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  • Identification of Rotary Axis Location Errors under Spindle Rotation by using a Laser Barrier Tool Measurement System : Experimental Comparison with R-Test

    IBARAKI Soichi , YANAI Eita

    システム制御情報学会論文誌 = Transactions of the Institute of Systems, Control and Information Engineers 34(3), 81-88, 2021-03

  • Development of a measurement system for the thermal expansion of a carbon fiber  [in Japanese]

    Iwashita Norio , Watanabe Hiromichi , Yamada Naofumi

    … <p>The coefficient of thermal expansion of a carbon fiber in the longitudinal direction is relatively small, and is difficult to measure because of the "negative thermal expansion", which means that the carbon fiber shrinks when heated around room temperature. … The thermal expansion of the fiber sample in the longitudinal and the diametral (transverse) directions was detected using a laser interferometer and an optical diffraction, respectively. …

    TANSO 2021(296), 2-8, 2021


  • Precision Measurement Techniques of Thermophysical Properties:-Thermal Conductivity/Thermal Diffusivity, Specific Heat Capacity, and Thermal Expansion-  [in Japanese]

    AKOSHIMA Megumi , YAMADA Naofumi , ABE Haruka

    … <p>Thermophysical properties are widely used in thermal design for saving energy and safety and security. … In order to secure reliability in these areas, the National Metrology Institute of Japan (NMIJ) has developed some precision measurement techniques. …

    TEION KOGAKU (Journal of Cryogenics and Superconductivity Society of Japan) 56(1), 24-31, 2021


  • National Standard and New Reference Material for Specific Heat Capacity Measurements

    ABE Haruka

    … <p>Thermal analysis and calorimetry share a close relationship in the field of thermal research. … Furthermore, it is possible to optimize differential scanning calorimetry, which is a comparative measurement technique for the specific heat capacity used in thermal analysis, by improving the absolute measurement techniques. …

    Analytical Sciences 37(1), 201-210, 2021


  • Applications of Programmable Josephson Voltage Standard for AC Voltage Metrology  [in Japanese]

    AMAGAI Yasutaka , MARUYAMA Michitaka , YAMAMORI Hirotake , SHIMAZAKI Takeshi , OKAWA Kenjiro , FUJIKI Hiroyuki , KANEKO Nobu-Hisa

    … <p>Over the last half-century, the most fundamental measurement of AC voltage has been done by comparing the Joule heating of an unknown AC signal to that of a reference direct DC voltage using thermal voltage converters (TVCs). … To satisfy the requirements for improved AC voltage metrology, national metrology institutes are developing quantum standards based upon the Josephson effect. …

    TEION KOGAKU (Journal of Cryogenics and Superconductivity Society of Japan) 55(6), 420-427, 2020


  • High temperature electrical resistivity of rigid thermal insulation fabricated from carbon fiber felt  [in Japanese]

    Iwashita Norio

    … <p>Rigid thermal insulation material fabricated from carbon fiber felt has been used for high temperature applications such as heating in an artificial graphite furnace, e.g., silicon semiconductor manufacture. … In this study, the high temperature electrical resistivity of rigid thermal insulation materials, one of its important properties, was measured by a prototype device developed by the author, and factors influencing it are investigated. …

    TANSO 2020(294), 101-105, 2020


  • Investigation of Temperature-Induced Errors in XCT Metrology

    Katić Marko , Ferdelji Nenad , Šestan Danijel

    … <p>The presented research shows the time dependent temperature distribution and thermal time constant within a typical industrial X-ray computed tomography (XCT) system used for dimensional metrology. … After experimental determination of X-ray focal spot displacement due to thermal expansion, a simple mathematical model of X-ray source displacement as a function of its temperature was developed and validated for a selected X-ray power level.</p> …

    International Journal of Automation Technology 14(3), 484-490, 2020


  • On-machine identification of rotary axis location errors under thermal influence by spindle rotation

    Ibaraki Soichi , Inui Hiroki , Hong Cefu , Nishikawa Shizuo , Shimoike Masahiro

    … Rotary axis location errors are often influenced by the machine's thermal deformation. …

    Precision Engineering (55), 42-47, 2019-01


  • 工作機械の熱変形を2次元平面的に捉える手法  [in Japanese]

    Shimoike Masahiro , Ibaraki Soichi , Irino Naruhiro

    <p>加工空間における工具軌跡の運動精度は、工作機械にとって最も重要な性能の一つである。そして、主軸や送り軸の発熱,環境温度の変化などが原因で生じる熱変形は,多くの工作機械にとって運動精度に誤差を生じさせる支配的な要因である 本研究では、レーザトラッカを用いる事で2次元平面を短時間で高精度に評価する方法を提案する。 この方法により、機械稼働熱による熱変形を高精度に評価し視覚化する事が可 …

    Proceedings of JSPE Semestrial Meeting 2019A(0), 492-493, 2019


  • Synchrotron Radiation for the Understanding of Block Copolymer Self-assembly

    Fernández-Regúlez Marta , Pinto-Gómez Christian , Perez-Murano Francesc

    … In this contribution, we present the analysis of the self-assembly process of lamellar PS-b-PMMA block copolymer submitted to thermal annealing. …

    Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology 32(3), 423-427, 2019


  • Temperature dependence of the coefficient of thermal expansion of different artificial graphites and the dimensional change during heat treatment of carbonized specimens

    Iwashita Norio

    … <p>The linear thermal expansion of two artificial graphite products, an isotropic graphite and an extruded nipple electrode, was measured during heating up to 2400 °C by a newly developed device with a non-contact laser micro-gage. … The temperature dependence of the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of two graphites was investigated. …

    TANSO 2019(289), 148-153, 2019


  • Development of high temperature property measurements for artificial graphite materials and their analysis  [in Japanese]

    Iwashita Norio

    … Special instruments for measuring physical properties, such as the mechanical strength, creep, electrical resistance, thermal diffusivity and thermal expansion of artificial graphite materials from ambient to 2600 °C have been developed and are introduced here. …

    TANSO 2019(288), 91-102, 2019


  • Reliable packaging of Josephson voltage standard circuit for cryocooler operation

    Yamamori Hirotake , Maruyama Michitaka , Amagai Yasutaka , Shimazaki Takeshi

    … <p>Reliable and easy fabricated packaging for a Josephson voltage standard circuit was proposed and the thermal stress and temperature distribution in the chip were numerically analyzed. … The chip for programmable Josephson voltage standard circuits was bonded with InSn solder to a copper plate to achieve good thermal contact. …

    IEICE Electronics Express 16(12), 20190219-20190219, 2019


  • High-speed Scanner with Nanometer Resolution Using a Hybrid Reluctance Force Actuator

    Ito Shingo , Troppmair Stefan , Cigarini Francesco , Schitter Georg

    … To reject disturbances such as thermal drift and hysteresis, the scanner is regulated by cascade control, for which parasitic resonances are damped partially mechanically. …

    IEEJ Journal of Industry Applications 8(2), 170-176, 2019


  • Implementation and evaluation of evaporation-free low flow rate gravimetric calibration system  [in Japanese]

    CHEONG Kar-Hooi , DOIHARA Ryouji , FURUICHI Noriyuki , SHIMADA Takashi

    … <p>Gravimetric method either with static or dynamic weighing method is widely used for calibration of flow sensors (e.g. Coriolis, thermal, differential pressure type) and flow generators (e.g. syringe pump, infusion pump, plunger pump) to verify their capability in flow measurement and flow delivery as well as to facilitate the fine-tuning of their performance. …

    The Proceedings of the Symposium on Micro-Nano Science and Technology 2018.9(0), 31am3PN137, 2018


  • Thermogravimetric and Mass-Spectrometric Analyses of Japanese Cedar Wood (<i>Cryptomeria japonica</i>) for Basic Study of Gasification

    NAKANISHI Masakazu , OGI Tomoko , TSUGOSHI Takahisa

    <p>熱天秤と質量分析計を組み合わせた装置(TG/MS分析計)を用いて,ヘリウム+水蒸気雰囲気またはヘリウム+水蒸気+酸素雰囲気でスギ木部の熱重量変化と分解生成物の温度依存性を測定した。酸素を加えると重量減少が大きくなった。これは酸素がガス化反応を促進したことを示唆する。ホロセルロースの分解は約200℃から始まり,約390℃/380℃で終了した。ホロセルロースの分解終了温度で熱重量曲線 …

    Journal of the Japan Institute of Energy 97(8), 236-239, 2018


  • Determination of Fluorine Chemical Structure in Slag by Thermal Hydrolysis He-MIP-OES

    AIMOTO Michihiro , HAYASHI Shun-ichi , YAMAMOTO Kazuko , OHATA Masaki , OKAMOTO Yukio

    … <p>A novel microwave-induced helium plasma optical emission spectrometry (He-MIP-OES) combined with a thermal hydrolysis sample introduction system was newly established for the determination of fluorine (F) compounds in slags. … The thermal hydrolysis behavior of CaF<sub>2</sub>, Ca<sub>4</sub>(Si<sub>2</sub>O<sub>7</sub>)(F,OH)<sub>2</sub> …

    Analytical Sciences 34(6), 675-679, 2018


  • Revolution of Evolved Gas Analysis/Mass Spectrometry  [in Japanese]

    TSUGOSHI Takahisa

    発生気体分析は熱重量測定/質量分析(TG/MS)との装置形態を取っていることが多く,熱分解で生成するガス成分を検出する手法であり,種々の新たな分析に適用が期待される.しかしながら,従来のTG/MS装置によく用いられるキャピラリー接続では,熱分解ガスの吸着により閉塞することもあり,このことは分析対象成分が検出部まで変性せずに移動することの疑義につながる.また,単成分でない熱分解生成ガス成分の分析にガ …

    BUNSEKI KAGAKU 67(3), 135-143, 2018


  • Design and Testing of a Micro Thermal Sensor for Non-Contact Surface Defect Detection

    Shimizu Yuki , Matsuno Yuki , Chen Yuan-Liu , Gao Wei

    … <p>This paper presents an experimental study on a new concept of a surface defect detection method, in which surface defects will be detected by monitoring a change in heat flow between a micro thermal sensor and a smoothly-finished measuring surface such as magnetic disks, sapphire substrates and so on. … In the proposed method, the micro thermal sensor is designed to detect surface defects without any contacts in between them. …

    International Journal of Automation Technology 11(5), 781-786, 2017


  • The high air speed standard based on primary standard of gas flowrate  [in Japanese]

    IWAI Aya , FUNAKI Tatsuya , KURIHARA Noboru , TERAO Yoshiya

    … <p>The air speed measurement is important as the quantitative index for the assessment of the building wind-resistance, the indoor thermal environment and the aerodynamic characteristic of high speed vehicles. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 83(847), 16-00240-16-00240, 2017


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