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  • Sphingolipid Properties in Sake Rice Cultivars and Changes During Polishing and Brewing

    Yamashita Shinji , Higaki Chisato , Kanai Asuka , Kikuchi Nobuhiro , Suzuki Daisuke , Kinoshita Mikio , Miyazawa Teruo

    … This study investigated sphingolipids in sake rice (saka-mai) cultivars grown for sake (rice wine), and the changes in sphingolipids during polishing and brewing. … In six brown rice samples, there were no large differences of the base composition among Cer or GlcCer of cultivars, whereas there were differences in their sphingolipid contents. …

    Journal of Oleo Science 70(2), 203-212, 2021


  • Research on the Critical Risk Factors Affecting the Traceability of Food Supply Chain A Case Study on Chinese Infant Accessory Food Industry

    MA He , FUYUKI Katsuhito

    農村経済研究 = Journal of rural society and economics 38(2), 96-105, 2020-11

  • The Craft Villages of Rural Industry in Red River Delta, North Vietnam : A Case Study of Rice Paper Rural Industry in Cheu Village, Ha Nam Province  [in Japanese]

    齋藤 鮎子

    … The industrialization of farm villages, including the local industry, is performed as a part of the farm villages' development policy, which has beenflourishing from early the 1990s, to solve the problems in rural areasthat experiencedrapid economic growth after the Doi Moi policy was introduced in Vietnam. … The rural industry (cottage industry) that isspecialized in the production of specific farm village industry products in rural areasis referred to asacraft village. …

    関西大学東西学術研究所紀要 = Bulletin of the Institute of Oriental and Occidental Studies, Kansai University (53), 173-206, 2020-04

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  • Vicissitudes of Rice : A History of Guyana's Rice Industry

    GILLETTE Raulston , SAKAI Norio

    … The rice industry of Guyana is one of the main contributors to the nation's GDP and has encountered many obstacles relating to trade, management, globalization, and strategic development.This paper intends to achieve the following: 1) ascertain the reasons for the initiation of the rice industry in Guyana; … 2)identify the institutions that have shaped the industry; …

    鹿児島大学農学部学術報告 = Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture, Kagoshima University (70), 25-44, 2020-03-30


  • Evaluation of fly ash, apatite and rice straw derived-biochar in varying combinations forinsituremediation of soils contaminated with multiple heavy metals

    Dang Van Minh , Van Huu Tap , Duong Hoa Thi Minh , Nguyen Duy Hai , Chao Huan-Ping , Nguyen Lan Huong , Lin Chu-Ching

    Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 66(2), 379-388, 2020-02-11


  • Tribological Properties of Polyacetal Resin Filled with RB Ceramics Particles under Long-Term Friction in Water  [in Japanese]


    … <p>In the recent years, a water-lubrication system has attracted attention in industry fields instead of an oil-lubrication system to prevent environmental pollution. … Rice bran ceramics (RBC) is a hard-porous material made from rice bran showing superior tribological properties, which was developed by the authors group. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2020(0), S11533, 2020


  • The Potential of Fractionated Rice Bran Protein Hydrolysates as Antioxidative and Anti-Inflammatory Agents

    CHANPUT Wasaporn , LAWYER Richard

    … <p>Rice bran is generally used as animal feed despite containing numerous nutritional compounds. … Small peptides possessing high antioxidant activity can be obtained from rice bran protein via enzymatic hydrolysis. … Immune-modulating and antioxidative activity of rice bran protein hydrolysates from crude rice bran protein and its fractions were studied. …

    Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology 66(Supplement), S349-S355, 2020


  • Tropical Oil Blending and Their Effects on Nutritional Content and Physicochemical Properties during Deep Fat Frying

    KITTIPONGPITTAYA Ketinun , PANYA Atikorn , PRASOMSRI Thichapat , SUEAPHET Phattraphorn

    … Tropical vegetable oils, including rice bran oil, coconut oil, and palm oil were blended at ratios of 20 : 20 : 60, 25 : 25 : 50, 30 : 30 : 40, and 35 : 35 : 30 (v/v/v), respectively, and tested for their performance in deep frying French fries at 180ºC for 8 h. … The nutritional content of the blended oils increased with the rice bran oil and coconut oil ratio, including polyunsaturated fatty acids, α-tocopherol and γ-oryzanol. …

    Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology 66(Supplement), S206-S214, 2020


  • Lignin Metabolic Engineering in Grass Biomass Plants for Primary Lignin Valorization  [in Japanese]

    Umezawa Toshiaki

    <p>再生可能資源の内,最も蓄積量の多い木質(リグノセルロース)バイオマスからの工業原材料生産に関する必要性と関心が,近年世界的に頓に高まっている。木質多糖の成分利用については,セルロースナノファイバーなど高次構造を生かした利用技術開発や糖化発酵技術開発が進展しているが,リグニンの大規模利用は,長きに亘りパルプ廃液リグニンの燃料・分散剤・粘結剤としての利用などに限られてきた。このリグニ …

    JAPAN TAPPI JOURNAL 74(11), 1067-1070, 2020


  • Enhanced Biocontrol Performance through DNA Technology in the Paper Making Industry  [in Japanese]

    Tu Wen Li , Rice Laura

    <p>本研究では,ハイスループット配列決定技術とメタゲノミクスを用いて,製紙プロセスにおけるバイオフィルム形成細菌を同定した。バイオフィルム形成につながったバクテリアの分類学的分類を評価した。問題のある細菌をグループ化し,リアルタイムポリメラーゼ連鎖反応(qPCR)を用いて定量した。メタゲノミクスおよびqPCRに基づく,製紙プロセスにおける原因細菌の同定および検出するこの技術は,メタゲ …

    JAPAN TAPPI JOURNAL 74(9), 899-903, 2020


  • How the Landless Households Survive in Myanmar's Central Dry Zone: Focusing on the Role of Interlinked Credit Transaction between Toddy Palm Climbers and Traders  [in Japanese]

    Hnin Yu Lwin , Okamoto Ikuko , Fujita Koichi

    … <p>Myanmar has a large number of rural landless households, even in the Central Dry Zone (CDZ) which does not have extensive rice cultivation. … A hypothesis which explains it is that the palm sugar (jaggery) production industry has historically absorbed the labor in this zone. … Although the industry has been in decline in recent years due to the sluggish demand growth for jaggery and a lack of palm climbers, in some areas the industry is still active. …

    Asian and African Area Studies 20(1), 65-91, 2020

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  • Effect of Free Trade Agreements on the Structure of Korean Livestock Farming  [in Japanese]

    TAKAYASU Yuichi

    … Second, many farmers raising small herds of beef cattle on the side, while cultivating rice, have exited the beef cattle business. … Numerous small-scale operations consisted of farmers raising beef cattle in addition to their main business of growing rice and other crops. …

    Studies in Regional Science 50(1), 1-17, 2020


  • Foods with Function Claim in the fifth year and the use in agricultural products  [in Japanese]

    Maeda-Yamamoto Mari

    <p>2015 年に施行された機能性表示食品制度は,生鮮食品も対象となった届け出制で「身体の特定の部位の表現」や「主観的な指標による評価」が認められた.2020 年3 月16 日現在2,801 品目あり,そのうち生鮮食品では,みかん(機能性関与成分はβ-クリプトキサンチン;骨の健康の維持),大豆もやし(イソフラボン;骨の健康の維持),リンゴ(プロシアニジン;体脂肪低減),メロン,ブドウ …

    Functional Food Research 16(0), n/a, 2020


  • Induction of mutation in <i>Monascus purpureus</i> isolated from Thai fermented food to develop low citrinin-producing strain for application in the red koji industry

    Ketkaeo Sittichoke , Sanpamongkolchai Werasit , Morakul Sumallika , Baba Shuichiro , Kobayashi Genta , Goto Masatoshi

    … <p>Red koji is produced from cultivating rice with <i>Monascus</i> …

    The Journal of General and Applied Microbiology 66(3), 163-168, 2020


  • Effects of Dietary Ethanol Extracts from Sake Rice and Sake Lees on Intestinal Impairment in Mice

    Yamashita Shinji , Hata Mariko , Kikuchi Nobuhiro , Kinoshita Mikio , Miyazawa Teruo

    … we compared the effects of ethanol extracts from sake rice (SR) and sake lees (SL) on colon impairment in mice. …

    Journal of Oleo Science 69(8), 929-939, 2020


  • Cooking and Eating Qualities of <i>Phka Rumduol</i>, A Leading Variety of Cambodian Rice

    Thong Kong , Sopheap Ek , Egi Nobuko , Hirao Kazuko , Saio Kyoko

    … <p>The cooking and eating qualities of <i>Phka Rumduol</i>, a leading rice variety in Cambodia, were examined in comparison to <i>Phka Malis</i> … A questionnaire conducted before the sensory evaluation revealed that Cambodian panelists enjoyed eating cooked rice more than 2 times per day. … These results confirm the importance of rice in the diet of Cambodians.</p> …

    Food Science and Technology Research 26(3), 373-379, 2020


  • Market Channels of Large Rice Farms and the Impacts of Direct Marketing on Sales  [in Japanese]

    FUJIE Takeshi , SENDA Tetsuji

    … The purpose of this article is to investigate the structure of market channels and the impacts of the direct marketing on farm sales, focusing on the top one percent rice farms (large rice farms). … Firstly, more than half the large rice farms used multiple marketing channels and the number of market channels used were increasing. …

    Journal of Food System Research 27(1), 17-31, 2020


  • Relationships between Diversification and Management Activity Characteristics of Agricultural Corporations  [in Japanese]

    ITO Masayuki

    … The factors identified are based on the analysis of a questionnaire survey of 244 agricultural corporations that produce vegetables,fruit,or rice. … Such management was observed to have significant distribution differences in terms of the presence or absence of diversification activities in the following four items: increase in the number of full-time employees,expansion of the market,expansion of role in local same-industry networks,and expansion of local cooperation with entities in other industries.</p> …

    Journal of Rural Economics 91(4), 460-465, 2020


  • Rice Qualities in Cambodian Markets: Market Survey on Qualities of <i>Phka Rumduol</i> and <i>Somali</i> in Takeo, Phnom Penh and Battambang, Cambodia

    Sopheap Ek. , Saio Kyoko , Bunhor Leng , Mithona An , Seiha Thor , Setka Sao , Borarin Buntong , Thong Kong , Thavrak Hout , Egi Nobuko

    Rice qualities and grade of the two varieties among three markets in each of the three locations were rather stable. … Grain size and grain grade were generally higher in the rice from Battambang Province. … Rice qualities between the two varieties showed a tendency for <i>Phka Rumduol</i> … Sensory evaluation by local panelists showed that all cooked rice was highly evaluated in grain dimension, whiteness, hardness, aroma and favorability. …

    Food Science and Technology Research 26(2), 223-233, 2020


  • Suitable Levels of Grain Yield and Yield Components of "Akebono", a Rice Cultivar Mainly Produced for the Food Service Industry  [in Japanese]

    Watanabe Takehiro

    <p>業務用向け水稲品種「アケボノ」の安定多収化による生産農家の所得向上を図る上で,目指すべき収量とその到達の目安となる収量構成要素を,岡山県における圃場栽培試験で実際に得られた値から検討した.試験は2016年~2018年の3か年実施し,施肥量を段階的に変えた試験区を設けて倒伏程度,収量,収量構成要素および検査等級を調査した.その結果,登熟期が記録的な寡照条件であった2018年を除き, …

    Japanese Journal of Crop Science 89(2), 162-171, 2020


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