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  • Prevalence of Zika virus neutralizing antibodies in healthy adults in Vietnam during and after the Zika virus epidemic season: a longitudinal population-based survey

    Nguyen Co Thach , Moi Meng Ling , Le Thi Quynh Mai , Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy , Vu Thi Bich Hau , Nguyen Hai Tuan , Pham Thi Thu Hang , Le Thi Hien Thu , Nguyen Le Manh Hung , Phu Ly Minh Huong , Ng Chris Fook Sheng , Takemura Taichiro , Morita Kouichi , Hasebe Futoshi

    … Plaque-reduction neutralization test (PRNT) for ZIKV was performed on all samples, and for DENV on the samples that ZIKV neutralizing antibody positive. … Repeat samples were collected from the 83 ZIKV IgM positive participants 1.5 years after the first collection. …

    BMC Infectious Diseases 20(1), 332, 2020-05-11


  • Changes in Student Volunteer Staff Who Participated in the 120th Anniversary Event, J-FEST  [in Japanese]

    駒谷 真美

    … The pre-questionnaire, a competency test, which forms a part of the PROG test, a program for measuring and nurturing general skills and attitudes required by society, was conducted prior to the startof the J-fest activities in order to test the awareness of the student staff, using a mark sheet distribution and collection method in August, 2018. …

    実践女子大学下田歌子記念女性総合研究所年報 = The annual bulletin of the Shimoda Utako Research Institute for Women (6), 19-33, 2020-03

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  • Shift of Feeding Mode in an Epizoic Stalked Barnacle Inducing Gall Formation of Host Sea Urchin

    Yamamori Luna , Kato Makoto

    ウニの殻に癭を作るエボシガイの生態と進化史を解明. 京都大学プレスリリース. 2020-03-03.

    iScience, 2020-02-26


  • A Study on a Sense of Relative Deprivation and Diet-related Behaviors in Students of Fukuyama City University  [in Japanese]

    清原 昭子 , 平山 巧

    【目的】大学生を対象とし,相対的剥奪感と食生活の望ましさの関連を明らかにすることを目的とした.【方法】福山市立大学都市経営学部の学生180人を対象として,集合調査法による質問紙調査を実施した.調査項目は回答者の属性,食生活の現状,健康状態・健康管理,経済的状態,相対的剥奪感についてである.回答が得られた男女128(回収率71.1%)のうち,有効回答126を対象に分析を行った.相対的剥奪感に関する回 …

    都市経営 : 福山市立大学都市経営学部紀要 = Urban Management : Bulletin of the Faculty of Urban Management, Fukuyama City University (12), 31-42, 2020-02-07

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  • Design and performance evaluation of bevameter equipment

    SALMAN Nihal D. , PILLINGER György , HANON Muammel. M. , KISS Péter

    … The device includes a mechanical structure, a hydraulic system, measuring sensors, and a data collection unit. … The test was developed using sandy loam soil sieved through a 0.5 mm mesh. …

    Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design, Systems, and Manufacturing 14(6), JAMDSM0084-JAMDSM0084, 2020


  • Proposal of perspective on "How to use AI-based patent searching tools"  [in Japanese]

    SAKAI Misato

    <p>本稿では,海外代理人の意見やテストコレクション評価の現状,また特許管理業務への導入例などを通して「AI(人工知能)系調査ツールとの付き合い方」を考察する。海外特許庁では,審査引例調査へのAI導入が積極的に検討され始めている。一方,無効資料調査などの場面では「どんな手段で調査をするかは依頼者の責任」という考え方もあり,AIは補助手段に留まる傾向が強い。今後,私たちサーチャーはAI系 …

    The Journal of Information Science and Technology Association 70(7), 355-359, 2020


  • Factors Related to Starting and Maintaining Routine Exercise in Community-Dwelling Elderly ~Focus on Social Support~  [in Japanese]

    Toida Chizuru , Ota Hiromi , Ishii Hiroyuki , Kusuda Mina , Aihara Keita

    <p>目的 : 地域在住高齢者のソーシャルサポートと運動の開始・運動習慣維持に関わる要因を明らかにする。<br>方法 : 東京都A市在住の高齢者(172名)を対象に自記式質問紙調査を実施。運動の実施状況のデータ収集と"運動習慣の有無"を従属変数としたχ<sup>2</sup>検定およびロジスティック回帰分析にて運動の開始と運動習慣継続の要因探索をおこ …



  • Saliva-based PCR tests for SARS-CoV-2 detection

    Takeuchi Yoshimasa , Furuchi Mika , Kamimoto Atsushi , Honda Kazuya , Matsumura Hideo , Kobayashi Ryutaro

    … Nasopharyngeal swabs are widely used in polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test to detect SARS-CoV-2. … However, the collection of nasopharyngeal swabs has a series of drawbacks concerning exposure of healthcare staff, difficulty in collection, and discomfort of patients. …

    Journal of Oral Science 62(3), 350-351, 2020


  • Limitations of the Paralympic Games as a vehicle for empowering individuals with disabilities in society::Differences between types of classified impairment  [in Japanese]

    AKIMOTO Shigeharu , SAWAE Yukinori

    … Quantitative data were recovered from a questionnaire survey disseminated to lower secondary departments of special needs education schools for the physically challenged (n = 44, collection rate: 80.0%), lower secondary departments of special needs education schools for the deaf (n = 119, collection rate: 85.6%) and a regular lower secondary school (n = 145, collection rate: 83.8%) used as a control group in prefecture "A" via postal mail. …

    Taiikugaku kenkyu (Japan Journal of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences) 65(0), 337-347, 2020


  • Recognition of Dental Anesthesiology in Japan : Use of an Internet Survey to Assess the Current Status of Dental Fear  [in Japanese]

    OGAWA Mika , SHIOTSUGU Yuji , KANEKO Yasuhisa , NISHIDA Saki , TANIGUCHI Shogo

    <p> <b>【要約】</b> 歯科恐怖症は静脈内鎮静法の良い適応とされるが, 歯科麻酔がどの程度一般人に認知され需要があるかは不明である. 本研究は, 本邦の一般人における歯科治療に対する恐怖感 (歯科恐怖) の程度を諸外国と比較し, さらに歯科麻酔の認知度および潜在需要を明らかにすることを目的とし, 質問紙調査を行った. 20~79歳のインターネットモニター …

    Journal of Japanese Dental Society of Anesthesiology 48(2), 41-50, 2020


  • Design of a digital archive website that focuses on "Kotaka Otsuma's Collection" and its use in education  [in Japanese]

    Nakagawa Asako

    <p> 大妻コタカは学校教育のみならず,家庭婦人や一般女性に向けた多くの書籍を出版し,大正〜昭和時代における家政系教育の裾野を広げた.現在,大妻コタカの著作のうち,大妻女子大学図書館所蔵の 31冊がデジタルアーカイブ化され「大妻コタカ著作集」として公開されている.大妻コタカの功績や,当時の学校教育の内容を知る重要な資料であるが,知名度は低く,また閲覧方法への配慮に足りないサイトデザイン …

    International Journal of Human Culture Studies 2020(30), 291-307, 2020


  • Evaluation of acquired passive immunity in mule foals up to 60 days of age

    BAPTISTA Vivian dos Santos , GUTTMANN Paula de Mattos , RUSCA Ana Carolina , MOREIRA DA SILVA Kátia , MACIEIRA Daniel de Barros , ALENCAR Nayro Xavier de , LESSA Daniel Augusto Barroso

    … Serum IgG concentration was determined by zinc sulfate turbidity test and was above 400 mg/dl at all time points, except for one foal on D2. … The difference between mares and foals at each collection time was significant, except at D1. …

    Journal of Equine Science 31(1), 1-4, 2020


  • Characterization of a novel pathogenic variation c.1237T>G in the FZD4 gene presenting new inheritance from an Iranian individual suffering vitreoretinopathy

    Zamani Mina , Shariati Gholamreza , Seifi Tahereh , Sedaghat Alireza , Galehdari Hamid

    … Assessment of a collection of these genes could be provided by WES. … On the other hand, our data shed light on the significance of an Exome sequencing application as a genetic test to identify and characterize the comprehensive spectrum of genetic variation and classification for patients with retinopathies.</p> …

    Intractable & Rare Diseases Research 9(1), 48-53, 2020


  • Clinical characteristics and therapeutic procedure for four cases with 2019 novel coronavirus pneumonia receiving combined Chinese and Western medicine treatment

    Wang Zhenwei , Chen Xiaorong , Lu Yunfei , Chen Feifei , Zhang Wei

    … After treatment, three patients gained significant improvement in pneumonia associated symptoms, two of whom were confirmed 2019-nCoV negative and discharged, and one of whom was virus negative at the first test. … The remaining patient with severe pneumonia had shown signs of improvement by the cutoff date for data collection. …

    BioScience Trends 14(1), 64-68, 2020


  • Effect of message framing on colorectal cancer screening in Japan::a cluster randomized controlled trial  [in Japanese]

    OGASAWARA Yuri , AMANO Hoichi , OGAWA Runa , FUKUDA Yoshiharu

    <p>目的:都内のA国民健康保険組合では,大腸がんの早期発見のため,郵送による便潜血検査を行っているが,受診率は10%未満を推移していた.本研究は,受診率向上のため,どのような健康メッセージが有効であるかを明らかにすることを目的とした.</p><p>方法:対象は満40歳以上74歳までの組合員とその家族であり,組合の支部を1つのクラスターとして,全26支部を無作為 …

    Japanese Journal of Health Education and Promotion 28(1), 34-43, 2020

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • PM Measurement Accuracy of the Filter Gravimetric Method for PM Emission Vehicle of less than 1mg/mile  [in Japanese]

    Matsumoto Masashi , Matsuura Ken


    Transactions of Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan 51(1), 186-191, 2020


  • Efforts to reduce the number of inquiries by constructing a support system using FileMaker Pro  [in Japanese]

    HINODE Yuji , ISII Koji , OSUMI Rie , TOGUCHI Kimiko , NAGATA Masahiro , FUJITA Kaori , SUWAZONO Shugo

    <p>【目的】看護師と検査技師双方の業務の効率化と医療安全面からFileMaker Proを用いた採血業務支援システムを構築した。システム活用による,日常業務中に起こる採血に関する問い合わせと採血管の間違いや医療安全上重要である採り直しの減少への取り組みの効果について検討した。【方法】検体採取容器をバーコード・リスト・検査項目のいずれからも検索できる新たな検索システムを設計した。その他 …

    Japanese Journal of Medical Technology 69(1), 44-53, 2020

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Urban Form, Children's Active Travel to/from School, and Travel related Physical Activity

    Lee Jong Seon

    … An increasing number of studies have examined walking behaviour of adults to test the new urbanist hypothesis that design features should support pedestrian activity. … Three types of data collection methods were used: survey, travel diary, and devices (accelerometers and GPS units). … T-test confirmed all BE variables were significantly different between conventional and new urbanist neighbourhoods. …

    International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development 8(1), 21-38, 2020

    IR  J-STAGE 

  • Performance verification about air-based solar heating system installed in the sustainable energy hut at Syowa Station, Antarctica  [in Japanese]

    安部 剛 , 半貫 敏夫 , 田代 達一郎 , 永木 毅

    … The heating system used in the demonstrating test at Tomakomai had same specifications of solar panels constructed later at Syowa Station. … The result which was compared and inspected about heat collection efficiency ofsolar panel at Syowa Station and the cold region of Japan (Tomakomai, Hokkaido) was indicated in this paper. …

    南極資料 = Antarctic Record (63), 27-55, 2019-12

    IR  DOI 


    鈴木 洋史 , 來山 直弘 , 後藤 和久 , 成瀬 正啓 , 森下 政浩

    防衛装備庁技報 Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Agency technical report (7205-7214), 1-16, 2019-05

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