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  • Discrete-Event Simulation and Optimization of Spare Parts Inventory and Preventive Maintenance Integration Model Considering Cooling Down and Machine Dismantling Time Factor

    Aliunir Fachransjah , Teuku Yuri M. Zagloel , Ardi Romadhani

    … The results of the DES simulation and data processing with formulas and commercial data are optimized by linear programming methods and response surface methodology (RSM). …

    Evergreen 7(1), 79-85, 2020-03

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  • Search for Approximate Model of Collision Term in Boltzmann Equation by Genetic Programming  [in Japanese]

    服部 篤樹 , 鈴木 宏二郎 , Hattori Atsuki , Suzuki Kojiro

    … The combination of a genetic programming (GP) method and a nonlinear least square method was adopted for the exploring. … Training data was a solution of Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) method, which is a stochastic method for rarefied gas dynamics. …

    宇宙航空研究開発機構特別資料: 第51回流体力学講演会/第37回航空宇宙数値シミュレーション技術シンポジウム論文集 = JAXA Special Publication: Proceedings of the 51st Fluid Dynamics Conference / the 37th Aerospace Numerical Simulation Symposium (JAXA-SP-19-007), 141-147, 2020-02-04


  • Operation planning for heat pump in a residential building

    KIMATA Shota , SHIINA Takayuki , SATO Tetsuya , TOKORO Ken-ichi

    … A stochastic programming model is formulated using scenarios that represent the uncertainty of power and heat demand. … We demonstrate the usefulness of the stochastic programming model by comparing it with the deterministic model. …

    Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design, Systems, and Manufacturing 14(5), JAMDSM0076-JAMDSM0076, 2020


  • A Clearing Problem in Reserve Market using Stochastic Optimization  [in Japanese]

    Miyamoto Toshiyuki , Kitamura Shoichi , Naito Kento , Mori Kazuyuki , Izui Yoshio

    … In this paper, we propose a clearing problem that considers ΔkW and kWh values simultaneously in the reserve market, then, using stochastic optimization we formulate the clearing problem as a 0-1 mixed integer programming problem.</p> …

    IEEJ Transactions on Electronics, Information and Systems 140(7), 775-785, 2020


  • Stochastic Approach to Optimize the Supply Chain Network of Microalga-Derived Biodiesel under Uncertain Diesel Demand

    Yu Jiah , Lee In-Beum , Han Jeehoon , Ahn Yuchan

    … <p>To investigate the effect of uncertainty in biodiesel production from microalgae, a supply chain network (SCN) of the process from cultivation of microalgae to distribution of biodiesel is developed using mixed-integer linear programming. … Biodiesel demandis the crucial factor in the design of SCN, but is quite uncertain, so a stochastic approach that considers uncertain scenarios is developed, and its recommendations are compared to those of a deterministic model. …



  • Analysis of Profit Maximization Problem in Multiperiod Energy Markets with Uncertain Photovoltaics Power

    TU Bo , ISHIZAKI Takayuki , IMURA Jun-ichi

    … Then, the uncertainty issue stemming from the PV profiles is handled by a classical stochastic programming framework and a robust optimization framework. …

    SICE Journal of Control, Measurement, and System Integration 13(1), 9-15, 2020


  • Simultaneous Approach to Critical Fault Rupture Slip Distribution and Optimal Damper Placement for Resilient Building Design

    Kondo Kyoichiro , Takewaki Izuru

    … The uncertainty in the fault rupture slip is taken as a main factor of uncertainties in the present paper and the critical fault rupture slip distribution causing the maximum structural response is found by using the stochastic Green's function method as a generator of ground motions. … The sequential quadratic programming method is used in the problem of critical fault rupture slip distribution and a sensitivity-based method is introduced in the optimal damper placement problem. …

    Frontiers in Built Environment (5), 2019-10-24


  • Application of critical path method to stochastic processes with historical operation data

    Takakura Yuya , Yajima Tomoyuki , Kawajiri Yoshiaki , Hashizume Susumu

    … In this paper, we consider an optimization problem for stochastic CPM problems, where task durations are expressed as discrete histograms obtained from historical operation data, that maximizes the probability that all tasks are completed within a given completion time by improving the task durations on the critical path. … We propose two reformulations of the problem as a mixed-integer linear programming problem: one based on tasks, and the other based on paths. …

    Chemical Engineering Research and Design (149), 195-208, 2019-09-01


  • Step size optimization for LMS algorithms with differentiable programming  [in Japanese]

    佐々木 哲也 , 塩原 楓 , 林 和則

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報 119(106), 119-124, 2019-07-10

  • Development of stochastic isogeometric analysis (SIGA) method for uncertainty in shape

    Zhang Hongguan , Shibutani Tadahiro

    … In this paper, a new method is proposed that extend the classical deterministic isogeometric analysis (IGA) into a probabilistic analytical framework in order to evaluate the uncertainty in shape and aim to investigate a possible extension of IGA in the field of computational stochastic mechanics. … Stochastic IGA (SIGA) method for uncertainty in shape is developed by employing the geometric characteristics of the non‐uniform rational basis spline and the probability characteristics of polynomial chaos expansions (PCE). …

    International journal for numerical methods in engineering 118(1), 18-37, 2019-04-06



    立花 潤三 , 田中 良賢 , 榊原 一紀

    地球環境研究論文集 : 地球環境シンポジウム 27, 239-246, 2019

  • Assessment of Resilience in Energy System with Computational Simulation Model  [in Japanese]

    KOMIYAMA Ryoichi

    … energy security model deals with uncertainties such as fuel price volatility and fuel import disruption as well as the blackout of nuclear power plants,which analyzes the economic validity of petroleum and LNG stockpiles and nuclear power with a stochastic dynamic programming technique.The electricity and petroleum supply models do a quantitative analysis of optimal electricity and petroleum supply strategy against capital-epicentered disaster and anticipated damage.The results suggest that deployable diversification of …

    Journal of The Japanese Society for Quality Control 49(2), 150-155, 2019



    TATIBANA Junzo , TANAKA Ryoken , SAKAKIBARA Kazutoshi

    … <p> This study developed the mathematical programming model that can describe future uncertainty in more faithfully than previous models, and analyzed empirically on energy system of Toyama Prefecture. …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. G (Environmental Research) 75(5), I_239-I_246, 2019


  • Accelerating Stochastic Simulations on GPUs Using OpenCL

    KANG Pilsung

    … In this paper, we accelerate stochastic simulation of biochemical reaction networks on modern GPUs (graphics processing units) by means of the OpenCL programming language. … In implementing the OpenCL version of the stochastic simulation algorithm, we carefully apply its data-parallel execution model to optimize the performance provided by the underlying hardware parallelism of the modern GPUs. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E102.D(11), 2253-2256, 2019


  • General Framework of Stochastic Combinatorial Optimization Problems with Queries  [in Japanese]

    Maehara Takanori , Yamaguchi Yutaro

    … The framework called the optimization with queries handles the uncertainty by modeling the parameters drawn from stochastic distributions, and conducting queries to reveal these realized values. … The main technique used in our framework is called the witness cover, that is a combination of linear programming duality and counting argument.</p> …

    Bulletin of the Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics 29(2), 2-9, 2019


  • Total Optimization of Agricultural Supply Chain Management through Direct Marketing with Distribution  [in Japanese]

    HASUIKE Takashi , KASHIMA Tomoko , MATSUMOTO Shimpei

    <p>農産物流通において,市場流通と直売流通の良さをうまく取り込んだ産直流通モデルが研究され始めている.産直流通モデルでは,集荷場の設置箇所の最適化や輸送費用の分散化といった農家から消費者までの全体最適化が求められる.本発表において,集荷場の最適配置も考慮しながら,農家と消費者の高い満足度を維持しながら,輸送負担の分散化が可能な農産物流通モデルを提案する.また提案モデルを,最適化ソルバ …

    The Proceedings of Manufacturing Systems Division Conference 2019(0), 103, 2019


  • OpenACC Parallelization of Stochastic Simulations on GPUs

    KANG Pilsung

    … <p>We present an OpenACC-based parallelization implementation of stochastic algorithms for simulating biochemical reaction networks on modern GPUs (graphics processing units). … To investigate the effectiveness of using OpenACC for leveraging the massive hardware parallelism of the GPU architecture, we carefully apply OpenACC's language constructs and mechanisms to implementing a parallel version of stochastic simulation algorithms on the GPU. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E102.D(8), 1565-1568, 2019


  • A Stochastic Optimal Control Method Using Statistical Information and Binary Variables with an Application to Online Optimal Mode Management for Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles  [in Japanese]

    WATANABE Ryunosuke , YOSHIOKA Hiroto , IBUKI Tatsuya , SAKAYANAGI Yoshihiro , SAMPEI Mitsuji

    … <p>In this paper, a novel stochastic optimal control method based on a stochastic model predictive control framework is proposed. … The proposed method is formulated as mixed integer linear programming using statistical information and binary variables, which allows us to obtain the deterministic optimization problem from the stochastic optimization problem. …

    Transactions of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers 55(5), 331-341, 2019


  • Multi-Service Oriented Stream Data Synchronization Scheme for Multicore Cipher Chips

    LI Li , LI Fenghua , SHI Guozhen

    … <p>In cloud computing environments, data processing systems with strong and stochastic stream data processing capabilities are highly desired by multi-service oriented computing-intensive applications. … Aiming at the stochastic cross service stream, we propose a hardware synchronization mechanism based on index tables. … This approach overcomes the high complexity and low reliability of the programming in the software synchronization. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E102.A(1), 48-55, 2019


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