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  • Japanese Golden Eagle Conservation Science: Current Status and Future Needs

    OGDEN Rob , OSAFUNE Yuki , SAITO Keisuke , SATO Yu , THOMPSON Des , MURAYAMA Miho , FUKUDA Tomokazu , FUNO Takayuki , KOMATSU Mamoru , MAEDA Taku , MEREDITH Anna , MIURA Masaya , NATSUKAWA Haruki , ONUMA Manabu

    … According to current trends in census size and reproduction, the Japanese golden eagle (<i>Aquila chrysaetos japonica</i>) is at risk of extinction this century, leading the Japanese government to recognize the subspecies as endangered. … It is now the focus of national conservation efforts, yet gaps remain in our knowledge regarding the reasons for the observed population decline and how best to improve the situation. …

    Japanese Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 25(1), 9-28, 2020


  • Endangered island endemic plants have vulnerable genomes

    Hamabata Tomoko , Kinoshita Gohta , Kurita Kazuki , Cao Ping-Lin , Ito Motomi , Murata Jin , Komaki Yoshiteru , Isagi Yuji , Makino Takashi

    … Loss of genetic diversity is known to decrease the fitness of species and is a critical factor that increases extinction risk. … However, there is little evidence for higher vulnerability and extinction risk in endangered species based on genomic differences between endangered and non-endangered species. …

    Communications Biology (2), 2019-06-27


  • Predicting population level impacts of 4-nonylphenol based on Medaka Extended One-Generation Reproduction Test (MEOGRT)  [in Japanese]

    FUJIMOTO Shingo , NAGAI Takashi , IWASAKI Yuichi , KAMO Masashi

    … <p>In this study, we assessed the population-level impacts of 4-nonylphenol (NP) on medaka fish based on a population matrix model developed and results of the medaka extended one-generation test (MEOGRT). … The concentration-response relationships for the number of fertilized egg and the survival rate were estimated from results of the MEOGRT and were incorporated into the population model. …

    Japanese Journal of Environmental Toxicology 22(1), 1-11, 2019


  • The roles of serotonin 5-HT<sub>2C</sub> receptor in locomotor activity, anxiety, and fear memory  [in Japanese]

    Nebuka Mao , Ohmura Yu , Yoshioka Mitsuhiro

    … However, the results of locomotor activity and anxiety in 5-HT<sub>2C </sub>receptor knockout mice are mixed, and the effects of 5-HT<sub>2C </sub>receptor knockout on fear memory have not yet been addressed. … We revealed that the higher locomotor activity in 5-HT<sub>2C </sub>receptor knockout mice is observed only in the late phase of the test. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 92(0), 2-P-016, 2019


  • Evaluation of Genetic Diversity of <i>Toxicodendron vernicifluum</i> Planted in Japan Using EST-SSR and Genetic SSR Markers  [in Japanese]

    Watanabe Atsushi , Tamura Miho , Izumi Yuichiro , Yamaguchi Rimi , Iki Taiichi , Tabata Masanobu

    … <p>Genetic diversity of <i>Toxicodendron vernicifluum</i> … trees planted in Japan was evaluated using two types of simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers: expressed sequenced tag (EST)-SSRs and genomic SSRs. … These eight EST-SSR markers and seven genomic SSR markers were used to characterize genetic diversity and genetic structure among nine stands of <i>T. …

    Journal of the Japanese Forest Society 101(6), 298-304, 2019


  • Facing to the Crisis of Human Extinction  [in Japanese]

    TOGAWA Tatsuo

    … <p>Our human race is now facing to the greatest mass extinction in the whole history of life. … The author, who have been involved in the field of biomedical engineering, worried the fate of our species and published some papers and monographs in which various risk factors possibly relating to human extinction were discussed. …

    Transactions of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering 57(4-5), 131-136, 2019


  • Overview of Genomic Medical Research and Future Prospects  [in Japanese]

    HATA Akira

    … The incredible speed at which research into the human genome has recently progressed has led to the widespread use of genomic data in clinical settings. … genomic data will be considered outdated and will pose a high risk of legal action. … In this lecture, I discuss several topics: 1.the progress of human genomic research, 2. … as just one of the many species on Earth; …


    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Long-term persistence of agricultural pest insects by risk-spreading dispersal

    Gavina Maica Krizna Areja , Aoki Kotaro , Ichinose Genki , Rabajante Jomar Fajardo , Ito Hiromu , Morita Satoru , Jansen Vincent A. A. , Yoshimura Jin

    Ecological research 33(5), 1031-1037, 2018-09

  • Taxonomic monograph of Oxygyne (Thismiaceae), rare achlorophyllous mycoheterotrophs with strongly disjunct distribution

    Cheek Martin , Tsukaya Hirokazu , Rudall Paula J. , Suetsugu Kenji

    … (Thismiaceae) is a rare and little-known genus of achlorophyllous mycoheterotrophic perennial herbs with one of the most remarkable distributions of all angiosperm plant genera globally, being disjunct between Japan and West–Central Africa. … frankei Cheek from gallery forest in the Central African Republic, representing the first new Oxygyne species described from Africa in 112 years, and raising the number of described Oxygyne species from four to six. …

    PeerJ (6), e4828, 2018-05-23


  • Evolution of Complex Asexual Reproductive Strategies in Jellyfish

    Nicolas Azaña Schnedler-Meyer , Simone Pigolotti , Patrizio Mariani

    … Many living organisms in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems rely on multiple reproductive strategies to reduce the risk of extinction in variable environments. … Examples are provided by the polyp stage of several bloom-forming jellyfish species, which can reproduce asexually using different budding strategies. … Similar functional strategies are also present in other groups of species. …

    The American Naturalist 192(1), 72-80, 2018-04-30


  • Extinction risk for elasmobranchs  [in Japanese]

    魚類学雑誌 = Japanese journal of ichthyology 65(1), 109-111, 2018-04-25

  • Forest Vertebrate Fauna and Local Knowledges Among the Tandroy People in Berenty Researve, Southern Madagascar: A Preliminary Study


    … We studied the forest vertebrate fauna of Berenty Reserve and the local Tandroy people's knowledge of these species. … In spite of the reserve's small size, it has the largest remaining gallery forest in the region. … Based on a review of previous reports and our observations, we created a list of forest vertebrate species recorded in the reserve: 27 mammals, 106 birds, 46 reptiles, and 6 amphibians. …

    African study monographs. Supplementary issue. (54), 115-135, 2018-03

    IR  DOI 

  • The Study of a System for Capturing the Space Debris  [in Japanese]

    MATSUMOTO Ryota , NAKATANI Shintaro , NISHIDA Shin-Ichiro

    … <p>Since the number of space-debris (hereinafter, referred to as "debris") in earth orbit is increasing year after year. … High risk of collision that debris and operational satellites. … Peculiarly, the density of low orbits is high. … However it requires a lot of time. … Orbits of altitude of 800 or higher, it'll be necessary for hundreds of years. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2018(0), G1500102, 2018


  • Natural Hybridization between the Endangered Herb <i>Artemisia gilvescens </i>(Asteraceae) and the Common Congener, <i>Artemisia indica </i>var. <i>maximowiczii </i>in Japan

    Yamashiro Tadashi , Ogawa Makoto , Yamashiro Asuka , Maki Masayuki

    … PCRRFLP analysis of the ITS regions revealed that 35, 34, and 29 individuals were <i>A. … Based on a principal component analysis of six leaf characters, <i>A. … Although many hybrid individuals were plotted in the space between the clusters of <i>A. … The percentage of stainable pollen grains (79.2 ± 22.4%) in the putative F1 hybrids was comparable to results in the parental species (80.1 ± 10.9% in <i>A. …

    Acta phytotaxonomica et geobotanica 69(2), 109-117, 2018


  • Effects of aquatic contaminants on immune system in aquatic organisms and ecological risk  [in Japanese]

    KATAOKA Chisato , KASHIWADA Shosaku

    … <p>Effects of anthropogenic pollution on aquatic environment have been concerned because some of pollutants have toxicities to aquatic organisms including immunotoxicity. … Because immune system is responsible for biological defense and maintenance of good health, toxic effects of chemicals on immune system would decline health condition of organisms. …

    Japanese Journal of Environmental Toxicology 20(1), 1-19, 2017


  • Production of Multiple Shoots in Culture of Aquatic Plant Nymphoides indica Tissues and Cryopreservation  [in Japanese]

    UEHARA Ayumi , IIDZUKA Kaho , MIKUNI Tomoyo , KURIYAMA Akira

    … Leaf segments of Nymphoides indica, which is at risk of extinction, were cultured on MS medium containing3% (w/v) sucrose and different concentrations of thidiazuron and naphthalene acetic acid. … This means that making multiple shoots culture might be one of suitable ways forpropagation of rare or endangered plant species. …

    Cryobiology and Cryotechnology 63(2), 165-168, 2017


  • Population decline in unionid mussels in the Matsuyama Plain, Ehime Prefecture  [in Japanese]

    Kuwahara Akihiro , Matsuba Hideki , Inoue Mikio , Hata Hiroki

    … Unionid mussel is a key taxon for conservation of freshwater biodiversity. … Four species of unionids, Nodularia douglasiae nipponensis, Pronodularia japanensis, <i>Sinanodonta lauta</i>, and <i>S. … japonica</i>, inhabit the Matsuyama Plain of Ehime Prefecture, Japan. … The distributions of three taxa (<i>N. …

    Japanese Journal of Conservation Ecology 22(1), 91-103, 2017


  • Development of Measurement Instrument for Optical Properties of Human Skin in Vivo  [in Japanese]

    Kono Takahiro , Yamada Jun

    … <p>In order to measure the optical properties of human skin in vivo, we developed a practical instrument that provides simple, prompt, and accurate measurements. … RSPM can measure optical properties over a wide wavelength range, but it carries the risk of aberrations in the optical system that decrease measurement accuracy. …

    Netsu Bussei 31(2), 72-80, 2017


  • Genetic diversity of the Yonaguni horse based on polymorphisms in microsatellites and mitochondrial DNA

    SENJU Natsuko , TOZAKI Teruaki , KAKOI Hironaga , SHINJO Akihisa , MATSUYAMA Ryota , ALMUNIA Julio , TAKASU Masaki

    … <p>Thirty-two microsatellites and a mitochondrial DNA haplotypes of endangered Yonaguni horses were analyzed to establish a pedigree registration system and to understand their genetic diversity for planning effective conservation. … Blood samples were collected from 78 of the 130 horses in existence, and DNA was extracted and genotyped. …

    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 79(2), 425-431, 2017

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Review : Positive and Negative Effects on Nature Resources by Tourism  [in Japanese]

    松本 晶子 , Matsumoto-Oda Akiko

    … The purpose of this study is to review positive and negative effects of tourism on wildlife conservation from ecological viewpoints. … In Japanese tourism markets, a share of cultural heritages is known to be large. … On the other hand, both of nature-based tourism and ecotourism have been very popular leisure activities in Europe and North America, becoming a business worth millions of dollars annually. …

    観光科学 = Journal of Tourism Sciences (8), 15-27, 2016-12-01


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