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  • Real-time in-situ Rheological Assessment of Sticky Point Temperature and Humidity of Powdered Products

    C. Groen Johan , Kooijman Wim , van Belzen Djamilla , M.H. Meesters Gabrie , Schütz Denis , Aschl Timothy , Verolme Patrick

    … An air flow capable of fluidizing the powder particles is controlled at a specific constant temperature and its relative humidity can be altered while measuring the torque in the fluidized powder bed in real time. … The main advantages of our approach are that the flow properties are directly assessed, the interpretation of the obtained data is more straightforward and that the measurement times are shortened substantially.</p> …

    KONA Powder and Particle Journal, 2020


  • Peptide barcoding for establishment of new types of genotype–phenotype linkages

    Miyamoto Kana , Aoki Wataru , Ohtani Yuta , Miura Natsuko , Aburaya Shunsuke , Matsuzaki Yusei , Kajiwara Kaho , Kitagawa Yoshinori , Ueda Mitsuyoshi

    … 2019-04-25.Measuring binding properties of binders (e.g., antibodies) is essential for developing useful experimental reagents, diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals. … Display technologies can evaluate a large number of binders in a high-throughput manner, but the immobilization effect and the avidity effect prohibit the precise evaluation of binding properties. …

    PLOS ONE 14(4), 2019-04-23


  • Not a Simple Ferro-quadrupole Order in DyB<sub>6</sub>

    Sera Masafumi , Yonemura Takumi , Itamochi Ken , Matsumura Takeshi , Hiroi Masahiko , Takahashi Kohki

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 88(5), 2019-04-11


  • Specific Coordination Mode and Electrostatic Ion Atmosphere Effects of Divalent Cations Regulating Spatially Crossing Configurations of DNA Duplexes

    Nishigami Hiroshi , Kang Jiyoung , Yamasaki Kazuhiko , Tateno Masaru

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 88(4), 044801-044801, 2019-03-12


  • Charge/polarity-dependent 2D separation: a new chromatography for monitoring biomolecules

    Sakamoto Toshihiro , Shinohara Junpei , Shido Chiaki , Nishiuchi Kenichi , Yamada Yoshiki , Tanaka Hiroyuki , Hayama Masaaki , Oka Hiroaki

    … To overcome this problem, we have designed a new two-dimensional biomolecule analysis tool, in which analytes are first subjected to isoelectric focusing in a charge-specific-separation step, which is then followed by thin-layer chromatography in a polarity-specific-separation step. … This new technique enables the separation of mixed large proteins as well as that of mixed synthetic oligopeptides that have similar physical properties. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 58(SB), SBBG14, 2019-03-04


  • Bimodal nanoporous platinum on sacrificial nanoporous copper for catalysis of the oxygen-reduction reaction

    Hakamada Masataka , Sato Yuto , Mabuchi Mamoru

    … The specific ORR catalytic activity of BNP-Pt increases by the dissolution and removal of supporting NP-Cu, suggesting that the BNP structure improves the intrinsic catalytic properties of platinum. …

    MRS Communications 9(1), 292-297, 2019-03


  • On the relationship between the position of the Azerbaijani interrogative clitic and the focus of question  [in Japanese]

    吉村 大樹 , YOSHIMURA Taiki

    トルコ語と同じくテュルク諸語南西語群に属するアゼルバイジャン語では、トルコ語と類似した形式である疑問接語mI が存在する。いずれも諾否疑問文において生起し、生起位置によって話し手の聞き手に対する質問の焦点を変更するという機能がある点で共通しており、疑問接語の生起位置の分布は一見かなりの程度類似しているように見える。しかし、アゼルバイジャン語では言語話者によって文中に生起した場合の文の容認度に差があ …

    トークス = Theoretical and applied linguistics at Kobe Shoin : 神戸松蔭女子学院大学研究紀要言語科学研究所篇 (22), 75-85, 2019-03

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  • Magnetic, Transport, and Phonon Properties of the Trivalent Eu Metallic Compound EuBe<sub>13</sub>

    Hidaka Hiroyuki , Mizuuchi Kota , Yanagisawa Tatsuya , Amitsuka Hiroshi

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 88(3), 2019-02-14


  • A Study of Evaluation Criteria and Value Setting of Meiboku  [in Japanese]

    岡田(泊里) 涼子 , Okada(Tomari) Ryoko , オカダ(トマリ) リョウコ

    … This paper focuses on the circumstances in which a specific group of wood is regarded not simply as a wooden material but also as the prestigious one named Meiboku. … Meiboku has often been used for cultural properties and precious highly art works. …

    デザイン理論 73, 1-14, 2019-01-21


  • Developmental stages of the blue-breasted quail (Coturnix chinensis)

    Nakamura Yoshiaki , Nakane Yoshifumi , Tsudzuki Masaoki

    … Recently, the blue-breasted quail (Coturnix chinesis), the smallest species in the order Galliformes, has been proposed as an excellent candidate model in avian developmental studies owing to its precocious and prolific properties. … We documented specific periods of incubation in which significant development occurred, and created a 39-stage developmental series. …

    Animal Science Journal 90(1), 35-48, 2019-01-04

    IR DOI

  • Grüneisen parameter and thermal expansion near magnetic quantum critical points in itinerant electron systems

    Watanabe Shinji , Miyake Kazumasa

    … By considering the zero point as well as thermal spin fluctuation under the stationary condition, the specific heat for each class of the magnetic quantum critical point (QCP) specified by the dynamical exponent z = 3 [feorromagnetism (FM)] and z = 2 [antiferromagnetism (AFM)] and the spatial dimension (d = 3 and 2) is shown to be expressed as CV = Ca − Cb, where Ca is dominant at low temperatures, reproducing the past SCR criticality endorsed by the renormalization group theory. …

    Physical Review B 99(3), 035108-1-035108-25, 2019-01-03


  • Site-specific post-imprinting modification of molecularly imprinted polymer nanocavities with a modifiable functional monomer for prostate cancer biomarker recognition

    Matsumoto Hiroki , Sunayama Hirobumi , Kitayama Yukiya , Takano Eri , Takeuchi Toshifumi

    … In this study, we aimed to develop abiotic molecular materials for the recognition of prostate-specific antigen (PSA), a known biomarker for prostate cancer. … Details of the binding properties of these groups were investigated to optimize their affinity and selectivity for PSA. …

    Science and Technology of Advanced Materials 20(1), 305-312, 2019-01-01


  • Updated trade-off relationship between specific on-resistance and breakdown voltage in 4H-SiC{0001} unipolar devices

    Kimoto Tsunenobu

    … The minimum specific on-resistance of 4H-SiC{0001} unipolar devices as a function of the breakdown voltage was updated based on latest studies on intrinsic physical properties, such as impact ionization coefficients. … The minimum specific on-resistance of 1 kV 4H-SiC devices can be as low as 0.20 mΩ cm² at room temperature. … An analytical expression for the relationship between the specific on-resistance and breakdown voltage is given. …

    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (58), 2019-01


  • Effect of Pt Loading on the Adsorption of Perfluoro-sulfonic Acid Ionomer in Catalyst Ink for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells

    Yoshimune Wataru , Harada Masashi

    … <p>The interfacial structure of the perfluoro-sulfonic acid ionomer and Pt-loaded carbon in a catalyst ink significantly influences the properties of the catalyst layer in polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFCs). … While specific interactions between sulfonic acid groups and Pt catalyst were active, the hydrophobic attraction of the ionomer backbone to the carbon surface was the dominant force in the catalyst inks. …

    Chemistry Letters 48(5), 487-490, 2019


  • Evaluation of the Interaction between Borate Ions and Nickel–Aluminum Complex Hydroxide for Purification of Wastewater

    Ogata Fumihiko , Nagai Noriaki , Toda Megumu , Otani Masashi , Nakamura Takehiro , Kawasaki Naohito

    … <p>A new mixed metal hydroxide adsorbent (NA11, molar ratio<sub>Ni–Al</sub> = 1 : 1) was prepared and its physicochemical properties (specific surface area, amount of hydroxyl group, scanning electron microscopy images, X-ray diffraction analysis, elemental distribution, and binding energy) were studied. … The specific surface area of and amount of hydroxyl group in NA11 was greater than those of the other studied adsorbents. …

    Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 67(5), 487-492, 2019


  • Influence of Stirring Number on the Quality of Cocoa Sponge Cake  [in Japanese]

    Shibata Keiko , Takami Tomoko , Seki Momoko , Watanabe Youko

    <p>薄力小麦粉の30%を純ココア粉末で置換したスポンジケーキの品質および食味におよぼすバッター調製時のゴムベラでの撹拌回数の影響を検討した。撹拌回数は20~50回まで10回刻みで行い, S20,S30,S40,S50とした。対照試料(ココア粉末20%)は50回撹拌したもので,前報より用いた。</p><p>バッター比重はS50が対照試料より有意に高値であった。ケ …

    Journal of Cookery Science of Japan 52(2), 103-108, 2019


  • Study on JECFA specifications and measured values of flavoring substances in Japan (1st report)  [in Japanese]

    Mirokuji Yoshiharu , Abe Kunihiro , Sano Keisuke , Kasahara Yoko , Higashinaka Ryuji , Kunou Yasushi , Sato Kyoko , Saito Kenji , Kishimoto Kazuhiro , Takaki Masanori , Tsuchiya Kazuyuki , Suzuki Norio , Mangetsu Makoto , Wada Yoshiyuki , Watanabe Taketoshi

    … The survey of the contents and properties of food flavoring substances to verify JECFA specifications was conducted. … the content (Assay min %), acid value, melting point, congealing point, refractive index, or the specific gravity of theseflavoring substances were compared with the corresponding measured values of the products in commerce. … The results revealedthat 69 flavoring substances are not in line with the JECFA specifications regarding one or more specific items. …

    Japanese Journal of Food Chemistry and Safety 26(1), 1-10, 2019


  • Analysis of the Relationship between Bread-Making Qualities and Dough Stress during the Proofing Process

    Matsushita Koki , Goshima Daisuke , Iwata Junki , Santiago Dennis Marvin , Takata Kanenori , Yamauchi Hiroaki

    … <p>The physical properties of dough (PPD), instantaneous elasticity, regularity coefficient of viscosity, and relaxation time (τ<sub>0</sub>), of various white bread doughs without yeast addition were measured by the creep method based on a Maxwell-2-element model (Maxwell model). … was significantly correlated with the gas retention of dough and specific loaf volume (SLV). …

    Food Science and Technology Research 25(2), 237-243, 2019


  • Early Assessment of Left Ventricular Function by Layer-Specific Strain and Its Relationship to Pulsatile Arterial Load in Patients with Coronary Slow Flow

    Shi Jing , Shu Xianhong , Xing Yumeng , Qian Juying , Yang Hongbo , Yan Yan , Li Qing , Luo Limin , Kong Dehong , Pan Cuizhen

    … We investigated LV systolic function by a new layer-specific strain technology and assessed the association between pulsatile arterial load and contractility.</p><p>A total of 70 patients with CSF and 50 controls with normal coronary angiography were included in the study. …

    International Heart Journal, 2019


  • Estimation of Compressive Strength of Rocks Using Damping Pressure Pulsation of Hydraulic Rock Drill  [in Japanese]

    TSUKAMOTO Koji , KOIZUMI Masahiro , SHINJI Masato

    … Among them, the damping pressure, which damps the repulsive force from the ground due to the impact of the hydraulic drill, provides information on the geological properties of the hole drilling position. … To evaluate geological properties such as compressive strength using drilling data, drilling was performed on specimens that simulated grounds with different compressive strengths, and drilling data was measured. …

    Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan 68(4), 366-373, 2019


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