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  • Nonlinear optical refraction characteristics of rapidly grown K(D

    Wang Duanliang , Li Tingbin , Wang Shenglai , Wang Jiyang , Shen Chuanying , Ding Jianxiu , Li Weidong , Huang Pingping , Liu Hui

    … x = 0, 12, 70, and 80%) crystals were grown using the point-seed technique. … The nonlinear refraction effect of “point-seed” … crystals is greater than that of traditional growth crystals, demonstrating that the crystalline quality is a major factor. …

    Appl. Phys. Express 10(5), 052601, 2017-04-25


  • Increase in the growth rate of GaN crystals by using gaseous methane in the Na flux method

    Murakami Kosuke , Ogawa Shogo , Imanishi Masayuki , Imade Mamoru , Maruyama Mihoko , Yoshimura Masashi , Mori Yusuke

    … In the growth of GaN using the Na flux method, the addition of graphite to the flux enables us to suppress the formation of GaN polycrystals generated around the gas–liquid interface and to increase the growth rate of GaN on a seed. … As a result, polycrystal formation was suppressed completely at nitrogen pressures as high as 5.0 MPa, by using methane gas, resulting in the highest growth rate of more than 60 µm/h in the c-direction among the crystals grown by the Na flux method. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 56(5), 055502, 2017-04-07


  • VB法によるβ-Ga<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub>結晶成長

    干川 圭吾 , 大葉 悦子 , 小林 拓実

    … single crystals with a growth direction perpendicular to an (100) faceted plane without a seed crystal. … single crystals from seed crystals cut from the single crystals previously grown without seed crystals. …

    日本結晶成長学会誌 44(4), n/a, 2017


  • ゴマ種皮における蓚酸カルシウム結晶の存在形態について

    田代 亨 , 大井 崇生 , 今井 勝 , 増田 恭次郎 , 西野 栄正

    日本作物学会講演会要旨集 244(0), 42, 2017


  • Seed-directed Synthesis of CON-type Zeolite Using Tetraethylammonium Hydroxide as a Simple Organic Structure-directing Agent

    Sogukkanli Sibel , Iyoki Kenta , Elangovan Shanmugam P. , Itabashi Keiji , Okubo Tatsuya

    … <p>The synthesis of aluminoborosilicate CON-type zeolite is achieved by employing tetraethylammonium hydroxide as a simple organic structure-directing agent and as-synthesized CIT-1 seed crystals in the (Na, K)-containing gel. …

    Chemistry Letters 46(9), 1419-1421, 2017


  • SiC 結晶成長における数値解析の最近の発展

    柿本 浩一 , 中野 智

    … The results reveal that the formation of 4H-SiC was more stable than that of 6H-SiC when a grown crystal was doped with nitrogen using C-face 4H- and 6H-SiC as seed crystals. … In contrast, formation of 6H-SiC was favored over 4H-SiC when Si-face 4H- and 6H-SiC seed crystals were used. …

    Journal of the Vacuum Society of Japan = 真空 60(8), 313-320, 2017


  • トリアシルグリセロール分子間化合物の結晶化に及ぼす乳化剤添加効果

    池田 絵梨子 , 小川 晃弘 , 上野 聡

    <p>POP/OPOから成る分子間化合物(MC)の結晶化に及ぼすショ糖脂肪酸エステル(SE)とモノパルミチン(MP)の添加効果を検証した.2種類の乳化剤の添加により,MCの形成は阻害されずに安定な<i>β</i>型のMC結晶が成長した.この際,MPは不均一核形成によりMCの結晶化を促進するが,SEはMCの結晶核形成を抑制することが明らかとなった.さらに,SE添加 …

    日本食品科学工学会誌 64(4), 182-190, 2017


  • Metastable crystal growth of acetaminophen using solution-mediated phase transformation

    Mori Yoichiro , Maruyama Mihoko , Takahashi Yoshinori , Yoshikawa Hiroshi , Okada Shino , Adachi Hiroaki , Sugiyama Shigeru , Takano Kazufumi , Murakami Satoshi , Matsumura Hiroyoshi , Inoue Tsuyoshi , Yoshimura Masashi , Mori Yusuke

    … We report a new method of obtaining the metastable phase form II crystals of acetaminophen. … Solution-mediated phase transformation (SMPT) from trihydrate into form II is utilized to obtain form II crystals. … SMPT is triggered by seeding form II crystals into a saturated solution including trihydrate crystals, which are less stable than form II crystals. …

    Appl. Phys. Express 10(1), 015501, 2016-12-13


  • Habit control during growth on GaN point seed crystals by Na-flux method

    Honjo Masatomo , Imanishi Masayuki , Imabayashi Hiroki , Nakamura Kosuke , Murakami Kosuke , Matsuo Daisuke , Maruyama Mihoko , Imade Mamoru , Yoshimura Masashi , Mori Yusuke

    … The formation of the pyramidal habit is one of the requirements for the dramatic reduction of dislocations during growth on a tiny GaN seed called a “point seed”. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 56(1S), 01AD01, 2016-11-02


  • Electrically active light-element complexes in silicon crystals grown by cast method

    Sato Kuniyuki , Ogura Atsushi , Ono Haruhiko

    … Electrically active light-element complexes called thermal donors and shallow thermal donors in silicon crystals grown by the cast method were studied by low-temperature far-infrared absorption spectroscopy. … The relationship between these complexes and either crystal defects or light-element impurities was investigated by comparing different types of silicon crystals, that is, conventional cast-grown multicrystalline Si, seed-cast monolike-Si, and Czochralski-grown Si. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 55(9), 095502, 2016-08-01


  • Fabrication of high-quality [Formula: see text] GaN substrates using the Na flux method

    Maruyama Mihoko , Nakamura Koshi , Che Songbek , Murakami Kosuke , Takazawa Hideo , Imanishi Masayuki , Imade Mamoru , Morita Yukihiro , Mori Yusuke

    … The GaN crystals are grown at low supersaturation using the Na flux method with the dipping technique. … The crystallinity of the grown GaN crystals is improved compared to that of the seed substrates. …

    Appl. Phys. Express 9(5), 055501, 2016-03-31


  • Development of compartment for studies on the growth of protein crystals in space

    Yamazaki T. , Tsukamoto K. , Yoshizaki I. , Fukuyama S. , Miura H. , Shimaoka T. , Maki T. , Oshi K. , Kimura Y.

    … The growth cell mainly consists of quartz glass, in which the growth solution and a seed crystal are enclosed by capillaries, the screw sample holder, and a helical insert. …

    Review of Scientific Instruments 87(3), 033107, 2016-03-15

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  • 垂直ブリッジマン法によるタンタル酸ニオブ酸カリウム(KTN)単結晶の育成と組成均一化

    太子 敏則 , 干川 圭吾 , 小島 孝広 , 笹浦 正弘 , 小松 貴幸

    … <p>  In this paper, we report with regard to the growth of potassium tantalate niobate (KTa<i><sub>x</sub></i>Nb<sub>1-</sub><i><sub>x</sub></i>O<sub>3</sub>:KTN) single crystals with compositional uniformity by the vertical Bridgman (VB) technique. … Second, KTN crystals were grown by the normal VB technique using a [100]-oriented KTaO<sub>3</sub> … seed from K-rich melts. …

    日本結晶成長学会誌 43(3), 148-154, 2016


  • 吸着を用いたゼオライト膜の非破壊測定手法およびその解析方法

    瀬下 雅博 , 酒井 求 , 松方 正彦

    … We have successfully investigated nitrogen adsorption measurement using ZSM–5 type zeolite membrane prepared by seed assisted hydrothermal synthesis with various crystallization periods under non–destructive condition. … First, ZSM–5 seed crystal was grown up in/onα–alumina support, and ZSM–5 micro–crystals generated in pore ofα–alumina support until 6 hours synthesis. …

    膜 41(1), 30-35, 2016


  • Effect of seeds and sintering additives on (K,Na,Li)NbO3 lead-free single crystals grown by a solid-state crystal growth method

    YANG Jie , FU Zhengqian , YANG Qunbao , LI Yongxiang , LIU Yun

    … A solid-state crystal growth (SSCG) method has been utilized to prepare (K0.45Na0.55)0.94Li0.06NbO3 (KNLN) lead-free piezoelectric single crystals. … It was found that 〈100〉-oriented SrTiO3 seed was inappropriate for growing KNLN single crystal, while 〈100〉-oriented KTaO3 one could act as a good seed. … The inverse pole figure (IPF) showed that the epitaxial layer was indeed single crystal and oriented in the same 〈100〉 direction as the seed. …

    Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan 124(4), 365-369, 2016


  • Effect of Feed Location on Particle Size Distribution in Production of Crystals in a Classified Bed Crystallizer

    MASAOKA Koji , YOSHIKAWA Naohito , HASEGAWA Masami [他] , Misumi Ryuta , Nishi Kazuhiko , Kaminoyama Meguru

    … From the results of the investigations, it was concluded that a feed positioned inside the slurry phase of the crystallizer affects the crystal growth and agglomeration phenomena, though the knowledge about phenomena of fine crystals is inadequate. … Positioning the feed within the slurry phase increases the crystal growth rate slightly at the bottom of the slurry phase, as well as the agglomeration of the seed crystals, by increasing the degree of supersaturation at the inlet to the crystallizer. …



  • Homoepitaxial growth of a-plane GaN layers by reaction between Ga

    Sumi Tomoaki , Taniyama Yuuki , Takatsu Hiroaki , Juta Masami , Kitamoto Akira , Imade Mamoru , Yoshimura Masashi , Isemura Masashi , Mori Yusuke

    … Smooth a-plane GaN epitaxial layers were obtained on a-plane GaN seed substrates sliced from thick c-plane GaN crystals. … These results suggest that growth of a-GaN layers using Ga<inf>2</inf>O vapor and NH<inf>3</inf>gas at a high temperature enables the generation of high-quality crystals. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 54(6), 065501, 2015-04-30


  • MFI Zeolite Membranes Prepared on Novel Silica Substrates

    SUGIYAMA Yuto , IKARUGI Syusuke , OURA Kotone [他] , Ikeda Ayumi , Matsuyama Emi , Ono Ryuhei , Nomura Mikihiro , Tawarayama Hiromasa , Saito Takahiro , Kuwahara Kazuya

    … Procedures for coating of MFI seed crystals were important due to the ζ-potential between the substrates and the seed crystals. … Dense MFI membranes were obtained from the seed slurry of pH 2, because the both isoelectric pH of the silica substrates and the MFI seeds are almost the same at 2. …



  • β型Ti-15Mo-5Zr-3Al合金単結晶を用いた低ヤング率ボーンプレートの開発

    當代 光陽 , 萩原 幸司 , 石本 卓也 [他] , 山本 憲吾 , 中野 貴由

    … Single crystals of the Ti-15Mo-5Zr-3Al alloy along [001] direction were succeeded to be grown by using the seed crystal in order to develop the long bone plate along the [001] direction with the lowest Young's modulus. … The ω phase with relatively high Young's modulus was not confirmed to precipitate in the single crystals at room temperature. … Using the oriented single crystals, bone plate with dimensions of 42 × 5 × 1.5 mm<sup>3</sup> …

    鉄と鋼 101(9), 501-505, 2015


  • Shape and quality of Si single bulk crystals grown inside Si melts using the noncontact crucible method

    Nakajima Kazuo , Murai Ryota , Ono Satoshi , Morishita Kohei , Kivambe Maulid , Powell Douglas , Buonassisi Tonio

    … The noncontact crucible method enables production of Si bulk single crystals without crucible contact by intentionally establishing a distinct low-temperature region in the Si melt. … The oxygen concentration was concentrically distributed on the seed axis owing to the convex growing interface. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 54(1), 015504, 2014-12-18