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  • Positioning of Ethics in the Age of Globalization : With a Focus on Aristotelian Theory of Happiness  [in Japanese]

    香春 , Xiangchun

    … Our aim in this paper is to investigate the core thought of "Happiness" (eudaimonia) in Aristotle's Ethica Nicomachea in order to elucidate the significance of his ethical thought in the age of globalization. … Against common thought that the core opinion of Aristotle's ethics is rather 'communitarian', we have tried to interpret his thought as a kind of ethical theory that could fit the multicultural situation of our age. …

    名古屋大学人文学研究論集 (3), 221-250, 2020-03-31

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  • The Basics of Business Ethics and CSR in JAPAN

    Hiroo Takahashi

    … Ethics chiefly pertain to our inner sense of value or moral standards which are outside the controlof legal system. … ethics and social norm co-exist.The problem here is that both the ethics and social norms change with progress in economicactivities. …

    創価経営論集 44(1), 31-50, 2020-03-31


  • 大正期から昭和初期における政治教育運動の展開 : 田澤義鋪と武藤山治の思想と実践  [in Japanese]

    上原 直人 , UEHARA Naoto

    … The political education movement was developed in various locations from the Taishō Period to the early Shōwa Period with the help of intellectuals aiming to enhance the nation's political knowledge, improve their political awareness. … The two men share two common traits in their movements. … The first is that neither regarded political education solely as education for voters in a narrow sense, but that it was targeted at the entire nation. …

    生涯学習・キャリア教育研究 (16), 14-26, 2020-03-31


  • Proposal for practice in mixed-gender classes - What we have found from hurdling practice.  [in Japanese]

    戸井 有希 , 安井 仁

    … The structuring of a society by co-operation and co-activity by both genders, and making an effort to maintain and facilitate health through daily exercises is now considered common sense. … However, mixed-gender classes in health and physical education are still rare. … We tried mixed-gender classes in hurdling, as a trigger to shift the health and physical education in our junior high school to mixed-gender classes. …

    鳥取大学附属中学校研究紀要 (51), 135-141, 2020-03-01


  • Killing in War and Individual Responsibility : On Harmless Aggression  [in Japanese]

    福原 正人

    … Who is morally liable to be killed in war? … However, this view has been challenged because it cannot adequately ground the common-sense morality of permissible national defense. … In this paper, I refute these modifi cations of liability as follows. …

    相関社会科学 = Komaba Studies in Society (29), 35-48, 2020-03-01

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  • The Introduction to the History of Educational Psychology(1)  [in Japanese]

    大芦 治

    [要約]心理学史研究の中で,教育心理学の歴史に関する研究は現在に至るまでほとんど行われていない。本稿では,教育心理学の歴史の素描を試みた数少ない研究者の一人であるD. C. Charlesの記述をもとに,19世紀前半のアメリカの教員養成教育の中で心理学教育がはじめられていたこと,それらがスコットランド学派哲学の流れを汲むものであったこと,などを紹介した。また,それらに加えて,当時の教科書の内容など …

    千葉大学教育学部研究紀要 68, 25-31, 2020-03

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  • Phrenology in Early Nineteen-century Edinburgh, 1803-1828  [in Japanese]

    川名 雄一郎 , KAWANA Yuichiro

    … Joseph Gall in the 1790s, became the subject of much scholarly attention in early nineteenth-century Britain, and especially in Edinburgh, where the dispute about phrenology commenced with Thomas Brown's attack on Gall which appeared as early as 1803, and was followed by a number of other criticisms, including John Gordon's severe critique of Johann Gaspar Spurzheim in 1815, Francis Jeffrey's scathing article on George Combe's work in 1826, and …

    経済科学 67(3), 41-52, 2020-03

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  • Directed Motivational Currents and Their Triggers in Formal English Learning Educational Settings in Japan

    矢澤 オーリア , Olya Yazawa

    … The most significant findings of this study reveal the proportion of respondents who reported experiencing DMC periods of motivation while learning English, the time of the experience and most common triggers. … This study demonstrates that in Japanese educational settings, external factors and outcome-led goals play a dominant role to maintain English learning perseverance in students. …

    学苑 (953), 17-30, 2020-03


  • Continued Citizen-Based, Symbiotic Community Development that Beyond the Limits and Common Sense : Local Autonomy, Industry, Economy and Culture that Value Sharing and Circulation  [in Japanese]

    荒井 絵理菜 , 宮垣 均 , 佐藤 学 , 岩田 祥和 , 小林 千尋 , 板持 周治 , 古村 伸宏

    所報協同の発見 (327), 165-174, 2020-02

  • Rotating equilibria of vortex sheets

    Protas Bartosz , Sakajo Takashi

    … We consider relative equilibrium solutions of the two-dimensional Euler equations in which the vorticity is concentrated on a union of finite-length vortex sheets. … As an illustration of this approach, we construct a family of rotating equilibria involving different numbers of straight vortex sheets rotating about a common center of rotation and with endpoints at the vertices of a regular polygon. …

    Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena (403), 2020-02


  • Disparities in the Health of Men and Women in the Edo Period as Seen in a Paleopathological Stress Marker  [in Japanese]

    藤澤 珠織

    江戸時代、東北北部太平洋側の地域は、度重なる「やませ」の影響を受け、飢饉に苦しめられた地域であった。ここから出土した人骨を調べたところ、古病理学的ストレスマーカーであるエナメル質減形成を認めた。その出現率や重症度は、他の地域集団よりも高く、この地域の人々は深刻な低栄養状態を経験した集団であることが、骨から裏付けられた。また、エナメル質減形成の出現率は、地域集団により男女差の有無が異なり、男女差があ …

    史林 = The Journal of history 103(1), 72-102, 2020-01

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  • A Place of Belonging in Myths and Memories: The Origin and Early History of the Imagined Tai Khuen Nation (Chiang Tung/Kyaingtong, Myanmar)

    Karlsson Klemens

    … The region of Chiang Tung (also transcribed Keng Tung, Kyaingtong) lies in the Eastern Shan State of Myanmar/Burma in Upper Southeast Asia and borders on Thailand, China, and Laos. … The majority of the people living in Chiang Tung are called Tai Khuen. … This paper explores the origin and early history of the imagined Tai Khuen nation in Chiang Tung through myths and memories recorded in the <i>Chiang Tung Chronicle</i> …

    Southeast Asian Studies 9(2), 181-201, 2020

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  • Industry-academia collaboration experiences from the perspective of academia  [in Japanese]

    Tanaka Yoshihiro

    <p>発表者は触覚の基礎と応用に関する研究を行なっており,製品の触感のデザインや触覚デバイス開発に関する共同研究を様々な業種の企業と行なってきている.ここで視覚や聴覚と比べると触覚は情報化が進んでおらず,評価や設計の手法は確立されていない.したがって,触覚のセンサや提示装置などのデバイスの活用についても,どのような応用可能性,効果があるかは未知であることが多い.このような背景の下,産学 …

    Transactions of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering Annual58(Abstract), 172-172, 2020



    MUROTA Masako , KAIEDA Katsuhide , KATO Shinsei

    … We studied a new town in far suburban area because these areas face a rapid population declining and increasing vacant houses. … We selected Hatoyama New Town in Saitama Prefecture, which is located approx. 50 km from Tokyo station. … First, we checked conditions of all houses based on the check list of poor-conditioned conditions, and it was found from the result that the percentage of poor-conditioned houses is only 4.3% in Hatoyama New Town. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) 85(773), 1481-1489, 2020


  • Trajectory Segmentation with Statistical Reliability Guarantee  [in Japanese]

    TODA Hiroki , VO Duy Nguyen Le , SUGIYAMA Ryota , SAKUMA Takuto , MIZUTANI Yuichi , SUZUKI Hirokazu , YODA Ken , TAKEUCHI Ichiro

    <p>本研究の目的は,軌跡セグメンテーションの結果に対する統計的有意性を評価することである.この問題の難しさは,統計的推論の段階において,軌跡のセグメントがアルゴリズムによって選択されたという事象を考慮する必要がある点にある.仮に古典的な統計的推論手法を用いたとすれば,偽陽性率を所望の有意水準に制御することができないため,得られた$p$値や信頼区間は妥当性を失ってしまう.そこで本研究で …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2020(0), 2C4OS7a04-2C4OS7a04, 2020


  • Language Model-based Context Augmentation for World Knowledge Bases  [in Japanese]

    RZEPKA Rafal , TAKISHITA Sho , ARAKI Kenji

    In this paper we present a simple idea for extending common sense knowledge bases for Japanese language by using a language model.</p> …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2020(0), 2D6OS18c03-2D6OS18c03, 2020


  • A Study on Understanding the Meaning of Adverbs Expressing Actions with Spectral Mixture Kernel  [in Japanese]

    TANIGUCHI Tomoe , NAGANO Masatoshi , MOCHIHASHI Daichi , NAKAMURA Tomoaki , TAKANO Wataru , NAGAI Takayuki , KOBAYASHI Ichiro

    <p>近年、重要性が高まってきている家庭用ロボットには、日常生活において人と同じ感覚を共有した動作が期待される。そこで副詞などで表現されるあいまいな言葉を理解し、動作へ結びつけることが必要となる。 特定の副詞を表現する複数の動作に共通する特徴を見つけることができれば、ロボットはその副詞の意味を理解したといえる。本研究ではGaussian Process Latent Variable …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2020(0), 1Q5GS1102-1Q5GS1102, 2020


  • Influences of Gas Fuel Injection Pressure on Combustion Stability of Low Combustion-Driven Oscillation Center-Firing Gas Burner  [in Japanese]

    TSUMURA Toshikazu , UEDA Toshihisa , KAWAGUCHI Osamu

    … <p>Generally in industrial gas fired boilers, maximum supply pressure of gas fuel at the nozzle is set from 70 to 130 kPa(G), because undesirable behaviors such as combustion noise, oscillation or flame instability occur in boilers under operation at high supply pressure conditions. … These facts are widely known as a kind of 'common sense' among boiler engineers. …

    Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan 62(200), 161-168, 2020


  • Generation and Deployment of "Play" in Psychotherapy: Consideration of a Case of a Woman Who Has Difficulty Connecting with Her Feelings  [in Japanese]

    TOYOHARA Kyoko

    <p>本研究では,感情と繋がりにくい女性の事例を提示し,心理療法における〈遊び〉の生成および展開について考察する。面接当初,クライエントは今ここの体験や感情よりも常識や規範といった外の要素に目を向けがちであり,彼女の"内"と"外"は明確に分断されているようであった。心理療法過程においてクライエントはたびたび箱庭や夢に取り組んだ。これらはいずれも"内"でも"外"でもない中間領域であり,〈 …

    Archives of Sandplay Therapy 32(3), 55-66, 2020


  • Why we feel distant from smart speakers? The role of the Japanese pronoun that creates intimacy with robots  [in Japanese]

    Itashiki Sho , Nishiwaki Yusaku , Ohshima Naoki , Okada Michio

    In that case they will do their best to speak as clear as possible in order to let everyone understand them. … In this paper we propose and evaluated an interaction design that creates a sense of familiarity with smart speakers, based on conversations through the use of pronouns between people. …

    The Transactions of Human Interface Society 22(2), 65-76, 2020


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