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  • Malaria infections among pregnant women attending antenatal clinic at Bududa hospital, eastern Uganda

    Kalyetsi Rogers , Nafungo Gertrude , Muwanguzi Enoch

    … Two hundred fifty two participants were selected usingconsecutive simple non probability sampling on consenting. … Capillary blood samples werecollected. … Routine malaria screening in symptomatic andasymptomatic malaria infections in pregnancy for early diagnoses and prevent transmissionis vital. …

    The Journal of Protozoology Research 29(1-2), 44-50, 2019

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  • Peripheral blood and cytology smear examination as a diagnostic tool in large animal medicine  [in Japanese]

    Neo S.

    … The peripheral blood smear examination is a routine laboratory test in large animal medicine. … In order to make good smears, care must be taken to avoid any preanalytical errors, which can occur during sampling, smearing and staining. … Ideal blood and cytologic smears have appropriate cellular distribution and a low number of broken cells and are stained with Romanowskytype stain, with which the evaluators are familiar. …

    Japanese Journal of Large Animal Clinics 9(Supple), 199-206, 2019

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  • The Interaction between Sildenafil and Phenobarbital in Infants with Congenital Heart Defects

    Ziesenitz Victoria C , Grommes Sabine , Koch Gilbert , Burhenne Juergen , Mikus Gerd , Van Den Anker Johannes N , Haefeli Walter E , Gorenflo Matthias

    … The objective of this study was to assess the interaction between sildenafil and phenobarbital using opportunistic blood sampling during routine in-patient treatment of children younger than 2 years of age. … Methods: After obtaining informed consent, remnant blood samples were analysed, using a validated LC-MS/MS assay, if collected within 8 h after the last oral sildenafil administration. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society WCP2018(0), PO2-15-19, 2018


  • Approaches of validation of a 2-week combined repeated oral dose toxicity study with plasma micro sampling toxicokinetics (PMS-TK) in common marmosets

    Mochizuki Hidemi , Murota Naoya , Sato Shin-ichi , Nii Kazuo , Kouhei Yoko , Taniguchi Masahiro , Inoue Ryo , Nishime Chiyoko , Tsutsumi Hideki

    … In addition to the routine parameters in repeated dose toxicity studies, safety pharmacology parameters (examinations of the central nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular systems) were also evaluated. … The Plasma Micro Sampling Toxicokinetics (PMS-TK) method required ultrasensitive quantitation, was employed to evaluate the relationship between toxic changes and plasma concentrations as well as the effects of frequent blood sampling in individual animals. …

    The Journal of Toxicological Sciences 43(11), 685-695, 2018

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  • Patient satisfaction survey in blood collection room and improvement of operation  [in Japanese]


    … <p>Since most outpatients have their blood drawn in a blood collection room, biomedical laboratory scientists should offer excellent medical services including collection technique, hospitality, comfort of the waiting room, and suitable waiting time. … In this study, we evaluated patient satisfaction with blood collection to improve the quality of our service to patients. …

    Japanese Journal of Medical Technology 67(5), 740-746, 2018

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  • Performance evaluation tests of lithium heparin tube with mechanical separator  [in Japanese]

    SUZUKI Miho , KIKUTA Marina , OGASAHARA Tomoe , SUGIYAMA Daisuke , HACHISUKA Yasuhiro , HAMAGUCHI Kouji , OKADA Gen , OSAWA Yukio

    … Plasma blood collection tube (Barricor) with a novel nongel mechanical separator instead of a gel separator was evaluated. … In this study, blood samples from healthy and normal adults were used to compare the product performance between Barricor, an existing rapid-clotting blood collection tube, and an existing blood plasma collection tube with a gel separator. …

    Japanese Journal of Medical Technology 67(1), 29-36, 2018

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  • Calibration and evaluation of routine methods by serum certified reference material for aldosterone measurement in blood

    Nishikawa Tetsuo , Shibata Hirotaka , Oki Yutaka , Naruse Mitsuhide , Sakurai Keiko , Sasamoto Hidehiko , Kuwa Katsuhiko , Omura Masao , Kawaguchi Migaku , Takatsu Akiko , Satoh Fumitoshi , Ito Sadayoshi , Kurihara Isao , Itoh Hiroshi , Yanase Toshihiko

    … We attempted to study the standardization of aldosterone measurement in blood. … The serum CRM demonstrated similar reactivity with peripheral blood plasma as clinical samples in routine methods (RM) of RIA, ELISA, and CLEIA. … Furthermore, the calibrated value using the serum CRM was 10,187 pg/mL, which corresponds to measured value of 14,000 pg/mL using RIA for the adrenal venous sampling. …

    Endocrine Journal 63(12), 1065-1080, 2016

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  • Development and Evaluation of Improved Challenge Diet Intended to Lighten Burden of Subjects  [in Japanese]

    Egawa Shigenobu , Baba Ikuko , Suminaka Chihiro , Sato Toshiyuki

    … We evaluated the effectiveness of our improved challenge diet by comparing its glycemic pattern with existing challenge diets, as well as from the responses of subjects to a questionnaire.<br><b>Methods: </b>We recruited ten volunteers who had not been previously diagnosed with diabetes and whose fasting blood glucose level was ≥ …

    Official Journal of Japan Society of Ningen Dock 30(3), 580-587, 2015

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  • Strategy for the precaution of vasovagal reactions (VVRs) during blood sampling in our healthcare center  [in Japanese]

    Awata Yuki , Kawasaki Emi , Ohtani Miyuki , Sakata Tomoko , Shinjo Yasuko , Nagata Mie , Ohno Hideki , Ohashi Shuichi

    …  BACKGROUND: Vasovagal reaction (VVR) is an adverse event such as drop in blood pressure, bradycardia, and nausea occurring during or after blood sampling. … VVR is one of the well-known reactions during blood sampling, and it could lead to faintness, convulsion, and incontinence. …

    Health Evaluation and Promotion 42(6), 623-628, 2015

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  • Neutralizing Antibody Response in Dogs and Cats Inoculated with Commercial Inactivated Rabies Vaccines

    SHIRAISHI Rikiya , NISHIMURA Masaaki , NAKASHIMA Ryuji , ENTA Chiho , HIRAYAMA Norio

    … In this study, we aimed to determine evaluated, such changes by using sera from experimental dogs and cats inoculated with the rabies vaccine, and we tested samples using the routine FAVN test. … However, inappropriate timing of blood sampling after vaccination could result in insufficient detected levels of neutralizing antibodies. …

    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 76(4), 605-609, 2014

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  • Fine Needle Nonaspiration Biopsy in Head and Neck Tumors  [in Japanese]

    ASHIMORI Naoki , HASHIMOTO Ayako , SUZUKI Takahiro

    … The causes of insufficient specimens were blood contamination in the thyroid tumor with FNA and some amount of cellular material in the lymph node with FNNA. … Double sampling may reduce inadequacy rates to low levels and be useful as a routine policy.<br> …

    Practica oto-rhino-laryngologica. Suppl. (136), 70-74, 2013-08-01

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  • Screening for Glucose Intolerance Using Minimally Invasive Glucose Monitoring System after Test Meal Loading  [in Japanese]

    Egawa Shigenobu , Sato Toshiyuki , Okada Seiki , Baba Ikuko

    … However, the indices used during routine health check-ups are relatively insensitive to glucose intolerance in the early stage. … The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of our newly developed method for measuring glucose area under curve (AUC) without blood sampling after test meal loading.<br><b>Methods:</b> …

    Official Journal of Japan Society of Ningen Dock 28(1), 71-77, 2013


  • Significance of trough monitoring for tacrolimus blood concentration and calcineurin activity in adult patients undergoing primary living-donor liver transplantation.

    Yano Ikuko , Masuda Satohiro , Egawa Hiroto , Sugimoto Mitsuhiro , Fukudo Masahide , Yoshida Yuko , Hashi Sachiyo , Yoshizawa Atsushi , Ogura Yasuhiro , Ogawa Kohei , Mori Akira , Kaido Toshimi , Uemoto Shinji , Inui Ken-Ichi

    … [Purpose] : Tacrolimus pharmacokinetics and calcineurin activity in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) were investigated in adult patients undergoing primary living-donor liver transplantation (LDLT) in order to clarify the significance of monitoring the tacrolimus blood trough concentration during the early post-transplantation period. … The concentration of tacrolimus in whole blood and calcineurin activity in PBMCs were measured. …

    European journal of clinical pharmacology 68(3), 259-266, 2012-03


  • The Incidence of Asymptomatic Hypertension in School Children

    Akgun Cihangir , Dogan Murat , Akbayram Sinan , Tuncer Oguz , Peker Erdal , Taskin Gökmen , Arslan Sükrü , Arslan Derya

    … Children in primary school were chosen with a randomized sampling method. … During measurement of blood pressure, a calm, comfortable setting was provided. … Blood pressure measurements were performed by only 1 researcher. … For accurate measurement of blood pressure, recommended standards were followed.<br> … Blood pressure measurements must be a part of routine clinical examinations. …

    Journal of Nippon Medical School 77(3), 160-165, 2010


  • Coexistence of Aldosterone-Producing Adrenocortical Adenoma and Pheochromocytoma in an Ipsilateral Adrenal Gland

    SAKAMOTO Noriko , SASANO Hironobu , TOJO Katsuyoshi , SAITO Takatoshi , FUJIMOTO Kei , ISAKA Tsuyoshi , TAJIMA Naoko , IKEDA Keiichi , YAMADA Hironori , FURUTA Nozomu

    Routine blood chemistry was normal except for hypokalemia. … Furthermore, selective adrenal venous sampling with intravenous ACTH infusion indicated aldosterone-producing adrenocortical adenoma (APA) in left adrenal gland. … During operation of adrenal tumor, blood pressure elevated markedly and complication of pheochromocytoma (PC) was suspected. …

    Endocrine Journal 56(2), 213-219, 2009


  • Evaluation of Immunoglobulin G Antibody Titer Measurement in the Simplified Test for Multiple Bacterial Infection in Periodontal Disease Based on Self-Sampling of Fingertip Capillary Blood:-Focusing on Porphyromonas gingivalis Antigen-

    Maehata Eisuke , Hatakeyama Ikuo , Inoue Minoru , Kouka Kunio , Adachi Tetsuo , Kishikawa Naoya , Kuroda Naotaka , Sugimoto Shinya , Watanabe Hiromi , Koga Kazumasa , Ikoshi Naoko , Maehata Yojiro , Shimizu Katsuhisa , Lee Masaichi-Cong-il , Kudo Chieko , Takashiba Shogo , Shimomura Hiroji , Yamakado Minoru , Yano Masao , Shiba Teruo

    … There has been a need for the introduction of self-sampled device-treated plasma using fingertip capillary blood in routine tests.<br>Methods Based on the report by Kudo et al. …

    Official Journal of Japan Society of Ningen Dock 22(6), 35-41, 2008

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  • Postoperative Blood Loss in Coronary Surgery No Real Impact of Fibrinolysis Detected by Thromboelastography and D-Dimers. A Prospective, Randomized Study:<b>No Real Impact of Fibrinolysis Detected by Thromboelastography and D-Dimers. A Prospective, Randomized Study</b>

    Snircova Jana , Jares Martin , Maly Marek , Straka Zbynek , Spegar Jan , Vanek Tomas

    … Although in many cardiac surgery centers pharmacological strategies based on fibrinolytic inhibitors are used on a routine basis, detailed knowledge of fibrinolysis during various settings of coronary surgery is still limited. …

    International Heart Journal 49(1), 25-38, 2008

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  • Present clinical issues about routine blood sampling in the NICU  [in Japanese]

    横尾 京子 , 楠田 聡 , 中込 さと子 [他] , 藤本 紗央里 , 村上 真理

    … The purpose of this study was to identify the present clinical issues about routine blood sampling in the NICU. …

    Journal of Japan Academy of Neonatal Nursing 13(3), 18-25, 2007-12

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    SUGIURA Sayoko , TAKAHASHI Isao , INOUE Chikako , TAKAYANAGI Miyuki , KAMIYA Tadashi

    … In several countries, however, extension of storage to 5 to 7 days has been implemented with routine bacterial testing. … Although bacterial screening methods effectively contribute to reducing transfusion-transmitted infections, attention should be paid to possible false-negative results, and their dependence on sampling time. …

    Japanese Journal of Transfusion and Cell Therapy 53(1), 35-42, 2007-02-26

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  • Detecting and imaging of blood vessel with near-infrared irradiation  [in Japanese]

    MIKAMI Roko , MORITA Masafumi , MABUCHI Kiyoshi

    Blood-sampling is routine work in clinics. … If blood-sampling is skillfully automated, not only pain of patients but also labor or risk of technicians must be reduced. … Detecting and imaging of blood vessels is an essential technique to realize automatic blood-sampling. …

    The proceedings of the JSME annual meeting 2004.5(0), 139-140, 2004


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