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  • 〈Article〉Liberal Aspects of Sidgwick's Economic Ideas

    Daisuke Nakai

    … However, a transformation has taken place in the concern and evaluation of Sidgwick and his work in recent years. … Even so, why did he try to reshape orthodox political economy based on utilitarianism ? …

    生駒経済論叢 = Ikoma Journal of Economics 18(1), 1-22, 2020-07-31


  • THE ROLE OF POLITICS ON ARCHITECTURAL TRENDS IN CATALONIA, DURING THE 19<sup>th</sup> AND EARLY 20<sup>th</sup> CENTURIES:A study on architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch Part 2  [in Japanese]

    GOTO Katsuhiro , IRIE Masayuki , YAMAMURA Takeshi

    … Under the following points, we would like to summarize the most important parts of our findings.<br> 1) Already at the early stage of when he acquired his qualification as an architect did he realize that he would be able to reshape cities through the combination of his performance as an architect and politician in a local administration district.<br> 2) As an architect, his works included the intentional display of political messages. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (755), 251-259, 2019-01



    Pokorski Mieczyslaw

    … an organization that has been undertaking undaunting efforts for more than two decades to reshape the rehabilitation paradigm in the super-aging society of the contemporary world. … The IBRA has been one of the first to introduce the concept of motivated exercise into the modern physiotherapeutic work, particularly in neurological physical distress, in order to streamline the process of physical rehabilitation and to make the most of it from the standpoint of ever increasing medical, economical, and organizational needs. …

    BIOPHILIA 2019(1), 4, 2019


  • Special Issue on Augmented Prototyping and Fabrication for Advanced Product Design and Manufacturing

    Kanai Satoshi , Verlinden Jouke C.

    … <p>"Don't automate, augment!"</p><p>This is the takeaway of the seminal book on the future of work by Davenport and Kirby.<sup>*1</sup> … As an example of how AR/VR can reshape human skills training, the development report of Komizunai et al. …

    International Journal of Automation Technology 13(4), 451-452, 2019


  • Networking-up the collective which recovers the town as its territory: Creation, maintenance and change of citizen digital archive activities.  [in Japanese]

    NAKAMURA Masako

    <p>本論文では,「市民デジタルアーカイブ活動」を,一般市民がデジタル技術を活用して地域を自分のものとして再領有化しようとする試みの中で生まれる集合体の実践と定義した。全国の主要な活動団体に対して運営者を中心とするインタビューや参与観察などの方法を用いて調査を実施し,そのうち11の取り組みについて,実践を始めたきっかけや活動の成立と維持,社会的意義について検討した。</p> …

    Socio-Informatics 6(2), 31-47, 2018


  • Challenges to ethical nursing practice  [in Japanese]

    Mitchell Christine , 小西 恵美子 [訳] , 宮内 信治 [訳]

    <p>看護師は多くの場合、倫理は日常業務に直接活用できないと考えており、抽象的・学問的なものと捉えている。また、倫理の言葉や専門用語は、自分たちからは遠いものと認識し、実践で体験するごく普通の問題や、自分たちの判断や行いが正しいだろうかという悩みを言い表す言葉ではないと思っていることも多い。さらに、たとえ倫理について考える場合でも、看護における倫理的な問題や倫理的責任はわれわれの文化に …

    Journal of Japanese Nursing Ethics 9(1), 67-78, 2017

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Innovation for Economic Development:How it has reshaped the global economy  [in Japanese]

    SHINOZAKI Akihiko

    … We then illustrate, from an economic perspective, the manner in which new technology and subsequent innovation will reshape the workplace in the 21st century. … To benefit fully from innovation, we need to work together with technology, not compete against it. …

    The Journal of Science Policy and Research Management 32(1), 21-38, 2017


  • Innovation for Economic Development : How it has reshaped the global economy  [in Japanese]

    篠﨑 彰彦

    本稿では、「情報技術革新」「グローバル化」「人材の国際移動」をキーワードに、過去四半世紀のイノベーションとグローバル経済の発展を跡付けた後、今後の経済社会がどのように変容し得るかを論考した。これまでの研究により、技術革新をうまく活かせば、成熟した先進国も経済を再生させることは可能だが、そのためには「技術への投資」だけでなく「改革への投資」が欠かせないことが明らかとなっている。現在は、途上国を巻き込 …

    研究技術計画 = The journal of science policy and research management 32(1), 21-38, 2017


  • A Study on the Development of Bullying Prevention Programs in Extraclass Activities : Construction of human relationships fostered through class activities  [in Japanese]

    松岡 敬興 , 蜂谷 昌之

    … Each pupil was able to present his or her work, thus gain confidence and, it is believed, enhance his or her sense of achievement. … By coming to an understanding of themselves and each other, pupils got to know the other's good points and work their own way towards finding a solution in the case of a problem arising. …

    研究論叢. 第3部, 芸術・体育・教育・心理 66, 269-280, 2016


  • A Low-Complexity Down-Mixing Structure on Quadraphonic Headsets for Surround Audio

    CHANG Tai-Ming , SHIU Yi-Ming , CHANG Pao-Chi

    … This work presents a four-channel headset achieving a 5.1-channel-like hearing experience using a low-complexity head-related transfer function (HRTF) model and a simplified reverberator. … Since the HRTF has large memory and computation requirements, the common-acoustical-pole and zero (CAPZ) model can be used to reshape the lower-order HRTF model. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E96.A(7), 1526-1533, 2013


  • Estate of performers in Miryang-paekchung-nori  [in Japanese]

    Lee Seungsoo

    … Between 1970 and 1980, various people including one of the organizers planned to reshape the festival as a form of traditional entertainment, and their creative work was promoted. …

    Taiikugaku kenkyu (Japan Journal of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences) 47(6), 521-531, 2002


  • The Increasing Implementation of Early Retirement: Pushing to Reshape the Orientation of Formal Education in Japan

    Salgado-Mendoza Gloria Trinidad


    Kyoto University researches in higher education (6), 173-185, 2000


  • The Integration of Vocational and Academic Education in American High Schools : Focusing on the Analysis of W.N.Grubb's Concept of Integration  [in Japanese]

    NISHI Mie

    … <i>What Work Requires of Schools A SCANS Report for America 2000 {A SCANS Report)</i>, 3. … The School-to-Work Opportunities Act of 1994 (STWOA), 5. … As he mentions, the greatest ambition of integrating academic and vocational education is to reshape the whole high school, for all students and all teachers. …

    The Japanese Journal of Curriculum Studies 8(0), 87-100, 1999


  • A Introductory Note: The Multimedia-like Turn of the Study of International Politics:The Turn of International Relations Study in the Advent of Multimedia Age


    … Moreover, what we social scientists deal with are not scientific laws but social institutions which also work in multiple ways. … I strongly believe that we can reshape the study international politics by folowing this causal reasoning. …

    International Relations 1996(113), 1-7,L5, 1996


  • Transfigured Image-unveiling Rituals at Edo in the Late 18 Century  [in Japanese]

    湯浅 隆

    … By this the bakufu was able to reduce their own financial or material expenditures incurred by such repairs.Temples, on the other hand, were forced to work harder on collecting donations for repairing their own facilities.At about the middle of the eighteenth century, the public faith in Buddhism began to show some dwindling tendency, and accordingly the overall income of the temples from donations were reduced. … One of the successful plans designed by them was to reshape the image-unveiling event into an entertaining event. …

    国立歴史民俗博物館研究報告 = Bulletin of the National Museum of Japanese History (33), 171-191, 1991-03-30

    IR  DOI 

  • The present status and future problems of a self-supporting information company (<Special feature>Corporate libraries)  [in Japanese]

    NISHIDA Kinya

    最近,専門図書館におけるマネージメントが重要視されているが,それの一手段とも考えられる分社化について住友金属工業(株)のケースであるコスモ情報サービス(株)を紹介する。弊社は1987年2月に住友金属の「資料情報サービス室」をベースに約20名強にて分社化した会社で,分社化によるメリットを生かし,さらに自立して行けるように「資料センター」から『情報(バンク)』への脱皮を図り推進中である。そして経営資産 …

    The Journal of Information Science and Technology Association 41(11), 865-872, 1991


  • Experimental Study on the Reshape of a Plate Girder under Loading(Welding Mechanics, Strength & Design)

    HORIKAWA Kohsuke , SUZUKI Hiroyuki

    … This paper describes reshape works of a plate girder from uniform section to non-uniform section using gas cutting and welding under loading. …

    Transactions of JWRI 14(1), 185-191, 1985-07

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