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  • Leak-before-break and plastic collapse strength evaluation of stainless steel piping with a part-through notch

    OGAWA Masato , MATSUBARA Masaaki , SUZUKI Ryosuke

    … Piping is subjected to various types of tension and bending, but the influence of the load history on the integrity of piping containing a flaw is poorly understood. … The goal of the present study was to develop an improved integrity assessment method for a stainless steel pipe with a part-through notch that takes into account the load history. …

    Mechanical Engineering Journal, 2020


  • Fatigue crack propagation under the condition where the superimposed stress history with different frequency components given intermittently  [in Japanese]

    TAKAKI Yoshifumi , GOTOH Koji

    … In this study, fatigue crack propagation under the condition where the superimposed stress history with different frequency components was given intermittently was investigated by numerical simulation and fatigue crack propagation test. …



  • Microwave Energy Device-Assisted Endoscopic Resection of a Parapharyngeal Malignant Tumor  [in Japanese]

    Ohkubo Jun-ichi , Takeuchi Shoko , Takahashi Azusa , Kawaguchi Rintaro , Hasegawa Shoichi , Suzuki Hideaki

    … Herein, we report the case of a large malignant tumor in the parapharyngeal space excised by a microwave energy device-assisted endoscopic procedure.</p><p>A 60-year-old man presented with a 5-month history of a gradually enlarging mass in his upper right neck. …

    Practica Oto-Rhino-Laryngologica 113(2), 123-128, 2020


  • Phylogenetic Analysis of Symbiotic Bacteria Associated with Two <i>Vigna</i> Species under Different Agro-Ecological Conditions in Venezuela

    Artigas Ramírez María Daniela , España Mingrelia , Lewandowska Sylwia , Yuan Kun , Okazaki Shin , Ohkama-Ohtsu Naoko , Yokoyama Tadashi

    … However, this type of crop has some cultivation issues due to sensitivity to acidic soils, high temperatures, and salinity stress, which are common in Venezuela. … The stress tolerance of strains was dependent on the type of rhizobia, soil origin, and cultivation history. … showed the highest plant biomass, nitrogen fixation, and excellent abiotic stress response, suggesting a novel promising inoculant for <i>Vigna</i> …

    Microbes and Environments 35(1), n/a, 2020


  • What Is Necessary to Enhance Long-Stay Demand in National Hot Spring Health Resorts? ─From Considerations Based on Field Work─  [in Japanese]

    FUJIMOTO Kazuhiro

    … Furthermore, in the present age, which is said to be a stress society, there is room for the viewpoint that "existence of high-quality communication with the external environment of a spa relieves stress". …

    The Journal of The Japanese Society of Balneology, Climatology and Physical Medicine, 2020



    TAKAGI Jiro , OBANA Ruka , OHSAKI Makoto

    … The solutions satisfy multiple requirements of the allowable stress design and ultimate lateral strength. … is given by referring to responses in the time-history analyses for very rare (L2) earthquake ground motions, the superior design solutions do not satisfy the standard design criteria against L2 earthquakes. …

    Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (763), 1293-1303, 2019-09


  • A Periprosthetic Femoral Fracture with Characteristics of Atypical Femoral Fracture

    Tanaka Shuya , Fukui Tomoaki , Oe Keisuke , Matsumoto Tomoyuki , Matsushita Takehiko , Hayashi Shinya , Kawamoto Teruya , Kuroda Ryosuke , Niikura Takahiro

    … An 87-year-old woman who underwent bipolar hip arthroplasty for a femoral neck fracture 38 months prior reported left thigh pain with no history of trauma. … She presented other features resembling AFF: history of bisphosphonate use, prodromal symptoms, no associated trauma, and lateral bowing of the contralateral femur. …

    Case Reports in Orthopedics (2019), 1275369, 2019-07-16



    SUZUKI Suguru , MATSUI Tomoya

    … <p> Concrete Encased Steel (CES) structural buildings are expected to adopt the structural design by the Calculation of Response and Limit Strength and time history response analysis, hence it is necessary to confirm the validity of both restoring force characteristics models for the CES members and the accuracy of response evaluation for the CES building. … The stress versus strain relationship for concrete in the MS elements was expressed as Hoshikuma model. …

    Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (761), 993-1000, 2019-07


  • The history and the prospects of the occupational mental health in Japan : from the aspect of primary prevention  [in Japanese]

    内藤 宏

    日本精神科病院協会雑誌 = Journal of Japanese Association of Psychiatric Hospitals 38(6), 5-9, 2019-06

    Ichushi Web 

  • ESTABLISHING LONG TERM PROPERTY AND DESIGN METHOD FOR I-SHAPED WOODEN BEAM:Development of I-shaped beam using diagonal lattice panel No. 2  [in Japanese]

    NAGASHIMA Taisuke , UNNO Yamato , AOYAMA Tsuyoshi , OHASHI Yoshimitsu

    … The previous paper described short-term mechanical properties of the I-beam including strength, stiffness, stress distribution in bending and shear. … That research results revealed that this I-beam has length effect in constant shear stress and design method was established.</p><p> This report focuses on its properties in long-term loading test in bending and shear. … DOL tests were carried out at three stress levels in bending and five stress levels in shear. …

    Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (758), 553-562, 2019-04


  • Relevance of juvenile hypertension and boys sports  [in Japanese]

    蓮井 裕二 , 早川 和江 , 三上 えり子 , 菱谷 久美子 , 小玉 有子 , 山口 かおる , 木村 博人 , 阿保 康子

    … They were also asked about their history of participation in youth sports and any family history of hypertension. … In addition, according to the information gained from the survey, it was surmised that those in the high blood pressure group who had engaged in longterm, intensive sports in elementary and junior high school had experienced excessive levels of stress. …

    弘前医療福祉大学紀要 10(1), 23-30, 2019-03-28


  • Comparison of allowable stress method and time History response analysis for seismic design of buildings  [in Japanese]

    井上 さゆり , 中村 尚弘

    日本建築学会中国支部研究報告集 日本建築学会中国支部 編 42, 143-146, 2019-03-02

  • Health conditions of residents living in temporary housing after the Great East Japan Earthquake  [in Japanese]

    久保 七彩 , 赤嶺 百子 , 宮脇 尚志 , 八田 一

    … Somatometry and a survey using the brief-type self-administered diet history questionnaire were performed among temporary housing residents in Rikuzentakata city and restoration housing residents in Kesennuma city in August 2015 and 2017. … Stress, lack of exercise, and unbalanced intake induced by long-term residency in temporary housing might be factors that contributed to the weight gain and visceral fat accumulation among the residents. …

    京都女子大学食物学会誌 (073), 29-34, 2019-01-31

    IR  Ichushi Web 

  • The history of improving Suspect defense system : laying stress on guarantee for right to appoint counsel  [in Japanese]

    毛利 晴光

    日本大学法科大学院法務研究 (16), 15-32, 2019-01

  • Prediction for stress relaxation history of industrial rubber with viscoelastic material model  [in Japanese]

    FUJIKAWA Masaki , ARAKAKI Tatsuro , HIGA Yuto , YAMABE Junichiro , MAEDA Naruto , KOISHI Masataka

    … <p>A viscoelastic model for stress relaxation of industrial rubber materials was developed. … To confirm the robustness and effectiveness of the proposed model, various stress relaxation tests of three types of SBR-CB with different volume fractions were carried out. …

    The Proceedings of The Computational Mechanics Conference 2019.32(0), 082, 2019


  • Load history dependence of estimation accuracy of fatigue limit by plastic strain energy  [in Japanese]

    HAYABUSA Keisuke

    … <p>Actual structures are exposed to arbitrary average stress, and evaluation using a modified Goodman diagram is widely performed. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2019(0), J40128, 2019


  • Analysis of Stress Oscillation in a Functionally Graded Multiferroic Composite Thin Plate  [in Japanese]

    KUWAHARA Ryo , ASHIDA Fumihiro , MORIMOTO Takuya

    … The elastic constitutive equation and the equation of motion are solved numerically by employing the method of characteristics and then the particle velocity and stress are obtained, when the materials at the top and bottom surfaces of the thin plate are taken to be CoFe O<sub>2</sub> … Finally, the time history of the dynamic stress is illustrated graphically.</p> …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2019(0), S03117P, 2019


  • Evaluation of thermal fatigue structural model test by stress redistribution locus (SRL) approach  [in Japanese]

    SUZUKI Kento , FUJIOKA Terutaka

    … The procedure of the analysis is complicated and needs computation cost and labor because the considerations of scattering material properties and effects of loading history. … In place of the Neuber's rule, the SRL (Stress Redistribution Locus) approach has been investigate as one of the methods expected to be applicable to such estimations. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2019(0), J04209P, 2019


  • A study on the perforation failure of steel plates subjected to the impact by a semi-spherical projectile  [in Japanese]

    Hamada Shori , Beppu Masuhiro , Ichino Hiroyoshi

    … In the numerical part, the Johnson-Cook failure criterion was applied to consider stress triaxiality and strain rate dependency. … Although the perforation phenomena was qualitatively reproduced with the failure criteria, deformation of steel plates and projectile velocity-time history were not well reproduced.</p> …

    Journal of Structural Engineering, A 65A(0), 925-936, 2019


  • Review on the formation and growth of cerebral aneurysms

    Fukuda Shunichi , Okudaira Takuma , Kuwahara Shuntaro , on behalf of the CFD-BIO study group , Shimogonya Yuji , Nakamura Masanori , Yamada Tomohiro , Suzuki Kosuke , Yamamoto Yuuto , Kanou Kiyomitsu , Okada Norika , Pan Fangjia

    … In the first part, we summarize the history of theories on the pathogenesis of cerebral aneurysm in chronological order from epidemiological and pathological viewpoints and based on data obtained from animal models of experimentally induced cerebral aneurysms, with a focus on the involvement of hemodynamic stress on the arterial wall. …

    Journal of Biorheology 33(2), 43-52, 2019


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