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  • 乳用子牛の健康状態を知る新しいカウシグナルの検討

    古村 圭子 , 塚本 夢乃

    … 0.0001) in the amount of nasal mucus volume between the exothermic group (rectal temperature ≧ 39.3°C) and the non-exothermic group (rectal temperature ≦ 39.2°C). … Especially when the rectal temperature exceeds 40.0 °C (N=8), the dryness of the muzzle occurred in all cases. … By using the drying degree of muzzle as an indicator of calf screening that requires measurement of rectal temperature, labor saving of individual management will be realized. …

    帯広畜産大学学術研究報告 38, 1-12, 2017-10


  • Real-time monitoring of methanol concentration using a shear horizontal surface acoustic wave sensor for direct methanol fuel cell without reference liquid measurement

    Tada Kyosuke , Nozawa Takuya , Kondoh Jun

    … In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for sensors that continuously measure liquid concentrations and detect abnormalities in liquid environments. … However, if the sensor is installed in a liquid flow cell, it is difficult to measure a reference liquid. … When the fuel temperature is higher than 70 °C, it is necessary to consider the influence of liquid conductivity. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 56(7S1), 07JD15, 2017-06-29


  • Simultaneous measurement of gas concentration and temperature by the ball surface acoustic wave sensor

    Yamanaka Kazushi , Akao Shingo , Takeda Nobuo , Tsuji Toshihiro , Oizumi Toru , Tsukahara Yusuke

    … However, since the sensitivity of the sensor depends on the temperature, measurement results are disturbed when the temperature largely changes. … To overcome this problem, we developed a method to simultaneously measure temperature and gas concentration using a ball SAW sensor. … Temperature and concentration is derived by solving equations for the delay time change at two frequencies. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 56(7S1), 07JC04, 2017-06-09


  • カーボンナノチューブ黒体の開発

    山口 拓人

    … In order to measure the specific heat and melting enthalpy of the high-temperature melt contained in a refractory metal cell based on the principle of high-speed electric heating calorimetry, it is the most important to accurately measure the sample temperature using radiation thermometry. …

    法政大学大学院紀要理工学・工学研究科編 58, 2017-03-31


  • 〔報告〕閉架書庫に発生したカビ対策事例

    橘川 英規 , 安永 拓世 , 皿井 舞 , 津田 徹英 , 佐野 千絵

    … By examining the structural characteristics of the library,such as air conditioning and its constraints from the measurement of temperature and humidity data,it was found that the cause of mold growth,temperature and humidity,could not be controlled from June to September every year. … As a countermeasure, thorough cleaning was first carried out to remove molds.Next,as a measure against the inflow of outside air,the doors of each room were closed, and air circulation was improved by installing blowers. …

    保存科学 = Science for conservation (56), 99-112, 2017-03-23


  • PCM蓄熱材のT-h特性定式化方法

    宮城 聡 , 神谷 是行

    … Thermal characteristics of heat storage system, using phase change material (PCM) as heat storage medium, is depending on its quantity and temperature of phase change. … In previous paper, inexpensive and simple experimental equipment which can measure thermal property of PCM was manufactured and charging and discharging characteristics of PCM were measured accurately. …

    建築設備工学研究所報 (40), 3-8, 2017-03


  • <論文・報告>凝固度合いの異なる豆腐の光散乱測定

    鈴木 優作

    … The two objectives of this study were to develop a method to measure the angle and intensity of scattered light, and to test whether this system can distinguish tofu made under different coagulation conditions. … The relationship between scattering intensity and coagulation temperature was inconsistent, likely because of errors in inconsistent sample placement or structural non-uniformity in the samples. …

    ELCAS Journal 2, 80-82, 2017-03


  • Conformational Fluctuations of Polymers in a Melt Associated with Glass Transition

    Iwaoka Nobuyuki , Takano Hiroshi

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 86(3), 2017-02-14


  • Development and Validation of a Clinical Prediction Rule for Bacteremia among Maintenance Hemodialysis Patients in Outpatient Settings.

    Sasaki Sho , Hasegawa Takeshi , Kawarazaki Hiroo , Nomura Atsushi , Uchida Daisuke , Imaizumi Takahiro , Furusho Masahide , Nishiwaki Hiroki , Fukuma Shingo , Shibagaki Yugo , Fukuhara Shunichi

    … The outcome measure was bacteremia diagnosed based on the results of blood cultures. … At the conclusion of the deviation process, body temperature ≥ 38.3°C, heart rate ≥ 125 /min, C-reactive protein ≥ 10 mg/dL, alkaline phosphatase >360 IU/L, and no prior antibiotics use within the past week were retained and scored. …

    PLOS ONE 12(1), 2017-01-12

    機関リポジトリ DOI

  • Ultraviolet Laser Raman Spectroscopy on Sr<sub>2</sub>Nb<sub>2</sub>O<sub>7</sub> at High Temperature to Estimate Chemical Bonds

    Kawanishi Ippei , Fujimori Hirotaka , Matsushita Nobuhiro

    … have been successfully obtained at temperatures up to 1643 K for the first time, using a continuous-wave ultraviolet Raman spectroscopic system designed to measure the Raman scattering from materials at high temperature. … are described in terms of the parameter related to temperature variation at constant pressure, defined in a similar way to the Gruneisen parameter. …

    Transactions of the Materials Research Society of Japan 42(6), 145-149, 2017


  • コメ生産に対する気候変動の影響と適応策

    松本 健一 , 高木 三水珠

    <p>今後,気候変動が進展すると予測される中,気候変動によるコメの生産量への影響が懸念され,影響回避のための適応策の推進が重要となる。本研究では,気象条件がコメの単収に及ぼす影響を1993~2014年の市町村レベルのパネルデータを用いて日本全国・地域別モデルにより分析した。さらに,パネルデータ分析の推計結果と気候変動シナリオに基づき,将来の気候変動がコメの生産に及ぼす影響と適応策の効果 …

    環境科学会誌 30(6), 346-356, 2017


  • 形状記憶ゲル製ロボットハンドの深度カメラによる計測

    山村 悠輔 , 本田 雄也 , 山野 光裕 , 三好 竜平 , 安田 寿彦 , 西岡 靖貴 , 宮 瑾 , 古川 英光

    … The shape memory gel can be easily deformed at high temperature. … We propose the method to measure the plate of the shape memory gel for the robot hand by a depth camera. … We measure the gel plate of various shapes and make their database. …

    ロボティクス・メカトロニクス講演会講演概要集 2017(0), 1P2-F07, 2017


  • 複数の測温部を設けた熱伝導式皮膚水分量センサの製作および評価

    福家 加奈 , 岩瀬 英治

    … <p>We proposed a skin moisture sensor with multiple temperature measuring parts for self-calibration. … A resistance temperature detector (RTD) can be used for both heat source and temperature measurement. … We fabricated a device with four RTDs to measure the skin moisture content. … The temperature coefficients of resistance of the fabricated RTDs are almost the same. …

    ロボティクス・メカトロニクス講演会講演概要集 2017(0), 1A1-J10, 2017


  • <b>路面電車停留場における暑熱対策効果の検証</b>

    平田 裕貴 , 鍋島 美奈子 , 西岡 真稔 , 桑原 浩平 , 石丸 泰 , 堀口 恭代

    <p>ミスト噴霧等の暑熱対策効果を心理生理反応から多面的に評価するために路面電車停留場で検証実験をおこなった。実験において日向,既設テント下,暑熱対策装置下の3 か所で環境計測と被験者を用いて生理量と心理量を計測した。実験結果より,全身温冷感と平均皮膚温度,または上腕の皮膚温度との関係をみると,上腕皮膚温度の方が全身温冷感との間により強い相関関係があ ることが確認できた。これは上半身を …

    環境情報科学論文集 ceis31(0), 149-154, 2017


  • 高温工学試験研究炉HTTRにおける溶融ワイヤを用いた制御棒の温度計測

    濱本 真平 , 栃尾 大輔 , 石井 俊晃 , 澤畑 洋明

    … At the time of a reactor scram, the control rods are inserted into the high-temperature reactor core, where they are exposed to a thermal load. … When a high-temperature engineering test reactor (HTTR) is constructed, the control rod temperature is evaluated conservatively because there is no way to accurately measure the actual temperature. …

    日本原子力学会和文論文誌 16(4), 169-172, 2017


  • 17 イオン液体の放射線化学 —過剰電子の溶媒和ダイナミクス—

    高橋 憲司


    RADIOISOTOPES 66(11), 531-536, 2017


  • Seasonal SST variability during Mid-Holocene deduced from coupled coral Sr/Ca and δ18O records from Kikai Island, Japan

    Garas Kevin Lariosa , 渡邊 剛 , 山崎 敦子

    <p>No Japanese abstract </p>

    日本地球化学会年会要旨集 64(0), 97, 2017


  • Development of failure evaluation method for BWR Lower head in severe accident; high temperature creep test and creep damage model

    YAMAGUCHI Yoshihito , KATSUYAMA Jinya , NEMOTO Yoshiyuki , KAJI Yoshiyuki , YOSHIDA Hiroyuki , LI Yinsheng

    … In this study, we measure the tensile and creep properties of low alloy steel, Ni-based alloy, and stainless steel at high temperatures near the melting points. …

    Mechanical Engineering Journal, 2017


  • 原子力発電所用安全系低圧ケーブルの難燃性に対する経年劣化処理の影響

    皆川 武史 , 池田 雅昭

    … <p>Cables used in nuclear power plants are required to be flame retardant as a measure of fire protection. … From the thermogravimetry, the significant decrease in decomposition temperature due to pre-aging was not observed.</p> …

    電気学会論文誌A(基礎・材料・共通部門誌) 137(11), 620-625, 2017


  • 硬化歯車の高面圧時表面温度評価手法に関する基礎的研究

    東﨑 康嘉 , 松下 直矢 , 隅谷 悠司 , 後藤 卓也 , 田中 智之

    … Because surface damage and temperature are related, it is very important to know the surface temperature of gears in operation. … However, measuring the surface temperature of gears in operation is difficult. … As an effective means to measure the surface temperature, method of using dissimilar metals is known. … The voltage proportional to surface temperature was produced by contacting dissimilar metals. …

    日本機械学会論文集 83(854), 17-00272-17-00272, 2017