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  • Ridge-Texturing for Wettability Modification by Using Angled Fine Particle Peening

    Kameyama Yutaka , Sato Hideaki , Shimpo Ryokichi

    … <p>The industrial demand for wettability control has been increasing because wettability is a key factor for achieving novel anti-contaminant surfaces and related products. … In this paper, the potential of angled fine particle peening (angled-FPP) was explored as a method of surface modification to control wettability. … Angled-FPP, which is an abrasive jet machining process conducted using a peening nozzle set at an angle inclined to the material surface, is a potential texturing technique. …

    International Journal of Automation Technology 13(6), 765-773, 2019


  • Real-time Observation of Interface Atomic Structures by an Energy-Dispersive Surface X-ray Diffraction

    Shirasawa Tetsuroh

    … <p>Surface X-ray diffraction is a powerful tool for studying the atomic structure of buried interfaces nondestructively. … Our method uses energy-dispersive convergent X-rays and area detector, and allows the quantitative structure analysis during irreversible phenomena in a typical time frame of 1 s. …

    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 17(0), 155-162, 2019


  • Stability of Layered Rhodium Octaethylporphyrin in Water Studied by Atomic Force Microscopy

    Maeda Yasushi , Tada Kohei , Yamazaki Shin-ichi

    … In this study, rhodium (III) octaethylporphyrin chloride was deposited on a highly oriented pyrolytic graphite substrate and observed by atomic force microscopy before and after water treatment. … Although treatment with water changed the surface structure of RhOEP/HOPG, the face-on RhOEP layer remained intact. …

    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 16(0), 253-256, 2018


  • Influence of Substrate Heat Treatment to the Structural Properties of Nd:YAG Thin Films Produced by Femtosecond Pulsed Laser Deposition

    L. Dasallas Lean , P. Lacaba Arriane , O. Garcia Wilson

    … <p>The crystallinity, surface morphology and topography of the femtosecond pulsed laser deposited Nd:YAG film under <i>in-situ</i> … and post deposition heat treatment were examined. … Scanning electron micrograph of the heat treated film surface indicates a small degree of melting. …

    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 15(0), 25-30, 2017


  • Optical Second Harmonic Generation Study of a Rubbed Polyimide Film Containing Steroidal Structure Side Chains

    Ullah Muhammad Samir , Asai Shohei , Inomata Yousuke , Hien Khuat Thi Thu , Mizutani Goro , Murakami Yoshitaka , Okada Takashi

    … <p>We have studied the optical second harmonic generation (SHG) of a rubbed novel polyimide (PI) film having steroidal structure side chains prepared by spin coating on an indium tin oxide (ITO)-coated glass substrate. …

    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 15(0), 7-12, 2017


  • Effect of Micro/Nano-Patterned Surfaces on Cell Adhesion of Ca9-22 cells

    Kaga Naoyuki , Horiuchi Rumi , Yokoyama Atsuro , Akasaka Tsukasa , Yoshida Yasuhiro

    … <p>Surface topography influences cell growth and differentiation. … In this study, we used a nano-imprinting method to develop a titanium sheet with 500 nm-, 1 μm-, and 2 μm-wide grooved and pillared structures. … We investigated the effects of the surfaces with the micro- and nano-structures on Ca9-22 cell adhesion and proliferation. …

    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 15(0), 1-6, 2017


  • Effect of Protein Adsorption on Alignment of Human Gingival Fibroblasts on Grooved Composite Resin

    Akasaka Tsukasa , Imamura Takuya , Miyaji Hirofumi , Kaga Naoyuki , Yokoyama Atsuro , Yoshida Yasuhiro

    … Groove patterns on the surface of implants act as an effective barrier to the apical migration of epithelial attachment, after which the grooves facilitate gingival fibroblast attachment. … However, cell attachment and cell alignment properties of micro/nano-grooved dental composite resins using osteoblasts and fibroblasts have not been investigated. …

    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 14(0), 225-230, 2016

    IR  J-STAGE 

  • Growth of Graphene on SiC(111) Surfaces via Ion-Beam Irradiation

    Ishii Junko , Miyawaki Yasuhiro , Tsuboi Naoya , Ikari Tomonori , Naitoh Masamichi

    … We used scanning tunneling microscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and Raman spectroscopy to investigate the influence of ion-beam irradiation on the growth of graphene on 3<i>C</i>-SiC(111) surfaces via the SiC surface decomposition method. … When the SiC(111) surface was irradiated with Ar<sup>+</sup> … ions, the surface bonds of the SiC(111) surfaces were broken. …

    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 14(0), 121-124, 2016


  • Pragmatic Application of Abstract Algebra to Two-Dimensional Lattice Matching

    Kawahara Kazuaki , Arafune Ryuichi , Kawai Maki , Takagi Noriaki

    … This isomorphism enables us to avoid the inconvenience derived from the algebraic structure of 2D vectors and provides the systematic analysis. … We also provide an algorithm to construct a structure model for a superstructure formed by overlapping two 2D lattices, which is helpful for making trial models in the structure analysis. …

    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 13(0), 361-365, 2015


  • Phase Coexistence in Two-Dimensional Fe<sub>0</sub><i><sub>.</sub></i><sub>70</sub>Ni<sub>0</sub><i><sub>.</sub></i><sub>30 </sub>Films on W(110)

    Menteş T. O. , Sala A. , Locatelli A. , Vescovo E. , Ablett J. M. , Niño M. A.

    … Using low energy electron microscopy, diffraction and x-ray photoemission electron microscopy, we study the phase separation in an Fe-Ni alloy film on W(110) at around 30 at.%Ni and at monolayer thickness. … At high temperature, the monolayer-thick alloy is shown to transform into a biphase with submicron regions of different surface density exhibiting (1×1) and (1×8) structures. …

    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 13(0), 256-260, 2015


  • Scanning Probe Microscopy Analysis of the Adsorption of Volatile Organic Compounds on Carbonaceous Films with Microcolumnar Structure

    Sugimoto Iwao , Suda Yoriko , Muramatsu Hiroshi , Takahashi Kazuhiko

    … Adsorption interactions between adsorbate of volatile organic compound (VOC) and adsorbent film were investigated using Kelvin probe force microscopy and differential force microscopy. … The VOCs were identified by their dielectric constants, polarizabilities, and refractive indices. … Polar VOCs enhanced the interaction forces and negative surface potentials of the adsorbent films. …

    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 13(0), 195-200, 2015


  • Friction and Stiffness Surface Image using a Quartz Crystal Microbalance

    Tanahara Shohei , Inoue Daisuke , Machida Shingo , Ikada Yuka , Taniguchi Junko , Suzuki Masaru , Ishikawa Makoto , Miura Kouji

    … We carried out the surface mapping of the dynamic friction and the effective elastic stiffness of contact by using a quartz crystal resonator and an AFM cantilever, associated with the topographic image. … A typical grain structure of the Au substrate in the dynamic friction and the effective stiffness images was observed, simultaneously with the topographical image. …

    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 13(0), 164-166, 2015


  • Nano-Scale Surface Structural Analysis of Hydrogen-Free DLC Films by Classical Molecular Dynamics  [in Japanese]

    SAWAI Shu , KUMAGAI Tomohisa , CHOI Junho , KATO Takahisa

    … bonding sites have a highly smooth surface, but very few studies have been carried out on the surface morphology of DLC films affected by the amorphous structure. … In this study, the surface morphology of the DLC films was investigated on the basis of classical molecular dynamics simulations. … sites in the structure. …



  • Roughness Dependence of the Casimir Force between Fractal Surfaces

    Goto Kosuke , Mochiji Kozo , Moritani Kousuke , Inui Norio

    … We study the surface-roughness dependence of the Casimir force between fractal surfaces, which is represented by the Weierstrass-Mandelbrot function. … We express this deviation as a simple analytical function that is composed of three parameters including fractal dimension, and compare it with the deviation obtained from Monte Carlo simulations. …

    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 12(0), 313-321, 2014


  • Simultaneous Deposition of Submicron Aerosols onto Both Surfaces of a Plate Substrate by Electrostatic Forces

    Gen Masao , Ikawa Seiji , Sagawa Shinichi , Lenggoro I.Wuled

    … The spray nozzle was set perpendicularly to the substrates (facing the front surface). … The particles were deposited on plate-type metallic surfaces, on both front and rear sides of the substrate. … This "both-side" deposition can be ascribed to deflection of charged particles in the front side, and then drifting of the particles around the rear side. …

    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 12(0), 238-241, 2014


  • Surface as a Foundation to Realizing Designer Materials

    Kasai Hideaki , Agerico Diño Wilson , Kojima Kazuki , Kawahito Yousuke

    … We entered the 21st Century witnessing several remarkable progress in Science and Technology. … Novel materials and devices once considered stuffs of science fiction are, one after another, becoming reality. …

    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 12(0), 203-216, 2014


  • Fabrication and Characterization of Polystyrene Surface with Atomic-Scale Surface Roughness

    Shimizu Katsumi , Higuchi Syoushi , Kitahara Amane , Terauchi Hikaru , Takahashi Isao

    … A new approach for fabrication of polystyrene (PS) surface with atomic-scale surface roughness is presented. … The obtained surface structure was investigated using X-ray reflectivity (XR) measurements in the temperature range between room temperature and 104°C which is close to the glass transition temperature <i>T</i><sub>g</sub> …

    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 10(0), 591-593, 2012


  • Near-Infrared Photoluminescence Spectral Imaging of Chemically Oxidized Graphene Flakes

    Ueno Yuko , Tamechika Emi , Furukawa Kazuaki , Suzuki Satoru , Hibino Hiroki

    … In order to determine the local structure of carbon <i>sp</i><sup>2</sup> … clusters is fairly uniform at different positions and for different numbers of layers of GO, at the spatial resolution of NIR PL image (5μm). … clusters and the estimated size of the <i>sp</i><sup>2</sup> … The effect of the GO reduction to the local structure of carbon <i>sp</i><sup>2</sup> …

    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 10(0), 513-517, 2012


  • Preparation and Structural Investigation of PMMA-Polystyrene ‘Janus Beads’ by Rapid Evaporation of an Ethyl Acetate Aqueous Emulsion

    Kiyono Yuji , Szikszai Laszlo , Watanabe Junichi , Karthaus Olaf , Hass Roland , Maiwald Martin , Reich Oliver , Löhmannsröben Hans-Gerd

    … In this paper, the formation of microscopic polystyrene/poly(methyl methacrylate) Janus particles by using environmentally benign solvents and surface active agents is presented. … Biodegradable or bio-inert organic solvents and surface active agents are used. … These solvents affect the particle morphology, which is studied in detail. …

    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 10(0), 360-366, 2012


  • Surface Imaging by ABF-STEM: Lithium Ions in Diffusion Channel of LIB Electrode Materials

    Lee Soyeon , Oshima Yoshifumi , Sawada Hidetaka , Hosokawa Fumio , Okunishi Eiji , Kaneyama Toshikatsu , Kondo Yukihito , Tanishiro Yasumasa , Takayanagi Kunio

    … Based on the annular bright-field image of the observed image, surface imaging of a LiMn<sub>2</sub>O<sub>4</sub> … The present simulation showed that ABF images with large convergence angles are sensitive to the top surface profile. … A vacancy locating at the top surface of the lithium or manganese atomic columns can be observable with contrast reduced by 10-25% from the columns without vacancy. …

    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 10(0), 454-458, 2012


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