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  • Mathematical programming models for road repair scheduling—On aging bridges in Japan—

    KOICHI Shungo

    … This paper proposes two mathematical programming models to deal with a scheduling problem on the renovation of several roads that need to be repaired by a certain date. … A typical example of the scheduling problem is the one for aging and deteriorating bridges in Japan. … Our idea behind the formulation of the models is that, if one optimizes a set of roads simultaneously under repair, then the influence on traffic can be minimized. …

    Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design, Systems, and Manufacturing 10(3), JAMDSM0046-JAMDSM0046, 2016


  • Optimal long/middle term planning of public activities using memetic algorithm

    Nakatsu Koichiro , Furuta Hitoshi , Hattori Hiroshi , Ishibashi Ken , Ogura Shota

    … MA can obtain the solutions which satisfy all constraints by adopting the repair of gene. …

    Kozo Kogaku Ronbunshu. A (Journal of Structural Engineering. A) (56A), 206-216, 2010


  • Building-up of system toward efficiency-enhancement in maintenance-controlling field and its effect

    Mitsuhashi Yoshihiro , Shimizu Kimitoshi

    供用区間における維持修繕工事及び保守点検業務などに係る作業は、連日実施され、交通流に影響を与える交通規制を伴うものがほとんどであり、道路利用者や沿道住民へ多大な影響与えることになる。このため、維持管理作業に対する予定及び実績の管理は、関係機関との調整をとりながら、正確かつ効率的に行われなければならないが、そのことに多大な労力と時間を要していたのが現状である。<BR>名古屋高速道路公社に …

    Journal of Construction Management, JSCE (13), 325-336, 2006


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