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  • Glioma cells require one-carbon metabolism to survive glutamine starvation

    Tanaka Kazuhiro , Sasayama Takashi , Nagashima Hiroaki , Irino Yasuhiro , Takahashi Masatomo , Izumi Yoshihiro , Uno Takiko , Satoh Naoko , Kitta Akane , Kyotani Katsusuke , Fujita Yuichi , Hashiguchi Mitsuru , Nakai Tomoaki , Kohta Masaaki , Uozumi Yoichi , Shinohara Masakazu , Hosoda Kohkichi , Bamba Takeshi , Kohmura Eiji

    … This metabolic process also includes redox maintenance and epigenetic regulation through nucleic acid and protein methylation, which enhance tumorigenicity and clinical resistance. … Metabolic and functional studies in GBM cells demonstrated that serine availability and one-carbon metabolism support glioma cell survival following glutamine deprivation. …

    Acta Neuropathologica Communications 9(1), 16, 2021-12-19


  • Mode of Mass Mobilization in the Midst of Democratization: Popularizing Local Politics and Betawi Ethnic Organizations in Jakarta  [in Japanese]

    中村 昇平

    … In Jakarta, newly emerged vigilante groups that initially sought to represent small-scale neighborhood communities rapidly grew in size by receiving endorsements from local political authorities as well as by gaining extensive popular support. … An explanation of this process calls for a radical revision of the conventional model of ethnic mobilization that takes for granted disciplined organization and hierarchical control. …

    東南アジア研究 = Japanese Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 58(2), 204-240, 2021-01-31


  • Development of High-Efficiency Cutting Tool Grade for Machining Heat-Resistant Alloy Parts  [in Japanese]

    KATSU Yusuke , KOMURA Atsushi , KOIDE Minoru , MITSUOKA Takeshi

    … such as Inconel and Waspaloy, which are used in aircraft engine turbine parts, shafts, cases and generation turbine parts.</p><p>While they are known for excellent high-temperature strength and heat resistance, they are also known as significantly difficult-to-process metals because hardening is more likely to occur and dispersing of the heat generated by cutting is slower as its thermal conductivity is smaller than that of carbon steel and the like that it can impact manufacturing cost.</p><p>Meanwhile, in order to improve …

    Journal of the Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy 68(2), 55-59, 2021


  • Is aesthetic evolution possible in birds?:—conceptual considerations

    YANG Canchao

    … I found that, in the case of sexually dimorphic birds, unambiguous evidence is absent in support of the adaptive mate choice theory. … Therefore, aesthetic radiation among females may lead to beauty radiation in males, and female mate choice as a selection process may act independently of natural selection, favouring good-to-pass-on genes rather than good genes. …

    ORNITHOLOGICAL SCIENCE 20(1), 101-107, 2021


  • Seeds-Needs Cooperation Method in Development of Nursing Care Robots: Utilization of Embodiment Model with Device Functions Simplified by ICF Model  [in Japanese]

    Asato Kentaro , Kinjyo Tomoko , Toyosato Kazuki , Ohshiro Naoki , Shimoji Masaki , Higa Yasushi

    … In the V-process of the nursing care robot development guidebook published by AMED, an ICF model is used to consider role of <i>robots</i> … The validity of the proposed method is confirmed by a development record of an all-in-one nursing care robot for transferring and moving support in the Okinawa nursing care robot consultation.</p> …

    IEEJ Transactions on Industry Applications 141(2), 113-123, 2021



    DEGUCHI Toshihisa , FUKUDA Nana , TANIGUCHI Naohiro

    … in Izumo City, with in Shimane prefecture, where Kominkan have been very popular, the transition of Kominkan to Community centers started in 2005.</p><p> In this study, we analyze the process of transition and the changes in facility management, usage status, and etc., for the local governments that have moved to Community centers in Shimane Prefecture, and clarify the effects and issues of the transition.</p><p> Due to the shift from Kominkan to Community centers in Shimane Prefecture, the number of users per building has …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) 86(779), 37-47, 2021


  • HOW DOES URBAN SPATIAL POLICY DEAL WITH STATUS OF STAY?:Fundamental investigation on the legal system and projects on status of stay  [in Japanese]

    KUBOTA Aya

    … The process of land expropriation requires rationality of planning and just compensation. … In order to stay where they are now, financial support may be needed; … however, such support is very limited in Japan, whether for homes or for shops and businesses. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) 86(779), 209-217, 2021


  • Education for freshmen in the faculty of pharmacy in 2020:—How to foster trust and a sense of belonging to the faculty?  [in Japanese]

    Yasuhara Tomohisa , Kushihata Taro , Ueda Masahiro , Kurio Wasako , Sone Tomomichi

    <p>新入生は,単に学力的な教育をうけるだけではない.高校生から大学生への転換を自覚し,自律的な学習活動姿勢を身に着けていく過程である.ディスカッションやプレゼンテーションなどの能動型学習へ挑戦し,成功体験を得ることで積極的な学習習慣を育んでいく期間である.この期間の教育は,新入生の大学への印象を大きく左右する.自らの大学への帰属意識や満足感を持つかどうかは,この時期に提供される教育の …

    Japanese Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 2021


  • Mode of Mass Mobilization in the Midst of Democratization: Popularizing Local Politics and Betawi Ethnic Organizations in Jakarta  [in Japanese]

    Nakamura Shohei

    … In Jakarta, newly emerged vigilante groups that initially sought to represent small-scale neighborhood communities rapidly grew in size by receiving endorsements from local political authorities as well as by gaining extensive popular support. …

    Japanese Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 58(2), 204-240, 2021


  • Proposal of a support method for planning operation by use of Gantt charts & RPA  [in Japanese]

    Shibuya Masahiro , Xuebin Chen

    <p>小規模の製造業では,速やかな生産計画の立案業務と変種変量に対応する進捗管理業務が求められる.しかし,生産計画を立案する生産計画ソフトは数多く存在するが,中小の製造業では利用されていない.理由は,これらのソフトは高価であることと,彼らの望んでいる機能を満たしていないからである.現状では,生産計画の立案は経験則や試行錯誤を繰り返すことでおこなっている.</p><p& …

    Abstracts of Annual Conference of Japan Society for Management Information 202011(0), 148-151, 2021


  • Preface: Special Issue on Workshop on Advances in Parallel and Distributed Computational Models 2020

    Matsumae Susumu , Shibata Masahiro

    … After a thorough reviewing process, with extensive discussions, four articles on various topics have been selected for publication on the IJNC special issue on APDCM.On behalf of the APDCM workshop, we would like to express our appreciation for the large efforts of reviewers who reviewed papers submitted to the special issue. … This special issue would not have been possible without his support. …

    International Journal of Networking and Computing 11(1), 1-1, 2021


  • Process Experience by Cancer Patients Who are Unemployed after Cancer Diagnosis  [in Japanese]

    Kobayashi Masamitsu , Nagasaka Ikuyo , Masujima Mariko

    <p>研究の目的は,がん罹患後に離職した就労世代のがん患者のがん罹患後から離職に至るまでの体験の過程を明らかにし,就労世代のがん患者への看護支援を検討することである.がん罹患後に離職した患者8名を対象に,記録調査,非参与観察,面接調査よりデータ収集を行い,Sandelowski M による質的記述的分析の手法を参考に分析した.</p><p>その結果,就労世代のが …

    Journal of Japanese Society of Cancer Nursing 35(0), n/a, 2021


  • Implementation of an On-Line Hammering Sound Inspection System Based on Fast Machine Learning Algorithm  [in Japanese]

    Oka Daisuke , Kobayashi Yasuhiro , Motegi Kazuhiro , Shiraishi Yoichi

    <p>機械学習アルゴリズムを用いた官能検査の自動化が進みつつあるが,実用化については多くの課題を残している。われわれは自動車部品に対するオンライン打音検査システムの研究開発を行ってきた。オンライン処理では1部品当たりの検査完了時間に上限が与えられるため,少ない計算リソースで高速演算可能なサポートベクターマシンを使用した。現在,リアルタイム制約を遵守しつつ,検査の正解率が99.8%を達成 …

    Journal of The Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging 24(1), 115-120, 2021


  • The process through which attitude formation on support team in the clinical environment from the interview surveys toward certified clinical psychologists  [in Japanese]

    奥野 雅子

    Artes Liberales = アルテスリベラレス (107), 1-17, 2020-12-25

    IR  DOI 

  • Issues and Practices of Career Guidance for Students Who Have Developmental Disorders at Special Schools  [in Japanese]

    河村 佐和子 , 船橋 篤彦 , 林田 真志

    … This study aims to clarify the structure of the process and issues surrounding career guidance for students with developmental disorders, who are learning through a high school equivalent curriculum at upper secondary divisions of special schools for students with health impairments. … In addition, three categories for practices were generated: guidance policies, guidance and support for realizing their career paths, and building and maintaining connections with local communities. …

    広島大学大学院人間社会科学研究科紀要. 教育学研究 (1), 381-390, 2020-12-25

    IR  DOI 

  • Searching for field training of the social work under the epidemic of COVID-19 (1) : focusing on the process of considering alternative training in campus  [in Japanese]

    茶屋道 拓哉 , 山下 利恵子 , 有村 玲香 , 大山 朝子 , 高橋 信行 , チャヤミチ タクヤ , ヤマシタ リエコ , アリムラ レイカ , オオヤマ アサコ , タカハシ ノブユキ , Takuya Chayamichi , Rieko Yamashita , Reika Arimura , Asako Oyama , Nobuyuki Takahashi

    本研究は2020年度における鹿児島国際大学福祉社会学部のソーシャルワーク実習(社会福祉士養成課程)を素材に、COVID-19流行下における①ソーシャルワーク実習を学内代替実習へと切り替えるプロセス、②学内代替実習プログラムの検討プロセスについて精査を行った。限られた時間の中で学内代替実習の形をどのように模索し、現実的判断を行うことができたのかについて時系列に出来事や資料を整理することで振り返りを行 …

    福祉社会学部論集 = Quarterly journal of welfare society 39(3), 11-20, 2020-12-01


  • Information Support and a Visual Software Implementation for Utilizing the Business System Transformation Model

    Hirano Kenji

    International journal of Japan Society for Production Management 8(1), 13-26, 2020-12

  • Applying Psychoanalytic Perspectives to Difficult Cases in a Variety of Clinical Care Situations  [in Japanese]

    若佐 美奈子 , Minako WAKASA

    現代において、虐待や災害、貧困や差別体験など、トラウマを抱えて生きる人々との困難な臨床場面が増えている。多種多様な領域の臨床家が、専門家としての技術と誠意ある対応だけでは手に負えないことを実感し、さらなる手応えのある支援法を渇望している。このような視点から俯瞰した時、筆者は、精神分析に馴染みの薄い臨床家や初心者に、改めて提示できる精神分析理論と技法があると考えた。本稿では、初めに、精神分析に関する …

    神戸女学院大学論集 = Kobe College studies 67(2), 95-112, 2020-12

    IR  DOI 

  • Can four-dimensional computed tomography support diagnosis and treatment planning?: a case report before and after coronoidectomy

    Huang Wensu , Akashi Masaya , Nishio Takuro , Negi Noriyuki , Kimoto Akira , Hasegawa Takumi

    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 24(4), 515-520, 2020-12


  • Design of a Self-Reflection Model in GOAL to Support Students' Reflection

    LI Huiyong , MAJUMDAR Rwitajit , YANG Yuanyuan , OGATA Hiroaki

    … 28th International Conference on Computers in Education, 23-27 November 2020, Web conference.GOAL (Goal Oriented Active Learner) system is a platform to support the development of students' self-direction skills using a data-driven feedback loop. … This paper proposes a self-reflection model to support the acquisition of reflection skills in students' self-directed learning and physical activities. … The model is built on reflective process and strategies in self-direction and self-regulation. …

    28th International Conference on Computers in Education Conference Proceedings (1), 330-335, 2020-11-23


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