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  • Electron-spin-resonance and electrically detected-magnetic-resonance characterization on PbC center in various 4H-SiC(0001)/SiO2 interfaces

    梅田 享英 , Takahide UMEDA , Y. Nakano , E. Higa , T. Okuda , T. Kimoto , T. Hosoi , H. Watanabe , M. Sometani , S. Harada

    … This center could be effectively removed by the NO post-oxidation-anneal (POA) process or ultra-high-temperature oxidation and could be passivated by H atoms via the H2 POA process. … The PbC center decreased μFE because this center acts as electron traps, reducing the free-carrier density in the inversion channel of 4H-SiC(0001) MOSFET. …

    Journal of Applied Physics 127(14), 145301, 2020-04


  • Ultrafast dynamics of the low frequency shear phonon in 1T′-MoTe2

    長谷 宗明 , Takumi Fukuda , Kotaro Makino , Yuta Saito , Paul Fons , Alexander V. Kolobov , Keiji Ueno , Muneaki HASE

    … On an ultrafast sub-picosecond timescale at room temperature, a low frequency and long-lifetime shear phonon mode was observed at 0.39 THz, which was previously reported in the form of a characteristic phonon only in the low temperature Td−MoTe2 phase. … Moreover, the amplitude of the shear mode surprisingly decreased with increasing excitation density, a phenomenon that can be attributed to be a consequence of the lattice temperature increasing after excitation. …

    Applied physics letters 116(9), 093103, 2020-03


  • Local change of the IET structure induced by adsorption of hexabenzocoronene derivatives (HB-HBC) on the Si(111)-Ag surface  [in Japanese]

    Motojima Jun , Suzuki Naoko , Yokoyama Takashi

    <p>本研究では、Si(111)-Ag表面に対するHB-HBC分子との相互作用を明らかにすることを目的とし、低温STM観察を行なった。その結果、分子直下の表面構造において、本来のIET構造だけではなく、局所的にHCT構造に変化していると考えられる分子像も見出すとともに、両者は可逆変化することもわかった。このSTM観察による動的な過程を統計的に解析することで、活性化エネルギーなどを明らか …

    Abstract book of Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science 2020(0), 6, 2020


  • Influence of Low-Level, High-Entropy Air in the Eye on Tropical Cyclone Intensity: A Trajectory Analysis

    ZHOU Xingyang , WU Liguang , LIU Qingyuan , ZHENG Yan

    … <p>As suggested by previous studies, the entrainment of the low-level high-entropy eye air can provide additional energy for tropical cyclone (TC) intensification, but the previous trajectory analysis only indicated that considerable air parcels below the eye inversion could be entrained into the eyewall. …

    Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II 98(6), 1231-1243, 2020


  • Observation of Meteorological Information of Fog in Vertical by using Drone Technology  [in Japanese]

    NISHIHARA Hiroki , OHASHI Yukitaka , SHIGETA Yoshinori

    <p>広島県の三次盆地では, 西日本で最大規模の放射霧が形成される。本研究では, 江の川の河川敷と高谷山の斜面の計3 地点で, ドローンを利用した放射霧の鉛直観測を実施した。標高の異なる3 地点で測定された気象データを鉛直方向に接合し, 霧層全体の大気情報を取得した。ドローンで撮影した映像から推定された霧層の厚さは日によって差があり, 放射冷却の開始時刻の違いや夕方と早朝の比湿差が関与 …

    Papers on Environmental Information Science ceis34(0), 228-233, 2020


  • Nocturnal boundary layer temperature structure in the area from central Tokyo to its western suburbs in winter  [in Japanese]

    Takahashi Hideo , Sugawara Hirofumi , Seto Yoshihito , Nakajima Ko , Ito Yoshiki , Tsunematsu Nobumitu

    <p><b>はじめに</b></p><p>都市境界層は大きな地表面粗度や下層からの加熱に起因して鉛直方向によく混合され,そのため田園郊外域では夜間に接地逆転層が発達する一方で,都市域では中立に近い混合層となっているとされる。これにより都市ヒートアイランドの形成と境界層との関係の概略は理解されるが,そもそもの逆転層や混合層の高度,都市の境界 …

    Proceedings of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers 2020a(0), 65, 2020


  • Hemiplegia cruciata and severe facial pain due to infarction of the cervicomedullary junction: a case report  [in Japanese]

    M.D. Konno Masahiro , M.D. Ph.D. Kanbayashi Takamichi , M.D. Hamada Yuichi , M.D. Yamamoto Junpei , M.D. Furukawa Yuichi , M.D. Ph.D. Hatanaka Yuki , M.D. Ph.D. Sonoo Masahiro

    <p>症例は66歳女性.X日,急に左頬部と口唇周囲にしびれ感を自覚.その後左顔面全体にもしびれ感や痛みが拡大.X + 3日には歩行困難も自覚し前医受診.頭部MRIにて左延髄下部から上位頸髄に拡散強調像やFLAIRで高信号病変を認め,精査目的に入院.左眼瞼裂狭小,左顔面の温度覚低下,顔面痛,左優位の両上肢および右下肢筋力低下などの所見を認めた.MRI所見や各種検査結果から梗塞による障害と …

    Rinsho Shinkeigaku 60(10), 693-698, 2020



    NAKASHITA Shinya , MITO Yugo , OIKAWA Takahito , HIBINO Tadashi

    <p> 本研究では,石炭灰造粒物を覆砂材として用いた場合の間隙内への泥の捕捉効果の持続性について検討するために,同時期に同スケールの現地実験と室内実験を実施し,泥の堆積量や間隙水のイオン濃度,堆積した泥の性状変化を比較した.</p><p> 実験結果より,現地実験では層内と層外の水温差が逆転する時期に石炭灰造粒物層内から泥が流出する現象を捉え,礫層内よりも泥の堆積 …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. B3 (Ocean Engineering) 76(2), I_804-I_809, 2020


  • Crystal Structure and Magnetic Property of Manganese(II) Hexafluorosilicate Hexahydrate

    MIKURIYA Masahiro , WATANABE Nanami , KOYAMA Yoshiki , YOSHIOKA Daisuke , OGAWA Junya , MITSUHASHI Ryoji , HANDA Makoto

    … The manganese(II) ion is located at the crystallographic inversion center with six water molecules, each of which is disordered into two positions, forming a distorted octahedral geometry. … The hexafluorosilicate ion is also located at the crystallographic inversion center with six disordered fluoride atoms. … The temperature dependence of the magnetic susceptibility obeys the Curie–Weiss law with <i>C</i> …

    X-ray Structure Analysis Online 36(0), 17-19, 2020


  • Fabrication of Ferrimagnetic Co/Gd/Pt Multilayers with Structural Inversion Symmetry Breaking

    Nishimura T. , Haruta M. , Kim D.-H. , Shiota Y. , Iwaki H. , Kan D. , Moriyama T. , Kurata H. , Ono T.

    … (unit: nm) multilayers with structural inversion symmetry breaking and investigated the dependence of magnetic properties and magnetic domain structures on the repetition number (<i>N</i> … The magnetization compensation temperature increases as <i>N</i> …

    Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan 44(1), 9-14, 2020


  • Reaction processes of molecular activated recombination leading to detachment of divertor simulation plasma in GAMMA 10/PDX

    坂本 瑞樹 , 江角 直道 , A. Terakado , Mizuki SAKAMOTO , Naomichi EZUMI , K. Nojiri , T. Mikami , Y. Kinoshita , S. Togo , T. Iijima , K. Sawada , S. Kado , Y. Nakashima

    … The additional hydrogen gas is supplied into the D-module, leading to the plasma detachment by MAR. The vibrational temperature (Tvib) of H2(X1Σg+) increased up to ∼10,000 K with increasing the hydrogen gas pressure, and the Ha line intensity (IHa) continued to increase even though the electron density decreased after the electron density rollover. …

    Nuclear Materials and Energy (20), 100679, 2019-08


  • Seasonally variant low cloud adjustment over cool oceans

    釜江 陽一 , Yoichi KAMAE , Robin Chadwick , Duncan Ackerley , Mark Ringer , Tomoo Ogura

    … We further examine mechanisms behind the rapid adjustments of low cloud and inversion strength of the boundary layer, using land surface temperature prescribing experiments in an atmospheric general circulation model (AGCM). … Summertime increases in low cloud and enhanced inversion strength over the ocean simulated in this AGCM are attributed to (1) CO2-induced land warming; …

    Climate dynamics 52(9-10), 5801-5817, 2019-05


  • Revisiting aqueous redox process of alkyl-linked bis-viologen: Evaluation of redox potential inversion

    Sagara Takamasa , Eguchi Hitomi

    … This redox potential inversion is caused by strong tendency to form a stable intramolecular π−π stacking between the two V•+ sites. … The redox potential inversion of a highly water-soluble bis-viologen with a butane-1,4-diyl linkage was quantitatively obtained to be 116 mV (E1 – E2 = -116 mV). …

    Electrochimica Acta (295), 215-223, 2019-02-01


  • Resonance-enhanced Multiphoton Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry for Evaluating Emulsion Inversion <i>via</i> Temperature Change

    IWATA Masafumi , UCHIMURA Tomohiro

    … <p>This study used resonance-enhanced multiphoton ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (REMPI-TOFMS) to evaluate the phase inversion that is driven <i>via</i> … temperature change. … A change in temperature prompts phase inversion in an oil-in-water (O/W) emulsion that uses a nonionic surfactant as an emulsifier. …

    Analytical Sciences 35(12), 1361-1365, 2019


  • Low-temperature Thermochronology and Its Application to Tectonics in the Shallow Crust  [in Japanese]

    SUEOKA Shigeru , TAGAMI Takahiro

    … In particular, systems having lower closure temperatures are called "low-temperature thermochronology" and have been used to study tectonics in the shallow crust. … In this paper, low-temperature thermochronology and its application to tectonics in the shallow crust are comprehensively reviewed, focusing particularly on the uplift and exhumation histories of mountainous regions. …

    Journal of Geography (Chigaku Zasshi) 128(5), 707-730, 2019


  • Flow of Lower Crust and Upper Mantle Inferred from Geological and Geophysical Observations  [in Japanese]

    MUTO Jun , KIDO Masanori

    … Combining detailed geodetic observations and numerical simulations, taking into account various rheological properties of rocks, can constrain the heterogeneity of viscosities possibly related to the heterogeneities of temperature and water content distribution. … Furthermore, recent activities to infer rheological heterogeneity from an inversion analysis are also introduced. …

    Journal of Geography (Chigaku Zasshi) 128(5), 731-745, 2019


  • Production and thermal characteristics of latent heat storage emulsion  [in Japanese]

    HORIBE Akihiko , YAMADA Yutaka , WADA Naoya , KIM Joungmin

    The Proceedings of Conference of Chugoku-Shikoku Branch 2019.57(0), 806, 2019


  • Impacts of Land Use and Human Activity on Spatial-Pattern Characteristics of Temperature and the Heat Index in the Central City Area  [in Japanese]

    Hiroyuki KUSAKA , Kosuke IGARI , Reiko KOKUBO , Takuto SATO , Quang Van DOAN

    <p>本研究は,商業地,住宅地,緑地という異なる土地利用を1~2 km以内に有する東京都渋谷区を対象に,土地利用や人間活動の違いが気温とWBGTの非一様性の形成に及ぼす影響を観測によって明らかにした.観測結果から,日中では,住宅地の気温が商業地に比べてやや高く,緑地が最も低いことが明らかとなった.夜間は,商業地の気温が最も高く,緑地が最も低かった.また,緑地では夜間に接地逆転層が認めら …

    E-journal GEO 14(1), 180-196, 2019


  • Generation Status and Regional Characteristics of Tsuyama Basin  [in Japanese]

    SHIGETA Yoshinori

    本研究では,盆地内で広範囲にわたって定点型の気象観測をおこない,霧の時空間的特徴について明らかにした.気象官署で観測された気象データを用いて,1951~2017年の計68年間における津山市における霧の季節性およびその経年変化について調査した.その結果,1950~1970年代にかけては,年間100日を超える霧の発生が確認されていたが,その数は減少傾向であった.津山の霧発生日数の年平均は82日であり, …

    Proceedings of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers 2019s(0), 323, 2019


  • Factors and Mechanisms Affecting the Air Temperature Distribution on a Clear Winter Night in a Snow-Covered Mesoscale Plain

    FUKUSHIMA Hirokazu , YAZAKI Tomotsugu , HIROTA Tomoyoshi , IWATA Yukiyoshi , WAJIMA Atsushi , YOKOTA Ayumi

    … <p> There is an increasing need for accurate winter agrometeorological forecasts, which is facilitated by a better understanding of the evolution process of nighttime air-temperature distribution. … However, studies on how air-temperature distributions evolve in mesoscale plains have been limited. …

    Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II 97(1), 105-121, 2019


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