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  • Crystal Plasticity Analysis on Ductility of Ferrite/Cementite Multilayers: Effect of Dislocation Absorption Ability of the Hetero Interface  [in Japanese]

    Yasuda Yohei , Shimokawa Tomotsugu , Ohashi Tetsuya , Niiyama Tomoaki

    … <p>Strain hardening behavior of ferrite layers in the microstructure of drawn pearlite wire is studied theoretically and numerically. … Some atomistic simulations of single-phase media validate this phenomenon; … Slip localization in cementite layers is shown to be suppressed when the strain hardening of ferrite layers is higher, and this trend is consistent with results obtained in previous studies by molecular dynamics simulation and classical elasto-plasticity analyses. …

    Tetsu-to-Hagane 105(2), 146-154, 2019


  • Inhibition of Histone Deacetylase 6 activity provides protection against atherogenesis: A role for HDAC6 NEDDylation

    Pandey Deepesh , Nomura Yohei , Rossberg Max C , Bhatta Anil , Romer Lew , Berkowitz Dan

    … We further determined some of the specific molecular mechanism(s) that regulate endothelial HDAC6 activity. … This involved a single i.p injection of PCSK9 AAV followed by a high fat diet (HFD) for 12 weeks. … Furthermore, tubacin significantly protected vessels from defective vasorelaxation, as evaluated by acetycholine-mediated relaxation using wire myograph. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society WCP2018(0), PO1-2-47, 2018


  • Molecular Dynamics Study on Strengthening Mechanism by Dislocations in Wiredrawing Process  [in Japanese]

    YOSHIDA Koki , SAITOH Ken-ichi , TAKUMA Masanori , TAKAHASHI Yoshimasa , SATO Tomohiro

    … Drawing limit of the current metallic wire is several micrometers in diameter, so realization of nanowire is nearly coming. … In this study, molecular dynamics method which can observe dynamic dislocation behavior is used. … Conventional wiredrawing condition is applied to nano-sized iron single crystal (α-Fe) model with many-body (FS) potential, and by changing the temperature conditions, some simulations are performed. …

    The Proceedings of The Computational Mechanics Conference 2018.31(0), 215, 2018


  • Molecular Dynamics Analysis of Wiredrawing Mechanism and Lattice Defects Behavior  [in Japanese]

    YOSHIDA Koki , SAITOH Ken-ichi , SATO Tomohiro , TAKUMA Masanori , TAKAHASHI Yoshimasa

    … Nowadays, the wiredrawing technique is reducing wire diameter down to nanometer scale and will be providing with high mechanical function. … So, understanding microscopic phenomenon of metallic materials and the mechanism inside the wire becomes more important. … The main purpose of this research is to evaluate behavior of dislocation density when nano-sized wiredrawing of single crystal is performed with the change of crystal orientation and temperature. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2018(0), J0450105, 2018


  • Influence of tool electrode material with low melting point on the material removal process of EDM  [in Japanese]

    Yue Xiaoming , Yang Xiaodong , Kunieda Masanori

    … As we all know, WEDM will machine more efficiently using wire electrode with a higher zinc content. … It is widely believed that during the cutting process, the zinc in the wire actually boils off, or vaporizes, which helps cool the. …

    Proceedings of JSPE Semestrial Meeting 2017S(0), 699-700, 2017


  • Experimental evidence of a strong image force between highly charged electrosprayed molecular ions and a metal screen

    Omori Youichi , Choi Hyun-Jin , Mukai Yasuaki , Fujimoto Toshiyuki , Tamadate Tomoya , Seto Takafumi , Otani Yoshio , Kumita Mikio

    … The single fiber efficiencies were plotted as functions of the Peclet number and image force parameter. … Highly charged molecular ions had much higher collection efficiencies than neutralized macromolecules, suggesting the presence of a strong image force between the ions and metal surface. … The single fiber efficiency by image force was proportional to the square root of an image force parameter predicted by theory. …

    Aerosol and Air Quality Research 16(12), 3055-3062, 2016-12-01


  • Design and Development of New Functional Units towards Single-Molecule Electronics  [in Japanese]

    Ie Yutaka , Aso Yoshio

    Single-molecule electronics have attracted a great deal of attention in terms of the bottom-up construction and ultimate miniaturization of electronics. … We have designed and synthesized new π-conjugated systems for the use in "anchor" and "insulated molecular wire" units, which are essential components of single-molecule electronics. …

    Journal of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan 74(7), 676-688, 2016


  • Fabrication and Characterization of Single Molecular Junction  [in Japanese]

    木口 学 , 松下 龍二 , 金子 哲 [他]

    日本画像学会誌 = Journal of the Imaging Society of Japan 52(1), 26-33, 2013

  • Fabrication and Characterization of Single Molecular Junction  [in Japanese]

    KIGUCHI Manabu , MATSUSHITA Ryuuji , KANEKO Satoshi , NAKAZUMI Tomoka

    金属電極間を単分子で架橋させた単分子接合は,2つの金属-分子接合界面をもつナノ構造体であるので孤立分子とは異なる新物質としての新規物性の発現が期待され,また分子エレクトロニクスへの応用も期待され注目を集めている.本解説では,単分子接合の作製および単分子接合の構造決定についてPt電極に架橋した水素単分子の例を用いて述べる.超高真空極低温で作製された水素単分子接合は,単分子の振動分光により架橋構造,シ …

    NIHON GAZO GAKKAISHI (Journal of the Imaging Society of Japan) 52(1), 26-33, 2013


  • Synthesis of Through-space Conjugated Polymers  [in Japanese]

    MORISAKI Yasuhiro , CHUJO Yoshiki

    … Especially, we emphasize the role of [2.2]paracyclophane moiety in the polymer backbone as well as possibility for a single molecular wire that flows energy and charges in one direction via the through-space. …

    Journal of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan 70(5), 480-491, 2012-05-01

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  • Theoretical study of current-voltage characteristics of carbon nanotube wire functionalized with hydrogen atoms

    Fueno Hiroyuki , Kobayashi Yoshikazu , Tanaka Kazuyoshi

    … A functionalized single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) of a finite length with a ring-like hydrogenation around its surface is designed toward fabrication of a molecular field-effect transistor (FET) device. … The molecular wire thus designed is equipped with a quantum dot inside, which is confirmed by theoretical analysis for electronic transport. …

    Science China Chemistry 55(5), 796-801, 2012-05


  • Synthesis and Properties of Fully Insulated Oligothiophenes Bearing Sulfur Anchoring Groups at Both Terminal Positions.  [in Japanese]

    Endou Masaru , Ie Yutaka , Aso Yoshio


    Abstracts of Symposium on Physical Organic Chemistry 2010(0), 2P46-2P46, 2011


  • Synthetic Study on Donor-Acceptor Type Cyclophane Toward Molecular Wire  [in Japanese]



    Abstracts of Symposium on Physical Organic Chemistry 2009(0), 305-305, 2009


  • Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Void Generation during Annealing of Copper Wiring

    Nagai Takeshiro , Sasajima Yasushi , Onuki Jin

    … In this process, wiring breakdown is frequently caused by defect generation at the T-shaped buried wire. … To overcome this difficulty, we investigated the conditions for defect generation and the atomic behavior during the annealing process by molecular dynamics simulation. … We focused on the influence of the adhesion strength between substrate and wire materials on void generation. …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 50(10), 2373-2377, 2009


  • MD Simulation of Defect Generation during Annealing Process of Copper Wiring  [in Japanese]

    Akabane Tomoaki , Sasajima Yasushi , Onuki Jin

    … In the production of LSI, annealing process is necessary to coarsen the crystal grains in the wire. … In this process, the wiring breakdown is frequently caused by the defect generation in the bottom of the buried wire. … To overcome this difficulty, we investigated the conditions for the defect generation and the atomic behavior during the annealing process by the molecular dynamics simulation. …

    Transactions of the Materials Research Society of Japan 33(2), 241-244, 2008


  • A Self-Assembled Nanotube Comprising Macrocyclic Tetramer of 2-Phenyl-1,3,4-oxadiazole  [in Japanese]

    Tsukamoto Kenichi , Ono Katsuhiko , Tomura Masaaki , Saito Katsuhiro

    自己組織化能を有する分子が集合した超分子集合体の研究が注目されている。これは、超分子構造に基づく新たな高次機能が期待されるためである。我々は、ベンゼン-1,3,4-オキサジアゾール環状四量体が自己組織化して超分子ワイヤを形成することを発見した。この構造を調査した結果、マクロサイクルがカラム状に配列してナノチューブを形成し、ゲストとして水を包接していることが分かった。熱重量分析では、400 ℃を超す …

    Abstracts of Symposium on Physical Organic Chemistry 2008(0), 31-31, 2008


  • Single-Molecular Wires  [in Japanese]

    SAKAGUCHI Hiroshi


    Kobunshi 56(6), 420-423, 2007-06-01

    J-STAGE  References (10)

  • Development of Fully Insulated Oligothiophenes and Chemical Evaluationof Insulation Effect.  [in Japanese]

    ENDOU Masaru , HAN Aihong , IE Yutaka , Aso Yoshio

    単分子エレクトロニクス素子の実現に不可欠なオリゴチオフェンは、分子ワイヤとしての利用が期待される化合物である。分子ワイヤとしての有用性を明らかにするためには、単一分子の電子的な性質の解明が必要となる。しかし、長鎖オリゴチオフェンには強い分子間π-π相互作用が生じるため、単一分子の電子的特性を明らかにすることは困難であった。この観点から我々はπ共役骨格を完全に被覆したオリゴマーの開発を行っている1) …

    Abstracts of Symposium on Physical Organic Chemistry 37(0), 6-6, 2007


  • Syntheses and properties of TTF oligomers with electro-withdrawing groups  [in Japanese]

    Nakamura Kenichi , Takashima Tsuyoshi , Hasegawa Masashi , Miyamoto Hisakazu , Misaki Yohji

    テトラチアフルバレン(TTF)やその誘導体は、導電性錯体において積層方向に伝導パスが形成される。また、TTF分子に電子吸引基を導入した分子は、HOMO-LUMOギャップが小さくなり、単分子導体として注目している。今回、我々はシアノ基やエステル基などの電子吸引基をもつTTF分子をチオアルキル鎖で架橋したTTF三量体を、TTFの積層からなる分子ワイヤーのモデル化合物として合成し、その性質を検討したので …

    Abstracts of Symposium on Physical Organic Chemistry 37(0), 195-195, 2007


  • Conducting polymers nanowire array  [in Japanese]

    SAKAGUCHI Hiroshi

    <p>導電性高分子を使った高性能有機デバイスを実現するためのカギは高分子を一分子レベルで大面積に固体基板表面に組織化する技術の開発である.われわれは"電気化学エピタキシャル重合"という電気化学を用いる新しい分子組織化法を開発した.この方法はモノマー(原料)を含んだ電解質溶液中で,ヨウ素で表面被覆した金属電極に電圧パルスを印加することによる逐次的な表面電気化学重合反応の原理に基づいている …

    Oyo Buturi 75(12), 1461-1464, 2006-12-10

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