島情勢の変化に応じて中朝関係を改善し、これを北東アジア地域の発展を推進する架け橋として活用しようとしている …

    ERINA report plus (159), 30-35, 2021-04


  • For practice and future development in collaboration with local residents - From the case of the Utta Local History Society in Koka City, Shiga Prefecture-  [in Japanese]

    佐野 正晴

    … In this paper, I will report on the practice I am working on in collaboration with the local residents, while being aware of Toshiro Ito's Theory of Community Museums and research trends in Public History. … The purpose is to encourage self-reflection for future development by describing the activities I am working on with local residents using the method of auto-ethnography. … However, there are a number of difficulties in continuing and disseminating such activities. …

    九州保健福祉大学博物館学年報 (10), 1-11, 2021-03-31


  • Development of Model Teaching Material to Learn a Pulse by Learning Longitudinal Wave : Attempt to Understand Life Activity by Energy Transfer  [in Japanese]

    小池 守 , 松本 真利奈 , 加美山 陸 , 髙橋 浩人 , 倉山 智春 , 大日向 浩 , 橋本 眞明

    本研究は,エネルギーの伝播に伴う生命活動を生徒が理解するために,パイプ内を脈動しながら流れる水を用いた縦波の学習を通して,脈拍の原理を探るモデル教材の開発を行ったものである.高等学校「物理基礎」の授業において,脈波伝播速度と水流速度の測定実験など行い,理解状況を調査した結果,生徒は脈拍は心臓の拍動エネルギーが伝播した縦波であることを理解していた.また,モデルによる確認活動を通して学習内容が理解でき …

    帝京科学大学教育・教職研究 = Journal of educational research and teacher development, Teikyo University of Science 6(2), 13-23, 2021-03-31


  • First-Year Experience Program at a Newly Founded Nursing School : Effect of Learning through Discussion (LTD) Method  [in Japanese]

    平上 久美子 , 安永 悟 , Kumiko Hirakami , Satoru Yasunaga

    … The target group of this research is forty-two freshers. … Measures of effectiveness have been evaluated three times: before, after, and 2.5 months later of the class. … The survey rating scales are Cooperative Perception Scale, Discussion Skill Scale, Thinking Motivation Scale, and Communication Anxiety Scale. … Further studies are needed in order to enhance teacher professional development. …

    久留米大学心理学研究 = Kurume University psychological research (20), 9-16, 2021-03-31


  • Research on the Transformation of Chinese Upper Secondary Education From Key Schools and Model Schools to Diversified and Characteristic Schools and Policy Formulation  [in Japanese]

    野澤 有希 , 王 佳穎 , Yuki NOZAWA , Jiaying WANG

    上越教育大学研究紀要 = Bulletin of Joetsu University of Education 40(2), 373-382, 2021-03-31


  • Development of a Model Curriculum for Integrated Elementary and Junior High School Education for the Western Area of Shiwa Town (2) : Focusing on mathematics and English  [in Japanese]

    田代 高章 , 菅野 弘 , 侘美 淳 , 阿部 尚史 , 川村 一真 , 佐々木 龍己 , 大村 岳 , 伊藤 汐里 , 石田 克幸 , 田村 紘大 , 村上 友香

    本研究は、平成29(2017)年に改訂告示された学習指導要領を踏まえながら、教育学研究科教職実践専攻(教職大学院)の1 年次講義科目である「特色あるカリキュラムづくりの理論と実際」(前期必修)、および「学習指導要領とカリキュラム開発」(後期必修)の成果として、特色あるテーマをもとに校種をつなぐモデルカリキュラムを開発提案するものである。本論文の前提として、岩手県盛岡市近郊の少子高齢化による人口減少 …

    岩手大学大学院教育学研究科研究年報 = Research Journal of the Iwate University Professional School for Teacher Education (5), 17-31, 2021-03-31

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  • Development of a Model Curriculum for Integrated Elementary and Junior High School Education for the Western Area of Shiwa Town (1) : Focusing on integrated learning and special support education  [in Japanese]

    田代 高章 , 菅野 弘 , 侘美 淳 , 所 慎一郎 , 佐々木 良一 , 工藤 洸 , 鴫原 悠介 , 熊谷 美智子 , 菊地 亜矢子 , 熊谷 修平 , 沼﨑 悠華

    本研究は、平成29(2017)年に改訂告示された学習指導要領を踏まえながら、教育学研究科教職実践専攻(教職大学院)の1 年次講義科目である「特色あるカリキュラムづくりの理論と実際」(前期必修)、および「学習指導要領とカリキュラム開発」(後期必修)の成果として、特色あるテーマをもとに校種をつなぐモデルカリキュラムを開発提案するものである。本論文の前提として、岩手県盛岡市近郊(紫波町)の少子高齢化によ …

    岩手大学大学院教育学研究科研究年報 = Research Journal of the Iwate University Professional School for Teacher Education (5), 1-16, 2021-03-31

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  • Exploring career impediments for female Technical College graduates in technical professions  [in Japanese]

    谷口 亜紀子

    … This phenomenon is a social loss, and it is not an exception at the National Institute of Technology, Tsuyama College, either. … The key to solving this problem is to provide a role model. … This research test this hypothesis. …

    津山工業高等専門学校紀要 = Bulletin of National Institute of Technology, Tsuyama College (62), 25-29, 2021-03-30


  • Preliminary study of teacher feedback behavior in physical education classes  [in Japanese]

    山本 浩二 , 中須賀 巧 , 島本 好平 , 杉山 佳生

    … Then, the purpose of this study was to provide the knowledge for the development of future research. … / The result of factor analysis, this scale had four teacher feedback behavior scale: advice for exercise, praise for learning and scolding for exercise. … In addition, significant positive correlations were observed between the sub scales (praise for learning, scolding for exercise) and the 15 items the items to evaluate the learning outcome in physical education. …

    健康科学 (43), 117-125, 2021-03-25

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  • A Review of the Research on Children's Peer Relationships  [in Japanese]

    藤田 文

    … The researches concerning the children's peer relationships were reviewed and discussed in this article. … First the model of the individual's social ability and skills and the interactions among children was introduced. … Second the fan shaped social skills model was introduced. … This social skills model is very useful to examine the development of the regulation of children's peer relation. …

    大分県立芸術文化短期大学研究紀要 = Bulletin of Oita prefectural College of Arts and Culture (58), 121-130, 2021-03-23


  • A Development of a Microscale Experiment of Stoichiometry by Active Learning in High School, Part 2  [in Japanese]

    平井 俊男 , 青田 鏡広 , 豊島 瑠菜 , 西川 輝 , 中山 頼子 , 中川 徹夫 , Toshio HIRAI , Akihiro AOTA , Runa TOYOSHIMA , Hikaru NISHIKAWA , Yoriko NAKAYAMA , Testuo NAKAGAWA

    この研究の目的は、高等学校新学習指導要領で謳われている主体的・対話的で深い学びを生徒に保障するための、一連のマイクロスケール実験の開発である。大阪府立長尾高等学校では、市販の安価な小型電子天秤を用い、化学基礎の教科書の「化学反応の量的関係(炭酸カルシウムと塩酸の反応により、二酸化炭素が生成する)」のマイクロスケール実験を開発してきた。2020年 2月末の新型コロナウイルス感染拡大防止のための全国の …

    神戸女学院大学 教職センター研究紀要 = Journal of Center for Teacher Education, Kobe College (4), 27-34, 2021-03-11

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  • Research on Policy Trends in the Field of Special Needs Education: An Analysis of Policy Indicators for EBPM in the Basic Plan for the Promotion of Education  [in Japanese]

    武富 博文

    全国47の都道府県を対象に、各自治体が公表する教育振興基本計画に該当する教育計画を収集し、特別支援教育の推進に関連する政策指標を抽出した上でKJ 法により分類を行った。結果から、自治体では、国の第三期教育振興基本計画に位置付けられた測定指標である「個別の教育支援計画・個別の指導計画の作成率」をはじめ、それら以外にも「特別支援学校高等部卒業生の就労率」、「特別支援教育に関する教員研修の実施率や受講率 …

    広島大学大学院人間社会科学研究科附属特別支援教育実践センター研究紀要 (19), 111-124, 2021-03-01

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  • 補強土構造物の性能設計法に関する研究  [in Japanese]

    宮田 喜壽 , 野々山 栄人 , 市野 宏嘉

    Mirai : military-industry-research & development activities partnerships and international network : 防衛施設学会誌 (23), 44-48, 2021-03

  • Examination of autonomic activity and behavior during development using a mouse model of valproic acid  [in Japanese]

    請園 正敏 , 笠原 好之

    行動科学 = Behavioral science research 59(2), 37-45, 2021-03

  • RESEARCH ON EVALUATION OF ENVIRONMENT-CONSCIOUS ARCHITECTURE TO LOCAL ECONOMIC CIRCULARITY IN COLD CLIMATE REGION:Making regional input-output table and its application for verifying economic ripple effects of thick insulated housing  [in Japanese]

    IWAMA Yusuke , MORI Taro , ITO Norihiko

    … <p> Introduction</p><p> In 2015, the United Nations Summit adopted the Sustainable Development Goals. … To achieve these goals, the improvement of the living environment can contribute to many, because it affects a wide range of areas, such as poverty, health, equality, energy, sustainability, and climate change. … Furthermore, local cities in Hokkaido are facing population decreasing problems and exhausted fiscally. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (781), 249-258, 2021-03


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