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  • Electronic Structure of Hydrogen Donors in Semiconductors and Insulators Probed by Muon Spin Rotation

    Shimomura Koichiro , Ito Takashi U.

    … Substantial experimental and theoretical efforts have been made to establish this hypothesis in the last decade, and the muon spin rotation technique has played a pioneering role. … Although its dynamical aspect may be different from the heavier hydrogen, the electronic structure of the muonium is expected to be identical to that of hydrogen after a small correction of the reduced mass (∼0.4%). …

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 85(9), 091013-1-5, 2016-07-01


  • 沈み込み帯の地震の発生機構 : 地殻流体に規定されて発生する沈み込み帯の地震

    長谷川 昭 , 中島 淳一 , 内田 直希 [他] , 梁田 高広 , 岡田 知己 , 趙 大鵬 , 松澤 暢 , 海野 徳仁

    … Studies on the spatial distribution of earthquakes and seismic velocity structure within the subducted slab provide evidence that strongly supports the dehydration embrittlement hypothesis for the generation of intermediate-depth intraslab earthquakes. … Detailed imaging of the seismic velocity structure in and around plate boundary zones suggests that interplate coupling is mainly controlled by local fluid over-pressure. …

    地學雜誌 121(1), 128-160, 2012-02-25

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  • 初級・中級英語学習者の文処理方略

    須田 孝司

    富山県立大学紀要 20, pp34-41, 2010-03

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  • 岐阜県南東部子賀野断層周辺の基盤構造

    田中 俊行 , 青木 治三 , 田力 正好 , 下山 みを , 野崎 京三 , 山本 明彦

    … Then, we estimated the basement structure in conjunction with a preexisting shallow re.ection survey as the constraining condition. … this supports the hypothesis that the Tegano fault was derived from the deep part of the Byobusan fault. …

    地震 第1輯 63(1), 11-20, 2010


  • 東北日本沈み込み帯における地震発生と火山生成のモデル

    長谷川 昭

    … I introduce a model for generation of interplate, intraslab and shallow inland earthquakes in the NE Japan subduction zone and for magma genesis and ascent within the mantle wedge beneath the arc. … Studies on spatial distribution of intermediate-depth earthquakes and seismic velocity structure within the slab provide the evidence which supports the dehydration embrittlement hypothesis for the generation of intraslab earthquakes beneath this arc. …

    石油技術協会誌 71(5), 425-434, 2006


  • カルデラ構造に関する火山物理学的研究の50年 (〔日本火山学会〕50周年特集号 火山学50年間の発展と将来)

    横山 泉

    … First, strength of the earth crust is reviewed in laboratory and field measurements, with the distinction between shallow and deep parts of the crust. … The hypothesis that calderas were formed by collapses of pre-caldera volcanoes in a body into magma reservoirs, is examined by their seismic effects in some historical eruptions resulting calderas or larger craters. … The hypothesis proved to be unreasonable. …

    火山 50(-), S59-76, 2005-12

  • 標津川再生事業の概要と再蛇行化実験の評価  再蛇行化に伴う底生動物群集の組成と分布の変化

    中野 大助 , 布川 雅典 , 中村 太士

    2002年3月,日本で初めてとなる河川の再蛇行化実験が,北海道東部の標津川で行われた.実験評価の一環として,沖積低地河川における再蛇行化が河川底生動物群集の分布や組成に及ぼす影響を明らかにすることを研究目的とした.再蛇行化実験前後の底生動物群集の変化については,実験前の2002年7月と実験後の2003年7月に定性的な調査を行った.再蛇行化により,河跡湖に生息していた止水性の底生動物のほとんどが,流 …

    応用生態工学 7(2), 173-186, 2005


  • 風化花崗岩森林斜面におけるソイルクリープ挙動と土壌水分変化との関係

    園田 美恵子 , 奥西 一夫

    … The latter is a shallow movement of flow type. … It is assumed that soil-structure destruction occurs at the boundary soil horizons according to drying and wetting. … The hypothesis that soil creep due to drying and wetting is brought through the process of soil expansion and contraction, applies both at the upper slope and the lower part of middle slope in this study. …

    地形 26(2), 105-129, 2005

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  • 日本列島直下で現在進行中の広域変成作用

    丸山 茂徳 , 大森 聡一 , 岩瀬 康行

    … From this point of view, we provide a new scheme for observation of on-going regional metamorphism in a subduction zone.<BR>Combining the phase diagrams of MORB + water and peridotite + water with the thermal structure of the descending Pacific oceanic plate in NE Japan and in the Philippine Sea (PHS) plate in SW Japan, we can draw the distribution of metamorphic facies of regional metamorphism. …

    地學雜誌 113(5), 600-616, 2004-10-25

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  • 松本盆地周辺の山地流域の水系網特性-分岐比・水路長比に対する斜面崩壊の影響-

    井上 耕一郎 , 小口 高

    松本盆地周辺の山地内の8流域について,水系図の解析を行ない,水系特性値の特徴と地形プロセスとの関係を検討した.水系図の解析は,等高線のすべての屈曲に基づいて描かれたTタイプ水系と・屈曲の深さが幅よりも大きい谷を抽出したDタイプ水系の2種類について行なった.水系図と地形分類図との比較によると,Dタイプ水系はおもに深層崩壊の発生領域内の谷を表わし, Tタイプ水系はさらに表層崩壊の発生領域内の谷を含む. …

    地理学評論 Ser. A 68(7), 447-464, 1995


  • 松本盆地周辺の山地流域の水系網特性 -分岐比・水路長比に対する斜面崩壊の影響-

    井上 耕一郎 , 小口 高

    松本盆地周辺の山地内の8流域について,水系図の解析を行ない,水系特性値の特徴と地形プロセスとの関係を検討した.水系図の解析は,等高線のすべての屈曲に基づいて描かれたTタイプ水系と・屈曲の深さが幅よりも大きい谷を抽出したDタイプ水系の2種類について行なった.水系図と地形分類図との比較によると,Dタイプ水系はおもに深層崩壊の発生領域内の谷を表わし, Tタイプ水系はさらに表層崩壊の発生領域内の谷を含む. …

    地理学評論. Ser. A 68(7), 447-464, 1995

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  • フォッサマグナ地域の磁気的構造とキュリー点深度

    本蔵 義守

    … Recently, a complicated configuration including fracture and flexure has been proposed and hence a threedimensional interpretation seems to be required to cope in a realistic way with such a complicated structure, whereas in block models a rather two-dimensional structure is implicitly assumed. … As seen in Fig. 3, the Curie point depth is generally shallow there, whereas it is fairly deep at the Japan trench where the Pacific plate sinks. …

    地学雑誌 99(1), 81-91, 1990


  • 徳之島の板根林について

    迫 静男

    … 1) The clarification of the structure of the buttressed-tree-forest in the central part of Isl. … 4) The structure of the natural forest in Isl. … Tokunoshima, the soils are extremely shallow and rock-layers are exposed here and there in the forest. … But in-so-far as, I am informed of there is no hypothesis applicable to all instances. …

    鹿兒島大學農學部學術報告 21, 107-127, 1971-09-25

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  • カルデラの構造に関する考察

    横山 泉

    … As an example of the subsurface structure of the calderas of this type, that of Hakone Caldera is discussed on the bases of gravity anomalies and the results of the drillings there. … It is proved that there is the Tertiary basement at rather shallow depth under the deposits of ejecta from the post-caldera volcanoes at some parts of the caldera. … A hypothesis saying that enlargement of caldera openings would occur between the stages of pumice fall and pumice flow, is proposed. …

    火山. 第2集 14(2), 77-83, 1969-08-01

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  • 同族組織と親類関係 : 丹後山村における株とイッケの構成と展開

    光吉 利之

    … From this point of view this paper first presents a theoretical hypothesis regarding the fundamental mutual relationships between Dozoku and Shinrui and then attempts to verify this hypothesis on the basis of empirical data.<br>Hypothesis: The symbiosis of two different organizations assumes that the Ie, their structural unit, contains the two forces for uniting its members, thus making possible the simultaneous operation of Dozoku and Shinrui. …

    社会学評論 17(1), 53-69, 1966-10-20