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  • Application of Glyceric Acid to Bio-related Functional Materials and Improvement of Microbial Production

    Sato Shun

    … <p>Glyceric acid (GA) is an oxidative product of glycerol, and its d-isomer is obtained as a phytochemical from tobacco leaves and fruits of some plants. … However, the production and applications of GA have not yet been fully investigated. … In this review, recent developments in the microbial production of GA and its application to bio-related materials are summarized. …

    Journal of Oleo Science 70(3), 289-295, 2021


  • PsyR, a transcriptional regulator in quorum sensing system, binds lux box-like sequence in psyI promoter without AHL quorum sensing molecule and activates psyI transcription with AHL in Pseudomonas syringae pv. tabaci 6605

    Ichinose Yuki , Tasaka Yousuke , Yamamoto Satoru , Inoue Yuko , Takata Motohiro , Nakatsu Yukiko , Taguchi Fumiko , Yamamoto Mikihiro , Toyoda Kazuhiro , Noutoshi Yoshiteru , Matsui Hidenori

    … To reveal the role of PsyR in virulence, we generated a psyR mutant and complemented strains of Pta 6605 and found that the psyR mutant is remarkably reduced in AHL production and ability to cause disease and propagate in host tobacco leaves. … Because the psyR mutant lost nearly all AHL production, we investigated the function of PsyR in the transcription of psyI and production of AHL. …

    Journal of General Plant Pathology (86), 124-133, 2019-11-11


  • Environmental Audit and Policy Compliance of Tobacco Farming Practices in Migori County, Western Kenya

    KIBWAGE Jacob K , OTHOO Calvince O , NDUNGU Charles

    重要な生計手段としてのたばこの生産と利用は健康だけでなく,環境にも影響を与えるという証拠が増えている.ケニアでは,たばこ産業が拡大しており,新たな生産地域が出現している.しかしながら,生産,加工,そして処理技術の環境への負荷の性質は,ケニアの多くの地域で未だ評価されていない.本研究では,遵守レベルの評価と政策立案を目的として,ケニアの南ニャンザ地域におけるたばこ農業活動の環境監査を実施した.データ …

    Journal of UOEH 41(3), 259-269, 2019



    KAMATOKO Miyako , MIYAMOTO Mitsuhiro

    …  Varieties of leaf tobacco in Japan can be broadly divided into various native species (300 and a few kinds at the time of 1901) that had spread to every region of Japan after they came down to Japan in the early Edo period and yellow species that the Meiji government transferred the technology from the United States aiming to make the domestic production of foreign-grown leaf tobacco in the late Meiji period. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (741), 2815-2825, 2017-11


  • Studies on the Adaptation of Farming in Production of Tobacco Leaves after the Nuclear Disaster  [in Japanese]

    吉仲 怜 , 小松 知未 , 棚橋 知春

    Journal of rural society and economics 34(1), 87-94, 2016-07


  • Development of new biotechnologies by utilizing the information on nuclear and organelle genomes and their application to plant breeding  [in Japanese]

    寺地 徹

    植物ゲノム科学研究センターでは、「核と細胞質のゲノム情報を活用した新しいバイオ技術の開発と細胞質ゲノムの構造解析」と題する5カ年計画のプロジェクトを実施している。このプロジェクトに含まれる実験課題は多岐にわたるが、大きくは、1)葉緑体の遺伝子組換え、2)ミトコンドリアゲノムの構造解析、3)その他、の3つに分けられる。また、それぞれのカテゴリーの中で、基盤的な研究、さらには萌芽的な研究がなされている …

    京都産業大学先端科学技術研究所所報 (15), 71-86, 2016-07


  • Effect of nitrate concentration in nutrient solution on hemagglutinin content of <i>Nicotiana benthamiana</i> leaves in a viral vector-mediated transient gene expression system

    Fujiuchi Naomichi , Matsuda Ryo , Matoba Nobuyuki , Fujiwara Kazuhiro

    … Viral vector-mediated transient expression enables rapid biopharmaceutical protein production using whole plants. … Although the increased HA content per unit of leaf fresh weight was offset by reduced leaf fresh weight on a per plant basis, nitrate-enriched fertilization represents an easily applicable technique to obtain a given amount of HA from smaller leaf biomass, thereby potentially reducing downstream processing costs for HA vaccine production using viral vector-mediated transient expression systems. …

    Plant Biotechnology 31(3), 207-211, 2014


  • Production of useful plants based on the progress of organelle genome research  [in Japanese]

    寺地 徹

    植物オルガネラゲノム研究センターでは,有用植物の作出を目的に,葉緑体の遺伝子組換え,細胞融合,作物のミトコンドリアゲノムの構造解析などの研究を行っている。本年度は,葉緑体の遺伝子組換えによるストレス耐性植物の育成,および葉の鉄分含量が増加した植物の育成,ベンサミアナタバコの遺伝子組換え,キャベツとシロイヌナズナの細胞融合個体ならびにダイコンなど各種作物のミトコンドリアゲノムの解読などの実験を行った …

    京都産業大学総合学術研究所所報 (8), 201-211, 2013-07


  • Enhancement of production of eugenol and its glycosides in transgenic aspen plants via genetic engineering.

    Koeduka Takao , Suzuki Shiro , Iijima Yoko , Ohnishi Toshiyuki , Suzuki Hideyuki , Watanabe Bunta , Shibata Daisuke , Umezawa Toshiaki , Pichersky Eran , Hiratake Jun

    … This study attempted to modify the production of eugenol and its glycosides by introducing petunia coniferyl alcohol acetyltransferase (PhCFAT) and eugenol synthase (PhEGS) into hybrid aspen. … Gas chromatography analyses revealed that wild-type hybrid aspen produced small amount of eugenol in leaves. … The heterologous overexpression of PhCFAT alone resulted in up to 7-fold higher eugenol levels and up to 22-fold eugenol glycoside levels in leaves of transgenic aspen plants. …

    Biochemical and biophysical research communications 436(1), 73-78, 2013-06-21


  • Improvement of the plastid transformation protocol by modifying tissue treatment at pre- and post-bombardment in tobacco

    OKUZAKI Ayako , TABEI Yutaka

    … Plastid transformation in higher plants has been established in tobacco using particle bombardment, and the protocol has been used as a model in other plant species; … however, as target materials, tobacco leaves may be partially exposed to unexpected abiotic stresses―drought stress during post-bombardment culture and damage due to cutting before selection culture. …

    Plant Biotechnology 29(3), 307-310, 2012-06-25

    J-STAGE  References (14)

  • Improved polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) production in transgenic tobacco by enhancing translation efficiency of bacterial PHB biosynthetic genes

    MATSUMOTO Ken'ichiro , MORIMOTO Kenjiro , GOHDA Aoi , SHIMADA Hiroaki , TAGUCHI Seiichi

    … Polyhydroxybutyrate [P(3HB)] was produced in the transgenic tobacco harboring the genes encoding acetoacetyl-CoA reductase (PhaB) and polyhydroxyalkanoate synthase (PhaC) from Ralstonia eutropha (Cupriavidus necator) with optimized codon usage for expression in tobacco. …

    Journal of bioscience and bioengineering 111(4), 485-488, 2011-04-25

    IR  DOI  References (30)

  • Genes for cadmium accumulation and exudation in tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) leaf trichomes

    Harada Emiko , Isaure Marie-Pierre , Kim Ji-Ah , Sarret Geraldine , Meyer Andreas J. , Hell Ruediger , Clemens Stephan , Manceau Alain , Choi Yong-Eui

    タバコ (Nicotiana tabacum L.) をカドミウム(Cd)で処理すると、Cdとカルシウム(Ca)を含んだ結晶状物質が葉のトライコーム先端に形成されることをこれまでに報告している。放射光を用いたmicro X-ray diffraction法および micro X-ray absorption near edge structure法で分析したところ、この結晶状物質に含まれるCdの化 …

    Plant and Cell Physiology Supplement 2011(0), 0437-0437, 2011


  • Cloning and Characterization of an Enzyme Involved in Quinolizidine Alkaloids Biosynthesis in <I>Lupinus angustifolius</I>

    Bunsupa Somnuk , Katayama Kae , Ikeura Emi , Oikawa Akira , Saito Kazuki , Yamazaki Mami

    … cultivars regarding capability of QA-production. … were highest in young leaves of the QA-producing cultivar and not detected in the non-producing cultivar. … in tobacco hairy roots and BY-2 suspension cells resulted in an enhanced production of cadaverine-derived piperidine alkaloids. …

    Plant and Cell Physiology Supplement 2011(0), 0245-0245, 2011


  • Production of Biologically Active Human Thioredoxin 1 Protein in Lettuce Chloroplasts

    Ashida Hiroki , Shigeoka Shigeru , Yodoi Junji , Yokota Akiho , Lim Soon , Watanabe Rie , Inai Koji , Kim Yun-Soo , Mukougawa Keiko , Fukuda Hirokazu , Tamoi Masahiro , Masutani Hiroshi

    植物における有用タンパク質生産は、生産コストと病原菌混入リスクの低減が期待される。特に、植物葉緑体は高い外来タンパク質合成能力を持つことから、近年、葉緑体遺伝子工学による有用タンパク質生産技術が注目されている。ヒトチオレドキシン1 (hTrx1) は、抗酸化、レドックス制御機能を持つストレス誘導性タンパク質で、酸化ストレスが関与する様々な疾患に対する医療用タンパク質として期待されている。我々は、タ …

    Plant and Cell Physiology Supplement 2011(0), 0075-0075, 2011


  • Accumulation of lipid peroxide-derived, toxic a,β-unsaturated aldehydes (E)-2-pentenal, acrolein and (E)-2-hexenal in leaves under photoinhibitory illumination

    MANO Jun'ichi , TOKUSHIGE Kenji , MIZOGUCHI Hirotoshi , FUJII Hiroyuki , KHOROBRYKH Sergey

    Production of 2-alkenals in illuminated leaves and their participation in cellular damages have been suggested from the observation that the transgenic tobaccos overexpressing 2-alkenal reductase (AER), a 2-alkenal-detoxifying enzyme, showed tolerance to strong light. … Aldehydes were extracted from the leaves at an early stage of photoinhibition, derivatized with 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine and analyzed on reversed-phase HPLC. …

    Plant Biotechnology 27(2), 193-197, 2010-06-25

    J-STAGE  References (23)

  • Stable Production of Thermotolerant Xylanase B of Clostridium stercorarium in Transgenic Tobacco and Rice

    KIMURA Tetsuya , MIZUTANI Tomomi , SUN Jia-Lin , KAWAZU Tetsu , KARITA Shuichi , SAKKA Makiko , KOBAYASHI Yasuo , OHMIYA Kunio , SAKKA Kazuo

    … gene without the signal sequence region, were introduced into tobacco BY-2 cells and tobacco plants respectively under the control of the cauliflower mosaic virus 35S promoter. … Transgenic BY-2 cells and tobacco plants showed xylanase activity and normal growth. … In contrast to tobacco plants, expression of the <I>xynB</I> …

    Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry 74(5), 954-960, 2010-05-23

    J-STAGE  References (25)

  • Comparison of the functions of the barley nicotianamine synthase gene HvNAS1 and rice nicotianamine synthase gene OsNAS1 promoters in response to iron deficiency in transgenic tobacco

    ITO Satoshi , INOUE Haruhiko , KOBAYASHI Takanori , YOSHIBA Masaaki , MORI Satoshi , NISHIZAWA Naoko K. , HIGUCHI Kyoko

    … Rice OsNAS1promoter::GUS or barley HvNAS1promoter::GUS was introduced into tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) and tissue specificities and systemic regulation of their expression were compared. … A split-root experiment revealed that the HvNAS1 promoter exhibited functions similar to those of Fe-acquisition-related genes in tobacco roots, suggesting that this promoter responded to certain Fe-deficiency systemic signals and to the Fe concentration in the rhizosphere. …

    Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 55(2), 277-282, 2009-04-01

    References (31)

  • Pathway engineering of plants toward astaxanthin production

    MISAWA Norihiko

    … For the last ten years, pathway engineering approaches of plants including staple crops toward astaxanthin production have been undertaken by introducing and expressing in the plants a ketolase gene sometimes along with a hydroxylase gene. … Several successful results have been achieved to produce large amounts of astaxanthin together with other ketocarotenoids in plant tissues such as carrot roots and tobacco leaves. …

    Plant Biotechnology 26(1), 93-99, 2009-03-25

    J-STAGE  References (54)

  • Enhanced heavy metal sensitivity of tobacco cultured cells overexpressing RmGLP2, an azalea germin-like protein with oxalate oxidase activity

    Nishimura Takashi , Miyaki Yoh-ichi , Takahashi Misa , Morikawa Hiromichi , Izumi Shunsuke , Shimada Hiroshi , Sakamoto Atsushi

    シュウ酸は植物に含まれる有害食品成分として知られているが,その蓄積の植物生理学的意義の一つとして,重金属をキレートすることによりその無毒化に寄与する役割が提唱されている。私たちは,ツツジ葉においてNO<sub>2</sub>暴露により発現誘導されるジャーミン様タンパク質(RmGLP2)の機能解析を目的にこれをタバコ培養細胞で構成的に発現させたところ,当該タンパク質はアポプラ …

    Plant and Cell Physiology Supplement 2009(0), 0790-0790, 2009


  • Overexpression of the hyperthermophilic cellulase by plastid engineering

    Nakahira Yoichi , Tanaka Kunisuke , Ishikawa Kazuhiko , Shiina Takashi

    地球温暖化対策の一つとして、植物バイオマスの燃料・工業原料化が注目されている。しかし、穀類に含まれるデンプンを原材料とする現行法は、食糧問題の一因ともなっており、非食用植物に含まれる細胞壁成分(セルロース、ヘミセルロース)を低コストかつ効率的に糖化して活用するための技術革新が求められている。我々は、耐熱性を有した細胞壁糖化酵素群を大量発現する形質転換植物を作出し、これを粉砕・加熱処理することによっ …

    Plant and Cell Physiology Supplement 2009(0), 0039-0039, 2009


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