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  • Tale of Genji Museum in Uji City: A Discussion on the Use of Its "Folding Screens" as a Cultural Resource of the Local Community  [in Japanese]

    杉本 星子 , 家塚 智子 , Seiko SUGIMOTO , Tomoko IETSUKA , 京都文教大学総合社会学部 , 宇治市源氏物語ミュージアム , KYOTO BUNKYO UNIVERSITY Department of Social Relations , The Tale of Genji Museum

    … Uji, located on the bank of Uji River at the outskirts of Kyoto, is a historical city. … It is richly endowed with cherished cultural landscapes as vividly depicted in the last ten chapters of the most popular classical novel, 'The Tale of Genji', written in the mid-Hein period. …

    総合社会学部研究報告 = Reports from the Faculty of Social Relations, Kyoto Bunkyo University (16), 1-14, 2014-03-31

  • Terminal Pleistocene human skeleton from Hang Cho Cave, northern Vietnam : implications for the biological affinities of Hoabinhian people

    MATSUMURA Hirofumi , YONEDA Minoru , DODO Yukio , OXENHAM Marc F. , CUONG Nguyen Lan , THUY Nguyen Kim , DUNG Lam My , LONG Vu The , YAMAGATA Mariko , SAWADA Junmei , SHINODA Kenichi , TAKIGAWA Wataru

    … An excavation at the cave site of Hang Cho in northern Vietnam resulted in the discovery of a terminal Pleistocene human skeleton in a relatively good state of preservation. … The material culture from this site belongs to the pre-ceramic Hoabinhian period. …

    Anthropological Science 116(3), 201-217, 2008-12-01

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web  References (113) Cited by (5)

  • Significance of quality materials for educational media study : On the notion that classic is always new  [in Japanese]

    SAGA Hiroo


    Japnese Journal of Educational Media Research 10(2), 23-29, 2004


  • The Religious Points in the Namban Screens (南蛮屏風) of Kano Naizen (狩野内膳)  [in Japanese]

    Kobayashi Chigusa

    … Kano Naizen (1570~1616) painted Namban Screens which are now in the possession of the Kobe-City Museum. … In this paper I try to compare these Namban Screens with the early Christian literature and Arts in Japan. …

    文教大学国際学部紀要 = Journal of the Faculty of International Studies Bunkyo University (2), 101-116, 1992-01-01


  • Trend in the Development of Instructional Materials Integrating Symbols and Media  [in Japanese]

    Saga Hiroo

    … This paper aims to present basic viewpoints to understand the significance and problems of developing and utilyzing instructional materials which integrate different symbol systems and media through examining some typical examples of such production. … As an introduction, the concept of "interactive video" … is reviewed in terms of media's capability for interactivity. …

    Japanese Journal of Broadcasting Education Study 17(0), 1-19, 1989


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