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  • Upper boundary of the Pacific plate subducting beneath Hokkaido, Japan, estimated from ScSp phase

    Osada Kinue , Yoshizawa Kazunori , Yomogida Kiyoshi

    Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 183(1-2), 63-72, 2010-11


  • Upper Boundary of the Pacific Plate Subducting Under Hokkaido,Japan,Estimated from ScSp Phase  [in Japanese]

    OSADA Kinue , YOSIZAWA Kazunori , YOMOGIDA Kiyoshi

    Geophysical bulletin of Hokkaido University (69), 135-146, 2006-03

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  • Prescription and Adaptation of Total-Surface-Bearing (TSB) Below Knee Prosthesis for 5 Cases  [in Japanese]

    SAKAMOTO Ritsuko , TAKASHIMA Kengo , MAENO Rie , OKUBO Motoe , TOJO Mayumi , AKIYAMA Yoko , FUJITANI Hisako , SASHIKA Hironobu

    PTB式下腿義足で,適合困難であった5症例に対し,Total surface bearing(TSB)式下腿義足を作製した。荷重方法は良好であったが,懸垂方法,インナーソケットの材質,ソケットの形状,アライメントについて,問題を生じたため,以下の工夫を加え,適応範囲の拡大が可能であった。①Shuttle lock機構では懸垂力が強すぎるために,断端が過度に伸張されたり水疱を生じたりするものがあった …

    Physical Therapy Japan 25(3), 135-142, 1998

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  • ScSp Phase observed on the Coast of the Seto Inland Sea  [in Japanese]

    西 政樹 , 小田 仁

    … Observation of ScSp phase, P wave converted from ScS phase, has been made at a seismological observatory (SBK) located on the coast of the Seto Inland Sea, southwest Japan. … The ScSp phases were found on the seismograms of earthqukes with long epicentral distances, but not observed for those with short epicentral distances. …

    Okayama University Earth Science Report 1(1), 19-26, 1994-09-20

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  • Forerunners of <i>ScS</i> Waves from Nearby Deep Earthquakes and Upper Mantle Structure in Hokkaido

    OKADA Hiromu

    … This shock produced a clear longitudinal phase about 8 sec before the normal <i>ScS</i> … phase at stations URA and KMU, Hokkaido. … to <i>ScSp</i> … waves and a velocity contrast at the discontinuity (the upper layer has a velocity 10% smaller than that of the lower layer), a region in which the conversion plane may be located is determined from the <i>ScSp</i> …

    Zisin (Journal of the Seismological Society of Japan. 2nd ser.) 24(3), 228-239, 1971


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