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  • CDC42EP4, a perisynaptic scaffold protein in Bergmann glia, is required for glutamatergic tripartite synapse configuration

    Ageta-Ishihara Natsumi , Konno Kohtarou , Yamazaki Maya , Abe Manabu , Sakimura Kenji , Watanabe Masahiko , Kinoshita Makoto

    … Configuration of tripartite synapses, comprising the pre-, post-, and peri-synaptic components (axon terminal or bouton, dendritic spine, and astroglial terminal process), is a critical determinant of neurotransmitter kinetics and hence synaptic transmission. … The complex anomalies include 1) recession of Bergmann glial membranes from the nearest active zones, and 2) extension of nonactive synaptic contact around active zone. …

    Neurochemistry International (119), 190-198, 2018-10


  • Monoamines Inhibit GABAergic Neurons in Ventrolateral Preoptic Area That Make Direct Synaptic Connections to Hypothalamic Arousal Neurons

    Saito Yuki C. , Maejima Takashi , Nishitani Mitsuhiro , Hasegawa Emi , Yanagawa Yuchio , Mieda Michihiro , SAKURAI Takeshi , 長谷川 恵美 , 櫻井 武

    … During a search for neurons that make direct synaptic contact with histidine decarboxylase-positive (HDC+), histaminergic neurons (HDC neurons) in the TMN and orexin neurons in the LHA of male mice, we found that these arousal-related neurons are heavily innervated by GABAergic neurons in the preoptic area including the VLPO. …

    The Journal of neuroscience 38(28), 6366-6378, 2018-07


  • Immunocytochemical Localization of Choline Acetyltransferase in the Microbat Visual Cortex

    Kim Gil-Hyun , Kim Hang-Gu , Jeon Chang-Jin

    … Our double-labeling study with ChAT and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), and triple labeling with ChAT, GABA, and post synaptic density 95 (PSD-95), suggest that some ChAT-IR fibers make contact with GABAergic cells in the microbat visual cortex. …



  • Analysis of Molecular Localization and Synaptic Structure Using ASEM  [in Japanese]

    Uemura Takeshi

    <p>シナプス形成は複雑かつ精巧な脳神経ネットワーク構築の要のステップの一つである.近年,小脳におけるGluRδ2-Cbln1-NRXN複合体などの脳シナプス形成を担うシナプスオーガナイザーの存在が明らかになってきたが,シナプスの形成過程,分子基盤については不明な点が多い.SiN薄膜窓を底面にもつASEMディッシュ上に初代培養神経細胞を培養し,光学顕微鏡と電子顕微鏡による同一視野観察が …

    KENBIKYO 49(1), 7-9, 2014

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  • Neuronal regeneration in forebrain ischemia model  [in Japanese]

    Kawahara Nobutaka

    要旨:近年の再生研究の進歩により,骨髄幹細胞やiPS 細胞などの移植治療が注目を集めている.一方で,内在性神経幹細胞からの再生療法も大きな可能性を秘めている.いずれにおいても神経損傷の形態によって局所環境は大きく異なり,細胞の生着・生存率は大きく変化すると考えられる.我々は,その点で利点があると思われる一過性前脳虚血モデルを用いて,内在性神経再生誘導の検討を加えてきた.その結果,海馬CA1 領域や …

    Nosotchu 36(3), 216-219, 2014

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  • <b>A novel type of cells expressing GP2 in the respiratory epithelium of the paranasal sinuses in </b><b>mice </b>

    KIMURA Shunsuke , MUTO Mami , HISAMOTO Meri , ZHENG Miao , IWANAGA Toshihiko

    … The cells frequently came in contact with nerve fibers containing small synaptic vesicles. …

    Biomedical Research 35(5), 329-337, 2014

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  • Evaluation of sink and source patterns in the prefrontal cortex of a monkey  [in Japanese]

    Sakamoto Kazuhiro , Kawaguchi Norihiko , Yagi Kohei , Katayama Norihiro , Tanaka Tetsu , Mushiake Hajime

    … Advances in microfabrication technology have enabled the development of multi-contact electrodes with precise inter-contact spacing from tens to hundreds of micrometers. … Based on the local field potentials (LFPs) recorded from each contact, it is possible to estimate the current source density (CSD), which is considered to reflect synaptic input. …

    Transactions of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering 52(Supplement), OS-73-OS-74, 2014


  • Neurokinin-1 Receptor Immunoreactive Neuronal Elements in the Superficial Dorsal Horn of the Chicken Spinal Cord: With Special Reference to Their Relationship with the Tachykinin-containing Central Axon Terminals in Synaptic Glomeruli

    Sakamoto Hiroshi , Kawate Toyoko , Li Yongnan , Atsumi Saoko

    Synaptic glomeruli that involve tachykinin-containing primary afferent central terminals are numerous in lamina II of the chicken spinal cord. … In this study, we used immunohistochemistry with confocal and electron microscopy to investigate whether neurokinin-1 receptor (NK-1R)-expressing neuronal elements are in contact with the central primary afferent terminals in synaptic glomeruli of the chicken spinal cord. …



  • Mechanism underlying proper synaptic organization on cerebellar Purkinje cell  [in Japanese]

    市川 量一 , 岩村 広太 , 菊池 真 [他] , 新見 隆彦 , 二宮 孝文 , 辰巳 治之

    … Proper synaptic organization contributes crucial role in generating proper neuronal output. … This article reviews a series of experiments aimed at investigating mechanism of formation of proper synaptic organization in cerebellar Purkinje cell (PC). … PF and CF compete for spine to form synaptic contact and newly formed synapse is likely to be stabilized if it is to be proper. … At adult, CF acts to maintain completed synaptic organization. …

    札幌医学雑誌 77(1-6), 1-6, 2008-12

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  • Search of mouse soft palate taste bud cells for neurotransmitter receptors

    Mori Yuhsuke , Ohtubo Yoshitaka , Yoshii Kiyonori

    … Type II cells have taste receptor molecules for sweet, bitter, and umami substances, but have no synaptic contact with taste nerves. … By contrast, type III cells have none of such taste receptor molecules, but have synaptic contacts with taste nerves. …

    Proceedings of Annual Meeting of the Physiological Society of Japan 2008(0), 169-169, 2008


  • A Novel Sensor Fusion of Aplysia-like Spiking Neural Network for Autonomous Mobile Robot

    Alnajjar Fady , Murase Kazuyuki

    … The post-synaptic weights in each model are gradually updated by the property of spike timing-dependent plasticity (STDP) and that of the presynaptic modulation signal (synapse-on-synapse contact) from the sensory neurons. …

    SCIS & ISIS 2008(0), 832-837, 2008


  • Appearance of LFA-1 in the initial stage of synaptogenesis of developing hippocampal neurons

    Wakabayashi Yoshihiro , Tsujimura Atsushi , Matsuda Ken-ichi , Yoshimura Norio , Kawata Mitsuhiro

    … Telencephalin, which is a candidate for postsynaptic elements to contact LFA-1, was precisely opposed to CD18-positive structures in presynaptic elements, and telencephalin was considered to be involved in synaptogenesis. … These results suggest that LFA-1 plays some mechanisms in synaptic contacts and synaptogenesis of hippocampal neurons. …

    Archives of Histology and Cytology 71(1), 23-36, 2008


  • The controversial issue of the synaptic structure underlying pain modulation in the superficial dorsal horn of the spinal cord

    Hiura Akio

    … Nociceptive primary,afferent central terminals (C-terminal) arising from nonmyelinated C-fibers and myelinated Aδ- fibers terminate in the SG and make synaptic glomeruli,in which they are centrally situated and surrounded by a number of dendrites and a few axonal terminals. …

    Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms for the Modulation of Nociceptive Transmission in the Peripheral and Central Nervous Systems, 1-22, 2007


  • Interaction between Glycogen Body Cell and Neuron : Examination in Co-culture System

    IMAGAWA Tomohiro , SHOGAKI Kyoko , UEHARA Masato

    グリコーゲンボディ(GB)は鳥類の腰仙髄背側に存在し,グリコーゲンを多量に蓄積した均一なGB細胞から構成される.生体内において,このグリコーゲンは,インシュリン,グルカゴンあるいは副腎皮質ホルモンなどの様々なホルモン,あるいは飢餓などの生理的条件下でも変化しないとされてきた.我々はGB細胞の隠れた機能を明らかにするため,小脳神経細胞との共培養下でのGB細胞の形態的変化を光顕的ならびに電顕的に観察し …

    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 68(10), 1081-1087, 2006-10-25

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  • Role of drebrin in dendritic spine morphogenesis and dual regulation of drebrin dynamics by AMPA and NMDA receptors

    Takahashi Hideto

    … First, we find that during development, synaptic drebrin clustering in dendritic filopodia is required for spine morphogenesis. … Drebrin clustering with actin filaments occurs at postsynaptic sites of axon-filopodia contact. … The drebrin clustering precedes and governs synaptic PSD95 clustering and spine morphogenesis. …

    Proceedings of Annual Meeting of the Physiological Society of Japan 2006(0), 031-031, 2006


  • Nonpyramidal cells and their wiring in cortical microcircuit

    Kubota Yoshiyuki , Kawaguchi Yasuo

    … Cortical inhibitory synapses were believed to make synaptic contacts mainly on soma and/or proximal dendrites of pyramidal cells, however the latest our finding shows approximately 1/3 of axon terminals of cortical nonpyramidal cells, such as double bouquet cell, Martinotti cell and neurogliaform cell, make synaptic contact on spine head, which also receive an asymmetrical input, called double innervated (DI) spine. …

    Proceedings of Annual Meeting of the Physiological Society of Japan 2006(0), 033-033, 2006


  • The Actin Cytoskeleton and Synaptic Plasticity

    Matus Andrew

    … Dendritic spines form the postsynaptic contact elements for most excitatory synapses in the central nervous system. … Profilin shows activity-dependent targeting to spine heads which depends on activation of NMDA receptors and is induced by electrical stimulation patterns associated with changes in synaptic strength such as LTP. …

    Proceedings of Annual Meeting of the Physiological Society of Japan 2006(0), 002-002, 2006


  • Coding channels for taste perception: information transmission from taste cells to gustatory nerve fibers

    Yoshida Ryusuke , Yasumatsu Keiko , Shigemura Noriatsu , Ninomiya Yuzo

    … Taste receptor cells contact with the chemical compounds in oral cavity through the apical processes which protrude into the taste pore. … These findings may also indicate that there is no major modification of taste information sampled by taste receptor cells in synaptic transmission from taste cells to nerve fibers although there is indirect evidence. …

    Archives of Histology and Cytology 69(4), 233-242, 2006




    … Some terminals made synaptic contact with dendritic profiles in lamina II.<br>Our present results indicate that RT-97 is a useful marker for ultrastructural examination of terminals served by non-nociceptive A-fibers. …

    FUKUSHIMA JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCE 50(2), 65-74, 2004-12-01

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  • Immunocytochemical Localization of .BETA.2-Adrenergic Receptors in the Rat Spinal Cord and Their Spatial Relationships to Tyrosine Hydroxylase-immunoreactive Terminals


    … TH-labeled terminals were often near both axonal and dendritic profiles containing β<SUB>2</SUB>-AR-IR and sometimes made synaptic contacts with β<SUB>2</SUB>-AR-labeled dendrites. … No synaptic contact was made between TH-labeled terminals and β<SUB>2</SUB>-AR-labeled varicosities. …

    The Kurume Medical Journal 51(3/4), 175-183, 2004

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