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  • Thermal-Hydraulics Technological Strategy Roadmap 2017, An Approach for Continuous Safety Improvement of LWRs  [in Japanese]

    AESJ Thermal-Hydraulics Division with a cooperation from Computational Science and Engineering Division

    <p> 熱流動部会は福島第一原子力発電所(1F)事故の教訓を基にした熱水力分野のロードマップの改訂活動(ローリング)を進め,2017年3月に「熱水力安全評価基盤技術高度化戦略マップ2017(熱水力ロードマップ2017)」を策定した。世界最高水準の安全性の実現とその継続的改善を図るため,安全裕度向上策および人材育成に必要なニーズとシーズのマッチングを考慮して選定・詳述された2015年版の …

    Journal of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan 60(4), 221-225, 2018


  • Thermal-Hydraulics technological strategy roadmap that improves safety of LWRs  [in Japanese]

    Thermal-Hydraulics Division of AESJ

    <p> 原子力学会 熱流動部会は,福島第一原子力発電所(1F)事故の教訓を基に熱水力安全評価基盤技術高度化戦略マップ2015(改訂版)を他分野に先駆けてH27年3月に策定した。世界最高水準の安全性を実現しその継続的向上を図るため,深層防護を柱にシビアアクシデントや外的事象の対策を整理し,安全裕度向上策および人材育成に必要なニーズとシーズのマッチングを考慮した上で技術課題を選定し,1F廃 …

    Journal of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan 58(3), 161-166, 2016


  • B241 Thermal-Hydraulics Technological Strategy Roadmap for LWR Safety Improvement and Development  [in Japanese]

    NAKAMURA Hideo , KOSHIZUKA Seiichi , YAMAGUCHI Akira , ARAI Kenji , OIKAWA Hirohide , UMEZAWA Shigemitsu , OHNUKI Akira , FUJII Tadashi , NISHI Yoshihisa , ABE Yutaka , SUGIMOTO Jun

    … New version of the Thermal-Hydraulics Safety Evaluation Fundamental Technology Enhancement Strategy Roadmap (TH-RM) was developed by the Atomic Energy Society of Japan (AESJ) for LWR safety improvement and development. …

    The Proceedings of the National Symposium on Power and Energy Systems 2015.20(0), 259-260, 2015


  • Energy Technology Strategy for Improvement of Overall Energy Efficiency  [in Japanese]

    MASUDA Toshihisa

    … The energy conservation technological strategy for 2030 is reported. … The five energy conservation technological fields are super combustion system technology, technology of energy utilization beyond space-time restriction, energy conserving information living space creation technology, technology that established the advanced transport society, and future energy conserving device technology. …

    Journal of the Japan Institute of Energy 87(1), 9-17, 2008-01-20

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  • The Roadmap of "Sustainable Manufacturing" and the Role of EcoDesign  [in Japanese]

    MISHIMA Nozomu

    … To perform strategic R&D, the role of technological roadmap is very important. … And to announce a countermeasure for the issue, predicting future technological progress which can contribute to implement sustainable society and societal conditions, is really necessary. …

    Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, Japan 4(3), 194-201, 2008


  • A Simulation Study of Energy Technology Vision 2100  [in Japanese]

    KUROSAWA Atsushi , MIYACHIKA Hideto , YASUOKA Rieko

    … Comprehensive and long term strategy of global energy and environment is required to overcome resource and environmental constraints. … In order to satisfy the energy demand with reducing CO_2 intensity, coal utilization with CO_2 capture and sequestration (CCS), nuclear energy utilization with fast breeder reactors (FBRs), renewable energy supply potential expansion, and energy conservations are identified key technological elements. …

    Journal of the Japan Institute of Energy 85(6), 446-450, 2006-06-20

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  • Chemical Technology Road Map for Construction of Sustainable Society  [in Japanese]

    SOMEMIYA Akiyoshi , YAMAMOTO Yasushi

    (財)化学技術戦略推進機構(以下JCIIと略す)は設立以来,「社会の持続可能な発展と産業の国際競争力強化」の実現に向けて,産学官のイコールパートナーシップの基本認識の上で,三者の連携による新化学技術体系の創出を進めている.その中心的な方法論がロードマップである.我々にとってのロードマップとは,産学官の複数の専門家が未来価値(ビジョン)を共有して,その実現に至る道筋(プロセス)と中間目標(マイルスト …

    Journal of the Japan Society for Intellectual Production 3(1), 1_16-1_22, 2006


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