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  • Felsite–nanogranite inclusions and three Al<sub>2</sub>SiO<sub>5</sub> polymorphs in the same garnet in ultrahigh–temperature granulites from Rundvågshetta, Lützow–Holm Complex, East Antarctica

    HIROI Yoshikuni , HOKADA Tomokazu , KATO Mutsumi , YANAGI Ayahiko , ADACHI Tatsuro , OSANAI Yasuhito , MOTOYOSHI Yoichi , SHIRAISHI Kazuyuki

    … In this study, we report previously undocumented features of the UHT pelitic granulites, including the presence of felsite–nanogranite inclusions (FNIs), which are interpreted to have formed by the supercooling of melt inclusions in garnet, and the presence of three Al<sub>2</sub>SiO<sub>5</sub> …

    Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 114(2), 60-78, 2019


  • Amorphous Al-based Thick Sheets Produced by Rapid Solidification of Supercooled Liquid Droplets

    Oguchi M. , Inoue A. , Yamaguchi H. , Masumoto T.

    … The formation of an amorphous sheet with a large thickness up to 7.0 mm is quite different from the result by melt spinning that the amorphous ribbon is formed in the thickness range below about 0.13 mm and is thought to result from an incremental deposition at an interval of the order 10<SUP>−3</SUP> … s of the supercooled liquid droplets with high kinetic energies produced by high-pressure gas atomization. …

    Materials Transactions, JIM 31(11), 1005-1010, 1990


  • Effect of Silica suspending in Melt on the Microstructure of Iron Castings  [in Japanese]

    Kayama Nobutaro , Saito Kazuo

    … As the cast iron obtained from oxidizing melt is said to have an irregular structure, such as eutectic graphite or ledebulite, this irregularity is supposed to occur by the suspending silica. … This study was made intending to clarify this point.</br>  In order to ascertain the effect of suspending silica without making any composition change in the melt, the mixture of turning scrap of iron and silica powder was melt down in argon gas atmosphere at 1300°C. …



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