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  • Development and Evaluation of a Tomato Fruit Suction Cutting Device

    Fujinaga Takuya , Yasukawa Shinsuke , Ishii Kazuo

    … This paper introduces a structure and harvesting motion for the suction cutting device of a tomato harvesting robot, and reports harvesting experiments conducted in a tomato greenhouse. … The suction cutting device comprises a suction part and a cutting part. … The suction part separates the target fruit from a tomato cluster and the cutting part cuts the peduncle of the target fruit. …

    2021 IEEE/SICE International Symposium on System Integration (SII), 628-633, 2021-03-24


  • Multi-Objective Optimization of Non-Axisymmetric Contoured Endwall for Axial Turbines

    Chen Pingting , Li Xueying , Jiang Hongde

    … In this study, several optimized non-axisymmetric contoured endwall shapes are found in an annular cascade passage by a multi-objective optimization process to achieve both improved aerodynamic performance in the passage and more beneficial heat transfer characteristics on the endwall. … The optimized contoured endwall designs were found and they are all with sunken area in the middle of the passage and risen area in the aft part of the passage near the suction side. …

    International Journal of Gas Turbine, Propulsion and Power Systems 12(1), 1-9, 2021


  • Evaluation of Suction Performance of Inducer with Splitter Blade

    Tanaka Yohei , Kitabata Takahiro , Watanabe Satoshi , Ohashi Satoru , Sakata Akira , Matsunaga Yasushi

    … For general-use turbopumps with inducer, instability-free operation is required as well as high suction performance in a wide operating range from shut-off to over flow rates. … The low inlet blade angle would be favorable for the suppression of inlet backflow through the reduction of blade loading at the inlet, while the inlet throat area should be kept large for better suction performance to minimize the flow blockage due to cavitation. …

    International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems 14(1), 13-24, 2021


  • Suppression of Inlet Backflow in Inducer by Swirl Breakers Combined with Reduced Diameter Suction Pipe  [in Japanese]

    TANAKA Yohei , WATANABE Satoshi

    … <p>For long-time operation of general-use turbopump with inducer, instability-free operation is required as well as high suction performance in a wide operating range from shut-off to over flow rates. … In our previous study, we have tried to suppress the cavitation surge in a turbopump by installing an obstruction plate or a reduced-diameter suction conduit just upstream of the inducer. …

    The Proceedings of the Fluids engineering conference 2020(0), OS07-01, 2020


  • Suppression Effect of Reduced-Diameter Suction Pipe on Cavitation Surge in a Turbopump with Inducer  [in Japanese]

    TANAKA Yohei , MORII Tatsuya , WATANABE Satoshi , OHASHI Satoru , SAKATA Akira , MATSUNAGA Yasushi

    … <p>For long time operation of general-use turbopumps with inducer, instability-free operation is expected as well as improved suction performance in the wide operating range from shut-off to over flow rates. … In our previous study, the effectiveness of the connecting with reduced-diameter suction pipe to inducer on the cavitation surge was experimentally investigated. …

    Turbomachinery 48(10), 577-586, 2020


  • Effect of Dust-Proof Filters Attached to Fan Suction Port of Blowdown Wind Tunnel on Its Performance  [in Japanese]

    INAGAKI Ayumu , ISHII Daichi , FURUKAWA Akinori

    … A dust-proof filter may be attached to the wind tunnel suction to protect precision measuring equipment. … In the present paper, effects of mesh and filter attachments to the blowdown wind tunnel suction on its performance such as flowrate and turbulence intensity are investigated experimentally for two types of meshes and four types dust-proof felts. …

    Turbomachinery 48(10), 597-604, 2020


  • Active Control of Sheet Flutter by Using Injection and Suction of Fluid from a Nozzle:(Influence of Nozzle Injection and Suction Direction and Nozzle Installation Height on Suppression Performance)  [in Japanese]

    TAKAHASHI Hikaru , HIROAKI Keiichi , TAKEDA Masakazu , WATANABE Masahiro

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2020(0), S16206, 2020


  • Active Suppression Mechanism for Sheet Flutter by Using Injection and Suction of Fluid from Nozzles  [in Japanese]

    KAWAHARA Satoru , TAKAHASHI Hikaru , HIROAKI Keiichi , WATANABE Masahiro

    … Previous studies proposed the technique of suppression sheet flutter by using injection and suction air flows form a nozzle. … In this study, the influences of the shapes of the nozzle on suppression performance are evaluated and discussed based on the visualized air flow patterns around the sheet and the nozzle during control.</p> …

    The Proceedings of the Dynamics & Design Conference 2020(0), 611, 2020


  • Influence of Groove Type Casing Treatment on Behavior of Tip Leakage Flow in Linear Compressor Cascade:(Influence of Single Groove at Mid-chord)  [in Japanese]

    KANEKO Masanao

    … <p>In order to maximize the improvement effect on axial compressor aerodynamic performance by the circumferential groove casing treatment (CGCT), it is necessary to clarify its influences on the flow behavior which reduces the stable operating flow range. … The groove reduces a distance between a tip leakage vortex (TLV) and a blade suction surface by a decrease of blade loading around the groove and a flowing of flow near the blade pressure surface into the groove. …

    Turbomachinery 48(6), 337-344, 2020


  • Numerical Investigation of Suction Performance of Inducer with Splitter Blade

    Tanaka Yohei , Watanabe Satoshi , Ohashi Satoru , Matsunaga Yasushi

    … For general-use turbopump inducers, high suction performance is required in a wide operating range including the cut-off point. … The reduced inlet blade angle would be favoured for the suppression of this inlet backflow, whereas the reduced inlet blade angle causes the deterioration of suction performance through the reduced inlet throat area. …

    International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems 13(4), 750-758, 2020


  • Numerical Study of Stage Roughness Variations in a High Pressure Compressor

    Seehausen Hendrik , Gilge Philipp , Kellersmann Andreas , Friedrichs Jens , Herbst Florian

    … The objective of this study is to quantify the sensitivity of blade roughness on the overall performance of a 10-stage high-pressure compressor of the jet engine type V2500-A1. … In order to estimate the effect of stage roughness on overall compressor performance, compressor maps of the CFD-model are created by modeling the surface rough- ness separately for a single stage and combinations of stages. …

    International Journal of Gas Turbine, Propulsion and Power Systems 11(3), 16-25, 2020


  • Development of Inspection Robot Moving on Vertical Wall of Construction Using Duct Fan Thrust:(Part 1, Configuration of Press-type Inspection Robot and Performance Test)  [in Japanese]

    NAKAGAWA Daichi , INOUE Fumihiro , YUZAWA Satoshi , WATASE Hiroshi , SATO Satoshi

    … There are various types of robots that perform wall inspections, such as suction type, magnet type, and floating type such as drones. … In Part 1, the development of press-type inspection robot that can move by pushing the inspection robot against the vertical wall of the building using the strong thrust of the duct fan and its performance test are reported. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2020(0), 2P1-A03, 2020


  • Consider Integration of Finger into Universal Vacuum Gripper:-Performance Comparison between Soft Finger Built-in Type and Hard Finger External Type-  [in Japanese]

    NAKAI Yusuke , SHIMIZU Toshihiko , IKEMOTO Shuhei

    … The UVC is a vacuum suction cup based on the jamming transition phenomenon, which is a combination of Universal Vacuum Gripper and robotic finger. … The adhesion and gripping performance of the two UVCs were evaluated. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2020(0), 2A1-J12, 2020


  • Underwater Application of Universal Vacuum Gripper and Wall-Adhesive Water Drone  [in Japanese]

    KONISHI Masanori , SHIMIZU Toshihiko , IKEMOTO Shuhei

    … In this study, we developed the sucker fish drone based on Universal Vacuum Gripper (in short UVG) which is a vacuum suction gripper attached to uneven surface and curved surface. … We evaluate the performance of the UVG in underwater, for mounting it on underwater drones. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2020(0), 1P1-C14, 2020


  • Performance Evaluation of a Drop-type Adsorption Logger with a Check Valve for Whales  [in Japanese]

    MASUMOTO Kazunari , MURAKAMI Ryota , OWADA Sho , TSUMAKI Yuichi

    … To tackle the problem, we proposes a drop-type adsorption logger combining multiple bellows suction cups and original check valves. … In this paper, several experiments were conducted to verify the performance of the developed drop-type adsorption logger.</p> …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2020(0), 1A1-O05, 2020


  • Airflow Simulation of Multi-blade Fan at Low Flow Operation Point  [in Japanese]

    Masatosh Watanabe , Hirofumi Akatsu , Yoshiaki Haneda

    … General centrifugal fans are operated under free inflow conditions because they have a space at the suction. … In this report, first, the effects of the radial inflow on the fan and the effects of the suction resistance installed upstream on the fan were examined by experiments. …

    The Proceedings of Conference of Hokuriku-Shinetsu Branch 2020.57(0), G013, 2020


  • Operational Principle of Centrifugal Pumps and Its Example from Sulzer Products  [in Japanese]

    Ueda Hiromichi

    … その設計においてはNPSH(Net Positive Suction Head),最少連続安定運転流量(Minimum Continuous Stable Flow)など,設計者が配慮すべき要点がいくつか挙げられる。 …

    JAPAN TAPPI JOURNAL 74(8), 808-814, 2020


  • Airfoil Stall Suppression Effects by Use of Dynamic Bubble Burst Control Plate Utilizing Machine Learning Control  [in Japanese]

    Asai Shohei , Kato Kento , Yamato Homare , Sunada Yasuto , Rinoie Kenichi

    … To improve the performance of stall suppression, a feedback control system of the plate oscillation was considered and machine learning control was applied to this system. … The results of surface pressure measurement showed that this is due to the intermittent suction pressure recovery near the leading-edge. …



  • Water spray spatial distribution by novel optical measurement for cooling suction air of gas turbine and its influence on cooling performance

    ISHIMA Tsuneaki , TAKATSUKI Asuka , MIYAOKA Takahiro , SUGITA Katsuhiko , OMORI Shuichi , UMEZAWA Shuichi , KAWASHIMA Hisanobu

    … <p>Air cooling performance and water spray characteristics are experimentally evaluated to obtain the basic knowledge for the suction air cooling of power plant. … The data are compared with cooling performance. …

    Mechanical Engineering Journal 7(4), 20-00115-20-00115, 2020


  • Influence of radial labyrinth seal on pump performance  [in Japanese]

    KANEMORI Yuji , HANDA Yasuo

    … In recent years, an improvement of the sealing performance of labyrinth seals has been required due to the increasing pressure of turbo machines. … In this paper, it is suggested that new type pump labyrinth seals (Radial labyrinth type) have high sealing performance on pump wear rings in the radial direction of fundamental labyrinth grooves seals. … First, radial labyrinth seals were tested in an actual double suction pump. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 86(887), 19-00408-19-00408, 2020


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