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  • Simulation Study of Low-Dose Sparse-Sampling CT with Deep Learning-Based Reconstruction: Usefulness for Evaluation of Ovarian Cancer Metastasis

    Urase Yasuyo , Nishio Mizuho , Ueno Yoshiko , Kono Atsushi K. , Sofue Keitaro , Kanda Tomonori , Maeda Takaki , Nogami Munenobu , Hori Masatoshi , Murakami Takamichi

    … The usefulness of sparse-sampling CT with deep learning-based reconstruction for detection of metastasis of malignant ovarian tumors was evaluated. … Sparse-sampling CT images were calculated slice-by-slice by software simulation. … Sparse-sampling CT with deep learning-based reconstruction proved useful in detecting metastasis of malignant ovarian tumors and might contribute to reducing overall CT-radiation exposure. …

    Applied Sciences 10(13), 4446, 2020-07


  • Super-Resolution Imaging Method for Millimeter Wave Synthetic Aperture Interferometric Radiometer

    CHEN Jianfei , ZHU Xiaowei , LI Yuehua

    … However, because of the observation errors and small number of visibility sampling points, the accuracy of reconstructed images is usually low. … In SrI method, sparse visibility functions are first measured at different observation locations. … Then the sparse visibility functions are utilized to simultaneously construct the fusion visibility function and the fusion imaging model. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E103.D(9), 2011-2014, 2020


  • Effect of Fixational Eye Movement on Signal Processing of Retinal Photoreceptor: A Computational Study

    INAGAKI Keiichiro , KANNON Takayuki , KAMIYAMA Yoshimi , USUI Shiro

    … In the simulation, we focused on the roles of fixational eye movements on signal processing with sparse sampling by photoreceptors given their spatially non-uniform mosaic. … We confirmed that the information rate by sparse sampling due to the cone mosaic was increased with fixational eye movements. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E103.D(7), 1753-1759, 2020


  • Sparsity enforcement on latent variables for better disentanglement in VAE:A Study on the Latent Space of VAE by Inducing Sparsity in the Encoder Network  [in Japanese]

    CRISTOVAO Paulino , NAKADA Hidemoto , TANIMURA Yusuke , ASOH Hideki

    … In this paper, we propose to achieve disentangled representations by sampling from a sparse distribution. …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2020(0), 2K6ES202-2K6ES202, 2020


  • Device-Free Targets Tracking with Sparse Sampling: A Kronecker Compressive Sensing Approach

    YANG Sixing , GUO Yan , YU Dongping , QIAN Peng

    … In this paper, we exploit the sparse property of multiple target locations to achieve target trace accurately with much less sampling both in the wireless links and the time slots. … In the target trace recovery part, we exploit the compressive property of target trace, as well as designing the measurement matrix and the sparse matrix, to reduce the samplings in time domain. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E102.B(10), 1951-1959, 2019


  • A double screening orthogonal-matching-pursuit algorithm for compressed sensing receiver with high column correlation sensing matrix

    Wang Peng , You Fei , He Songbai , Zhao Chenxi

    … <p>Modulated wideband converter (MWC) is a multi-branch structure for sub-Nyquist sampling the signals which spectra are sparse. … With several band-limited sampling sequences, MWC can recover the signals by compressed sensing (CS) reconstruction algorithms. …

    IEICE Electronics Express 16(18), 20190419-20190419, 2019


  • Improved Support for Image Diagnosis by Artificial Intelligence  [in Japanese]

    BITO Yoshitaka , SHIRAHATA Takashi , IWATA Yoshihiro , YAMAGUCHI Koji , MIYAZAKI Osamu

    … Several examples of our development were shown in automatically positioning imaging planes on MRI, fast scan using sparse sampling and deep learning reconstruction on MRI, simultaneous multiparameter mapping on MRI, computer aided detection of lung cancer on CT, and transverse AI application on early MRI diagnosis of dementia. …

    Medical Imaging and Information Sciences 36(2), 105-108, 2019

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  • Monthly changes in <I>p</I>CO<sub>2</sub> in the Ganges River: implications for carbon release from soil to the atmosphere via inland waters

    MANAKA Takuya , H. M. Zakir HOSSAIN , YOSHIMURA Toshihiro , SUZUKI Atsushi , KAWAHATA Hodaka

    … (<I>p</I>CO<SUB>2</SUB>) remains sparse. … In this study, we conducted a monthly sampling survey of the Ganges River in Bangladesh during 2011–2014 and measured the chemical composition of the river water. …

    Journal of Agricultural Meteorology 75(1), 47-55, 2019


  • Pharmacotherapy in children - Small populations of human subjects who are not just small adults

    van der Lee Johanna H. , de Haan Timo R. , Bijleveld Yuma , Vermeulen Eric

    … To limit the patient burden of these PKPD studies, the number of subjects, the number of samples per subject and the amount of blood per sample should be minimized, and the timing of sampling should be flexible. … The emergence of new laboratory techniques and statistical tools such as NONMEM® allows for the collection and analysis of sparse and unbalanced data, enabling the implementation of (observational) PKPD studies in the paediatric clinic. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society WCP2018(0), SY53-2, 2018


  • Pharmacometrics in children

    Fukuda Tsuyoshi

    … Several challenges are associated with pediatric studies which include: the relatively small number of patients, sparse sampling, a wide age range, and potential differences in disease status associated with age. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society WCP2018(0), SY35-2, 2018


  • Optimal Design of Adaptive Intra Predictors Based on Sparsity Constraint

    BANDOH Yukihiro , SAYAMA Yuichi , TAKAMURA Seishi , SHIMIZU Atsushi

    … In video coding standards such as H.265/HEVC, intra prediction is seen as an extension of directional prediction schemes, examples include refinement of directions, planar extension, filtering reference sampling, and so on. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E101.A(11), 1795-1805, 2018


  • Deterministic Constructions of Compressed Sensing Matrices Based on Affine Singular Linear Space over Finite Fields

    WANG Gang , NIU Min-Yao , GAO Jian , FU Fang-Wei

    … <p>Compressed sensing theory provides a new approach to acquire data as a sampling technique and makes sure that a sparse signal can be reconstructed from few measurements. … By choosing appropriate parameters, our sparse compressed sensing matrices are superior to the DeVore's matrices. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E101.A(11), 1957-1963, 2018


  • Sparse Coding Super-Resolution Imaging for Enhancing Image Resolution in MRI  [in Japanese]

    ISHIMARU Naoki , OTA Junko , UMEHARA Kensuke , SUZUKI Takanori , OHNO Shunsuke , OKAMOTO Kentaro , ISHIDA Takayuki

    高解像度診断用ディスプレイの実用化に伴い,ディスプレイの解像度に合わせて画像を拡大し,足りない解像度を補う必要があるが,MRIの解像度をハードウェアレベルで改善するには,長時間撮像を要し,患者の負担が大きい.そこで本研究では,MRI 画像を対象にスパースコーディング超解像処理(ScSR)を適用し,その有用性を検討した.頭部MRI画像のうちT1強調画像,T2強調画像,FLAIR画像,TOF画像を用い …

    Medical Imaging Technology 36(4), 196-202, 2018

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  • Implementation of Compressed Sensing for MR Imaging  [in Japanese]

    TAMADA Daiki

    … <p> Recently, compressed sensing, which allows for rapid MRI scanning using signal sparsity and random sampling, has been introduced as a method for routine clinical examinations. …

    Japanese Journal of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 38(3), 76-86, 2018

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Joint Estimation of Frequency and DOA with Spatio-Temporal Sub-Nyquist Sampling Based on Spectrum Correction and Chinese Remainder Theorem

    HUANG Xiangdong , YANG Mengkai , LIU Mingzhuo , YANG Lin , FU Haipeng

    … Specifically, a novel coprime sparse array allowing a large range for interelement spacings is employed in the proposed joint scheme, which greatly alleviates the conventional array's half-wavelength constraint. … Further, by incorporating small-sized DFT spectrum correction with the closed-form robust Chinese Remainder Theorem (CRT), both spectral aliasing and integer phase ambiguity caused by spatio-temporal under-sampling can be removed in an efficient way. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E101.B(9), 2007-2016, 2018


  • Wideband spectrum sensing based on serial multi-coset sampling for cognitive radio

    Liu Changjian , Huang Wuhuang , Wang Houjun

    … Firstly, a serial Multi-Coset Sampling (MCS) structure is designed to avoid the mismatch among sub-Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC) in traditional parallel MCS. … Finally, sampling pattern design is proved to be a minimal circular sparse ruler problem with an additional constraint. …

    IEICE Electronics Express 15(13), 20180457-20180457, 2018


  • Using Super Resolution to Denoise on PET Images  [in Japanese]

    Katayama Yutaka , Ueda Kentaro , Hiura Shinsaku , Kimura Daisuke , Takao Yoshinori , Yamanaga Takashi , Ichida Takao , Higashiyama Shigeaki , Kawabe Joji

    … The up-sampling processing is applied to indication of the low-resolution contents. … In the up-sampling process, the super resolution enables an up-sampling process which estimates information of high frequency components lost by sampling while analyzing input images is noticed. …

    Japanese Journal of Radiological Technology 74(7), 653-660, 2018

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • High-performance ASIC realization of orthogonal matching pursuit algorithm

    Nguyen Vu Quan , Park Sang Yoon

    … <p>Compressive sensing (CS) is perceived as a breakthrough in sampling theory, as it proves that sparse signals can be reconstructed from fewer samples than required by the Shannon-Nyquist theorem. … From the synthesis results, we find that the proposed design takes 1.638 µs to reconstruct 16-sparse signal, which is 19.2 times faster than the existing VLSI implementation of the OMP.</p> …

    IEICE Electronics Express 15(7), 20180075-20180075, 2018


  • Protein NMR Structure Refinement Based on Bayesian Inference for Dynamical Ordering of Biomacromolecules  [in Japanese]

    IKEYA Teppei , ITO Yutaka

    <p>核磁気共鳴分光法 (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance; NMR) は,溶液状態や生きた細胞内のようなより生理的条件に近い状態の生体分子の3次元立体構造やダイナミクスを原子分解能で解析できる現在唯一のツールである.一方で,NMR測定により得られる直接的なデータは,複数のピーク信号からなるスペクトルであることから,ここから分子の構造情報を正確に抽出し,分子の3次元 …

    Journal of Computer Chemistry, Japan 17(1), 65-75, 2018


  • Wideband Adaptive Beamforming Algorithm for Conformal Arrays Based on Sparse Covariance Matrix Reconstruction

    CHEN Pei , HU Dexiu , ZHAO Yongjun , LIU Chengcheng

    … Then, a sparse reconstruction method is utilized to reduce the high computational cost and the requirement of sampling data. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E101.B(2), 548-554, 2018


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