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  • Vehicular Traffic Through Signals in Hierarchical Small-World Directed Networks

    Nagatani Takashi , Ichinose Genki

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 89(7), 073001-1-4, 2020-07


  • 書評 井上摩耶 英日詩集『SMALL WORLD スモールワールド』 井上摩耶氏の詩集を訳出して  [in Japanese]

    与那覇 恵子

    Coal sack = コールサック : 石炭袋 : 詩の降り注ぐ場所 (102), 315-317, 2020-06

  • A study on small caves and niches in the Yungang Grottoes  [in Japanese]

    熊坂 聡美 , Satomi KUMASAKA

    世界遺産学研究 = JOURNAL OF WORLD HERITAGE STUDIES (7), 48-51, 2020-04

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    USHIJIMA Akira , NAKAZONO Mahito , HOSODA Tomohisa , ABE Kiyohiko

    … Introduction</p><p> After World War II, new junior high schools were established in many municipalities by the reform of the school education system. … Conclusion</p><p> 1) After World War II, there were small municipalities that less than the national average population in the Okayama Prefecture. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (769), 525-535, 2020-03


  • Japanese Revolutionaries in the U.S.  [in Japanese]

    宮永 孝

    … Kotoku and Tokiya Kato (加藤時也), a medical doctor, stayed in a larger room while Mr. and Mrs. Oka lodged in a smaller room in the basement.On the night of December 6th, a small gathering was held at the branch to discuss the future campaign. … On the night of December 3rd, Kotoku was invited to a dinner party held at the Imperial Hotel(?) under the joint auspices of Nichibei and Shinsekai (新世界), the New World, in San Francisco.The next day a tea party was held at the same hotel. …

    社会志林 = Hosei journal of sociology and social sciences 66(4), 1-78, 2020-03

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  • Could Women Be "Flaneuse"? : Jean Beraud's Portrayal of Trottin (Errands)  [in Japanese]

    熊谷 謙介

    … Béraud depicted the busy Grand Boulevards of Paris, casting light on various aspects of urban life, for instance, poor people intruding into the world of the bourgeoisie, or women playing sports, which was becoming a new custom. … Even though beautifully dressed, they settled for unstable employment and would participate in labor movements as the lowermost workers or supplement their small earnings by means of prostitution. …

    非文字資料研究 = The study of nonwritten cultural materials (20), 31-57, 2020-03


  • Remodeling the State and International Development

    STREFFORD Patrick

    … In ever-expanding pockets since the Industrial Revolution, and increasingly globally in the post-WWII world, the human condition has dramatically improved. … However, without institutions, and in particular those inculcated with the authority of the state, the collaboration and cooperation that underpins our progress would be possible only on such a small scale as to make such progress impossible. …

    京都産業大学世界問題研究所紀要 = The bulletin of the Institute for World Affairs, Kyoto Sangyo University 35, 69-87, 2020-03


  • Some thoughts on the Christian Evangelism in Japan : What does Paul Rusch, Father of Kiyosato, tell us about?  [in Japanese]

    加藤 知子 , Kato Tomoko

    … He introducedknow-hows about the modern agriculture and tourism to Kiyosato after World War Ⅱ.Kiyosato's post-war success is mainly due to Rusch's first-class effort, thanks to whichthe area continues attracting tourists from regions like Kanto and Chubu in Japan. … Why has the Christian population in Japanremained small despite the efforts by passionate missionaries like Rusch? …

    研究紀要 = Research bulletin of Seijoh University (20), 1-16, 2020-03


  • On the Manuscript Circulation and Ideas of Pophwakyongnon chachu  [in Japanese]

    金 天鶴 , 金 炳坤 [訳]

    … I have already reported these manuscripts to the public two times and this time I aims at showing the importance of Jaju regarding the circulation and the interpretation of Fahuajinglun(法華經論 or 妙法蓮華經憂波提舍, Saddharmapundarikopadeśa) not only in the Silla dynasty but also in East Asian buddhism.While the previous article pointed out the relevance between Jaju and Uijeok(義寂)'s text, this article tries to confirm this relation by breaking into small sections for exegesis(科文). …

    身延論叢 (25), 1-32, 2020-03

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  • Tourist Attraction in Budapest and its Suburbs : Focusing on UNESCO World Heritage Sites  [in Japanese]

    小野 健吉

    … Assets composing UNESCO world heritage site, "Budapest, including the Banks of Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter and Andrássy Avenue" are literally located in both districts of Buda and Pest, and the Danube. … Hollókő located to the 100 km north-east of Budapest is a small traditional Palócz settlement and is a UNESCO world heritage site. …

    観光学 (22), 99-108, 2020-03

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  • Birth of Double Entry Bookkeeping and Theory of Accounting as Language  [in Japanese]

    全 在紋

    … entrybookkeeping" also appeared in parallel with it.(2)In our opinion, it is "single" with "double" and "double" with "single".As in the relationship between "right" and "left", the relationship between"upper" and "lower", the relationship among "medium," "large", and "small"in the everyday language, the meaning of words are all relative(differential).There is no recognition without words.(3)There is no "asset and liability view" without "revenue and expenseview" and there is no "revenue and expense view" without "asset andliability …

    桃山学院大学経済経営論集 61(4), 225-271, 2020-03



    HOSODA Tomohisa , NAKAZONO Mahito , SASAKI Hideomi , USHIJIMA Akira

    … Introduction</p><p> After World War II, new junior high schools were established in many municipalities by the school education system reform. … At first, the construction of new school-houses was the major challenge for small, local government. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (768), 275-284, 2020-02


  • Utaki and Torii of Miyako : A Study of the Historical Background  [in Japanese]

    下地 和宏

    日本の神社には鳥居、狛犬、灯籠、拝殿、神殿などの付属施設が建設されている。沖縄の宮古の御嶽の奥中央にはイビ(威部)と呼ばれる御神体の石が安置され、神が鎮座すると考えられている。他に複数のイビがある。これは遙拝の神である。イビ手前の広場が神庭であり、ここに祭祀のために籠る祭祀小屋が設けられている。宮古には800余の御嶽があるといわれる。多くの御嶽は神社風に施設が建設され変化しているが、厳かなる場所に …

    非文字資料研究 = The study of nonwritten cultural materials (19), 1-30, 2020-01


  • Context-Patch Face Hallucination Based on Thresholding Locality-Constrained Representation and Reproducing Learning

    Junjun Jiang , Yi Yu , Suhua Tang , Jiayi Ma , Guo-Jun Qi , Akiko Aizawa

    … In addition, when they are confronted with misalignment or the Small Sample Size (SSS) problem, the hallucination performance is very poor. … Additionally, the proposed framework is more robust to face misalignment and the SSS problem, and its hallucinated HR face is still very good when the LR test face is from the real-world. …

    IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics 50(1), 324-337, 2020-01


  • Disease diagnosis based on the analysis of volatile metabolites  [in Japanese]

    LEE Seung-Woo

    <p>紀元前の古い時代から匂いを使った病気の診断が行われてきたが、その詳細が学術的に説明し始められたのはわずか約40年前のことである。特に、近年では分析機器の急速な進歩に伴って疾患(特に、がん)に関係するより詳細な化学情報が解明されつつある。最近、我々の研究グループは唾液に含まれる匂い成分から口腔がんを診断する技術を世界で初めて確立した。12種類に絞られた唾液の匂いのもととなる成分が「 …

    Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology 47.1(0), S11-4, 2020


  • Translational drug safety with chemotargets CLARITY  [in Japanese]

    MIDORIKAWA Atsushi , SERNA Ricard Garcia , CASES Montserrat , OLIVéS Joaquim , REMEZ Nikita , PUIGJANé Elisabet Gregori , MESTRES Jordi

    … <p>Promoting a preclinical small molecule candidate to clinical phases is a high-risk decision taken on the basis of a large amount of heterogenous in vitro and in vivo data that may, or may not, translate into humans. …

    Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology 47.1(0), P-266, 2020


  • Pediatric brain tumor: Recent advances in clinical practice in Japan  [in Japanese]

    Yamasaki Kai , Hara Junichi

    <p>2016年のWHO分類改定で統合診断が導入され,小児脳腫瘍の診療は大きな変革の時期を迎えている.小児グリオーマは成人で見られる<i>IDH</i>変異などの異常をほとんど有さず,<i>BRAF</i>遺伝子異常や<i>NTRK</i>融合遺伝子などの治療標的となる遺伝子異常が高率に検出される.また,低頻度なが …

    The Japanese Journal of Pediatric Hematology / Oncology 57(2), 101-110, 2020


  • Past and future international collaborations in treatment of childhood renal tumors in Japan  [in Japanese]

    Oue Takaharu

    <p>腎明細胞肉腫CCSK,腎ラブドイド腫瘍RTK,再発腎芽腫など極めて希少な疾患では,臨床試験に必要な症例数を集積すること本邦単独では困難である.従って,これら超希少疾患の治療研究を行うには国際的な多施設臨床試験に参加することが必要である.日本ウィルムス腫瘍研究グループ(JWiTS)はこれまで米国National Wilms Tumor Study (NWTS)-5に準じた臨床試験を …

    The Japanese Journal of Pediatric Hematology / Oncology 57(2), 92-95, 2020


  • Long-Term Prediction of Small Time-Series Data Using Generalized Distillation  [in Japanese]

    Hayashi Shogo , Tanimoto Akira , Kashima Hisashi

    … On the other hand, there still existareas where only small-sized data are available for various reasons, for example, high data acquisition costs or therarity of targets events. … Machine learning tasks using such small data are usually difficult because of the lack ofinformation available for training accurate prediction models. … In particular, for long-term time-series prediction, thedata size tends to be small because of the unavailability of the data between input and output times in training. …

    Transactions of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence 35(5), B-K33_1-9, 2020


  • Evolution of ECU Packaging for Motorcycles  [in Japanese]

    Takeda Yuichi , Yamazaki Takahiko , Inose Koji , Sugio Daisuke , Kuboki Tadao , Takioka Syuichi , Yamagata Kazuyuki , Homme Hidetaka , Sasajima Hideaki , Kobayashi Yuji

    <p>電子制御燃料噴射システムをコントロールするECUに,家電,民生技術のカードエッジコネクタと半導体製法のトランスファ成形を適用した。開発品は,エッジコネクタ端子部を除いたプリント回路板のすべてが,専用エポキシ樹脂で封止されており,ECU単体の防水構造を世界初で実用化している。さらに,ECUとかん合される防水カードエッジコネクタを開発した。端子ダメージを生じない挿抜機構や多点接点を持 …

    Journal of The Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging 23(6), 490-500, 2020


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