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  • Theoretical analysis of restitutional remedy regarding disgorgement of profits(5)  [in Japanese]

    Hashimoto Shin

    The Hokkaido Law Review 71(5), 253-305, 2021-01-28


  • Impact of spin-orbit splitting on two-photon absorption spectra in a halide perovskite single crystal

    Ohara Keiichi , Yamada Takumi , Aharen Tomoko , Tahara Hirokazu , Hirori Hideki , Suzuura Hidekatsu , Kanemitsu Yoshihiko

    … From a theoretical analysis of the experimental data, we evaluated the exciton binding energy and the exciton reduced mass. …

    Physical Review B 103(4), 2021-01-15


  • Effects of Glucocorticoids on the Inner Ear

    Takeda Taizo , Takeda Setsuko , Kakigi Akinobu

    … The theoretical grounds for this are not clear, and there have been a number of debates on the effectiveness of steroid treatment. … Statistical analysis revealed that Reissner's membrane extended significantly in the steroid groups, and that the volume of the scala media also increased significantly. …

    Frontiers in Surgery (7), 596383, 2021-01-11


  • Optimum tuning of damped side-branch silencer using equivalent discrete model and considering open-end correction

    YAMADA Keisuke , SHIMIZU Tatsuya , UTSUNO Hideo , KURATA Junichi , MURAKAMI Yoshihiro

    … In this study, to derive the optimum tuning conditions of a side-branch silencer, modal analysis was applied to wave equations of a host acoustic field and a side-branch silencer. … A theoretical analysis with respect to the optimum tuning conditions and open-end correction was validated through simulations and experiments.</p> …

    Mechanical Engineering Journal 8(1), 20-00417-20-00417, 2021


  • Electron Density-based Estimation of Diradical Character: An Easy Scheme for DFT/Plane-wave Calculations

    Tada Kohei , Kitagawa Yasutaka , Kawakami Takashi , Okumura Mitsutaka , Tanaka Shingo

    … <p>Density functional theory calculations with plane-wave basis sets are often used for theoretical investigations of solid materials; … nevertheless, analysis techniques for open shell structures are insufficient. …

    Chemistry Letters 50(2), 392-396, 2021


  • Recent Trends in Research on Estimation of High Pressure Properties of Lubricants by Multiple Regression Analysis  [in Japanese]

    KANEKO Masato

    … <p>The high pressure properties of lubricants are important for the lubrication analysis of metal forming, bearings and gears. … Therefore, the data of the intrinsic constants of various lubricants are accumulated, and the estimation equation of high pressure viscosity and pressure viscosity coefficient by multiple regression analysis using physical properties and structure as explanatory variables was introduced. …



  • Study of the Cavitation Phenomenon Inside Roller Vane Pump

    Zhang Bin , Zhao Chun-xiao , Hong Hao-cen , Bai Da-peng , Yang Hua-yong

    … Furthermore, the reason why cavitation happened at this position in a roller vane pump is analyzed by theoretical analysis. …

    International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems 14(1), 42-51, 2021


  • Theoretical Analysis of the Educational Characteristic::A Comparison between Outdoor Education and Labor Education  [in Japanese]

    NISHIJIMA Daisuke

    … This analysis is focused on understanding Kerschensteiner's objectives and methodology, as well as his attempt to more deeply understand the meaning and value of "outdoor education". … In addition, this analysis compares his approach to some of the experiential learning systems that are currently used in Japan. … </p><p>Three characteristics of outdoor education were identified as a result of this analysis. …

    Japan Outdoor Education Journal, 2021


  • Direction-of-Arrival Estimation Based on Time-Modulated Coprime Arrays

    MA Yue , MIAO Chen , LI Yuehua , WU Wen

    Theoretical analysis and experimental results have validated the effectiveness of the proposed structure and method and have confirmed that a TMCA's DOA performance is better than that of a TMULA using the same number of antennas.</p> …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E104.A(2), 572-575, 2021


  • Development of Efficient Synthetic Method for Tautomeric Dihydropyrimidines and Analysis of Their Functionality  [in Japanese]

    Nishimura Yoshio

    … <p>I here present the results of our studies on the synthesis and functional analysis of tautomeric dihydropyrimidines (DPs) and related compounds in two sections. … In the first section, we describe our experimental and theoretical studies on the thermodynamics and properties of 2-substituted 1,4- and 1,6-dihydropyrimidine-5-carboxylates by <sup>1</sup>H NMR measurements and density functional theory (DFT) calculations, respectively. …

    YAKUGAKU ZASSHI 141(2), 151-161, 2021


  • Effect of activated carbon on photocatalytic decomposition of ethylene in air

    Akimoto Yuichi , Harinck George Mickhael , Shiraishi Fumihide

    Theoretical analysis of this time-transient behavior using a mathematical model indicated that the photocatalyst cannot act on ethylene adsorbed in large amounts on AC particles unless the ethylene concentration in the air is lowered by the photocatalytic reaction and then ethylene on the AC particles is released.</p> …

    Eco-Engineering 33(1), 15-22, 2021



    TAKINO Atsuo , MUROFUSHI Yumi , OTSUBO Yusuke , MORI Takuro , NAKATANI Makoto , ODANI Ryuki , KUNUGI Atsushi

    … <p> In this study, the experiments and a three-dimensional finite element analysis were conducted to verify the stress distribution in the glulam at the Lagscrewbolt (LSB) joints. …

    Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) 86(779), 97-106, 2021


  • Team-support behavior of fans::An organizational identification theory perspective  [in Japanese]

    DEGUCHI Junko , HASEGAWA Kenji , KIYOKAWA Kenichi , KIKUCHI Hideo

    … Additionally, in social identity theory, which represents the theoretical background for organizational identification theory, support behavior is expressed for an organization that embodies the supporter's identity. … Analysis using the bootstrap method revealed that impact relationships were not found for all hypotheses. …

    Taiikugaku kenkyu (Japan Journal of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences) 66(0), 13-32, 2021


  • Theoretical analysis on imaging technique of local unevennesses occurred on specular surface objects  [in Japanese]

    HIROSE Tomohiro , WATANABE Keiichi , SATO Yasumoto , KITAYAMA Tsunaji , SUHARA Katsuhiro , CHOKUSHI Yuuto , SUZUKI Tetsuya , KATO Takehiko

    … Numerical computations based on our theoretical analysis shows that the local unevennesses appears as phase gaps of the sinusoidal intensity pattern in the image data captured by the camera. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 87(893), 19-00328-19-00328, 2021


  • A Context to Inhibit Superior Legitimization of the Concerned Party in an NIMBY Problem: Presentation of Future Generations in "Who & Why Game" Focusing on a High-Level Radioactive Waste Storage Facility  [in Japanese]

    NONAMI Hiroshi , OHTOMO Shoji , SAKAMOTO Go , TASHIRO Yutaka , AOKI Toshiaki

    … First, we discuss the theoretical background for people's tendency to approve the concerned parties' superior legitimacy (superior legitimization of the concerned party) in a "not in my backyard" (NIMBY) problem. …

    Japanese Journal of Risk Analysis, 2021


  • The Influence of Outside Directors and Whistleblowing on Product Recall in the Automobile Industry  [in Japanese]

    Furukawa Shota , Oe Akitsu

    <p>速やかなリコールの届出は、その後の被害の低減につながる。本研究は、社外役員と内部通報が速やかなリコールの届出に与える影響を実証する。データは、2019年4月から2020年3月に日本の自動車産業15社の全リコール届出111件を利用した。多変量解析の結果、社外役員比率の高さや内部通報の多さは届出を遅らせたが、両者には交互作用効果があった。内部通報が多い企業では社外役員の多さが速やかな …

    Abstracts of Annual Conference of Japan Society for Management Information 202011(0), 85-88, 2021


  • Surplus Mechanism of University-Originated Venture Firms  [in Japanese]

    Akashi Kazuki , Oe Akitsu

    <p>新しさゆえの不利益を持つベンチャー企業の資金繰りは厳しい。本研究は、黒字化した大学発ベンチャー企業の特性が速やかな黒字化に与えた影響を実証する。2016年から2019年の115社の経済産業省によるデータを用いて重回帰分析をした。大学発ベンチャー企業の代表者属性と大学属性、設立場所、関連研究者が速やかな黒字化に与える影響を実証し、大学は代表者を研究者にすると黒字化しやすいことを示し …

    Abstracts of Annual Conference of Japan Society for Management Information 202011(0), 69-72, 2021


  • The Impact of R&D Capability on Occupational Safety and Health of Manufacturing Industry  [in Japanese]

    Wasseghi Raed , Oe Akitsu

    <p>本研究は、インダストリー4.0の社会において、どのように労働安全衛生を高い基準で維持すべきかという研究課題を持つ。研究目的は、企業が持つ研究開発能力が労働安全衛生に与える影響について、組織学習理論を用いて実証することである。分析は、米国の製造業100社のインシデント率、研究開発活動、新技術投資を含むデータを利用した。その結果、高い研究開発能力は、労働安全衛生を促進することを実証し …

    Abstracts of Annual Conference of Japan Society for Management Information 202011(0), 1-4, 2021


  • The Empirical Study on Innovation Adoption in Shipbuilding Industry  [in Japanese]

    Matsumoto Ryohei , Shiba Naoki , Oe Akitsu

    <p>本研究は、企業が、同一エンジンを採用した企業で形成されるネットワークにおけるポジションであるストラクチュアルフォールドが、企業のイノベーションの採用に与える影響を実証する。データは、世界の造船企業110社の2009年のデータと同一エンジン採用企業を紐帯で結んだネットワークからの算出指標を用いた。負の二項回帰モデルによる多変量解析の結果、ストラクチュアルフォールドにある企業のエンジ …

    Abstracts of Annual Conference of Japan Society for Management Information 202011(0), 13-16, 2021


  • Psychometric Properties of a New Simplified Scale to Assess the Quality of Workers' Rest and Recreation on Their Days Off

    Itani Osamu , Kaneita Yoshitaka , Harano Satoru , Tokiya Mikiko , Otsuka Yuichiro , Matsumoto Yuuki , Nakagome Sachi , Kinoshita Yu

    … A confirmatory factor analysis indicated that the goodness of fit of the higher-order factor analysis model was satisfactory (GFI = 0.955), confirming factorial validity. … In addition, consistent with the theoretical predictions, the total score exhibited statistically significant positive correlations with the components of the SF-36v2; …

    Yonago Acta Medica, 2021


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