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  • Scale-model tests of railway rolling noise

    SUEKI Takeshi , KITAGAWA Toshiki , YAMAZAKI Toru

    … <p>The rolling noise generated by railway vehicles was evaluated in scale-model tests. … The similarity relations associated with wheel/rail noise were derived and the full-scale phenomena were estimated from the scale-model tests. …

    Mechanical Engineering Journal, 2019


  • Easy Hall position sensor fault-tolerant control algorithm for brushless DC drives

    Lv Degang , Li Song , Du Zeyuan

    … After that, Hall signal noise is analyzed between sampling periods, and a correction machine to filter Hall noise and compensate the filter delay is proposed. …

    IEICE Electronics Express 16(6), 20181004-20181004, 2019


  • Rolling Bearing Diagnosis Based on Deep Learning Enhanced by Various Dataset Training  [in Japanese]

    YOSHIMATSU Osamu , SATOU Yoshihiro , SHIBASAKI Kenichi

    … Furthermore, it is proved that the extracted feature is still available even though the waveforms were contaminated with white noise. …

    The Proceedings of the Symposium on Evaluation and Diagnosis 2018.17(0), 109, 2018


  • Observation of Change in Cavitation in Traction Drive Under High Peripheral Velocity and High pressure  [in Japanese]

    TAIRA Hayato , OCHIAI Masayuki

    … <p>Traction drive is a device that transmits power by interposing lubricating oil between two rolling elements. … Since the traction drive has characteristics of low vibration and low noise, it is expected to be adopted as a reduction gear of a joint of a robot and a drive system of a car. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2018(0), S1110601, 2018


  • Identification of Aerodynamic Bogie Noise in High-speed Trains  [in Japanese]

    UDA Toki , MURATA Kaoru , KITAGAWA Toshiki

    Noise generated from Shinkansen trains mainly consists of wheel/rail noise, bridge noise and aerodynamic noise. … Generally rolling and bridge noises increase in proportional to the second to third power of the train speed, whereas the aerodynamic noise increases in proportional to the sixth to eighth power of the train speed. … Then, the aerodynamic noise becomes dominant at above 300km/h. …

    The Proceedings of the Symposium on Environmental Engineering 2018.28(0), 108, 2018


  • Novel Monitoring and Diagnosis Method for Low-speed Rolling Bearings of Bucket Elevators Using Auto-regressive Model in Frequency Domain Under High Noise Environments  [in Japanese]

    太田 博光 , 松田 弦也 , 町島 祐一 , 福永 哲 , 松山 恵也

    日本設備管理学会誌 = Journal of the Society of Plant Engineers Japan 29(2), 75-83, 2017-07

  • Development of rolling bearing diagnostics for escalators by using the portable AE diagnosis instrument and its field verification  [in Japanese]

    TANI Masanobu , YAMADA Tetsuya , ODA Masahiro , FUCHIGAMI Yoshiki , HASHIMOTO Hiroshi

    … First, meshing noise from the sprocket was frequently overlapped to the AE signal, which caused high values of E_area even for good bearings. … The newly developed noise removal procedures were added to evaluation of E_area to greatly alleviate the situation. …

    The Proceedings of the Elevator, Escalator and Amusement Rides Conference 2017(0), 102, 2017


  • Study of noise reduction for railway gear systems under high-speed conditions  [in Japanese]

    SASAKURA Minoru , SHIMAMURA Kazunori , NAZAKI Yoshihiko , MIKAMI Keiji , ONO Hiroshi , SEKIKAWA Shoko , IWANAMI Ken , SHIMAMUNE Ryohei

    … We introduce about study of low noise gear system technique of Sinkansen. … The spheroidal graphite cast iron gear aimed at the decreased of the vibration from the meshing vibration of the gear of the driveline system in the railway vehicle and the noise source. … In the noise testing result of the driveline system gear reduced model that used the spheroidal graphite cast iron, the meshing volume of the gear of 20-25% was reduced. …

    The Proceedings of the Dynamics & Design Conference 2017(0), 401, 2017



    TOYOGUCHI Yosuke , TOZAKI Yasuyoshi , OOBA Hirokazu

    … General speed reducer has been required small sized, highly efficient, low-noise, and lowcost. … In this study, we developed speed reducer with small-scale and low-noise by combining traction drive with rolling bearing and epicyclic speed reducer. …

    The Proceedings of the JSME international conference on motion and power transmissions 2017(0), 10-09, 2017


  • Estimation methods for aerodynamic noise generated from the bogie section of Shinkansen trains by using wind tunnel test  [in Japanese]

    YAMAZAKI Nobuhiro , KITAGAWA Toshiki , UDA Toki , KURITA Takeshi , WAKABAYASHI Yusuke , NISHIURA Takanobu

    … <p>A method has been developed for predicting the aerodynamic noise from the bogie of a high-speed train using a two-dimensional microphone array in a low-noise wind tunnel. … First, the mean velocity distribution of flow was simulated precisely in the low-noise wind tunnel. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 83(851), 17-00146-17-00146, 2017


  • <b>Application of Piezoelectric Rubber Sensor for Rolling Stock</b>

    MAMADA Shogo , YAGUCHI Naoyuki , YAMANAKA Sho , NOGIMURA Ryo , ASAHINA Mineyuki , OKAMURA Yoshiaki

    … Therefore, the authors investigated the applicability of flexible rubber for pinching sensors to detect foreign objects between the edges of closing doors and for defect detection on rolling stock axle bearings. …

    Quarterly Report of RTRI 58(1), 43-49, 2017


  • Grease Lubrication Technology for Reducing Noise in Rolling Bearings  [in Japanese]

    三宅 一徳 , 古橋 資丈 , 吉崎 浩二

    JTEKT engineering journal (1014), 29-38, 2016-10

  • Evaluation of impact noise due to rail joints using the scale model testing  [in Japanese]

    SUEKI Takeshi

    … <p>An attempt to evaluate the impact noise due to rail joints was carried out by using the scale model tests. … The derivation of law of similarity related to wheel/rail noise was made and actual phenomena can be estimated by the scale model tests. … In the running test it is shown that the acoustic power of the impact noise is proportional to the power of 2.3 of wheel speed and it is possible that impact noise due to rail joints is simulated by the scale model test. …

    The Proceedings of the Dynamics & Design Conference 2016(0), 335, 2016


  • Experimental Study on Vibration and Noise of the Railroad Gear Unit using ODS and Beamforming Method  [in Japanese]

    SASAKURA Minoru , KONISI Masayuki , MIKAMI Keiji , TAKASHIGE Tatsuro , CHO Emiko , IWANAMI Ken , SHIMAMUNE Ryohei , ONO Hiroshi , MAEKAWA Sumitaka , BOUTEILLE Francois , HAGURA Morihito

    … Particularly, the noise generated from gear case become high correlation in 1st meshing vibration occor from the pinion and gear. …

    The Proceedings of the Dynamics & Design Conference 2016(0), 334, 2016


  • A design of Helmholtz resonator attached to a cavity considering viscous damping at throat  [in Japanese]

    YAMAMOTO Takashi

    … <p>Pattern noise generated at contact surface of rolling tire should be suppressed to secure comfort of passenger in vehicle compartment. … Frequency of pattern noise ranges around 1 kHz, therefore quarter wave length side branch is too long to design at tread surface of tire. … Recently, Helmholtz resonator has been applied to reduce peak level of pattern noise. …

    The Proceedings of the Dynamics & Design Conference 2016(0), 448, 2016


  • Long term survey on rail roughness and wayside noise  [in Japanese]

    TANAKA Shin-ichiro , KITAGAWA Toshiki , KAJITA Toshio , SHIMIZU Kenta

    … <p>Rail grinding has been widely carried out both to remove rail deterioration-rail shelling and to reduce rolling noise. … In order to investigate the relationship between rail roughness and wayside noise, the measurements of rail roughness and wayside noise have been carried out for 27 months. …

    The Proceedings of the Symposium on Environmental Engineering 2016.26(0), 135, 2016


  • A Factorial Experiment for Determining Tire Performance Targets of Passenger Cars  [in Japanese]

    Tanaka Katsunori , Morita Shinichi

    … In the initial stage of vehicle development, tire characteristics that influences vehicle performance such as fuel economy, noise vibration, ride comfort, driving stability and brake performance are considered by car manufacturers. … To determine reasonable performance targets, it is important to estimate the tire characteristics such as mass, rolling resistance, natural frequency, vertical stiffness, cornering power and friction coefficient. …

    Transactions of Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan 47(5), 1117-1122, 2016


  • History of Application of CAE to Tire  [in Japanese]

    NAKAJIMA Yukio

    … <br/>The computational mechanics will be applied in multi-disciplinary area and nano-scale area to create a new technology of the environmental subjects such as rolling resistance (RR), noise and wear. …

    NIPPON GOMU KYOKAISHI 89(6), 151-156, 2016


  • Study on dynamic characteristics of rolling agricultural tire (Identification of lug excitation force)  [in Japanese]

    FUJITA Katsuhide , SAITO Takashi , KANEKO Mitsugu

    … When agricultural machines are operated on pavements, the vibration and noise caused by interaction between the tire lugs and the road surface are inevitable. … Therefore, it is important to investigate the lug excitation force occurring on a rolling agricultural tire in order to clarify the vibration generation mechanism. … In our previous study, it was confirmed that the dynamic behavior of a rolling tire is influenced by the vibration characteristics of the tire. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 82(837), 15-00656-15-00656, 2016


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